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Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Collect More Cards and Defeat Your Enemies

While it is already a notable milestone for any mobile game to be downloaded more than 50,000 times over the course of its life span, Play365’s Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale, however, has nabbed more than 100,000 even before its official release. As it is a most remarkable accomplishment and a solid sign that this game will follow in the footsteps of Play365’s most successful titles such as Bus Rush, Rock Hero, and Moto Traffic Race, it’s no wonder fans and followers of the developer are eager to try it out and be among the first of many to test the game out.

Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale is a unique blend of card collecting and strategy PvP game where you choose your deck of soldiers and spells to eliminate your opponent’s tower before he destroys yours. The card art and graphics are easy on the eyes and the gameplay is very engaging and addictive. With options for In-app purchases available, you might be discouraged at the thought of this game being a freemium pay-to-win sort of thing but it’s actually not as strategy comes well over stronger troops in many ways. If you enjoy deck-building and strategy games as well as compete with thousands of other players online, then you better give Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale a try.

Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale puts you in total control of your army as a wizard that can summon various troops like knights, orcs, goblins, and many more as well as cast spells to decimate the opponent’s army and towers. As each battle is timed, your goal is to destroy as many of the opponent’s towers as you can and defend your own against his attacks. In a fantasy world where you and other players are locked in an endless combat to take control of the Arena Royale, you must not only strengthen both your troops and spells but also work on your strategy for every battle to come. Each battle you engage in takes you a step closer to earning a crystal chest and each victory in battle will earn you treasure chests as well. As you progress through the game you can unlock more cards which leads to opening up new strategies you can employ against oncoming opponents. There’s a lot to try out as there are as many cards and card combinations and proper balancing and tweaking of your deck may become a constant activity as well.

The quick and easy tutorial in Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale guides you thoroughly through 2 battles against A.I. opponents just to give you the important basics you need to know on how to win each battle. The controls are pretty easy, and each troop you summon will proceed to move and attack on its own so you need to only watch your summoning stamina and your opponent’s troops. Cards are only either troops or spells and in a way, that makes it all a lot simpler. As you earn chests and unlock them, you can acquire more cards and duplicates will be used to upgrade the existing troops. Naturally, as the card levels go up, it will require more copies of itself to be able to move on to the next level and each level up requires coins which you can also earn from chests.

As simple as the mechanics are, the challenge lies on how you should strategize from building your deck to actual duels and game progression. If you want to have more ideas on how to do so, then our Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale beginner’s guide will help you through all that and if you are doing well enough in the game then perhaps you can still discover more from us here.

1. Keep Your Battle Deck Balanced

Looking at the initial roster of cards you have on your Battle Deck, you will notice that it offers a good balance of cards as far as summoning cost is concerned as well as the troops and spells ratio. You have 2 cards that consume 2 stamina to cast, 2 cards that costs 3 stamina to cast, and so on. As you play more you will naturally be able to get more cards and of course, you would want squeeze in most of the new ones into the deck just to test each card out. What you should do then is to take into great consideration the cost of the card you want to use and when you put that card in your deck, be sure to replace one of the cards in the deck that has the same cost. If you plan on taking out one spell, try as much as possible to add another one too and maintain the 8 troops and 2 spells ratio of the battle deck.

clash of wizards battle royale guide

Keeping your deck in line with this balance is a definite must for starters. Having more low casting cost cards may make your deck faster, but then it may not have enough power to fight off against more powerful enemy troops. On the other hand, filling your deck with strong cards that cost 4 or 5 stamina to cast will make your battle deck to slow to respond to imminent and critical moments in the game.

On a bit more advanced note, read through each of your cards’ description to identify important details particularly range and target. Again, with the starting deck of cards you will get, there is a good enough mix of troops you have with some having ranged attack and some that can target both ground and airborne opponents. Make sure that with the card-switching and deck-editing you do, you will always be able to handle enemies that approach you and your towers from the air.

You should also take into consideration each troop’s movement speed as this can be crucial to when and where you should decide to cast them down on the field. There will always be situations when you need support fast whether on the attack or defense so be sure to try and keep this in mind as summoning some troops may come in later than you expected and won’t serve the intended purpose as perfectly as you hoped for.

