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King’s Choice Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Strengthen and Expand Your Kingdom

King’s Choice is a kingdom management RPG set within a European medieval period from, that’s currently available on iOS and Android platforms. As the king of your very own kingdom, King’s Choice sets you to rule your people, amass power, and expand your territory through various means.

Every aspect of governance calls for decisions to be made by you and, in most, cases, you will have something to gain either way. Recruiting generals, collecting partners, and raising heirs to your vast and continuously growing empire has never been such a challenging yet exciting adventure.

It is an understatement to say that King’s Choice is loaded with tons of content guaranteed to keep you occupied for several hours on a daily basis. Although there are idle earnings and growth comes regardless of how active you are, King’s Choice is the type of adventure that equates progression with activity and dedication. Although the initial salvo of features and activities to engage in seems overwhelming, King’s choice provides a definitive tutorial with additional guidelines on any new content you unlock and discover as you make progress.

king's choice tips

The indicators on icons and the kingdom locations help notify you of pending concerns and there are various indicators as well hinting at what you should be spending time on over others. Given the full liberty of managing your growing kingdom is left entirely within your hands, there can only be progress however you choose to spend your time and whichever decisions you make.

There most certainly are faster and more efficient ways to grow and expand your kingdom and if you just started your dive into the massive world of King’s Choice, then our beginner’s guide will certainly help you to build the best kingdom in no time.

1. Prioritize The Main Quests

Beyond the quick yet effective tutorial session, one of your most dominant guide towards progression comes in the form of the quest objectives. There are main quests in King’s Choice that follow a sequential and progressive pattern towards strengthening and developing your kingdom and you can access this by simply tapping on the quest objective at the lower left side of the main screen.

Although the numbered quest objectives only appear one at a time, accomplishing any of the subsequent targets before you see them never goes to waste. As each objective completed comes with its own set of rewards, making progress across any other aspect of your kingdom still counts towards the achievement of the main quest objectives. In the event that you qualify for the subsequent quest objectives, they will appear as completed and you can still claim your rewards.

Beyond the experience points you gain to increase your leadership level, one of the most important benefits of following the main quests lie in how the objectives are designed to walk you through each of the features and contents available to you. As you make further progress, you can expect to unlock additional features that will soon form part of the main quest targets.

king's choice main quests

There are numerous features in King’s Choice that offer incentives for you on a regular basis, making it important for you to unlock each feature sooner than later. Prioritizing progress as far as the main quests are concerned sets you up for a faster progression and growth within your empire. There will naturally be instances when a target accomplishment requires a certain number of repeat performances of a specific duty or action and, in some cases, these performable actions have a limited attempt on a daily basis.

In such predicaments, do not hesitate to consume some items to refresh attempts. You are most likely to have a number of consumable items that replenish attempts early on and while there is always an itching sensation to horde items in any RPG, King’s Choice certainly is the type where that is hardly encouraged.

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It cannot be avoided that you will eventually reach a point in the quests where it will be difficult or impossible to move forward. In such cases, that would be the cue for you to revel in the rest of the game’s content and features. There will always be something for you to do in King’s Choice and beyond tending to places and icons with red dot indicators, there are newly-unlocked features that you may wish to explore and understand better.

If you can find time, be sure to click on every question mark you see within a page or a feature. These icons open up an information page that will help you understand how each feature works.

2. Frequently Visit The Interior Ministry

What you should continue to prioritize as far as possible is progressing through the main quest. There are a few exceptions, however, and the interior ministry is one of them. Compared to all other features and activities within King’s Choice, the Interior Ministry stands as the place that generates an indicator on top of it the most often. This is because this part of your kingdom also generates the most basic resources you need and requires constant visitations.

Internal Affairs is basically divided between Government and Collections, each with its own set of resource generated over time. The government part leads you to decide concerns by picking one of 2 decisions and you can either choose to earn leadership EXP or a basic resource with each choice.

Leadership EXP ought to be the priority choice as most of the second option leaves you with resources you can earn from collections. The only exception to this is when you are in dire need of a particular resource being offered. Government concerns stack up over time with a cap dependent on your leadership level but new concerns pop up once every 30 minutes.

