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War and Order Beginner’s Guide

If you want to maximize efficiency and kickstart the city in the best way possible, these essential  War and Order tips should come in handy. Below you’ll find how to prioritise upgrading each structure, what to shift your research on in the early stages, and how to quickly increase the Castle level.

Understanding the importance of each building

The Castle is arguably one of the most important buildings, if not the most important one. Based on its level, you will then be able to increase the maximum level of each subsequent structure. Aside from the Castle, you will have basic resource farms located outside the city walls, which will constantly produce resources to keep the city moving forward.

Some of the other buildings within the city walls include Barracks, Blacksmith, College, Depot, Drill Grounds and Beast Den, which play a unique role in the city’s development. Some of these are more PvE-oriented, while others are devised to help the army get stronger and expand. Other than the Castle which is at the very core of the city, the buildings require constant upgrade in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand in power.

war and order castle

Which buildings to focus on first?

As a new player, the main focus should be towards upgrading the Castle. It will take a while, but the first major milestone should be reaching Castle level 10. To reach that, only focus on upgrading the buildings required towards the Castle upgrade as well as the resource farms.

Build as many resource production buildings (resource farms) as possible, and keep them maxed out. Each time you upgrade the Castle, make sure to upgrade these to the highest level available, because they increase the amount of resources you produce passively.

Also, do not focus on any other building other than the ones necessary towards upgrading your Castle. At the very start resources will be pretty scarce, and in order to speed things up, this is the best way to go about it. Keep the buildings that aren’t key at a maximum of level 4 or 5, and once you’re done upgrading the Castle and saving up enough resources, work towards upgrading these as well.

Once Castle reaches level 10, start upgrading every single building within the city walls to the highest level. Only afterwards shift your attention again towards the Castle. Progress like this towards Castle level 16, and even though it will take a lot of time and resources, it’s something to look forward to (in the late game) because it will unlock 4 more resource farms.

war and order resources

Farm outside the city walls

Gathering resources from the resource production farms is not going to be enough in the long term, so looking at the world map should be the next important feature to look at. On the World Map players can find various resource-producing farms that they can attack, as well as monsters that drop useful loot.

Building a basic (but strong) army should be a priority as soon as upgrades start taking longer than a few minutes (longer than 15 minutes). Within that time, send out troops to attack low-level enemies, and gather their loot. Once the army gets stronger, attack stronger enemies.

If you’re ever short on resources you urgently require you can always pay a visit to the mysterious Merchant Ship where you can do resource trading, or buy items using shells and gems. The Merchant Ship will refresh its inventory every 8 hours and offers some extremely useful items to speed up your growth, including: Stamina Potions, Vigor Potions, and Material Chests.

war and order territory

Always keep the buildings busy

Builders and research should never be on cooldown. From the get-go, every builder should be busy upgrading or constructing something – the secondary builders included. That is the fastest way to increase building levels, and progress. Research takes quite a lot of time too, so make sure to pay attention to how long each feature takes.

At the start, hire the second Hammer using Gems to speed things up if possible, since there is a lot to be done and every helping hand matters.

What to spend the Gems on?

Gems are the premium currency in the game, but they can also be acquired from quests and log in rewards. The best way to spend them in the early game would be on extra builders and Peace Shield, but saving them for the late game is a better alternative. When upgrades start taking longer than 15 hours, spending Gems on speed ups is extremely profitable. Never use Gems for speed ups that take less than 15 hours, because it’ll not be worth it – use normal Speed Ups instead and never use gems to buy resources.

Elite Teleports are another great item worthy of the Gem price point. Even if they cost 1600 Gems, they will basically pay for themselves through resources. VIP Points and normal 8h or more Speed Ups also bring great value for their price, and in some situations the March Speed boosts can be decent. It all depends on the stage of the game and your current needs.

There are plenty of ways to obtain gems in War and Order, most often as rewards for completing events and quests, but also as tribute when your castle levels up. Another way is to check the Merchant Ship for gem deals – we recommend checking the Merchant Ship daily as you’ll often find better gem deals than those offered by the events.

If you’re yet to try War and Order, you can find it available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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