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Puzzles & Survival Adds a New Hero for Their One Year Anniversary

Puzzles & Survival recently celebrated their one-year launch anniversary with the release of a new hero that made an appearance in multiple ads for the game, Samuel. Samuel is a character that is often seen in dire situations, and thus he’s gained the sympathy of multiple players along the way.

Since he’s been a key character in one too many death-defying situations, Samuel has gained a pretty solid kit when it comes to his abilities. For one, he’s a hero with a lot of HP, allowing him to tank multiple enemy hits – that’s how he’s managed to get away from so many zombies, probably. Another one of his assets is his ability to inspire his teammates by buffing them, as well as casting Last Stand, an ability which doubles his damage. To top things off, when the time finally comes for Samuel to just about lose his life, he will cast Infinite Fury to fully restore a teammate’s fury.

Since he’s such a versatile hero, the Puzzles & Survival community has asked players to come up with ingenious adventure stories for Samuel. Hopefully they will be less stark, given that he’s an actual hero now.

Aside from the Samuel news, Puzzles & Survival has something else in store for all the dedicated players. They have invited popular Instagram concept artists to do their best designing various skins for Nova. The most popular fashion will become an actual skin for her, and players can choose their absolute favourite by voting on the game’s community forums.

puzzles & survival nova

On a final note, the operations team behind the game has leaked an upcoming crossover event about to run in September.

If you’d like to try Puzzles & Survival for yourself then you can find it to download for free right now from the App Store and on Google Play. For more information about Puzzles & Survival, also be sure to check out the game’s official Facebook page.