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MARVEL Future Revolution Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Top Hero in the Convergence

The popularity and size of the MARVEL Universe does not just grow with the introduction of new heroes and villains but also the existence of whole alternate realities and universes that give birth to different versions of each character. Fans of the franchise are certainly not strangers to the concept of a multiverse most especially now that the concept has gained even more popularity through MARVEL’s cinematic universe.

Netmarble’s MARVEL Future Revolution is sure to be a massive treat for MARVEL and MMORPG fans as it centers on the idea of players taking on the role of some of the most popular heroes in the MARVEL Universe. MARVEL Future Revolution, however, does not solely rely on the popularity of the franchise itself as every aspect of the game reflects just how much thought and effort have been invested into it.

The main story, considering the premise itself, is a fresh yet familiar take on the multiverse concept. The gameplay graphics as well as the cinematic cut scenes are definitely something to behold. Most importantly, MARVEL Future Revolution comes loaded with a plethora of content, all jam-packed into a fully 3D and massive open world.

MARVEL Future Revolution sets players up at the aftermath of The Convergence, a cataclysmic event where different versions of the universe merge into one, resulting in a new universe that is a hodge-podge of the original version as well as every alternate version that exists.

marvel future revolution tips

The Convergence gave rise to a series of new threats as villains from different realities continue to wreak havoc on the reborn Primary Earth. Your task as a member of the special task force, Omega Flight, is to work with all other heroes from different realities to stop the villains and their minions across every part of the globe.

MARVEL Future Revolution is as massive as it gets and a quick glimpse of what it has to offer can strike intimidation especially to the uninitiated in an MMORPG environment. Thankfully, a quick yet detailed tutorial session ensures that each new hero who steps into the world of MARVEL Future Revolution will be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills to find their way around.

Travelling and battles can be automated for ease and convenience and every new feature unlocked comes with its own set of guides. If you have just dived into the game and would want to jumpstart your journey, we have you covered as our MARVEL Future Revolution beginner’s guide comes with a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to get you started the right way!

1. Choose Your Main Hero Wisely

MARVEL Future Revolution gives players 8 distinct superheroes to choose from. The initial session will let you take almost each one for a quick spin but before your true adventure begins, you will need to select your lead hero. There are 4 available slots for players to add additional heroes to their squad and, at some point, it becomes helpful to actually use those other character slots to help raise your squad level. 4 additional slots can be unlocked using hero slot expansion tickets, but these items cost gems.

Just like in most MMORPGs, however, it is important to consider one character as the main hero. This means that your resources and time will entirely be focused on this hero, leaving only extra gears and resources for the other squad members. There are no specific roles or classes to categorize heroes, but the set of skills each hero has can be comparable to some extent to popular class roles.

Naturally, the dominant question especially among beginners is which from among the available heroes to pick as their main character. It is typical as well that tier lists quickly follow the launch of any MMORPG, ranking down each hero. One way to help you decide on your choice is to see what other people think of each character in terms of their strengths and limitations. Another option is to go with whichever is your favorite character, disregarding that character’s skills and potential and simply making the best of what he or she has to offer.

For us, what we recommend is to try and look into the entire arsenal of abilities each superhero has. Each one’s unique set of skills are suggestive of potential builds for that character as well as the play style that suits them. To some extent, every player is expected to be able to associate their preferences on one play style more than the rest and if you have determined the character that suits your preferences and play style the best, then you should go with that character for your lead hero.

captain america marvel future revolution

If you are more of a defensive player and enjoy the role of tanks in conventional RPGs, then Captain America is the best main hero for you. He will not be able to compete at dealing massive damage to mobs of enemies and bosses compared with most heroes but his defensive capabilities are top-notch.

