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King’s Choice Knights Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Enhance Your Best Knights

As a kingdom-building and management strategy RPG, ONEMT’s King’s Choice makes the never-ending journey of continuously making your kingdom stronger a challenging yet rewarding one. With an abundance of content to explore and revel in, coupled with an equal number of means to boost your kingdom’s power, every decision you make and every activity you engage in contributes positively to the growth of your dominion’s growth and development.

king's choice knights guide

It is never too late to start on your journey in King’s Choice even if you happen to start later than others in a server. King’s Choice hosts a plethora of special events that make it a lot easier for newer players to catch up. If you are a relatively newer player or still at the point of starting with the adventure, you may want to check out our King’s Choice Beginner’s Guide first as it contains basic tips and strategies to speed up your kingdom’s expansion early on.

Beyond that, we also have an Advanced Guide, which covers more features along with tips and strategies applicable to more experienced players. In this new guide, we will be focusing on the Knights as one of, if not, the most important elements of your kingdom relative to its growth and development. Although we have already touched on the Knights and their upgrades in our beginner’s guide, it is necessary to dive deeper into this element of the adventure.

1. Knight Attributes

We mentioned in our beginner’s guide that, to some extent, you will have to invest in every knight you have in your roster, even if only for their levels, as every new level each one reaches will contribute to an increase in their attributes and will directly affect your State Power. As costs of level-ups, just like any of the other upgrades, exponentially increase the higher it goes, a few investments on some of your less preferred heroes can still go a long way.

One of the distinguishing features each knight possesses is that they specialize in 1 or 2 attributes as indicated by the icons on the upper left side of their portrait in the Knight’s menu. The 4 attributes are Knight Strength (Swords), Knight Intellect (Book), Knight Leadership (Hands), and Knight Charisma (Flag). Each one has its distinct uses beyond augmenting your own state’s overall attributes. Some unique knights have a diamond for an icon. This means that they are rather balanced and can be molded however you please.

king's choice knights

Although we consider each attribute to be practical and of equal importance, we simply have to consider a higher weight on Strength. Progression in the Outpost Battles, which stand as the main campaign in King’s Choice, is highly dependent on your state’s power relative to strength. The more strength you have or rather the higher your strength is in comparison with the stage enemy’s strength, the fewer troops you will lose in each encounter. This can be counteracted in a way if you have a lot more troops to compensate for a bigger loss of troops but banking more on strength is still the more efficient approach.

A hero’s strength plays an even more vital role during boss battles at the end of each chapter. With each hero you have only been able to fight the boss once per encounter, you would want to be assured that their strengths will suffice to take down the challenge. The knight with the highest strength will always go first in boss fights, so if you can defeat the boss with just a couple or trio of knights, then you can be confident that your knights can take you much further through the outpost battles.

king's choice fight

Intellect affects how much silver you collect from the Interior Ministry. At this point in your adventure, you should already have a solid grasp of silver’s value and despite it being a basic currency in King’s Choice, you will never run out of need for it as you mainly use silver to level up your Knights.

With some progression in your journey, you will sooner or later have millions of silver at your disposal. However, with the seemingly never-ending need to level up knights, coupled with the number of knights you have that can only grow as you progress in your adventure, you will always likely run out of silver more than have an excess of it.

king's choice knight details

Leadership affects the amount of grains you collect from the Interior Ministry. Grains are the exclusive resource required for you to train soldiers. As each battle you engage in with soldiers guarantees that you will lose a number of them, the need to train additional ones is also practically constant. Recruitment of soldiers via the Interior Ministry is an exchange that converts grains into soldiers.

Though the numbers depend on having both an ample supply of grains and attempts to train or recruit soldiers, you would want to ensure that you will always have an abundant supply of grains for every available attempt to recruit.

One of the more recent updates in King’s Choice introduced the Pet System that lets you adopt, care for, and even breed your very own virtual fur babies. Leveling up your pets can be done either through petting them or feeding them. Petting can only be performed with a limited number of attempts daily while pet food can be dependent on how you can afford it. Pet food costs grains and each additional purchase costs a lot more. In this sense, the need for grains now goes beyond recruiting troops and growing your pets as well.

king's choice pet shop

Last, but not least, is Charisma, which impacts how many troops you can recruit each time you collect from the Interior Ministry. We already discussed how grains are needed to recruit troops but Charisma determines the quantity each collection nets you. The advantage is that a high charisma directly translates to receiving more troops in one go so replenishing lost ones and growing your army becomes a little easier in the long run if you invest in it.

king's choice auto completion

Considering the 4 attributes, what we recommend is to focus on determining your Knights with the highest values for each attribute, to begin with. Again, some knights will have high values for 2 attributes simultaneously but this is to split your focus on more than 1 attribute per character. For the most part, you can initially consider capitalizing on 1 knight per attribute but given that you will upgrade everyone in your roster, it is best to continue focusing on just 1 attribute for each knight.