2. Upgrade The Cards You Use Whenever You Can

One of the reasons why you would want to set up your battle deck early on is because you will have to efficiently use resources such as gold coins and gems to boost the cards that you really want. For starters, though you will be getting enough gold and duplicate cards to do some upgrading. Later on, you will be forced to keep a close eye on your gold coins as the upgrade costs grow higher the further the level of your cards go.

clash of wizards battle royale upgrading cards

Although the cards you get will be random, there’s a high enough chance that you will be getting more of the cards that you already have and if not having enough gold coins becomes an issue, choose to upgrade the cards in your deck, rather than the ones in stock unless if you are planning to put the upgraded cards in your deck too. As a general rule, you would want higher level cards in your battle deck rather than swapping some upgraded ones out to put in new cards that haven’t been upgraded yet. Upgrades provide boosts to the stats of the card and can be the deciding factor in achieving victory in battle so even the less enticing low-cost common cards can be as strong as any card once several upgrades have been done.

3. Engage In Battles For Treasure Chests

One of the important card duel concepts you have to understand is that no deck can beat every other deck and although Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale isn’t a card game in every sense, the deck-building mechanics in the game leads to a wide variety of possibilities that make it virtually impossible for anyone to predict what secrets and surprises the next opponent’s deck contains so don’t feel bad and discouraged if you lose some battles especially if you are just starting out. Although you can only earn treasure chests when claiming victory in battles, you will still earn a crystal chest after going through ten battles, whether you win or lose. After that you will need to play 20 battles to earn the next crystal chest so if you are up to it, you can earn more cards to strengthen your battle deck faster.

clash of wizards battle royale tips

When you win in a duel, you can earn chests depending on the gap between you and your opponent’s score. If you win by destroying one of his towers, then you’ll earn a silver chest. The more towers you destroy without losing any of your own will reward better treasure chests. Don’t forget to click on the treasure chests you earn to start unlocking them. Depending on how much time you will be spending on the game and how often you will visit it, you may choose to unlock those that require less time to do so. You can also stack up to four unlockable chests and earning more after that may require you to discard one.

4. Strategize Casting And Placement Of Troops In Battle

There are as many strategies you can have in Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale as there as many cards and card combinations in battle decks. While some may require having more cards to choose from which should come later on in the game, there are general tactics you can already employ right off the bat. To raise your chances of surviving an onslaught from your opponent’s troops as well as have better chances of taking down opposing towers, we will go through some basic dos and don’ts to help you on your succeeding duels.

One of the most basic mistakes most players make is summoning outright whichever card is available given his present stamina. As stamina in battle replenishes within a fraction of a second, it helps to stay calm and wait for the right card to be available before you cast it down. Perhaps when an opponent’s troop is nearby and you have no one to defend against it, you can outright just play whichever card you can afford to. Keep in mind though that your towers aren’t completely defenseless and it can eliminate some weenies (low-cost enemies) easily without help from your troops. So to ensure that you have your best ones out, have a bit of patience. With about 3 troop cards in your deck that costs 4 to 5 stamina to cast, waiting for them to be available before summoning may help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Another approach you shouldn’t do is sending a soldier out on its own without any back-up or support. As you can swiftly summon low cost troops at the start of the battle, try as much as you can to wait a bit more and summon at least two at a time. This will work in your favour regardless of what type of enemy approaches. A melee unit backed-up by a ranged one can work wonders in any battlefield. Oftentimes, especially when you and your opponent have practically the same line-up of troops, it almost always results in a one-on-one battle between similar minions. Win or lose, the survivor won’t have enough hp to last long facing the next opponent. But having closely-timed summons can tilt this better on your favour as your army gang up on enemies one after another.