Captain America also exhibits some crowd-control skills further increasing his survivability and giving him more opportunities to strike. Potions are cheap and heroes with lower defense can just always heal. However, the cool down period within which you can use another potion can make it difficult for some heroes to survive in combat. For Captain America, survival is what makes him stand out.

captain marvel marvel future revolution

Considered average in difficulty as a character to start off with, Captain Marvel is very direct to the point. She excels in dealing massive amounts of damage against single targets, which means that she will excel in eliminating stronger enemies and bosses than most other heroes. Although it will often take a lot longer to eviscerate mobs of enemies, Captain Marvel still is very capable of getting the job done striking one enemy at a time.

black widow marvel future revolution

Black Widow may be considered as the least powerful hero in this list based on her comic book and cinematic incarnations. While she neither excels in dealing and soaking up damage, she is a formidable character at the hands of a more experienced player. Her damage outputs may not be the best but they are great to have, especially against single targets like bosses and stronger minions. Her debuff skills make her a great choice against really strong opponents in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

doctor strange marvel future revolution

The Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, plays very much like how conventional mages work in most MMPORPGs. Doctor Strange can deal damage to multiple enemies with most active skills in his arsenal. This makes him a relatively favorable pick for progressing through the story campaign where taking down mobs of enemies are a usual part of the objective.

Doctor Strange also has decent crowd-control skills as well as support abilities. If any, his active skills and ultimate skill being AoE attacks, are what makes the usual boss battle more challenging for him compared with characters that either have strong defensive skills or potent single target attacks.

iron man marvel future revolution

Iron Man is most certainly among the characters with the most fans and his incarnation in MARVEL Future Revolution makes him a viable pick even for the least experienced MMORPG players. Iron Man has decent offense and defense, sporting largely ranged attacks and comes with a shield. He also has some skills that can cause debuffs on enemies. Considering everything, Iron Man is a good choice for players who want to do fairly well in both PvE and PvP combat.

spider-man marvel future revolution

Everyone’s favorite web-sling superhero, Spider-Man, has powerful attacks and relies on dodge for defense. He certainly is a little more challenging than others to start off with and may require some more upgrades to make it easier for him to be at par in PvE content. For PvP game modes, however, Spider-Man’s dodging skills and crowd-control abilities make him a force to be reckoned with.

star-lord marvel future revolution

Star-Lord does not seem to appeal to most players considering his initial stats. While Star-Lord may not impress as much given his initial set-up, he will potentially grow to become a strong DPS character with skills that not only deal great damage, but also comes with various after effects. For those who may be unfamiliar with the comic book version of Peter Jason Quill, his main weapons are his elemental guns.

These weapons are perfectly represented in MARVEL Future Revolution, providing damage increase potential and speed reduction along with numerous other self-buffs and control skills that Star-Lord possesses.

storm marvel future revolution

Storm is regarded as one of the most powerful members of the X-Men and with her mutant ability to control the weather, it becomes hardly contestable. Storm’s incarnation in MARVEL Future Revolution is what most fans would imagine as she has strong AoE skills and comes packed with a lot of crowd control abilities as well. In a sense, Storm can be closely compared with Doctor Strange.

The main difference is that Doctor Strange’s active skills usually initiate faster while Storm’s abilities deal heavier damage. Storm is definitely a great pick for a largely PvE adventure and lags a little behind others in terms of PvE combat.

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We will most definitely be bringing a more detailed guide on each character but, for now, these brief descriptions of each should suffice to help you pick your characters. Again, how you perform and progress will depend on how you pick your 4 heroes and the order you play them. While focus ought to be maintained on 1 main hero, you will have to utilize available hero slots later on to raise your squad level and further strengthen each hero in your team.

2. Prioritize Progression Through The Main Story

The main story in MARVEL Future Revolution is not just a product of necessity for a campaign to progress in. Most especially for fans of the franchise, being presented with variances between MARVEL Future Revolution’s “Convergence” and the various alternate Marvel Universe realities that exist in different media goes beyond merely grabbing the interest and intrigue of players.

The main quests may be linear, but the existence of side quests, collectibles, and various activities in-between sufficiently provides reasons to deviate from continuously embarking from one quest to the next.

assemble marvel future revolution

Beyond immersing yourself in MARVEL Future Revolution’ world, characters, and events, the main campaign holds great importance for every player as it contributes the most towards progressing in your adventure. Killing mobs and farming for EXP and items is a popular traditional element of MMORPGs in the past. Although both EXP and items can still be earned through grinding in MARVEL Future Revolution, it is best saved as an absolute last resort when you run out of activities to do.

There are numerous resources you need to have a lot of for upgrades and enhancements and a lot of these come as rewards from completing quests. Every objective you accomplish also earns you EXP for your hero as well as your squad. Relative to this, there are plenty of content and features in MARVEL Future Revolution that you can only access after reaching a certain level. It is important to unlock as many of these features sooner than later and progressing the main story is your best bet against it.

