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Scary Stranger 3D Walkthrough Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Spoil Your Neighbor’s Day

Scary Stranger 3D is a stealth game developed by Z & K Games where you infiltrate the house of your crochety neighbor known only as “The Stranger” with the goal of ruining his day. Each mission has you performing a different prank as The Stranger makes his rounds in his rather large house, while ensuring that you do not get caught in the act. Of course, The Stranger will also set up traps and defenses, so expect alternate routes and entrances.

scary stranger 3d intro a

Scary Stranger 3D utilizes the same gameplay as Z & K’s previous titles, such as Scary Teacher 3D, giving this game a sense of familiarity. The enemies of those games even make appearances in cutscenes, though luckily, you only have to worry about The Stranger in all the levels. Either way, our walkthrough should help you learn what counters The Stranger has set up in his house, and how to get past them.

scary stranger 3d intro b

As of this writing, there are two chapters you can unlock, each with 15 levels to complete. The levels have to be completed in order, though you can watch enough ads to bypass any level you are having trouble with. This Scary Stranger 3D walkthrough guide will cover the first chapter, which will hopefully be enough to experience what the game has in store. Sit back and read on to learn how to spoil your neighbor’s day!

The Basics Of Pranking

All missions in Scary Stranger 3D start you off near the front gate of the mansion, with The Stranger starting somewhere inside and moving from place to place. The Stranger’s position is displayed via a camera on the top left of the screen, though you can turn it off if you wish.

If The Stranger spots you, he will call you out and give chase, with the borders of the screen flashing red while he is in pursuit. You just have to outrun him and break his line of sight, then he will go back to his usual activities. If he does catch you, you can take the loss or watch an ad to get another try, teleporting The Stranger to a different part of the house.

scary stranger 3d demo game

There are two buttons used to interact with the environment: one button is used for items or for picking them up, and another button is for throwing things away. You can only carry up to four items with you, so knowing when to empty your inventory is important, especially if The Stranger is nearby. If an item can interact with something else in the house, it is removed. Other than prank-required items, there are some things that have uses in all levels:

  • Hammers, keys, and lockpicks: All three of these items can be used to remove padlocks from doors. Keys will only work with locks of the same color, while hammers and lockpicks will open any lock.
  • Crowbars: Used to pry off planks that occasionally cover up windows, allowing you to enter them.

You have an energy bar that gradually drains as you do a mission, emptying faster if you are running. If it is fully drained, your character slows to a crawl. The bar gradually regenerates energy when you are not playing. This not only serves as a “time limit” for your chosen level, but it also doubles as your “health” bar.

You take “damage” either by falling from a good enough height or walking into bear traps placed in front of doors or windows. The bear traps can be picked up and thrown away, though you can also use then against The Stranger, which will stun him for a while before he can move again. You can also buy an item or two as a level loads up.

scary stranger 3d demo star

Although rarely, you can find bottles of soda and stars scattered around the level. Bottles of soda replenish up to half of your energy should you run out, and stars are used to unlock hints for the given playthrough. Both can also be acquired by spending coins which are awarded by completing levels, using real money, or by watching ads.

Now that the basics are out of the way, we can start the guide proper.

Part 1: The Starting Shenanigans

This part of the guide will cover the first eight levels of Chapter 1.

Exploding With Flavor

The first level also doubles as a tutorial, and it consists of sabotaging The Stranger’s grill. The grill itself is located in the front yard, so you cannot miss it.

scary stranger 3d grill box

As this is the first level, sabotaging the grill involves taking out some nearby fireworks and placing them inside. The game will then instruct you to cover the fireworks with some charcoal otherwise, The Stranger will notice the explosives placed inside. In addition, The Stranger will automatically return to the grill once you place the fireworks, so you will have to move quickly.

scary stranger 3d grill tnt

Once the charcoal is in place, find cover and watch the sparks fly.

scary stranger 3d grill end

Monkey Business

This level has The Stranger bullying a chained-up gorilla, who only appears during this level. Your task is to free the gorilla in order for it to exact revenge. The gorilla is in the same place where the grill once was; locating it should not be an issue.