The more frequent matters that require attentions are lodged within the collections side of the Interior Ministry. This section is basically divided into 3 areas: trading, grains, and training. Conducting trade earns you silver over time. Silver is a basic currency you will constantly be in need of so you can never have enough of it for your growing needs.

king's choice interior ministry

The amount of silver you can obtain from trade depends on the overall value of your kingdom’s intellect and the number of trade collections that can stack up depends on your lord level.

Grains have the sole purpose of being a necessity relative to training soldiers. The amount of grains you can generate over time depends on your kingdom’s leadership value and collection attempts likewise increase the higher your lord level rises.

Training soldiers is the only part of collections that come with a cost as every batch of soldiers you train will cost you grains. Your kingdom’s overall charisma value determines how many soldiers you can train with each batch and just like the 2 sections above, the number of attempts you can stack will also increase as your lord level goes up.

Initially, an extra attempt is generated once every minute but this will also stretch the higher your lord level goes. What is important to keep in mind regarding collections is that you do not necessarily have to collect once an attempt is available. Rather, have an estimate of time it takes for attempts to be full so you can visit less often and collect by bulk.

3. Progress Through The Outpost Battles

As unique as King’s Choice is being largely centric on growing and developing your kingdom, it is not devoid of a campaign mode filled with battles that test your strength and strategy. The Outpost houses the campaign mode where you battle through a series of chapters divided into stages.

Although progressing through the outpost battles generally form part of the main quest objectives, there are typically rest stops in-between progressions as the main quests are designed to tour you across different aspects of kingdom management.

Most especially on the early part of your journey, you will be tremendously powerful compared to the enemy armies and leaders that you will face. As you make progress through outpost battles, though, you can expect the enemy’s strength to slowly close the gap in power, even with your perseverance to keep strengthening your army. Given the scenario, it is recommended to prepare early on and continue to stay productive in gathering resources and investing in increasing your army’s power.

Outpost battles are basically divided into 2 types with the regular ones being a battle of armies and the special ones being a duel between generals. Each chapter is composed of 6 stages with the first 5 being regular battles while the last one is a boss stage.

For the regular battle stages, there are 2 points to consider. The first one relates to the overall strength or power of your army and the second one gauges your army’s size or the number of soldiers in your employ.

Both factors are of equal importance so raising each one is a fundamental task that you continuously need to work on. The army’s strength or power is largely, but not entirely, based on your generals’ attack values.

There are other areas in the kingdom that provide boosts to your army’s strength but raising a general’s attack stat basically serves as your main source of power increase. The disparity between your army’s strength and the enemy army’s strength determines how many soldiers you will lose in each battle.

king's choice outpost battle

Your army’s numbers are never a constant value as each battle, regardless of how much power you have over your enemies, will always come with casualties. For best results, engaging in battles that will yield minimal casualties is the best option. Even if your army count is lower than that of your enemy’s army, you can still win a battle with overwhelming power, provided that you have enough soldiers to make it through considering fatalities in each battle.

Regularly and consistently collecting grains and training soldiers from the Interior Ministry will ensure a steady growth of your army’s numbers, which is why you need to visit and collect resources as often as you can.

For the boss outposts, both your army’s strength and numbers will not have any bearing to the outcome of the battle. It is basically a duel between one of your knights and the chapter boss and the one with the higher strength value always wins. What you need to keep in mind is that you can only challenge each boss once per day so if you made an attempt and fail, you will have to wait for the reset or use a challenge badge to make another attempt.

In preparation for boss battles, you need to focus on choosing one of your knights as your designated boss challenger. This means that you will prioritize leveling up your chosen knight to increase his power and spend all possible resources exclusively on him to ensure that he becomes the most powerful knight in your roster.

You actually do not need to raise power way beyond what you need early on. It can happen that you will recruit a knight of higher grade, who will also have much higher power values to begin with.

4. Develop Your Knights Based On Your Needs

While there are plenty of equally astonishing activities within the world of King’s Choice to enjoy and revel in, every RPG with a character collection and upgrade element almost always grabs the center stage as far as excitement and customizations go. Although concubines and potential heirs also form part of the game’s collection aspect, your primary focus should be on your generals or knights as they are directly related to your progression.