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You can expect boss battles to form part of your progression through the main story and these are instances where recommended Combat Power or CP comes into play. Before entering the area where the boss battle takes place, you will be able to see the disparity between your hero’s CP and the recommended one.

yellowjacket marvel future revolution

“Recommended” in this case should be taken as is, meaning you do not necessarily have to be over the recommended value to be able to defeat the boss. While having higher CP certainly helps, you can always defeat enemies with higher CP with skill, strategy, and patience.

There are no EXP reductions or penalties of any sort if you lose in a boss fight. If anything, all that you have lost is time and probably some potions and 5,000 coins if you opted for the one-time instant revival. Be sure to muster some confidence and give it a go. If you fail and feel that replaying that mission will yield the same unfortunate result, then that should be a good time to venture into other activities and grow stronger.

3. Clear Collectibles And Side Missions

MARVEL Future Revolution’s world is divided into locations with each one having different areas within it. As you make progress through the main quest, you will notice that each location holds collectibles and side missions you can pursue. Although you are free to venture back into previously conquered locations even after completing the main quests there, pursuing the collectibles and side missions before a boss fight can help make your hero stronger and raise your chances of standing victorious against the boss fight.

marvel future revolution collectibles

Collectibles are indicated by a cube icon while side missions appear as exclamation marks atop NPCs. Although you can easily spot them while exploring the area, you can more easily track of each one by using the map. Tapping on the mini map at the left side of your screen opens the map and your main quest, as well as both collectibles and side mission locations are indicated under the first tab. There is also a counter provided to make it easier for you how many you have accomplished and how many more are available.

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new stark city marvel future revolution

Both collectibles and side mission icons you see at one time may not entirely reflect all there is to be discovered. Some may only become visible after progressing enough through the main story or after you accomplish some of the earlier side missions. Side missions do not give as much EXP as main objective rewards do but accomplishing each one is still very much worth it considering the items as rewards. Side missions are available for every character in your squad while collectibles can only be acquired once per account.

4. Do Not Hesitate To Upgrade Your Lead Hero

Resource management is a common aspect of RPGs as well as other game genres that have long playing hours ahead of them. The typical scenario is that you would save almost every type of resource for future use, most specially ones that do not come as easily more those that may be used in a variety of other functions. In most cases, we would recommend exercising prudency in expending resources but in MARVEL Future Revolution, every bit of CP increase is important so going all-in especially for your lead character is the recommended action.

Factors that improve each hero’s CP can be basically divided across aspects that affect the hero and those that impact the whole squad or every hero in your roster. Levelling up stands as the most basic way to increase a hero’s stats and CP, unlocking potential as well for other upgrade options to become available. The only way to earn EXP and reach new levels is through quests and combat and while EXP gained from enemies you actually defeat is not as significant, the EXP rewards from missions you complete make for a fairly speedy growth progression.

enhance skill marvel future revolution

In addition to a basic attack, each hero has 5 active skills as well as an ultimate skill. Levelling up the hero does not just unlock additional skills, but also unlock upgrade opportunities for existing skills as well as skill masteries. Save for the first skill, the latter 4 slots can be a mix of any of the 7 available skills for the hero. Upon reaching certain hero levels, the skills, basic attack, and ultimate attack can be upgraded and it only costs gold. Once available, there is no reason to hold off an upgrade on any of these skills.

Skill masteries can also be unlocked for each of the 8 active skills at the cost of gold. Keep in mind that skill masteries do not necessarily make the hero stronger but rather provide options for you to choose from among different effects of each skill. With numerous possible skill and skill mastery combinations, MARVEL Future Revolution provides 3 presets for you to save skill setups on. Be sure to try to mix and match the best skill sets that appeal to you.

Omega Cards are a unique element in MARVEL Future Revolution that not only strengthens characters but also provide opportunities for players to customize their hero. Omega Cards can be common, rare, or special but these types do not necessarily make one better than others. Cards have star grades from 1 to 6 and this can be upgraded through card combination. A card’s star grade and quality determines its overall bonus stats provided.