Relative to multi-casting, placement is a crucial factor as well both offensively and defensively. Keeping your melee troops up front and ranged units behind is a basic strategic formation. On the offensive note, you can approach enemies and towers from different angles and more defensively, AoE spells like fireballs won’t damage them all at once. Be sure to take every situation into consideration as well when placing troops on the map. If you are pushing through to destroy towers, then cast away closer to the border and defensively, cast your troops close to the towers but not necessarily in front of the tower being targeted by an attack and rather, just close enough to take on the oncoming enemy troops from the side or behind.

5. Focus On One Tower At A Time

It may seem like a given, but there may still be players who prefer spreading their troops out on the field while in battle. This idea works well and closely together with patience and multi-summoning as we discussed earlier. The rationale behind this is that the fewer soldiers you have on the battlefield, the faster it is for them to be wiped out. Although again, you should take into consideration spreading troops out a bit in case of fireballs and arrows are aimed at your troops; having them following the same line towards one of the enemy’s tower will make allow them to cause more damage to the tower before it kills them.

clash of wizards battle royale cheats

As this approach banks on the idea that you are on the assault, it’s a completely different scenario when you are on the defense from both sides. Preferably, you should spare enough troops to help your tower out on one side and summon more troops on the other for a chance to turn the tide of battle. Don’t mind leaving your tower damaged, so long as it survives till you can destroy an enemy’s tower. Don’t panic if your enemy starts sending troops on the opposite lane of the battlefield. As long as you have reached one of his towers first and damaged it ahead, you can push further and have a better chance of winning.

6. How To Cast Your Spells

There may be times when you are tempted to switch your spells out of your deck to put in more troops as you may want more “lasting” cards in play rather than temporary effects. Spells may only have temporary effects but when utilized strategically, can be an important key to winning more victories. Relative to having more troops to support one another on the battlefield instead of casting them down one at a time; spells can likewise support your army most especially when the odds are against you. As such, you should use them with proper aim and timing in battle.

As much as possible, don’t cast spells on just one enemy especially if you have troops to defend against it. If it’s stronger than your troops on the field and you need to dispose of it immediately, then casting spells may be a sort of last resort. Otherwise, you should try to target multiple enemies with each spell so it can deal relatively more damage.

Don’t aim your spells toward enemy towers as it won’t be doing that much damage anyway. If time is running out and you are certain that your spell can take out a tower for you to win the match or bring it to a tie, then feel free to do so. With each cast, try to take note of how much damage it does to enemy troops and towers so later on you can have a better estimate of who and what it can eliminate when casted. You can also hold on to some spells towards the end of the match if and when your enemy’s towers are close to being destroyed and use it to seal your victory.

Lastly, use a bit of prediction before casting your spells. On a moving target, always try to cast ahead towards the direction the enemy troops are going. If you get it wrong, be sure to take note so you can improve on the subsequent circumstances. Also, when you want to cast your spells on enemies which are in battle with your troops, try to ensure that the target or targets will still be around when the spell touches down.

7. Claim Free Chests And Invite Friends

Be sure to remember to claim your free treasure chests that generate once every four hours. You can see this on the tope left of the main screen and it can stack up to 3 chests. These may just be regular chests, but you do need every piece of card and every bit of gold you can get to upgrade your deck.

For even better rewards, try to invite some friends over to the game and encourage them to play through the five-minute tutorial so both of you can earn 500 gems. After playing the game for a short while, you will understand just how difficult it is to earn gems so if you can claim some for free with a bit of effort, you might as well go for it.

8. Check The Store Regularly For Cards You Need

It’s important to always save up on gold as you may not always have enough to keep your deck upgraded, more so for gems as you would want to save them for something bigger. However, there are occasional circumstances when the cards you need to level up some important cards in your deck can be bought from the store. It still takes some prioritization but if buying some cards from the shop will give you the boost you can’t wait for and the cost leaves you enough for immediate future upgrades, then you should go for it.

clash of wizards battle royale strategies

Well, that’s all we have for you on our Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale beginner’s guide. Hopefully, you were able to find and read this guide early on so you can start using the tips and strategies you can learn from it. As there may be further updates for the game after its official release, we may return to it should additional tips and strategies are needed. For now though, if you have played the game and discovered something that you feel should be included in our Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale guide, you are most welcome to let us know through in the comment section!