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MARVEL Future Revolution Tier List: A Complete Guide to the Best Heroes Across Different Game Modes

The popularity of the Marvel Universe franchise itself has certainly experienced exponential growth for the past decade or so, but that is not the sole reason attributable to MARVEL Future Revolution’s success. Familiar as it may be, the Convergence event and the infinite versions of characters depicted in MARVEL Future Revolution is an original story that certainly provides an immersive experience not just to fans of each character but also MMORPG enthusiasts as well.

The quality of graphics in both story cut scenes and actual gameplay is top of the line. The actual gameplay mechanics are very enjoyable and newbie-friendly and despite its share of complex enhancement features, MARVEL Future Revolution provides simple enough measures to get accustomed to everything it has to offer.

Considering everything MARVEL Future Revolution has to offer, a sizable chunk of the fun and excitement it brings revolve around the characters. There may be only 8 characters to choose from for now, but how each one can be customized and built guarantees a unique version of each superhero for each player. Although each player can, and at some point should, utilize at least 3 other character slots to boost their squad level, it is important to focus resources on the lead character.

marvel future revolution best heroes

Each character, despite having a plethora of options on how to build, has its own unique traits that determine their strengths and limitations. As much as developers exert every effort to maintain balance across all playable characters, it cannot be helped that some will simply appeal more or stand out over others. Surely enough, no single character will be a dominant choice across every scenario or game mode. Characters that excel in PvE combat are likely to lag behind in PvP content and some are expected to be suitable against mobs of enemies while others shine more against single targets.

Just like all other tier lists we have created, you can expect this one to be opinionated. We understand that our picks for each tier will be very different from other tier lists and we likewise expect and respect discerning opinion from everyone else.

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To be honest, we feel that players, most especially fans of the Marvel Universe franchise, will prefer going with their favorite hero from among the available characters instead of picking anyone deemed superior by others. We have played each character as extensively as we could and decided based on their performance against enemy mobs, boss battles, and PvP game modes.

MARVEL Future Revolution S Tier Superheroes

Captain America

Incarnations of Steve Rogers on every game based on the Marvel Universe is typically expected to exhibit strong defensive capabilities and in MARVEL Future Revolution, he is perfectly designed as a hero that outranks everyone else as far as defensive skills go. As far as end-game builds are concerned, there are plenty of ways on how to make your characters powerful as you reach the late game contents.

For starters, however, it becomes easier for some heroes while a little more challenging for others. For Captain America, however, his relative ease of use and increases survivability makes him a top pick as a starting character that stays aptly capable all the way to the end.

marvel future revolution captain america

As far as damage outputs go, Captain America will lag behind most other heroes. He has limited range as well, so he needs to get a little closer to enemies than most heroes. He has a good mix of single target and AoE attacks and each one will almost always come with control effects that negatively affect the enemies’ performance.

Knockback, knockdown, launch, and stun are just some of the control effects packed in his arsenal. He will not win if it is a race towards beating stronger enemies but he will most certainly be able to finish the fight, even if he is disadvantaged in terms of combat power.

Captain America’s basic attack will either be a melee combo attack or a short-ranged shield throw, depending on the enemy’s range and if they are grounded or flying. Combat Proficiency can knock enemies back or send them airborne, depending on your chosen skill mastery. Promise of Victory sends the Captain jumping and striking the ground on enemies to knock them down. Vibration absorbed can be released with this skill to deal extra damage. It can also cause bleeding on targets hit based on the selected skill mastery.

Captain America’s Unbreakable Will offers wide range of effects based on the selected skill mastery. A 3-second stun on targets hit is certainly good to have. It can also inflict knockback while reducing damage taken for 2 seconds, remove buffs from targets, or be built to deal high damage while knocking enemies down. His Spearhead, which is a decent way of relocating yourself in the battle arena, comes with either knockback or knockdown and gives extra charge for the vibration gauge as well.

Sentinel of Liberty is an effective spinning AoE attack that can knock enemies back or down or lump them together in one place. This also absorbs 20% of the vibration gauge. Captain’s Leadership offers different buffs boosting Captain America’s survivability in combat. It can be used to increase the DEF of his allies by 22% for 10 seconds; boost his HP by 18.08% as well as increase his HP recovery rate by 20.34% for 10 seconds; provoke nearby enemies and give him a 33.8% DMG reduction for 6 seconds, or provide a barrier for him and his allies worth 20.34% of his max HP for 10 seconds.