In addition to what has been discussed above, there are plenty of game modes as well as special event challenges in King’s Choice that take a knight’s attributes into account, whether individually or collectively. While you have to consider the primary functions or values attached to each attribute, their impact on other game modes provides you additional drive to consider efficiently managing the growth of each knight.

The Arena, for one, may initially appear like a competitive game mode that banks on a knight’s strength. Random knights in your roster are pitted against knights of an opponent in the arena and given that every knight that has at least reached level 60 will be chosen, some of the random picks on your behalf will not be as competitive as others. On the other hand, other commanders can challenge you and take into account every knight under your command, regardless of level.

For the most part, your most formidable knight is more likely one that has the highest strength as an attribute but it does not necessarily mean that he is effective in the arena because of his strength.

king's choice arena

Each knight’s prowess in the arena is dictated by his attributes, talents, and corresponding skill levels. Your knight’s total attributes are what determines his HP while talents and corresponding skill levels determine their attack values. This means that if you adhere to capitalizing on only 1 attribute per knight, it can still happen that one of, if not, the best contender you have in the arena may excel in attributes other than strength.

If you have been a member of an alliance at this point in your adventure, then chances are that you have also partaken in the Dragon Bounty. The Dragon Bounty lets you use your knights once each day to take on the dragon enemies. Damage dealt to the dragons is dependent on the knight’s power and a knight’s overall power is likewise a product of his overall attributes. In this sense, it may not seem to matter which attributes you enhance for each knight, so long as it contributes to his overall power.

king's choice dragon bounty

The Road Construction is also a game mode that is exclusive to members of any alliance and, in contrast with the Dragon Bounty, will capitalize more on individual attributes instead of total power. Alliance members can dispatch their knights on unlocked areas to earn rewards and each knight can only be deployed once a day. Each area has its own needs as indicated by the icon on its upper right side.

king's choice road construction

Although you can choose to deploy any knight, regardless of specialization, in any area, choosing the appropriate knights for each area’s needs will contribute more efficiently towards progression. This is a matching game where you simply want to deploy knights with the matching dominant attribute to the needs of the given area.

king's choice spots

2. Knight Talents

To further make distinctions on each knight there is, King’s Choice imbues each one with a unique set of talents. You can view a knight’s unique talents by selecting the second tab on their page. Considering that knights have rarity or star grades that largely determine their quality and potential, you can expect that lower-grade knights or ones with 2 to 3-star ratings will often have fewer talents. As each talent imbued on each knight also has star grades as quality determinants, it is likewise a given that higher-grade knights will more likely have higher-grade talents.

king's choice knight talents

Talents further boost the attributes of each knight and every attribute associated with each talent adds up for every new level the knight reaches. In this sense, knights with more talents as well as knights with higher grades or higher level talents will grow exponentially stronger than their counterparts. Like the attributes themselves, it is best to capitalize on a knight’s talent or talents that directly augment their top attribute.

Talents are a tad bit more challenging to enhance than the knight’s level and, in this case, higher-grade talents become a lot more difficult to level up. Talents can be enhanced in 3 different ways. The first one is through using edicts, which are attribute specific. Suppose the knight in question has a talent that relates to leadership, then you can use leadership edicts to try and upgrade that talent. Edicts do not guarantee success and have associated probabilities. The higher the grade of the talent, the lower the chances of successfully upgrading them.

The second method of upgrading talents is through consuming Knight Talent EXP. Knight Talent EXP can be earned from the university so, again, be sure to strategize on which from among your knights ought to have prioritization when it comes to attending university sessions. This method has a 100% success rate. Talents that have a higher star grade will cost more Knight Talent EXP to be upgraded. As an example, a 1-star talent will only require 200 Knight Talent EXP to be upgraded while a 2-star talent will require 400 Knight Talent EXP.

king's choice talent growth

Finally, talents can also be upgraded with a perfect chance using Ordinances. Ordinances, however, come with different rarity grades and you need to use one with the same grade as the talent you intend to upgrade. Expectedly, ordinances are not that easy to obtain, especially higher-grade ones, making it a lot more challenging to upgrade 4 and 5-star talents in comparison with lower-grade ones.

3. Knight Skills

Specialization as far as attributes are concerned as well as variances in Knight Talents make each Knight in King’s Choice different from one other yet another feature that contributes to each one’s uniqueness is their set of Knight Skills. Knights have different Knight Skills but all skills are only applicable in the arena. Enhancing Knight Skills require Knight Skill Points that can primarily be earned through the university as well.

king's choice knight skills

Although talents largely impact each knight’s attack values in the arena, Knight Skills tend to swerve more towards further augmenting their offensive strength rather than their HP. Expectedly Knight Skill Points required to level up each skill will increase from one level to the next and these skill points are exclusive to each knight, so choosing to consume personal skill points will be a matter of choosing which of the knight’s skills you want to upgrade.