scary stranger 3d gorilla start

The chains holding the gorilla in place are secured with a padlock, and the key is placed on a nearby picnic table. At first glance, the mission seems trivial as you just have to unlock the chains and run for cover. However, the gorilla is still angry at The Stranger’s abuse, and it will attack you instead if you go for the lock. You will have to calm the gorilla by picking up a banana also located on the picnic table and giving the banana to the gorilla.

scary stranger 3d gorilla table

While it is distracted, you can go for lock. As before, run and hide before The Stranger spots you.

scary stranger 3d gorilla end

Hammock Havoc

The Stranger has set up a hammock in his backyard, and we are not ones to let this opportunity go to waste. To mess with his sleeping spot, we need to find a jar of sugar cubes, which can spawn in two spots:

scary stranger 3d hammock start
  • The first spot is on a coffee table in the backyard, very close to the hammock in question.
scary stranger 3d hammock table
  • The second spot is on top of a cabinet in the kitchen, which can be reached from the backyard via a door leading to the dining room. Note there are three bottles on top of the cabinet, and two of them are labelled “sugar.” Pick up the blue jar, as the green one contains sugar syrup that The Stranger will easily spot. The last jar is yellow and contains honey, which serves no purpose for this prank.
scary stranger 3d hammock kitchen

Once you have the sugar cube jar, bring it to the hammock and sprinkle the sugar cubes all over. Just before you leave, cover up your prank by moving the pillow over the cubes. Find safety and watch The Stranger’s nap get interrupted by some ants with a sweet tooth.

scary stranger 3d hammock ant

Off The Rails

scary stranger 3d train start

The Stranger has turned the second-floor hallway into a looping train track for him to ride on. Our prank will show why placing some of the tracks so close to the balcony is a bad idea. Before we head upstairs, we will need to get a screwdriver and some glue. Both items can be found in the garage or the workshop nearby. If they are not there, you can also find them in the backyard shed. After you find both items, head upstairs.

scary stranger 3d train tools

There are two ways to get to the second floor. The first method is via two stairways inside the house: a dark brown stairway in the center that you cannot miss, and a light brown stairwell at the right side of the house. The second method uses ladders placed outside the house, with one conveniently leaning on the left side of the house. Either way, your first objective is the train itself, which should be towards the end of the house.

scary stranger 3d train switch

Use the screwdriver on the train controls so that the train just keeps speeding up, then apply the glue onto the train itself so that The Stranger cannot simply jump off. To really complete the prank, we head to the tracks closest to the balcony and look for a rail switch. Use it so that the train goes out of the house instead of continuing in the loop. Be quick about it, as The Stranger will return to the train as soon as the glue is applied; make sure he is not nearby.

scary stranger 3d train fly

Firearm Safety 101

scary stranger 3d gun intro

Looks like The Stranger has a shotgun and is preparing to hunt, so we will tinker with his firearm a bit to protect his unfortunate targets. Head to the kitchen and search the cabinets for a corkscrew, then open the refrigerator to find a wine bottle. Use the corkscrew on the bottle to obtain the cork and head upstairs.

scary stranger 3d gun corkscrew
scary stranger 3d gun bottle

Now, The Stranger’s shotgun is stored in a gun safe located in his bedroom, which should be just above the garage. The gun safe uses a four-digit code to keep it locked. The Stranger has conveniently written the code down on a sticky note located on a nearby wall. Interact with the note to learn the code and unlock the safe.

scary stranger 3d sticky note

The safe should have his shotgun, some shells, and a powder horn. Use the cork to block the shotgun barrel, then load the shotgun by picking up the shells and powder horn and using them on the shotgun. The Stranger will return to his bedroom as soon as you tamper with his shotgun, and he will notice that something is up if you leave the gun safe open.

scary stranger 3d gun in safe

Complete your tasks quickly and close the safe before he gets nearby, and watch his hunting plans literally blow up in his face.