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Captain America’s Reporting for Duty is a shield throw that can cause DEF reduction, knockdown, or bleed damage based on the chosen mastery. This skill also absorbs 20% of vibration gauge. His Hero’s Duty is a melee combo attack that is very straightforward and has high damage potential. It can also knock enemies back or send them airborne depending on the chosen skill mastery.

Captain America’s ultimate skill, Impact Reflection is perfect for both an offensive and defensive play. It provokes all nearby enemies while reducing damage he takes by 80% for 2 seconds. 100% of received damage adds to thy damage the skill deals and it also knocks enemies down when the skill lands.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers may not have started out as among the evident powerhouses in her comic book incarnations but the most popular version, and the one depicted in MARVEL Future Revolution, certainly gives her the top spot in terms of DPS on a per target basis. Captain Marvel is pretty straightforward to use and capitalizes on damage outputs more than control effects or support abilities. She actually has little to none of the latter two.

Although we find Captain Marvel somewhat wanting in the AoE department, given that most multi-target skills can only hit multiple enemies in a line, the array of high damage single target skills can enable her to one-shot mob enemies and basically be able to plow through campaign quests as fast as AoE heroes can. Being focused on dealing damage for the most part, Captain Marvel will have to rely heavily on dodging attacks considering her lack of abilities to boost her survivability.

marvel future revolution captain marvel

Enemy bosses can be a big challenge especially if you are a beginner and the challenge level increases further as the gap between your CP and the recommended one grows wider. Specializing in single target attacks and having an ultimate skill that prevents debuffs as well as increases damage certainly comes in handy. This is a straightforward advantage as well in PvP combat and high priority target hunts.

Mighty Flight sends Captain Marvel charging head on to a group of enemies in a small area and can induce knockback, knockdown, or send them airborne, reducing their DEF by 22.6% for 5 seconds. Photon Charge can be utilized to be a strong single target attack or a small AoE attack with different patterns. It can increase DMG received by targets or recover her stamina.

Captain Marvel’s Energy Impact sends her crashing down on enemies and knocking them down. A skill mastery can enable this to recover her ultimate gauge by 11.3%. Photon Flight primarily affects enemies in a line but can be utilized to have a small AoE. This skill can either deal high damage or knock enemies down.

Photon Blast largely affects targets lined up in front of the Captain as well and its skill masteries enable it to deal continuous damage over time or even hit enemies within a small range. Kree Power can also hit multiple enemies close to one another. Multiple hits can end with a knockdown, knockback, or crash depending on the selected skill mastery.

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Captain Marvel’s Photon Energy is perhaps her skill with the widest range of attack. This can knock enemies down or send them airborne, increase her DEF by 26.62% for 8 seconds, or cover a slightly wider area. Photon Buster has various effects and can be set to target a single enemy as well as groups of enemies and can even come with a knockdown.

Captain Marvel’s Ultimate Skill, Binary Eruption, works a little differently in that it does not directly deal massive damage to the enemy or enemies. Instead, this gives Captain Marvel temporary immunity from damage and debuffs and can increase her ATK as well.

MARVEL Future Revolution A Tier Superheroes

Doctor Strange

Dr. Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, does not fall short of being a powerhouse in MARVEL Future Revolution. He has potential to be produce high damage outputs against groups of enemies and he does have his share of status effects he can inflict on enemies. Having a long range of attack is also an advantage and despite being rather soft, he can be built to increase his survivability a bit.

What we like most about Doctor Strange is that he can make short work of enemy mobs and can progress that part of the main quests quickly and easily. However, he seems to lack in the single target enemy department resulting in less focused attacks against boss enemies and PvP characters.

marvel future revolution doctor strange

Doctor Strange’s basic attack is a ranged attack and is nice to have when clipping away at a target while staying a little distant. Some of his active skills take a while to cast and may miss wildly moving targets. The basic attack serves as an excellent sample hit to test the waters first before launching other skills.

Doctor Strange’s Master of the Mystic Arts can snare targets in place or lump them together.
This skill can also be used as a self-buff that boosts his DEF by 17.2% for 10 seconds. Seven Rings of Raggador is among his spells that can be tuned to work well against groups or on a single target as it does damage continuously.