There are rarity grades accorded to each knight in your roster but regardless of it, you still need have even the lowest tier characters to further boost your army and kingdom’s power. Knights have unique attributes to take note of. Attributes work more like stats in other RPGs determining the unit’s initial value and can be strengthened through various means.

Strength basically determines your troops’ power in combat as we mentioned in the outpost stage battles. Higher knight strength means higher army strength that ultimately lowers the number of casualties in battle. Each knight’s intellect contributes to increasing the amount of silver collected from the Interior Ministry. As silver is needed for various enhancements and upgrades, having a steady supply of it is essential.

king's choice knights

The knight’s accumulated leadership stat attributes affect the number of grains you collect. As you will also be constantly collecting grains and spending them to recruit more soldiers, you need to ensure that you constantly have an abundance of grains to not hamper soldier training. The last attribute of knights is charisma, which is the sole determining factor of how many soldiers you can train with every collection from Interior Ministry.

Considering everything at this point, more value should be considered for strength most especially for your top candidate knight to face enemy leaders in boss outpost battles. For the other 3, balancing each one out and focusing on one more based on your needs is recommended.

5. Strategize Around Knight Upgrades

As you reach new lord levels, you will be presented an opportunity to recruit between 2 or more knights to join your team. Initially, any choice would seem inconsequential but given that the combined stat attributes of all knights under your wing determine your kingdom’s military strength and rate of productivity, you should just as soon be selective focusing on the stat attribute you need more of.

For the most part, each knight specializes in a particular attribute although some have mixed specializations. What you basically will prepare for is how to capitalize on each one’s strength and ensure that the relative weak attribute will not further aggravate your kingdom’s growing needs. In any case, each knight is built to become stronger as there are a lot of ways to improve what each one has to offer.

The most basic way of strengthening each knight is through upgrading them, basically levelling them up at the cost of silver. Each new level reached increases their attributes contributing to higher lord power for your kingdom. There is an option to upgrade 10 levels at a time making the process convenient but we recommend that you stick with performing the upgrade one at a time. Doing so will give rise to an opportunity to trigger miracles that basically save you silver.

Although you would want to focus upgrades on your favorite knight, potentially the one who duels boss enemies for you, you need to invest in every other knight as well. This is because every higher level of upgrade will cost more silver and at some point, a level up for a high level unit will be enough to upgrade your lower level units several folds.

king's choice knight upgrades

With each level up resulting in basically the same amount of attribute increase, you can reach a higher overall attribute level if upgrades are spread across more knights. In essence, the recommended setup is to have the top attacker be on a higher level, then leave the rest on equal levels.

Talents essentially provide opportunities to boost specific attributes of the character. Each knight has a different set of talents as well as star grades for each one. The materials needed to upgrade talents do not come by as easily and should require a lot of planning before execution. Although it will be doable at a later time, what you may want to invest here are talents that further boost the attack of your top knight.

Knights also have skills they can use in the arena and are similar across each knight. You need skill points to level up each skill and these skill points are earned by knights individually. You can earn both skill points and talent EXP from the university so be sure to deploy your favorite knights to a study session in the university once it is available.

6. Accomplish Daily Quests And Achievements

Every activity you engage in as you tour your kingdom in King’s Choice earns you a lot of resources and other items. Fairly enough, you will notice the abundance of earnings every step of the way and you can easily feel your progression as a result of having a generous inflow of goods. This is the case especially when you are just starting out as costs are very much affordable at the early stages of development.

At some point, you can expect the pace of growth and development to slow down as upgrade and enhancement costs start to increase despite an almost parallel growth from different structures of your kingdom. Again, King’s Choice is a type of kingdom management RPG where activity and dedication pay off and the daily quests and achievement features further support this system.

king's choice achievements

The main quests are still your top priority in terms of progression but daily quests as well as achievement objectives also serve as your guide towards expanding your kingdom fast and efficiently. Daily quests take a bit of time to unlock but you can easily unlock it on your first day with just a bit of effort. Achievements, on the other hand, are available right from the start of your journey and serves as a list of milestones you should aim to meet, recording and rewarding progress you have made across various aspects of your adventure.