Chandelier Conundrum

scary stranger 3d yank chandel

Although The Stranger is doing some repair work on his chandelier, our prank will not involve electricity. Instead, we will leave him hanging, using a loose wire hanging from the chandelier.

scary stranger 3d yank garage

Go to the garage first to find the following items: a ladder, a can of black spray paint, and a pair of wire cutters. Note that the ladders outside of the house will not work as they need something to lean on, and the chandelier cannot support their weight. Since you are working with live wires you will also need gloves, which can be found in the workshop next to the garage.

The gloves are worn automatically so they do not take up an inventory slot. The last thing you need is some rope, which you can find inside the storeroom on the second floor, which is across The Stranger’s bedroom.

scary stranger 3d yank shed
scary stranger 3d yank gloves

First, use the spray paint on the rope to paint them black and disguise them as wires. If you have picked up both items, drop the rope first so you can use the spray paint. Pick up the painted rope and your next goal is to get to the chandelier.

This is rather difficult as you have to place the ladder in just the right spot so you can climb on it, and it is very prone to tipping over. Once you get the ladder up, climb to the chandelier and use the wire cutters to cut the loose wire, then place the rope onto the chandelier.

scary stranger 3d yank rope
scary stranger 3d yank cutter

Head back to the floor and look for the rope lying on the floor and interact with it to tie a loop. Before you leave the area, move the nearby carpet to hide the loop. Find a room to hide in and watch The Stranger get yanked into the air.

scary stranger 3d yank leg

Taxidermy Troubles

scary stranger 3d bear intro

Back when we were tampering with the shotgun, you may have noticed a trophy room during the starting cutscene. That room is next to The Stranger’s bedroom. The prank of this level involves the stuffed polar bear in the corner of the room. The Stranger has decided to play it smart, and not only has he locked the door, he has also put the key around his neck. Lockpicks and hammers will not work on that particular lock so we will need to grab the key without him noticing.

scary stranger 3d bear butter
scary stranger 3d bear coffee

To get the key, we will have to make a mess of his clothes and the easiest way to do that is to mess with his cup of coffee. Head to the kitchen and open the fridge, where you will find a stick of butter. Pick it up, and look for the coffee machine on the kitchen table. Some people do put a small amount of butter in their coffee but not the whole stick, which The Stranger will learn soon enough.

Put the butter in the mug that is under the coffee machine, and hide. The Stranger will take a sip and immediately spit it all over his clothes. After that, he will head to the first-floor guest room, taking off his suit and heading to the shower to clean himself up. While he is in the bathroom, pickpocket the trophy room key off his clothes.

scary stranger 3d bear suit
scary stranger 3d bear room

With the key in hand, we can unlock the trophy room. The polar bear should be across the room, as well as another key that opens another door. To get the bear to move, head to the guest room on the second floor and find a pair of roller skates. Pick them up and put the skates on the bear.

Head to the storeroom to find rope, and return to the trophy room. Close the door across the bear and tie the rope to both the door and the bear. When The Stranger enters, the bear will “move” towards him.

scary stranger 3d bear skates
scary stranger 3d bear rope

Exit the trophy room through the other door so you do not ruin the trap.

scary stranger 3d bear prank

Smoking (Sort Of) Kills

scary stranger 3d cigar and relax

At the pool, The Stranger is planning on smoking some cigars to relax, and we will not let that happen. First, we need to find two things: a hairpin and a saw. The hairpin should be resting on the bed in the second-floor guest room, while the saw can be found either in the garage or the shed. Pick them up.

scary stranger 3d cigar hairpin
scary stranger 3d cigar saw

Once you have both items, return to the second-floor guest room to find a pistol locked in a box. Use the hairpin to unlock the box, then use the saw to cut open the shells and pour out the gunpowder. We will use this gunpowder to rig his cigars to explode. However, we will need something to keep the gunpowder in one piece. Luckily, there is a powder horn nearby that we can use to collect the gunpowder.

scary stranger 3d cigar box
scary stranger 3d cigar powder

To finalize this prank, we have to make sure that The Stranger picks the cigar we will mess with. Head to the kitchen and find a pitcher full of water. Go outside and first use the powder horn on one of his cigars, and once that is done use the pitcher of water to ruin the other cigars. This ensures that he ends up picking the explosive one.

scary stranger 3d cigar pool

Part 2: Familiar Faces

This part of the guide will cover the remaining seven levels of Chapter 1. Two of these levels have Miss T paying a visit, though thankfully you will only need to worry about The Stranger in all of them.