Gateway Summoning has a lot of damage potential and can be made useful against both single and multiple targets. This certainly is difficult to pull on a moving target but against an immobile one, it can work wonders. Locking enemies down with Mirror Dimension certainly is a treat but it can also be rigged to reduce DEF damage or decrease HP recovery of the afflicted targets.

Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto initially generates an orb that follows him around and can focus its attacks on either a single target or a group of enemies. Skill masteries that you can utilize later can send enemies airborne or inflict them with confusion for 5 seconds. Astral Projection can be used as quick way to move through the target, either increasing damage or recovering stamina. Other skill masteries can summon illusions that deal damage to targets.

Book of the Vishanti can be utilized as a decent single target attack. Depending on the selected skill mastery, it can also be utilized to reduce cool down period, knock enemies back, or recover stamina. Doctor Strange’s Eldritch Sword is yet another skill that can be utilized as a skill for increasing damage outputs, whether against a single target or groups of enemies. It can also be used to knock some enemies back with less damage.

Doctor Strange’s Ultimate Skill, Soul Sunderer, is a massive AoE attack that does huge damage, has high guard break potential, and cannot be guarded as well. It levitates all enemies within range and drops them back on the ground.

Iron Man

Tech genius Tony Stark certainly has exploded in popularity since his movie incarnation and Iron Man continues to be one of the most popular and prominent members of the Avengers. Although largely presented to be a powerful character and versatile in almost every incarnation, Iron Man’s depiction in MARVEL Future Revolution deals average damage, largely focused on AoE attacks. Numerous weapons in Iron Man’s arsenal, however, give him a wide range of utility that can be debilitating to PvP opponents.

Iron Man is relatively very easy to use for beginners. Although he is mostly appreciated for his prowess in PvP matches, he is not entirely useless in PvE missions. Being a character that exhibits mostly attacks that have multiple targets makes him effective against mobs. Lack of DPS capabilities compared to other heroes early to mid-game will make most boss battles a little more challenging.

marvel future revolution iron man

Iron Man’s basic attack work more like Captain America’s but seem to make him a little more mobile especially with his ranged attack. His Unibeam can deal damage to multiple targets and can be utilized to do continuous damage. It can knock enemies back and even stun them based on the chosen skill mastery. Extra Firepower is an AoE attack that can inflict crash or burn on enemies as well.

Nanite Plasma has a wide range of uses based on its available skill masteries. It can be a tool to make Iron Man more agile as he passes through targets; can be used to reduce the targets’ DEF, can inflict knockdown, or can be set up to inflict burn damage. Similarly, Tactical Satellite can be a wide-ranged AoE attack that recovers his ultimate gauge or knock enemies down; an Iron Man Suit Summoner, or a shield that reduces guard damage taken by him and his allies.

Iron Man’s Micromissiles can be utilized to knock enemies down; inflict burn damage; or remove buffs from targets and at the same time slow them down. Artificial Intelligence can be used as a defensive tool, primarily pushing back surrounding enemies while increasing Iron Man’s ATK. Other masteries enable it to recover ultimate gauge and reduce skill cool down; reduce stamina consumption while knocking enemies back; and knock Iron Man back while recovering his guard gauge.

Iron Man’s Arc Energy is a skill that can be set up to deal damage to a single target or a small group. Masteries enable it to either deal continuous damage to an enemy or knock down small groups. Arc Gauntlets, on the other hand, can be set up to inflict knockdown, knockback, or airborne on opponents.

Iron Man’s Ultimate Skill, Reactor Overdrive, fires a powerful unibeam and shoulder missiles in front of him. It is a decent ultimate to use against enemies lined up or bosses and PvP opponents that are immobile.


Everyone’s favorite web-slinging superhero, Peter Parker, is the most popular character in MARVEL Future Revolution. Knowing Spider-Man regardless of version or incarnation, you can expect him to move about extraordinarily compared to most characters. His superhuman agility has been at the core of his offense and defense and these characteristics have been faithfully represented in his MARVEL Future Revolution incarnation.

Spider-Man can be a little more challenging to learn and master given his set of skills. Spider-Man may not have much on the DPS department, but his wide range of utilities make him an incredibly versatile character. He has a good mix of attacks that work fairly well in PvE but his control skills can make him excel in PvP combat.

marvel future revolution spider-man

Spider-Sense Combat can inflict knockback, knockdown, or airborne on targets close to one another and it can also be set up to reduce the enemy’s movement speed and accuracy, as well as hold them up in a cocoon upon reaching max stack count. Web Shooter Mastery can inflict debuffs on its targets like damage reduction or movement and accuracy reduction. It can likewise trap targets in a cocoon of web.

