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Immersive JRPG ‘Project Babel’ Gets First Trailer

Colopl has just released the first trailer of their latest JRPG called Project Babel. If the trailer is any indication, players are in for quite an adventure. The CG cinematics alone are enough to pique the interest of any RPG enthusiast. Of course, that is to be expected as it was directed by no less than Kazushige Nojima whose previous works can be seen in Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts. The game’s musical score comes from another popular name in the industry, namely Hitoshi Sakimoto. Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics are just two of the numerous titles under his belt.

Project Babel is somewhat based off the biblical story of the Tower of Babel. The trailer shows the gigantic tower that has fallen to ruin. The relationship of the main characters, Rai and Mairirja, with the tower have yet to be revealed. The game’s story pitch from the official website, however, hints at a meeting with destiny.

The game will be free-to-play for Android and iOS devices, but some micro transactions are to be expected. No additional gameplay details have been shared, but the trailer promises more information during the Colopl Fes on December 15. For more information on the game, please head over to the official website.