Moustache And Bee-rd Care

The Stranger’s planning on shaving his beard today, and it is the perfect time to play around with his shaving cream. This particular level will spawn a beehive as part of the prank, in a tree located across the shed. As for the shaving cream, it should be in the bathroom inside The Stranger’s bedroom.

scary stranger 3d honey tree

To get the beehive, we will need a ladder. While the game expects you to use the same ladder from the chandelier prank, the tree can support the ladders you find outside. Besides, these ladders are much easier to deal with so we can use those instead. Of course, the bees will object to you moving their house around, so we will have to knock them out first. For that, we will need some fire.

scary stranger 3d honey ladder

After putting the ladder in place, go to the shed to find some logs on the floor and pick them up. Head to the kitchen to find a match box. Before we smoke out the bees, go to the study which should be between the first-floor guest room and the dining room. There, you should find a palette and some tubes of paint. Look for the tube of white paint and place it in your inventory. At this point, you should have three items on hand.

scary stranger 3d honey logs
scary stranger 3d honey match
scary stranger 3d honey paint

Head outside and place the logs at the foot of the tree, directly under the hive. Light the logs up with some matches and the smoke should knock the bees out. Now you can climb the ladder and safely collect the beehive.

scary stranger 3d honey fire

Now we have to extract the honey. Return to the kitchen and you should find a bowl on the kitchen table, as well as a knife near the sink. Place the hive near the bowl and collect the knife, then use the knife to cut the hive open and pour the honey into the bowl.

scary stranger 3d honey bowl

Pick up the bowlful of honey and head to The Stranger’s bathroom. You should find his shaving cream on the sink. Now you can pour the honey into the can of shaving cream. Evidently, this will give the shaving cream a yellow tinge, an obvious tell that it has been tampered with. Take out the white paint and pour it into the can, returning the cream to its natural color.

scary stranger 3d honey sink

The next time The Stranger goes for a shave, he will be getting a face full of bees.

scary stranger 3d honey beard

Golf Clubbing

It appears that Miss T and The Stranger are dating, enjoying some rounds of golf at The Stranger’s place. This will be the first of several dates we will be ruining today. As we mentioned before, you only have to worry about The Stranger wandering about.

scary stranger 3d golf date

Most of the things we need are in the backyard shed, but it is currently “guarded” by a cat that will pounce you if you try to open the shed door. We have to find a way to get the cat away from the shed. There is a bottle of milk in the fridge, but that will not be enough.

Head to the study to get some glue from the desk, as we will need that later. Finally, head to the first-floor guest room and find a bottle of sleeping pills. That should do the trick to remove the cat.

scary stranger 3d golf milk
scary stranger 3d golf glue
scary stranger 3d golf pills

Head to the shed where you will see the cat patrolling the area, as well as an empty bowl. Pour in the milk and the sleeping pills and the cat should quickly fall asleep, granting you access to the shed. Inside, you should find a fishing rod and a pair of wire cutters, among other things. Pick up the wire cutters and use them on the fishing rod to acquire the fishing line. Both the line and the glue will be enough for this level’s prank.

scary stranger 3d golf cat
scary stranger 3d golf shed

The Stranger has set up his golf ball on the left side of his house. Make sure he is not nearby and head to the golf ball. First, use the fishing line on the golf ball to hook it, then use the glue to secure the line. The last thing you should do is tie a loop on the free end of the line. That way, when The Stranger takes a swing, it will be more than the ball he will send flying.

scary stranger 3d golf ball

Pool Party

This involves another date with Miss T and it is near the pool. As you can guess, that pool is going to bring a lot more trouble than they expected.

scary stranger 3d pool dive

We will need to find The Stranger’s credit card, but there are three cards scattered on the second floor. Two of them are located in The Stranger’s bedroom, while the last one is in the guest room. The Stranger’s bedroom has a laptop depicting what card you will need, though we still need the PIN.

