battle arena heroes adventure guide

Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Overcoming Hordes of Enemies

With a unique combination of MOBA and RPG-style, Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure is a mobile game which you will be playing for hours on end! Created by Red Brix Wall, this exciting mobile title also contains elements of action games, and the players will have a lot of fun taking their heroes on one adventure after the other.

The game offers more than 60 picturesque locations, and there are over 50 heroes to choose from! However, the enemies are numerous as well, but with the help of our Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure tips, cheats and strategies you can eliminate them all and survive all the quests.

1. Take Advantage Of The Daily Tasks

As you go through the campaign in Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure, you will notice red notification signs which pop up on the three icons in the bottom left corner. The icon on top of the others is the one which will take you to a very generous section, and you should always click on the Quests icon and collect the available rewards.

battle arena heroes adventure daily tasks

By opening a chest, you will receive the gifts, which usually come in the form of scrolls, emeralds, or precious books. Either way, the items you collect can be of use, and some of them can be sold later on while others can help you craft useful equipment and develop highly effective fighting skills.

Of course, gold and gems are the in-game currencies when it comes to Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure and the players can often receive a bag of these items after completing a Daily task. Therefore, do not forget to open the chests and claim the prizes!

2. Upgrade Your Heroes’ Skills Frequently

By playing the game and acquiring EXP, you will be able to spend those points for boosting the strength of your heroes in the Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure. There are a couple of ways by which you can upgrade the power of your team, and one of the most convenient methods is by adding a skill into the character’s repertoire.

battle arena heroes adventure skills

BAHA offers a wide range of heroes, more than 50 of them, and they all have different attributes and characteristics. However, you can add a ‘special’ skill to each hero by clicking the green little ‘+’ sign on the hero’s menu and pressing the command to ‘equip’.

Once you equip the hero with a particular specialty skill, you can later update the power of that same skill on the right-hand side of the menu. The stronger the individual skills, the more powerful your entire team will be!

3. Use Fusion To Upgrade Your Heroes

Another helpful method for increasing the overall strength of your platoon is the option named Fusion. The Fusion also works on the principle of experience points, and your heroes need to make a certain amount of ‘kills’ before they can become eligible for the Fusion process.

battle arena heroes adventure fusion

As the name suggests, the Fusion will take all of the skills and equipment you have gathered so far and combine them into one, which will result in a higher overall level for your hero. If this sounds too complicated, you can just think of Fusion as reincarnation in which your selected hero will gain a new level and come back stronger and more powerful.

The notification system in Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure, which we already mentioned, will warn you when the time comes for the heroes to reintegrate their skills. After the process is over, you will have to start equipping the hero with skills all over again.

In the early stages of the game, your squad will consist of the following heroes: Thunder, Aurora, Raven, Arrow, Archmage, and Flame. All of them will be gathering EXP along the way, and you can upgrade the heroes’ levels as you see fit.

4. Forge New Skills

Since the overall power of your team depends on the individual strengths of the heroes, you need to increase their skills as much as possible. However, the resources in Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure are limited, and this can prevent the players from powering up their warriors and defeating the enemies.

battle arena heroes adventure guide

Luckily, there is an easy solution for this problem, and you only need to craft the skills out of the equipment you collect from various sources. As we already mentioned, you can receive equipment after you claim the chests in the Daily tasks section, but there are other ways to do this as well. For instance, every completed quest will reward you with a loot, and the prizes can frequently come in the form of an equipment item.

When it comes to crafting new skills, scrolls play a big part in this process, which makes them highly valuable. Once the players have collected a sufficient amount of these scrolls, their heroes will become eligible for a new skill, After they receive the familiar red notification in the bottom left corner, the players only need to click the Craft option and use the item in question.

5. Visit The Market Regularly

Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure offers a lot of exciting moments, especially during combat scenes. Your encounters with the hordes of enemies will cause bloodshed and mayhem, and only the strongest will survive. In order to stay on the winning side and keep progressing to new levels, the players need to improve the powers of their unit. However, this is sometimes easier said than done, because the resources in Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure can be hard to find.

battle arena heroes adventure market

Fortunately, the Market saves the day by offering a plethora of items which you can buy in exchange for coins or gems. Of course, it is best to visit the Market every once and a while simply because new items arrive ‘on the shelves’ every so often. By being quick, you can purchase highly needed items for an affordable price.

When it comes to items, the Market typically offers items such as rare books, daggers, amulets, runes, or emeralds. All of these can play an important role during your rendezvous with the enemy, but the most significant item is – the experience potion! We advise the players to spend as many coins as they can on buying these potions. After that, quickly use the potions to boost the EXP levels of your heroes, and you will soon realize that you became a force to be reckoned with!