4. Knight Training

Training your knights in King’s Choice might initially be perceived as something else, especially since the more relatable feature that contributes to your knight’s growth lies within the university. Just to reiterate, we consider the university as among the best features to invest some gold in. What you would want is to purchase as many additional seats within the academy to allow your knights to earn Knight Talent EXP as well as Knight Skill Points idly.

To further strategize on the growth and development of your knights as individuals and as a main source of power for your state, the limited seats within the university, despite its expandability, should be allocated to the top knights in your roster, considering the variety in terms of their top attributes as well. If you are among the committed and driven lords who want to maximize efficiency, make it a point to always visit the university every 3 hours so you can end and restart your knights’ idle learning session with as little gap as possible.

king's choice university

On each knight’s page, you will see a train button on the right side. This is just 1 of at least 2 ways to use consumable items that boost your knight’s power. The training window offers 3 tabs as well, each attributable to the 3 factors we discussed earlier that contribute to the knight’s power. Codices will increase a specific stat of the knight by a given amount.

Naturally, you would want to spend these resources on your favorite knights unless you are about to secure a more formidable knight to invest in. Inside your bag, there will be other codices only accessible in the inventory as these codices will grant attribute increases to a random knight.

king's choice train

In addition to spending time in the academy, using Talent EXP Scrolls are the only other means of granting Talent EXP to your knights. Talent EXP Scrolls have different rarities as well, depicting the number of points they can instantly imbue on the knight. Finally, there are also Skill Potions that give your knights instant Skill Points upon use. Much like Talent EXP Scrolls, these potions have different rarity grades as well that correspond to the number of points they provide.

5. Lover Power Relations

Even a guide that focuses on knights as your main source of power cannot be entirely limited to them as your generals. Despite the abundance of upgrade and enhancement options available to each of your knights, it leads to considering other means of strengthening them. All our discussions so far should lead to an understanding of how to increase your knights’ power levels efficiently, ultimately leading to an increase in your kingdom’s power.

In this regard, yet another point of consideration relative to powering up your knights takes us to your lovers. Lovers have their way of helping you amass more power for your kingdom and these ways relate to both heirs they can produce for you as well as the buffs they grant specific knights via the Lover Power Relations feature.

king's choice lover power relations

Lover Power Relations can be improved through investing in Lover Power Points, which lovers earn relative to their Charm. A Lover’s charm dictates the amount of Lover Power Points they accumulate through greetings, dates, and even participating in Balls. A higher charm does not just determine the amount of Lover Power Points earned as it also serves as keys to unlocking additional Lover Power Relations Buffs.

What becomes important to keep in mind, relative to amassing power via Knights and Lovers is that your choice as to which of your Knights to more heavily invest time and resources on should be in line with the corresponding Lover. As you acquire new Lovers in your journey, be sure to check their Lover Power Relations via its icon on the lower right side of their portrait.

Naturally, you would want to invest in a pair of Knights and Lovers that have Love Power Relations and if that does not narrow down choices, then you can inspect all the potential buffs the relationship can provide vis-à-vis the quality of the Knight in question.

Taking Bice, a Lover, as an example, her Corresponding Knight is Dante Alighieri. This means that if you have chosen Dante as among your top knights, then there should be no apprehensions about investing in Bice as well.

king's choice lover details

Lover Power Relations will always provide 6 different buffs that can improve 1 to 4 different attributes of the Corresponding Knight. Upon maxing out the levels of all 6 buffs, a seventh one will open that guarantees a buff that increases all attributes. Take note that while some buffs provide an increase in numbers, some buffs grant boosts that are in percentages.

Keep in mind as well that the first or first 2 Love Power Relation Buffs will be the cheapest to upgrade while the ones you will unlock later will cost a lot more Lover Power Points. Lover Power Points earned are specific to each lover, so there is no point in exercising prudence in terms of spending them.

One of the common apprehensions players has in terms of enhancing Knights and related Lovers in King’s Choice links to the possibilities of acquiring better ones in the future. There are resources in your inventory you could use for your current roster of characters that can also be saved for when you get Knights that may be more favorable, after all.

As an answer to this potential dilemma, however, we recommend expending on your current favorites but instead delimit your selection of who to invest in. It will eventually happen that better knights and partners will come along but the upgrades and enhancements you have already executed will not be for naught. Keep in mind that Knights are your tools of the trade when it comes to progressing across the Outpost Battles that take up a huge chunk of the main quest objectives.

And that sums up the tips and tricks for our King’s Choice Knights Guide. We hope that any existing points or concerns you have about Knights in King’s Choice have been more than sufficiently addressed and that you are still at the point in your adventure where understanding the points we raised will still lead to huge improvements in how you manage your knights. If you happen to have some tips and strategies of your own to add to what we have covered, be sure to tell us about it in the comments!


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