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My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete All Levels

Lock and load, people! It’s time to don that full-faced mask and hunt down some baddies. It’s time to shed some blood and buy some… bananas…?

Devolver Digital has just graced the mobile games market with a port of one of their PC titles, My Friend Pedro. While the PC version looks much more serious in tone, the mobile release, subtitled Ripe for Revenge, is much goofier and sillier. Although, that isn’t to say that My Friend Pedro is goofy on its own.

my friend pedro banana
Yep. People who take orders from talking bananas are completely normal.

To readers unfamiliar to the game, My Friend Pedro is a run-and-gun game featuring intense, slow-motion gun fights, lots of parkour, and of course, Pedro. The titular character is not the masked vigilante you control, but a seemingly imaginary vision in the form of a talking, floating banana and his name is Pedro. Both the vigilante and Pedro work together to stop criminals in the city. We will withhold the rest of the plot since the game’s story is full of spoilers and trust us, it’s best that you check it out the PC game yourself.

But to those who have played this game before, Pedro’s back and he has a family!

That’s right, Pedro has a family that needs saving and it’s up to you, the vigilante, to once again put that mask on and give the baddies what for. Pedro’s son, daughter, and wife are all missing and there will be hell to pay. You will be making your way through dozens of traps, corridors, stairways, all while blasting out the brains of many a henchman. But seeing as this is a mobile game, it will be riddled by public enemy number 1: advertisements.

We know that in many of our previous guides here on Level Winner we promote the use of ads since they give boosts, provide the player with resources, and many more but for Ripe for Revenge, ads are more like a punishment for doing so badly (or if you would like to repeat a level).

my friend pedro death

This game does not sacrifice its quality or fun factor, however, as doing well rewards you with a smoother gaming experience. If you’re out to finish the story or to get three stars anywhere with as minimal ad views as possible, be sure to read our My Friend Pedro guide below!

1. Look Before You Leap (Or Roll)

my friend pedro observation
What do we have to do here?

This isn’t just a saying anymore. Ripe for Revenge’s movement mechanics are a little bit different from how the original My Friend Pedro plays.

Compared to the original game where the vigilante can move about freely, the mobile version reduces his movement simply to rolling and jumping only. The levels are much smaller but they still often give players something to think about while they move around. There will be traps, important mechanisms in the level that allow for progression, enemies, and more, so it’s best to look around first before you make jumps.

As you hold down any portion of your screen, the vigilante’s trajectory will show. Pulling downward will ready him for a jump and pulling upward will ready him to roll. Observe first where he can land to make sure that you swiftly make it through the level with finesse and style.

You don’t always have to hold still while readying the vigilante for the jumps, however.

2. Plan Your Jumps Or Rolls As You Move About

my friend pedro jumping
How’s that for a dramatic entrance?

This may sound difficult, but there will be times where acting quickly isn’t just being the faster gun. You will have to make the vigilante leap and roll as he leaps and rolls.

To achieve this, notice how time drastically slows down as you plan your jumps or rolls; this gives you the opportunity to make the vigilante act right in the middle of a movement. The only catch here is that the vigilante cannot correct his jumps mid-trajectory, so you’ll have to wait for him to land or touch a wall before attempting another jump.

Not only will this technique prove useful later on (what with timed platforms and exploding kerosene canisters), but it’ll make you look like an absolute parkour beast. With moves as wild as those, complete with the shooting, you could probably make the likes of Neo or Deadpool blush.

Now, what happens when time slows down but it isn’t you pressing down on either side of the screen?

3. Be Alert

my friend pedro enemy alert
Uh oh, he’s gonna shoot!

The game slowed down but it isn’t you pressing any buttons! What could this mean?

It could mean that an enemy at the far end of the screen could be aiming at you. By the time you react to it, you could have already been shot. This is why it pays to be alert in this game.

Before you make a move, any move, be sure to take a look at your surroundings. There could be many ways you can overcome obstacles. For example, if you find that a certain did not blow up because you destroyed an explosive too soon, there should be another way to get to the exit.

Of course, among many of the obstacles are the enemies. And there’s only one way to deal with them…

4. Shoot Directly At The Enemy

my friend pedro bang bang
That’s a twofer.

This should be a no-brainer.

The moment you see an enemy (or they see you), tap them immediately to take them out. Some enemies will take more taps than others but it also pays to watch where you tap since tapping in their general direction will cause your shots to miss.

Tapping on the enemy directly will give you a greater likelihood of actually hitting them. Scoring your kills quickly will allow you to make better decisions and breathe after an obstacle, but taking them out in an order of priority will certainly help. This is very important since the enemy has three behavioral states that are represented in colored circular timers:

  • No Timer – The enemy is completely unaware of your presence. This happens if you are not directly in the enemy’s line of sight.
  • White Timer – The enemy has seen you and is fumbling for their weapon. This timer is the slowest.
  • Yellow Timer – The enemy has their weapon at the ready and is about to take aim. This timer moves faster than the white one.
  • Red Timer – The enemy has been waiting for you to show up and is ready to fire. This timer moves the fastest and is the most dangerous of the three.

If you aren’t careful, an enemy with five hearts and a red timer might pop up. This is where every shot of yours has to count. Surely, if you’ve picked up better weapons like the twin uzis, the submachine gun, the shotgun, or the rocket launcher, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Sometimes, the best way to solve your problems is to tackle them with a bang…

5. If Something Can Explode, Shoot It

my friend pedro jerrycan
If jerrycans exist, are there tomjars, too? No? Yeah, we’ll see ourselves out again.

This is classic video game logic (well, most of it is).