6. Explore The Chest Workshop

The lobby of Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure is the place full of options, and there are many directions you can go: Alliance, Arena, Campaign, Time Portal, and so on. One of the available features is called the Chest Workshop, and as the name suggests – this option offers another possibility for obtaining more chests and receiving more rewards. Intermediate and advanced players are probably fully aware of the importance of those chests, and we advise novice players to follow their steps and fully focus on collecting those big boxes full of lucrative prizes.

The Chest Workshop provides you with three different chests – the Iron, the Bronze, and the Heroic chest. All of them come with their bells and whistles, i.e. each one will reward you with an item, or more of them, depending on the category of the chest. The higher the ‘level’ of the chest, the better the gift for the player!

However, there is a catch! Only one of the boxes comes free of charge, while others require a certain amount of gold coins. Even though the rewards could be valuable, we advise the players to refrain from ‘trusting their gut’ and gambling their coins away by opening the other chests. It is certainly a better idea to invest the funds into new items and skills for your hero.

7. Compete In The Arena

As the title of the game suggests, one of the main premises of Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure is the ability to fight against real-life players in a multiplayer mode. The Arena lets you test your strengths and tactical thinking against players from across the globe, and PvP battles can provide hours of entertainment. After all, what better way to spend your free time than having a showdown with your friends and obliterating all of their troops?!

battle arena heroes adventure arena

When it comes to Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure this segment of the game takes you into a whole new realm. In other words, this new planet comes with a new environment, and there is also a change in the actual gameplay – there is no ‘Auto’ option when playing in the Coliseum! The Auto feature allows you to watch the combat without interfering, but this is not possible when it comes to encounters with real-life players.

For every win in the Arena, you will receive EXP points, as well as a chest with rewards. As you already figured it out, the chests are a convenient way to receive freebies, and they are more than welcome! Also, five consecutive wins in the Arena will allow you to progress onto the new level.

8. Alliances Make You Stronger

Teamwork plays a big part in Battle Arena: Heros Adventure and the ultimate form of cooperation is an alliance. By joining a group of players, you can automatically have access to more resources and more partners. Cooperation can help you gain experience, upgrade your players, and progress through levels. That is why the Alliance section in Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure is an option worth exploring. In the initial stages of the game, this option will be locked, but as soon as you overcome the first stage in the Campaign section – you are free to join a pact or create your own!

When you click the Alliance realm, you will be taken to a menu with several options, i.e. cards. The first card is used for creating your own coalition, and there are a couple of parameters you can define here. The other cards are used for joining the alliances which are already operational. By pressing the ‘Request’ button, the players can join a pact. Some alliances work on an invite-only principle, while others are more liberal when it comes to accepting new members. Last but not least is the Search card, and this feature allows you to look for a specific coalition of players.

9. Assemble A Well-Balanced Squad

As we said earlier in our Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure guide, heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and the creators of the game have been quite creative when they designed the characters. A wide range of types allows you to combine heroes in all sorts of ways, but the key to beating any opponent comes in the form of – balance. A properly assembled team will have a balanced squadron of heroes who complement each other, i.e. their skills and attributes are diverse enough to wipe out any enemy horde you bump into.

battle arena heroes adventure tips

The classes of heroes in Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure are diverse and imaginative, and they include the likes of Elves, Robots, Undead, Sea wardens, Mages, and so on. Translated into the Skills, this means the heroes can serve as killers, support, healers, or tanks. On top of that, every individual hero has his or her unique attributes and special skills, which can play a role on the battlefield.

Only by incorporating all of these factors into a symbiotic unit will you be able to go all the way in Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure. Before every clash with the enemy, you will have the luxury of choosing the heroes you want to represent your team, and this is the moment when tactical thinking does the job.

10. Automate The Gameplay

Two very handy options which are available in Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure are ‘Auto’ and ‘x2’. These two are convenient when you want to speed up the game or during those skirmishes with low-level opponents. By pressing ‘Auto’, the gameplay will go on without your direct influence, which means that your heroes will use their special skills as they see fit. On the other hand, the ‘x2’ button will make the movement of your brigade twice as fast, and the entire warfare will go by in a flash as well.

battle arena heroes adventure cheats

However, there are cases when the players need to be cautious with these two options. For instance, strategic moves can allow you to take down a stronger enemy, but this will not happen if you are using ‘Auto’ and your heroes sometimes use their powers at the wrong time.

This concludes our 10-point list of Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure tips, cheats and strategies, and we hope that our guide will be of assistance on your mission to conquer all the realms of Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure. If you have any other successful strategies, please leave them in a comment down below!

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