Spider-Swing is a skill that can be used to relocate Spider-Man. It can also be utilized to inflict crash on targets or reduce their movement speed and accuracy depending on the chosen skill mastery. Web craft stacks web for Spider-Man and will also decrease his enemies’ movement speed and accuracy rate. It can inflict knockdown, wrap enemies in a cocoon, or stun them as well.

Spider-Warp largely has variances in effect relative to the number of enemies it can knock down and the last mastery can enable it to reduce the targets’ ATK by 25% for 7 seconds. Spider- Grenade is yet another skill that can reduce movement speed and accuracy rate. Other masteries can utilize the skill to inflict shock on targets or send them airborne.

Spider-Bot Swarm lets Spider-Man summon floating Spider-Bots that deal damage to enemies for 10 seconds and also reduces their movement speed and accuracy rate. Spider-Bola can hit multiple enemies and inflict either knockback or knockdown on each of them.

Spider-Man’s ultimate skill, Spider-Burst, traps enemies in a small area inside cocoons, inflicting shock damage on them and reducing their ATK by 25% for 7 seconds. Successful dodges help fill up Spider-Man’s ultimate gauge.

MARVEL Future Revolution B Tier Superheroes

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff is among the superheroes in the Marvel Universe who actually do not have any superhuman abilities. Her wits and fighting skills has made her a top-tier assassin and a dangerous foe to contend with even for some super-powered personalities. Despite being on the lower end of the power grid in most of her incarnations, Black Widow’s version in MARVEL Future Revolution gives her damage outputs at par with supposedly more powerful characters.

Black Widow is certainly a challenge to use for beginners. She has decent damage outputs and moves very fast. She also exhibits a good range of utilities. Although her ultimate skill contributes to both offensive strength and defensive prowess, we simply feel that her defensive capabilities overall largely depends on the user’s ability to dodge and take defensive positions.

marvel future revolution black widow

Black Widow’s Martial Arts Expert ability sends her rushing to her foes and can inflict knockback, knockdown, airborne, or even crash and bleed based on which skill mastery you choose. Firearm Expert, on the other hand, is a ranged attack that can hit multiple targets in a line and can be set up to inflict knockdown as well.

Trap Expert can also hit multiple targets and reduce the ATK values or inflict poison and reduce stamina recovery. Widow’s Wire is among the skills that have a wide range of skill mastery effects. It can pull enemies close, reduce their ATK stats and snare them, reduce their HP recovery, or simply deal multiple hits for more damage on the targets.

Black Widow’s Explosive Expert skill can knock enemies down and inflict burn damage; inflict blind on targets; inflict poison and reduce their stamina recovery; or inflict bleed and reduce HP recovery. Trained Assassin can be utilized as a means to move around the target but can also be used to inflict crash, or shock.

Widow’s Sting can be used to deal damage to a relatively wide area and can also come with a shock effect, reducing the targets’ ATK. A mastery can enable this skill to shoot lined up targets multiple times as well for greater damage. Master Spy can also be a skill to boost the Widow’s DPS but can be utilized to inflict knockback, knockdown, or shock.

Black Widow’s ultimate skill, Vanish, lets her step away from the enemy and become invisible. Her damage is increased for the duration of her invisibility and her ultimate skill can stack up to 3. While the damage increase is certainly an appreciated effect in PvE combat, the value of her ultimate’s invisibility effect can be better appreciated against PvP opponents.


The Guardians of the Galaxy’s leader, Peter Quinn certainly is as fun to play as in MARVEL Future Revolution as he is to watch in the movies. He is quick and lags behind in terms of raw damage but he does have a nice set of utilities that make for an interesting strategy. Star-Lorde is a ranged combatant and uses his dual elemental pistols. Beyond fire and ice, though, he also inflicts shock with a lot of his skills.

To be honest, we feel that Star-Lord has good potential in both PvP and PvE aspects of the game. It is just that compared to other characters, some are simply either outstanding in one game mode over others and Star-Lord simply comes in at mid or bottom pick for any of them. Having skill masteries that stack elemental effects are nice if focused on a particular element, but given the time it would take to unlock all those masteries and align the same elemental effects, it will be a little more challenging for Star-Lord to engage in battle early on.

marvel future revolution star-lord

Star-Lord’s Space Pirate skill utilizes his elemental guns and can damage multiple targets. Additionally, this can inflict shock to reduce the enemies’ ATK; burn to increase DMG they take; or chill to reduce their movement speed and dodge rate. Problem Solver works about the same way with skill masteries jumbled up in the order you can unlock and utilize them.

