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BitLife Tanya Bregar Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Tanya Bregar Challenge

Another weekend, another BitLife challenge. We’re still waiting for Candywriter to roll out the big update they’ve been promising for iOS and Android devices, but to be perfectly honest, we’re willing to wait longer if it means more exciting challenges. These limited-time events are oftentimes based on popular movies and TV shows, though they can also be far more general in nature.

They can also be inspired by real-life people (see: the Mamba Challenge from a couple weeks ago), and while this week’s challenge follows that same trend, this one stands out because it’s inspired by one of the better-known BitLife players in the world of social media.

bitlife tanya bregar challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge is decidedly different from the rest that Candywriter has rolled out since the feature was launched. The Tanya Bregar Challenge has the game tipping its hat to the popular Canadian YouTuber of the same name who you’ve probably turned to quite a few times while stuck on a certain requirement or challenge.

Quite fittingly, this challenge is a bit harder than most recent ones we’ve completed, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from a challenge named after the so-called Queen of BitLife. So with that out of the way, our BitLife strategy guide will show you what you need to do if you want to complete the Tanya Bregar Challenge with as little rework and repetition as possible.

Don’t Be Picky When Burgling Houses!

Getting started with the challenge is the easiest part — there are no statistical requirements, but you will need to create a female character and select Canada as their birth country. Easy as that — you can prioritize Looks if you want to fast-track the one million followers requirement by entering show business, but Looks and Smarts and special skills are strictly optional. Just as long as the character’s a Canadian female, you should be good to go.

stealing items in bitlife

Like a lot of BitLife players, Tanya Bregar likes having her virtual characters do bad things in the game, and as part of the challenge that bears her name, you’ll need to do a lot of that, preferably as a teenager and young adult. The game will allow you to start burgling houses at an early age, and at first, it shouldn’t be too hard — you’ll likely be able to go through the entire house and steal everything in there during your first few tries, and if you ever get caught by the dogs or by the house’s occupant, you can always quit the game and restart it.

To ensure yourself of the best chances of success during this part of the challenge, you’ll want to avoid being too picky — don’t avoid a house just because the occupant isn’t a professional athlete, doctor, lawyer, or any other rich Bitizen. And if it’s too risky, you shouldn’t spend too much time in the house or try to steal everything like you would probably have done during the first few burglaries. Even if you end up stealing nothing but a cheap, one-dollar teddy bear, that still counts as a burglary!

bitlife smooth criminal

Keep that in mind during the fourth or fifth burglary onward, as that’s when the cops will likely start getting involved — even if you space your burglaries out and take a few years off in between series of burglaries, the police will show up more often than not at this point, especially if you stay too long!

Burgling houses may be a good way to afford your first few children and give you some extra income during your first few years holding a job, but it shouldn’t be your bread and butter. Instead, there’s one thing you’ll need to do in order to afford the 10 kids you’ll be required to have, and it also happens to be another one of the six requirements in this challenge.

Use The Dating App To Find A Rich Husband And Afford Having 10+ Kids

Ideally, you should start having children in your late teens or early 20s in order to easily reach the 10+ requirement — you can simply use the Hook Up feature under Love, always opt against your partner using protection, and have as many kids as your salary can afford until you reach your mid-20s or so.

love match in bitlife

We’d suggest stopping at four or five if you’ve got a job that pays around $25,000 to $35,000 a year, or three if you’re earning less than $20,000 as you might if you get the job we will be suggesting later on in this guide. At that point, you’ll want to start using the Dating App feature to find a potential husband who’s loaded — no other stats matter except their bottom line, so choose the highest possible income range when using the app.

We noticed that it didn’t take too long for our test character’s new, rich boyfriend to propose, so when he does, accept it immediately, plan your wedding, and don’t worry about any prenups — it’s best to sign it if your would-be hubby insists that you do. Once you’re married, that means the two of you will be sharing the same bank balance, and that should allow you to have even more kids — it may take a while, but chances are you should complete the 10+ kids requirement by the time you reach your mid-30s, or even early 30s.

Getting A Million Followers – Become A Famous Celebrity, Maintain And Verify All Accounts

Now we admit we should have gotten cracking on this part of the Tanya Bregar Challenge during our test character’s teenage years. But you really don’t have to — it would still be preferable if you open your social media accounts at the soonest possible time (at the age of 13), but you can still reach the one million mark with little difficulty even if you choose to open them in young adulthood, like we did.

becoming a famous author in bitlife

The first key to a million would be to become famous as a celebrity — don’t worry if your Looks aren’t good enough to become an actor or if you don’t have the musical talent to become a famous musician. There are no hard statistical or age requirements to becoming a writer, and it shouldn’t take long either to become a famous writer — you can get there in about seven years as long as you stay away from trouble and keep using the Work Harder function to improve your Performance.

Once you’ve become famous, that’s when you can star in commercials, promote products, and share more YouTube videos on your in-game social media accounts in order to get your Fame up to 40 percent. Once it reaches that mark, you can get verified on most platforms. (The Fame requirement for getting verified on YouTube seems to be a bit higher at around 60 percent, but verification on any platform, in and of itself, can greatly boost your Fame stat!)

verifying youtube account in bitlife

Another thing to keep in mind is that the one million follower requirement refers to your following on ALL social media platforms combined. So if you open accounts on all five platforms, all you’ll need is around 200,000 followers per platform in order to complete this requirement! (We only ended up opening an Instagram and YouTube account, but you can definitely get it done faster with all five social media accounts active and verified!)

Save The Bunny Requirement For Last

The last requirement is a very easy one to complete, but it’s best if you save it for last so that you can avoid the requirement getting unchecked if the animal dies prematurely. Those who follow Tanya Bregar will know that she likes rabbits, and that she has a rabbit named Coco, so you’ll need to do the same and get your relationship with your pet up to 100 percent. Simply go to the pet store under Activities, choose any rabbit, male or female, preferably a younger one, and rename them Coco when you get the chance to do so.

bitlife coco rabbit

The real Coco is a male rabbit, so you may want to prioritize males when you’re bunny shopping, but since it’s a unisex name and the name is one of the two important components of this requirement, it should work as well if you buy a female rabbit.

Feed the rabbit with some treats, spend some time with them, and keep doing this at least once a year — that should fill up your Relationship bar in about two to three years and allow you to complete the Tanya Bregar Challenge with flying colors. As always, you can pick one out of four prize chests and unlock a new pair of eyeglasses or a new hat as your prize for completing the challenge.