Daily quests, which can be accessed through its icon at the bottom of the main screen, basically provides a list of your routine moving forward. The objectives set all form part of the usual activities you engage in and are very easy to accomplish.

king's choice daily quests

The only impediment that bars you from taking on most of the feats early on is if you have yet to unlock them. In this regard, it becomes even more important to progress as much through the main quests early on and unlock as many of the extra features sooner than later.

While prestige and activity points to unlock chest rewards are what you work for when it comes to daily quests, the achievements section holds various resources to further bolster your kingdom’s growth. Just the same, achievement targets also relate directly to the usual activities you engage in and while some targets will be met without much effort, some targets require time to accomplish.

7. Take Advantage Of Special Events

A quick glance at the plethora of icons you see on the screen in King’s choice should already suffice to tell you that there are plenty of activities you should look into. As we mentioned earlier, red dot indicators signify items that you should peek into and as we trim down some of these activities in the above tips and strategies, there are still plenty left for you to explore on your own.

Although it should be relatively easy for anyone to be able to attend to each item or feature that requires attention, one of the most important features you should look into are the time-limited special events. Special events are known to provide handsome rewards, which may either be difficult to obtain anywhere else or are constantly important to have.

In King’s Choice, the “Special Deals” icon at the upper right side of the screen might give off the impression of a premium service. There are several offers in the game that encourage spending real money but this is not one of them. The “Special Deals” icon actually houses a time-limited event that you can and should try to accomplish within the first 7 days of your immersion in King’s Choice.

This special event actually consists of objectives much like the daily quests and achievements in the sense that it relates to your usual activities, requiring you to reach certain milestones across different aspects of the game. The objectives are laid out with a progressive approach, meaning that each objective sets multiple target milestones for each activity and provides rewards at each point.

king's choice special events

Most rewards include a lot of the basic resources you will constantly need and accomplishing as many of these feats will ensure a massive increase in your kingdom’s overall strength and development.

While we consider other activities as priority concerns in King’s Choice, the limited period of time provided for you to benefit from these events make them important to peek into as well. In any case, daily quests, achievements, and these limited events all go in line with your usual activities.

You will be able to accomplish a lot of these feats by being active and once all the indicators have been eliminated, you can check the rest of the items on the list to plan ahead on what to focus on next.

Although it feels like merely scratching the surface of what King’s Choice has to offer as far as content goes, this is where we conclude our beginner’s guide. With hardly any limitations that prevent you from staying as active as you can, most especially in terms of collecting resources, the rate of your kingdom’s growth and progression is largely within your control. If you have spent a lot of hours exploring and managing your virtual kingdom and have stumbled upon some unique tricks or strategies of your own, feel free to share them with us in the comment area below!


Sunday 20th of November 2022

How do you get the gold hammer?In contruction items.


Sunday 30th of October 2022

How do I merge my server with another one?


Saturday 25th of June 2022

Hello, I'm wondering how to get the earls, I've look it up and stuff but I can't find answers lol. So how do I get earls?


Monday 18th of July 2022

@Lehi, By competing in the Events listed, for example Intimacy event- you want to rank high enough to get the rewards for that level. Usually only first place gets an Earl or Duke then it goes from there. Events are listed on right hand side under RANKING EVENT, or it will have the name of the event like Scarlet Beauty or School of Athens.Usually after each ranking event there is a Cross Server Event with several other servers. This is how you win a Duke or King


Sunday 29th of May 2022

How do I gain different titles? e.g. Dauntless Baron. The game says I must obtain from events, but which kind of events and where can I find them?


Sunday 20th of March 2022

I don’t understand how to increase a talent buff for each knight in war of conquest. I upgrade the knight but it has zero effect on the buff, only on the knight power. It becomes complicated when needing to increase by 50,000 points!


Tuesday 1st of November 2022


You increase their talent in what you need. Each knight has an icon on their picture as to what their stronger attributes are. For example, Dante Alighieri's strong attributes are Intellect and Leadership. Use matching edicts or experience scrolls to increase his talent in one or both of those attributes. He's my primary Leadership knight, so I only use my Leadership edicts for him.