Usually, when we see anything bright red on-screen, it’s something that can or might explode. These are especially present while we’re trying to get around a level, perhaps a boss launches these, and many others.

Ripe for Revenge has quite a few of these, but the most prevalent example is the jerrycan (a red, squarish jug filled with gasoline — you’ve seen these before). If you see any of these, never miss the opportunity to open fire at them as it could score you a few kills or even open up some shortcuts through the level.

Though, there are some exceptions when dealing with these volatile canisters. Some puzzles will require you to shoot at them in order to break some walls or floors. In some cases, missing any of these might force you to repeat the level (and we don’t want that, so remember item number 3).

With that said, majority of the walls are completely unbreakable, and these can be used to your advantage.

6. Use Walls To Your Advantage

my friend pedro wall jump

Sometimes, vaulting off of walls can be advantageous to you. Just remember that if an enemy spots you while you’re trying to wall jump, you have to shoot them or else you will be shot. Sometimes getting behind walls is possible if you wanna take cover, but this is difficult to achieve and purely situational.

If there are some enemies that you think you can roll past without having to shoot them first, try to make it behind a wall. This works if you aren’t confident in completing the level in one go and you’d like to first observe how the enemies are lined up and how the traps are laid out.

Now for the parkour techniques, the game teaches you this early on in the tutorial. What you will need to know is that later on, you will need to fire and land on barricades that can only be opened by shooting at them. These barricades are particularly tricky and getting used to them in a single run can be difficult.

my friend pedro wall ride
Hang on to your hats!

Another situation where you can use walls to your advantage is during the motorcycle segments. Riding your bike along the wall can keep you from hitting some obstacles. Be warned that after getting past one, you may want to leave the wall for the road since you will lose momentum and descend from it eventually. This is particularly dangerous if you want a flawless bike run since your likelihood of driving into traps is greater if you pull off this risky maneuver.

There are many things that will hinder you, and sometimes it can be a low score. Progression is temporary, style is eternal… or at least until you beat your last score.

7. Low Score Or Can’t Progress? Repeat The Level

my friend pedro one star
Oh come on, Pedro, don’t look at us like that.

Was your last score a 1 star out of 3? Are you not satisfied with how you did? We’ve some bad news for you: you’ll have to repeat the level.

We’ll keep this one short. This means watching an ad and then some just for you to have another shot at perfection. It’s difficult and contradictory to the main intention of this guide, but this is the only way you can get around to it if you aren’t gonna buy the game.

At one point you might find yourself stuck because you might have blown an explosive up too soon and there is no way to advance. This is also definite grounds for repitition.

As you progress, you will notice that the game measures your score in terms of how quickly you finish a level and your timer is the kill multiplier.

8. Keep The Multiplier Up

my friend pedro explosion

This is where the game gets intense and where you might find yourself some salt. Lots of salt.

The moment you kill your first enemy, you will notice a little timer activate on the lower right portion of the screen. This is the multiplier. For many stages, this is the timer that will measure your timeliness in a stage. The more enemies you kill, the higher the multiplier will rise and it will drop back to zero should the following happen to the vigilante:

  • Getting shot
  • Touching barbed wire
  • Being in the blast radius of an explosive
  • Waiting too long

There are levels out there where the killing is few and far between, but that just means you’re supposed to get a kill streak at one section of the level and another kill streak in the other.

Chasing the multiplier is going to put your skill playing the game to the test since it involves plenty of jumping, rolling, and shooting. All of these have to be done in time and thus, it’s important to…

9. Practice, Practice A Lot

my friend pedro empty stage

This is the hardest part of the game.

Want those three stars? Practice all your moves: rolling, jumping, wall-jumping, etc. Purposefully slow yourself down in a level and try to navigate it as smoothly as you can. You can also pretend that the baddies that you shot down are still alive and you can practice jumping/rolling and firing at them.

If you are trying to get a specific part of a stage right, don’t go to the exit. Instead, go back and practice it until you know what to do the next time you replay the level. Once you’ve done this, you shouldn’t have any problem trying to beat the multiplier. Getting around certain obstacles is key, especially if these are the very ones that keep you from finishing the level smoothly.

When all else fails and you want to finish the game with straight three stars, you should try to…

10. Go Back To The Start

my friend pedro beginning
How it all began…

Think of this as you doing a better rerun of the game since you know what’s dead ahead.

You know what jumps you need to make, where you should roll, how you can keep the vigilante on his skateboard, and so on. With reflexes like that, you might just turn Ripe for Revenge into the next John Woo movie.

Before you know it, you’ll be getting three-star scores where you never thought you’d get them and this is all thanks to the effort you put into practicing all these crazy stunts.

my friend pedro three stars
That’s right!

And there you have it, folks, a guide to My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge. It’s insane, action-packed, and it’s absolutely bananas. If you like this game and wish to support it, send your love to the devs!

Got a few tips and tricks up your sleeve that you wanna share with us or got something to say about this My Friend Pedro guide? Leave us a bunch in the comment section below!

Reay Jespersen

Friday 24th of September 2021

Is there any way to save your progress in the game? I've played a few times since I downloaded it yesterday, but despite the stage meter right off the top of the game (which would suggest to me you can pick up somewhere farther down the line as you've made it that far), it always seems to start me off from the beginning again.

I'm enjoying the game, but don't want to have to start from Stage 1 each time and then, no matter how far I progress, have to start off from scratch again.

There's never going to be a time when I can get through the entire game in just one sitting, so it seems odd to me that I can't play one day, have it (auto)save my progress, and then pick up where I left off the next day.

Any insight?