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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 11 Hints Every Player Should Know

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is now available for Android and iOS devices, and it’s nWay’s new mobile game released in time for Saban’s Power Rangers, the dark and gritty movie reboot of the old ‘90s favorite. And like many other movie-inspired games we’ve been seeing so far, this is a game that takes advantage of the trend toward MMO gaming, as you can take on real-life, human-controlled players in real time, assembling your own team of Power Rangers and villains from the multiverse, as you also fight off the evil Rita Repulsa and her virtual monsters and Ranger clones. And, as you progress further on into the game, you can unlock new Rangers and upgrade your existing ones, ensuring that you remain competitive in every sense throughout the game.

As the case often is in these games, there’s a ton of stuff to learn, and a bevy of features which you’ll have to figure out. Then again, there are some things that are de rigueur for every MMO player that we would still be mentioning for the benefit of MMO newcomers. So with that said, let’s take you to our Power Rangers: Legacy Wars strategy guide, which covers every tip you need to know about this game, regardless of your experience level.

1. Open Those Morph Boxes

As this is a new game, the rewards may be more plentiful than they eventually would be, but the bottom line here is that you’ll be getting a ton of freebies in any case. These goodies are found inside Morph Boxes, which come in varying rarities, with rare boxes taking substantially longer to unlock than the common ones. Always make it a point that you’ve got some boxes on cue to be unlocked, or should we say, one box – the game only allows you to unlock one Morph Box at a time, and you’re only allowed to keep a maximum of four at any given time.

It pays to have a good strategy when it comes to opening the Morph Boxes. While you’re actively playing, set things up so that the more common ones are scheduled to unlock. And when you’re getting ready for bed, or possibly preparing to leave for work or for school or any other setting where you won’t be able to play for a while, schedule the rarer boxes, so that you’re assured of returning to the game with something to open.

2. Pay Close Attention To The Extra Boxes

While we’re still talking about boxes, we should also let you know that the game will reward you with a free Mighty Morph Box every four hours. You can also start unlocking Corruption Boxes once every 24 hours. And, just as we mentioned above, it’s important that you try unlocking as many of these boxes as possible so you can take advantage of the rewards. Talking about the Corruption Box, there are also some things you need to do before unlocking it, including being active in battles and taking a certain amount of damage. It doesn’t matter, though, whether you win or lose the battle – even in defeat, it is still possible to earn Corruption Box points in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

3. Why Should You Join An Alliance?

It goes without saying that in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, you should be joining an alliance. It never pays to be the proverbial stranger in MMO titles, although you are, of course, free to fly solo if you wish. In this game, just like in others of its kind, there are many perks and benefits to joining an alliance, starting with the ability to request Ranger Shards, or donate them if someone asks for them. And in order to make the most out of your alliance, you should make sure to join one that’s active and has many members within it.

4. What’s The Difference Between Leader And Assist Rangers?

The game sort of keeps it simple by offering only two types of Power Rangers. But what’s the difference between Leader and Assist? Read on, as we’ll be explaining that difference to you in this tip.

Leader Rangers, for starters, are your primary Rangers, and the ones you should pay close attention to in battle, as they’re the ones you control directly. They won’t be as plentiful as Assist Rangers, but there are multiple sub-types within the Leader type. Your Attack Leaders will benefit through having more offensive cards, while Defense Leaders will have more shields at their disposal.

Assist Rangers, on the other hand, are more varied than those in the Leader category, which is a good thing. But many of these aren’t very well-regarded, which isn’t exactly good. Still, you should make sure you’re taking your Assist Rangers into account, as their health will be added to your total. Their Attack will also be important to take into consideration. Keep these two things in mind when choosing the two Assist Rangers you’re allowed to bring with you on the battlefield.

5. Maintaining A Good Balance

Typically, you should be assembling a team that offers a good balance of Leaders and Assists – basically, this could also mean balancing your offense and defense. But since we’re advocates of defensive play, we would personally recommend having more Defensive Leaders onboard, as they offer higher health. Choose the combination of Rangers that works for you best, and make sure you train them regularly. And speaking of things like that…

6. Keep Your Best Rangers Trained On A Regular Basis

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be a very process – that all-important process of improving your Rangers, that is. You will, for one, need a ton of boxes and a ton of time to open them if you want to level them up sufficiently, and you’ll also need to have enough in-game currency on you, as well as the specified number of shards. So how do you make the most out of these improvements? Simply put, we’d suggest focusing only on the Rangers you regularly use. Don’t waste your resources on those Rangers whom you don’t use in battle, and if you ask us, we’d recommend sticking to a tried-and-true lineup (with no newly-unlocked Rangers) as much as possible, or as long as they can carry you in the game.

7. Rock-Paper-Scissors

Moving on to battle tips, this is something that you may have been waiting for, especially if you’ve had a bad run where the losses are piling up. One of the most basic tips we can share to you is the rock-paper-scissors, or elemental, mechanic in battle. Your defensive cards overpower regular attacks, regular attacks overpower red attacks, and red attacks overpower defensive cards. Make sure your timing is perfect as you move forward or backward to avoid those red attacks.

8. Play More Training Battles While Trying To Get The Hang Of Things

Don’t panic if your mojo, so to say, isn’t working like it should be, as it’s always understandable if you aren’t able to have the right strategy at first. And when it comes to having the right strategy in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, you should, to this end, complete more training battles. Tap on the Rangers icon, then tap on the Training button so you can engage in more training battles. You won’t get any rewards, and you’ll only be up against rather simplistic AI, but with the stakes being nonexistent, you can practice without pressure and figure things out without having to worry about losing anything.

9. Timing Is Everything In Battle

We did mention in brief the importance of timing in battle, but we should mention it in much greater depth, because if you hit your attacks at the right time, if your moves are executed at the right time, and if you’re within attacking range, you’ve usually got a good chance of winning. Take advantage of the short time you have to see what your opponent is trying to pull off, and counter-attack if you’re lucky enough to have the right card and enough energy on you. Play defensively in most cases, but most of all, play it smart and try to predict what could be next from your opponent’s end.

10. Try Out Multiple Leaders

Although it’s much-recommended that you stick to the things that works when assembling your team of Rangers, it’s best to have experience playing with more than one leader – some leaders are faster than others, and having a fast attack could make a world of difference. If you and your opponent launch an attack simultaneously, the faster player will have the advantage, and land their attack first. Speed is almost as important as defense, so go with your fastest Ranger as your leader.

11. How To Unlock More Characters

It’s truly best to stick to tried-and-tested lineups for the most part for this one reason, among others – Power Rangers: Legacy Wars seems to make it hard for players to unlock new Rangers. You may need to grind and farm it out quite a bit so you can open as many Morph Boxes as possible and get more shards. Shards can also be purchased via the in-game store, where you can purchase them for coins. Costs can increase progressively, but if you’re able to collect enough shards for a top-flight hero, it’s going to be worth your while. Better yet, you can ask your alliance mates for shards, which is a good strategy because once again, it’s free. All in all, it’s going to be a long, hard grind as you seek to unlock new Rangers.

This would be our list of tips, tricks and cheats for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Do you know additional hints for the game? Let us know in the comment area!