Higher grade and quality Omega Cards may not necessarily be the best for your hero. Beyond bonus stats, cards may also have exclusive stats that will only unlock if equipped on a specific hero. Likewise, Omega Cards also have set effects. Each Omega Card belongs to a set of 6 cards and equipping every 2 of them gives the hero bonus stats.

Each hero’s stats can further be improved through the enhance potential feature. Once a hero hits level 20, the first set of 3 potentials become available and 3 different stats can be boosted using character specific Potential Enhance Materials. The resources can be obtained from quests as well as the shop. Additional potentials will be unlocked on levels 40, 60, and 80, opening different sets of stats that can be boosted.

Under the hero info menu, which can be accessed through its icon at the upper right side of the screen, each hero can be equipped with basically 2 sets of gears: costumes and battle badges. The customize option lets you choose your hero’s appearance but does not have any effects whatsoever on the character’s stats and skills.

enhance potential marvel future revolution

The 4 gears equipped under the hero page, however, provides additional stat boosts as well as added effects on some skills. These costume parts have star grades that can be upgraded through augmentation and beyond individual stat bonuses, also have set effects. Each piece of costume belongs to a 4-part set and equipping at least 2 items from the same set unlocks a bonus effect.

Battle Badges are another set of equipment that can increase your hero’s stats and CP. The roman numeral atop each badge represents the slot they can be equipped on. Battle Badges, like costumes, have star grades and level requirements for heroes to be able to equip them. It is important to note that the badges provide a main stat, consistent across duplicate copies of it, and bonus stats that are random. In this sense, it is best to look into duplicates and not heavily rely on auto equip to choose the best one for your hero.

5. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

MARVEL Future Revolution can be played and enjoyed all on your own and there is plenty to explore and revel in that very much appeals like a single player game. MARVEL Future Revolution, however is an MMORPG, and where there are other players in the same world you venture into, there are bound to be multiplayer game modes and alliances.

If it is your first dive into an online game, most especially those that involve playing with other people, then you should familiarize yourself with the concept of alliances, which may be called guilds, factions, clans, or similarly-termed groups in other games. Alliances primarily extend the social features of an online game, encouraging engagement of players with one another. Alliances have grown to become a very important aspect of an online game, to the point of making itself a huge necessity for players to progress in their respective adventures within the virtual world.

alliance marvel future revolution

Alliances often have a lot of perks along with shared responsibilities for its members. Perks may include additional stat bonuses and items for each member, which may be based on either individual or communal contributions and participation. Beyond that, alliances serve as the primary source of in-game friends and you would want to have as many friends not just to have people to form parties with but also to send to and receive tokens from.

Once you have unlocked the alliance feature, you will automatically become a member of the New Agent Alliance. Checking in earns you 10,000 gold and you can automatically create your very own alliance or join an existing one. Creating an alliance costs 500,000 gold and as easy as it sounds to cough up that much currency even for beginners, the challenge will come from managing the alliance itself. If you are a beginner, then we recommend that you join an existing alliance first to have a basic understanding of how it works.

alliance missions marvel future revolution

To join an existing alliance, click on the recommended button on the alliance page. A list of alliances with vacancies will be presented to you. Some alliances will have to approve your application first while others automatically let you sign up. You can use the alliance level and number of members as primary basis of an alliance’s strength and activity. It is best to go with an active alliance for continuous growth. Leaving an alliance or getting kicked out of one will initiate a 24-hour cool down period you need to observe before joining another one.

There are alliance missions that earn you gold for completing them. There are exclusive items you can purchase only as a member of a normal alliance or any alliance other than the New Agent Alliance. Purchases and activities earn you loyalty points as well that can benefit every member of the alliance. Donations are necessary as well for the alliance to reach new levels so be sure to contribute as much as you can to bolster the growth of your alliance.

6. Do Not Rely On Auto Mode

The inclusion of auto modes has certainly made it convenient for mobile gamers to traverse worlds they dive into. Auto modes, like the one in MARVEL Future Revolution, does not only make it easy and convenient for players to get from one place to another, it can also make initiating and completing some missions hassle-free.