Luckily for us, The Stranger wrote down the PIN on a journal right next to the last credit card, but there are four possible solutions. We will tell you right away that the correct PIN is the one written in green.

scary stranger 3d pool laptop
scary stranger 3d pool journal

Input the PIN into the laptop and you will be taken to a site where you can buy either a dolphin or a shark. Pick the shark, and the delivery van will deposit the apex predator into The Stranger’s pool. How both adults failed to notice the van coming in, we do not know.

scary stranger 3d pool credit

The shark takes care of The Stranger, but we have to prevent Miss T from rescuing him. After purchasing the shark, you should still be inside The Stranger’s bedroom, and you can throw away any credit cards you still have as they do not have a purpose for this last part.

Head to the bathroom where there should be a bucket of water on the ground and a box of detergent on the sink. Pick up the detergent and pour it into the bucket. Bring the bucket of soapy water to the pool and spill it near the pool’s edge.

scary stranger 3d pool bucket
scary stranger 3d pool slip

That way, when Miss T comes to rescue The Stranger, she will slip, leaving The Stranger to the mercies of the shark.

scary stranger 3d pool shark

Strange Spiders

scary stranger 3d spider

While cleaning up the study, The Stranger is briefly spooked by a spider that crawls down. The spider is normal, but the spider for this level’s prank is not.

scary stranger 3d spider cutters
scary stranger 3d spider plant

We will need a pair of wire cutters, found in either the shed or the garage. Once we get the wire cutters, go to the kitchen. Behind the kitchen door, there should be a potted plant with drooping leaves. Use the cutters to clip off the leaves and pick them up, then head to the workshop.

In the workshop, there should be some black shoe polish. Drop the leaves and use the polish to paint them black. Note that you can also bring the polish and cutters to the plant, if you prefer. Either way, there is another fishing line on the workshop desk; do not forget to take it with you.

scary stranger 3d spider polish
scary stranger 3d spider line

Go up the stairs and head to the storeroom to find some glue, then head to the trophy room. There should be a coat rack in the corner with a spider mask on top of it. Pick up the mask and, along with the glue, fishing line, and leaves, go down to the study. Behind the desk, there should be a small protrusion on the wall.

scary stranger 3d spider mask
scary stranger 3d spider setup

Place the leaves and mask together on the protrusion, secure them with the glue, and tie the fishing line to the fake spider. Unlike the chandelier and golf ball, you do not need to make a loop as the fish hook will snag onto The Stranger’s clothes, pulling the spider into position and giving The Stranger the scare of his life.

scary stranger 3d big spider

Poking Around Presents

The Stranger is sending gifts to his friends, who just so happen to be Miss T and the Robber from Z & K’s earlier titles. Since they are all mean folks, we will ruin their gifts. Not only will this sour their mood, it will also make The Stranger look bad. This challenge has two objectives in different rooms: the Robber’s present in the study, and Miss T’s gift in The Stranger’s bedroom.

Expect to bounce between both rooms while hiding from The Stranger. What makes this particular level challenging is that it will “end” if The Stranger enters his bedroom or the study, even if you manage to sabotage one present. This will fail the level, so you might have to lay down bear traps or let The Stranger spot you so you can lure him away.

scary stranger 3d gift prank

Go to the workshop first and look for the desk. There should be a roll of tape close to the edge of the desk and a boxcutter at the far corner. Pick them both up then head to the first-floor guestroom. One of the end tables has a black bottle of pepper spray – take it.

Enter the nearby bathroom to collect a pink bottle of hair removal cream. At this point, we suggest sabotaging the Robber’s gift first as it is right next to the guestroom. However, you can also sabotage Miss T’s gift first.

scary stranger 3d gift desk
scary stranger 3d gift pepper
scary stranger 3d gift cream

The Robber’s gift is on the desk in the study. It contains a bottle of perfume. Use the boxcutter to open his gift and pour in the pepper spray. To make sure The Stranger remains oblivious to your contribution, there should some wrapping paper right next to the Robber’s gift.