Blaster Charge also has elemental effects based on the skill mastery selected but some of these masteries come packed with knockback on top of the inflicted elemental effect. Gravity Bomb, on the other hand, has a small AoE but can either send enemies airborne or even stun them for a few seconds.

Star-Lord’s Elemental Blaster, yet again, comes packed with burn, chill, or shock effect. This skill has a longer effect but has a longer cool down period as well. Jet Boots has the usual effects as well but its last skill mastery adds stun capabilities on top of the shock status it inflicts.

Battle Soundtrack is a very useful skill to have with its utility as a self-buff that can increase Star-Lord’s dodge skill gauge and stamina recovery or increase his crit rate. This can also be utilized as a debuff on enemy units, lowering their ATK values. Elemental Cannon is a strong active skill that typically does damage over time but has a long cool down period.

Star-Lord’s ultimate ability, Elemental Hadron Enforcer does massive damage to a medium AoE, mixing all his elemental masteries to inflict burn, shock, and chill to enemies struck by it along with knocking them down.


With her mutant ability to control the weather, as well as every element within it, the X-Men’s Ororo Munroe stands as one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. Her capabilities can bring about a lot of destructive force but can also be a means to be used as a defensive tool. Simply translating the usual incarnation of Storm into MARVEL Future Revolution ensures her being over-powered and, as such, we understand how her damage outputs seem to have been bogged down to maintain balance in the game.

Storm does exhibit a powerful AoE ultimate skill and most of her active skills reduce the ATK values of her opponents. She is not bad at all but just like Star-Lord, we feel that she neither excels in PvE combat nor in PvP challenges, which is why we have to consider her for the bottom tier.

marvel future revolution storm

Storm’s Atmosphere Control can be utilized in various ways. It can inflict shock on targets decreasing their ATK; knock them down and inflict chill to reduce movement speed and dodge rate; or pull all enemies within the sphere’s range towards its center. Weather Witch is a lightning-based attack that can be used against a single enemy or multiple targets close to one another, inflicting shock and reducing their ATK stats.

Wind Rider lets Storm harness the wind to levitate enemies or knock them back or down; and also use wind on herself to boost her dodge rate. Icicle Crash uses the powers of ice to stack chill and lower her targets’ movement speed and dodge rate. A max stack of chill will freeze opponents. Lightning Attack lets Storm use lightning in different patterns, which can cover a wider range or inflict crash along with shock.

Storm’s Atmokinesis can be utilized offensively and help stack shock or chill. It can also be used as a self-buff that can boost her DEF, increase stamina recovery, or even lower its cool down period. Pressure Manipulation is another wind-based skill that can send enemies airborne or knock them back. This skill has different ranges of attack. Deep Chill is an ice-oriented skill that comes in different forms based on the skill mastery of choice. Its effects are long and it also has a long cool down time.

Storm’s ultimate skill, Eye of the Storm is a powerful AoE attack that covers a wide range. It stacks shock and decreases the ATK of all enemies it hits, having a high chance to guard break as well and cannot be guarded. Storm’s basic attack is worth-mentioning for its added shock effect.

Considering everything, what we realized when coming up with this tier list is that unlike most tier lists we have made, the disparity between overall strength and utility of characters from one tier to another is not that big of a gap in MARVEL Future Revolution. It does have a very noticeable effect for the first character you choose, given that squad ranks are still at base level.

There are also a ton of ways on how to build each character and we feel that no one has yet to have a solid picture of each character’s full potential at this point. Additionally, it can be expected that continuous development in MARVEL Future Revolution will likely involve tinkering with each of these characters to take steps toward better balancing across them. Perhaps new events and game modes will later on give opportunities for the less appreciated heroes to take center stage.

MARVEL Future Revolution certainly is a huge game and as much as we tried and tested each of these characters, we have yet to fully upgrade any of them at the time of this writing. Again, we expect and welcome differing opinions of other players with regard to tier lists and if you are one to have a different opinion on what we have presented, we are more than happy to hear about your thoughts on this. Be sure to leave us a message below and let us know just how much you agree or disagree with our tier list!