Auto mode in combat is definitely an appreciated tool especially when switching to sleep mode as your hero continuously farms for EXP and items from mobs. When it comes to important and challenging battles like boss fights, however, auto mode is definitely not something you should rely on.

auto combat marvel future revolution

It can take a while for beginners to get accustomed to manually controlling their heroes in combat. For some, it may feel like auto mode performs better than them, utilizing skills as they become available and never getting tired regardless of how long the battle stretches. It does have its share of disadvantages, though, especially with regard to skill activation without proper strategy. Another huge disadvantage to auto mode is that it will never utilize the ultimate skill as well as the dodge function.

Even if auto mode is active, you are still free to manually take control of your character. You can activate the ultimate skill as you wish and dodge as needed. The crucial difference lies in the character behavior that pushes through with your inactivity. Letting go of the virtual d-pad, for one, will send your character rushing towards battle, regardless of how much HP the hero has left.

This is certainly a threat to the character’s survival against boss battles that dish out massive damage as well as other harmful effects. To a great extent, you can even lose to a boss whose CP is lower than that of your hero.

manual mode marvel future revolution

Playing on manual mode, as challenging as it may seem, guarantees a higher rate of success and survival. The red highlights signifying an incoming attack from a boss is very easy to dodge even for complete beginners. Strategy can be imposed through the proper sequential activation of skills and ultimate abilities.

Surely enough, it requires research and planning but is sure to make your hero folds more effective than in auto mode. In some cases, we also employ running in circles as we wait to replenish lost health before engaging the boss again. It’s a cheap yet effective tactic that no auto mode can replicate.

7. Expend Daily Attempts In Operations

The initial missions in the story campaign will be a cakewalk, regardless of which hero you choose as your starting character. You can expect the challenge level increase as you make progress and reaching a point where you will simply be unable to move forward is inevitable.

Certainly, you can perform various upgrades every step of the way but when you are done with all that and still not powerful enough to take on the next mission, then you should engage in all other game modes found within operations.

battle marvel future revolution

Operations in MARVEL Future Revolution are comparable to dungeons or extra game modes in conventional RPGs. Engaging in operation missions are secondary to the main campaign in general, but once unlocked, each game mode should be visited and every attempt to earn rewards should be expended. You should consider it early on as part of your daily routine. The rewards you can earn from different operation missions can be difficult to obtain anywhere else so every missed attempt is an opportunity lost.

The Blitz is the first game mode within operations that you will unlock. It is basically a boss battle pitting you against supervillains you have defeated in the campaign. There are level requirements and recommended CPs to challenge each boss. You can challenge as many times as you want along with 3 other players but you can only claim rewards for the first 3 attempts.

blitz marvel future revolution

Naturally, you should challenge the most powerful enemy that you have unlocked but if you are close to reaching a level that unlocks a more powerful boss, then you should hold until the latter part of the day to expend your attempts. Note that even for the lowest enemy boss battles here, overpowered heroes may join your team, making the battle itself a breeze.

There are most wanted criminals that randomly appear on each map. These may either be normal targets or prime targets and you can find their spawn locations under the third tab of the map. Each day, there are 3 random targets for you to hunt as well and taking down all 3 earns you extra rewards.

most wanted criminals marvel future revolution

This can expectedly pose challenges for beginners since there are often several players hunting the same target. If you have nothing else to do, you can camp at a specific spawn area to wait for your target. You do not necessarily need to deal the most damage or inflict the last hit to earn rewards and partaking is all that is necessary.

8. Accomplish Challenges For Extra Rewards

MARVEL Future Revolution is an adventure that offers more rewards for the more active players. There are plenty of rewards to earn from actively accomplishing missions and even killing mobs on auto mode. Beyond all that, however, there are plenty more of other benefits to gain by accomplishing challenges.

You can tap on the main menu button at the upper right side of your screen and then the “records” icon to see the challenges. Challenges are divided across 4 tabs, each with its own list of objectives or targets you need to reach to earn some rewards.

challenges marvel future revolution

The daily challenges stand as the most basic set of tasks you can accomplish on a daily basis. There are 8 simple objectives, all of which are well in line with the usual activities you engage in your adventure. Ach task you complete earns you 100 Squad Rank EXP as well as 5,000 or 10,000 gold. Accomplishing all daily quest targets each day for 7 days earns you an extra 30,000 gold and an item box.

