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BitLife Mamba Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Mamba Challenge

For close to two years, Candywriter’s BitLife has been one of the biggest mobile gaming hits on both iOS and Android platforms, and there was a time when every month (or every week or two) brought a new and major update that expanded on what players could already do on the life simulator.

In the absence of those updates (although there’s supposedly a new one coming really soon), Candywriter has kept players busy by rolling out weekly challenges every Saturday, and the latest one is a nod to one of the greatest athletes of our generation. If you’ve been longing for a challenge that allows you to make use of those sports careers, you’ll definitely want to give this one a whirl.

bitlife mamba challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge is a bit of a bittersweet one, as it pays tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, who would have turned 43 years old on August 23 of this year. The Mamba Challenge should give players what we would call an easy opportunity to replicate some of Bryant’s most notable feats during his NBA career — provided you’re patient and, for the non-God Mode players, start out with a character with decent athleticism at the very least.

That said, here’s this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we will show you what to do in order to complete the Mamba Challenge in as little time as possible.

Getting Your Basketball Career Started

Upon looking at the Mamba Challenge’s requirements, we noticed that there was no gender requirement, so if you want to make a female character for this challenge, feel free to do so! The main thing you need to keep in mind when creating a character is athleticism, so if you don’t have God Mode enabled, we would suggest being on the lookout for random events that pertain to being good at physical activities during your character’s formative years. That’s usually a good sign they have Sports as a special skill. Of course, if you have God Mode enabled, you can simplify things a great deal by choosing Sports as a special skill right off the bat!

special talent in sports in bitlife

Those without God Mode can start engaging in physical exercise, such as walking or martial arts training, by the time they reach the age of 8; these activities only work once a year, but once they do, they can help improve the mostly hidden Athleticism stat.

Now if you’re already in middle school (age 11) and your Athleticism bar is 40 percent full or less, you can re-roll for a new character; otherwise, make use of the physical activity options we mentioned above, and go to the gym once a year from age 12 onward if your Athleticism still isn’t enough for you to make the school basketball team. (Also, be sure to stay clear of trouble and study harder if you need to, as you’ll need above-average grades or better to play school sports!)

basketball draft in bitlife

Once you’ve been accepted to your middle school, high school, or college basketball team, keep practicing harder once per year so that by the time you’re in your final year, your Performance bar is completely filled up! And speaking of high school or college, BitLife allows players to apply for the basketball draft after graduating from high school or college. You can also try out as a free agent at any time during your adult life.

In any case, your pro position will be randomized, and so will the team that drafts you — you don’t necessarily need to be a shooting guard like Kobe or get drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers equivalent, or Charlotte Hornets equivalent, if you really want to be technical about it. Any position or team will do, as what really matters is becoming a GOAT-candidate in the BitLife Basketball Association and winning five titles just like Bryant did during his Lakers career.

Practice (And Training) Makes Perfect!

Regardless whether you choose to enter the BitLife Basketball Association out of high school or out of college, what’s very important in the Mamba Challenge is to work on the weaknesses in your game, and keep working on them even if they’re no longer weaknesses.

What you want here is for your attributes as a player to be as close to perfect as possible, and that would require regularly practicing on most, if not all attributes (once per attribute per year) and training once per year via the Training option to ensure your condition is at 100 percent. As you can see, all that regular practice and training paid off, even though our test player’s attributes were far from stellar during his first few seasons.

basketball practice in bitlife

One concern you may have at this point is the possibility of injuries suffered during practice or training. These used to be fairly commonplace, but we noticed while trying to complete the challenge that our player never suffered any kind of practice- or training-related injury before the age of 30.

We’re thinking this was one of the many small improvements Candywriter made over the last few months, so it’s good to see professional athletes having a greater chance of enjoying their prime years. (If you suffer any kind of injury, though, we would advise playing it safe for the sake of the challenge by quitting the game upon seeing the injury notification and restarting it!)