The objectives under the upgrade, battle, and challenge tabs can be equated to achievements or milestones you have reached in your journey. Some of these feats take a lot longer than others to be realized but each one is certainly within what you can accomplish.

For the most part, you will be able to accomplish a lot of challenge objectives without specifically knowing what the requirements are. For efficiency’s sake, however, it is advisable to peek into each list and strive to accomplish as many as you can to claim rewards sooner.

9. Regularly Manage Your Inventory

Besides all the action-oriented missions, errands, upgrades, and bits of exploration, inventory management should form part of what you should regularly tend to in MARVEL Future Revolution. Nabbing and collecting all sorts of items is surely an activity that never gets old. The sad part is the limited number of inventory slots you have for Omega Cards as well as the rest of the loots.

You only have an initial capacity to store 100 Omega Cards and 100 items in MARVEL Future Revolution. That is 100 for each hero as well as a squad storage with the same capacity. Reaching the inventory cap is a very easy feat and you may often find yourself having a full inventory from time to time.

This leads to the hero’s inability to loot more items and you need to consistently avoid being in this situation. Additional item storage space can be purchased and a set of 5 slots costs 20 gems. If you are a free player, then you should probably save those gems for more important expenditures.

To start off, one of the regular activities you need to occasionally do is open boxes that store rewards in them. Your inventory icon at the top of the screen will have an indicator on it whenever items that can be opened exists. Those consumables only form a small fraction of what your inventory is usually clogged with, though, and you need to constantly keep tabs on each tab of items and do a cleanup to ensure you will have plenty of open space.

storage marvel future revolution

There are items lodged under the consumables tab in your inventory that only has the purpose of being converted into synchronized particles. You need to take these items to the Convergence Box found ar HQ to extract synchronized particles. The synchronized particles can then be used to draw random items from the available set of items at the Convergence Box. There is a constant 20% chance to receive any item but if you do not see any item you like, feel free to wait for the refresh.

Equipped costumes and battle badges, as well as extra ones, also consume space within your inventory and unlike the items on the first tab, these items will not stack. Within the inventory itself, you can choose to dismantle them to obtain Unstable Convergium Particles. These resources are then used to raise the star grade of costumes.

You also have a separate storage for Omega Cards but 100 slots is really easy to fill up especially if you are active. As you are likely to keep costumes, battle badges, and omega cards you do not currently use, be sure to store them in the storage and card storage, respectively, under the squad menu. These storages are like vaults accessible by any member of your squad so it essentially works as a medium as well for your heroes to pass on items to one another.

10. Take Advantage Of Special Events

With immediate payoffs from completing missions along with its share of random loots from mobs, the challenges add up an extra layer of payoffs for effort exerted in MARVEL Future Revolution. While these sources of rewards are by any standards sufficient in ensuring growth and progression that players can feel, MARVEL Future Revolution further provides additional ways for players to receive rewards.

login event marvel future revolution

There are numerous special events taking place at the time of this writing and while some of them are only available for a limited period of time, we are certain that new ones will launch regularly.

You can check active events via the gift box icon at the upper right side of the screen. Some events only require you to log in or simply stay online for an hour to obtain rewards. Some, however, work more like challenges in that you need to meet certain conditions to obtain rewards. In any case, all objectives set under events are comparable as well to challenges in that they are directly related to the usual activities you engage in as well as the common milestones you reach across every aspect of your adventure.

running with the ravagers marvel future revolution

Like most objectives set under the challenges section, you are likely to accomplish a lot of feats within the events without even knowing the specific targets, especially at the early part of the campaign. It is best to look into each of these events as it may lead you to discover features or areas in the game that you actually need to spend a little more time on.

The entire app size of MARVEL Future Revolution is actually a solid indicator of how huge its world is. There are certainly more features we cannot dive into with details yet but we are certain that the topics we discussed in our beginner’s guide sufficiently provides the basics you need to jumpstart your superhero career. We most certainly will be immersing ourselves deeper into MARVEL Future Revolution and will share with you additional tips and tricks in the near future! Meanwhile, if you have stumbled upon something we haven’t relative to the above, feel free to drop us a line!

Phillip Chester Buena

Thursday 18th of November 2021

Thanks for the tips But why the heck is Spider-Man's control difficulty so high?!? Shouldn't Iron Man's be higher cause of all his tech?