Trash Talk: Hurt Players With Your Words, And Not Your Fists

Many of the NBA’s greatest players were also legendary trash talkers, and that certainly included Kobe Bryant, who could talk smack on court with the best of them. Amid all the professional athlete scenarios that may come up while you’re trying to complete the Mamba Challenge, you will get your fair share of chances to talk trash to opponents who are doing the same.

trash talk in bitlife

It goes without saying that you should keep things on a verbal level and not resort to physical violence when it comes to these situations. Fighting won’t just greatly reduce your Respect bar; it could also lead to the cops getting involved, especially if the opposing player dies from his injuries! (Yes, that has happened.)

All you need to do here is to choose the trash talk option three times during scenarios where it is available, and you’re good. But what about winning five championships? Yes, that may sound like one of the harder requirements of the Mamba Challenge, but as you’ll find out, it really isn’t that hard to complete.

Once You Become Really Good, Enter Free Agency And Try Out For The Best Team!

It’s going to take upward of five seasons in order to become even close to Kobe Bryant-level good in the Mamba Challenge, but once you’ve signed, say, two contract extensions and are in your mid-late 20s (assuming you entered the draft straight out of high school), you’ll want to reject the next offer you receive and effectively become a free agent.

basketball try out in bitlife

Fortunately for you, the real-life rules of NBA free agency do not apply in the BitLife universe, which means you can try out for any team you wish after you’ve rejected your previous team’s contract extension offer. Obviously, you should be trying out for the league’s best teams — preferably the best — which should be easy if most of your attribute bars are at least 80-90 percent full.

Once you’re playing for a top team, winning championships should be a given. The slightly tricky part here would be winning five titles, but just as long as you don’t get traded to a much weaker team in the middle of your contract (this usually happens due to age or attitude issues), there’s a pretty good chance you’ll eventually have five championship rings before your career is over. If all else fails, you can always do the old quit-and-restart trick before confirming the past season’s events and moving on to the next year of your virtual life.

Winning An MVP Award Is Somewhat Determined By Luck

Once you’ve gotten your attributes up to a certain high level and are playing for one of the BitLife Basketball Association’s best teams, winning individual awards should become a regular occurrence. But here’s where the fictional BBA differs from the real-life NBA — Candywriter’s made-up basketball league gives out awards for Defensive AND Offensive Player of the Year, on top of the MVP award for the best overall player.

league mvp in bitlife

This could arguably come about as redundant, but it is what it is. And as far as completing the Mamba Challenge is concerned, you may reach a point where you’ll have to quit the game before confirming the end of your last season, then restart it in order to redo the season-end awards. In our case, it happened organically, but before our player, whose attributes were already maxed out for a few years, won his first (and only) MVP award, he had won multiple Offensive and Defensive Player trophies.

All that points to luck playing a part in your chances of winning MVP, but if it’s worth anything, we noticed that players have a better chance of getting this award if their team does very well but doesn’t actually end up as league champions. (Our test player became MVP when his team placed second, so that may be something to keep in mind.)                                              

Hall Of Fame Induction Should Be Automatic At This Point

Provided you won a ton of awards, including at least one MVP, as well as the Mamba Challenge’s required five championships, you should be on your way to a Hall of Fame induction a few years after retirement. Based on the real-life Basketball Hall of Fame’s recent (circa late 2010s) changes to eligibility requirements, you’ll need to wait at least three years after your last game in order to become eligible for induction, and that also applies in the BitLife universe, where you can be inducted after said three-year waiting period.

basketball hall of fame in bitlife

That’s all there is to it — you can choose to voluntarily retire at some point in your mid-to-late 30s if you feel you’ve achieved a lot and completed all the other requirements, but if you want to have the best chances of being inducted with the least waiting time possible, we suggest playing until the age of 42 (the maximum age BitLife allows all professional athletes to play) and not officially retiring from basketball. By the time you reach your 45th or 46th birthday, you should receive an in-game notification advising you that you’ve just gotten inducted.

After you’ve been inducted, that should wrap things up for the Mamba Challenge — you won’t receive any plaques, rings, trophies, or anything tangible once inducted, but you will have the usual choice of four prize chests and a chance to unlock a new hat or eyewear that you can use on your characters (or NPC friends, family, and coworkers) during future playthroughs.