Place the wrapping paper on the gift, and use the tape to seal the gift. Before you leave the study, there should be an extra roll of tape behind the desk, where you placed the fake spider in the previous level; you will not have to scour the house to find another one.

scary stranger 3d gift study
scary stranger 3d gift tape

Miss T’s gift in The Stranger’s bedroom should be on a coffee table near a couch. It contains a bottle of shampoo. As before, cut open the gift, pour the hair removal cream into the shampoo and seal up the gift. The extra wrapping paper should on the couch, and there should be another boxcutter on a coffee table close to The Stranger’s bed. Once you have tampered with both gifts, the level will end when The Stranger enters either his bedroom or his study.

scary stranger 3d gift bedroom
scary stranger 3d gift boxcutter

Fireplace Fireworks

scary stranger 3d fireplace intro

A rather excessive prank, The Stranger nearly falls off a stool while reaching for something in his lounge. The stool will only serve as part of this level’s prank, with the real star of the show being the lounge’s fireplace.

Head to the garage, and pick up the following items:

  • A gasoline can, which should be right next to the garage door;
scary stranger 3d gas can
  • A hose on the nearby shelf; and
scary stranger 3d fireplace hose
  • A pair of pliers with orange handles, also found on the shelf. You have to get these particular pliers as no other set in the house will work.
scary stranger 3d fireplace pliers

Go to The Stranger’s car outside and look for the gas tank. Use the pliers to open up the tank, place the gasoline can directly under it. Thread the hose into the gas tank to siphon gas from the car. Pick up the now-full gas can and head to the workshop to pick up a saw. Go to the shed to find some logs for the fireplace.

scary stranger 3d fireplace car
scary stranger 3d fireplace saw
scary stranger 3d fireplace logs

With those three items, you should head to the lounge to free up some inventory space. Place the gas can and the logs into the fireplace, leaving you with just the saw.

scary stranger 3d fireplace pit

Go to the kitchen to find a bottle of olive oil and a box of matches on the kitchen table. Pick them both up and return to the lounge. You should find a stool near the wall opposite the fireplace. Use the saw to cut off one of the stool’s legs, and pour the oil onto the floor, leading all the way to the rigged fireplace. Light up the logs with the matches and run for cover.

scary stranger 3d fireplace kitchen
scary stranger 3d fireplace stool

Gnome, Sweet Gnome

The last level of Chapter One, The Stranger has ordered some lawn gnomes to decorate his garden. Understandably, he is jumpy with the thought of one of the gnomes attacking him. Too bad that “gnome” was not part of his delivery.

The game will direct you to find an ugly gnome to scare The Stranger with. First, get a roll of tape from the workshop. The ugly gnomes should be in the basement which should be on the same side as the backyard shed. Keep in mind that the basement entrance is typically guarded by a bear trap. There should be two ugly gnomes there, one on a shelf and another in a box. We only need one.

scary stranger 3d gnome tape
scary stranger 3d gnome basement

Go to the shed to find a nail gun and some nails both lying on the table. Pick up the nails and load them into the nail gun, then pick up the loaded nail gun and head to the car. There should be a lawn gnome near one of the car’s wheels. Grab that gnome and fire the nail gun at the wheel. After the tire has deflated, place the ugly gnome near the flat tire and put the nail gun next to the gnome.

scary stranger 3d gnome nailgun
scary stranger 3d gnome tire

Secure both the gnome and the gun with the tape and hide, waiting for The Stranger’s fears to come true.

scary stranger 3d gnome deflate
scary stranger 3d gnome scare

And that concludes our walkthrough to Scary Stranger 3D’s first chapter. As of writing, there is not much content besides the second chapter. However, we hope that we have given you a preview of what shenanigans you will be up to. If you guys have any tips or strategies that you would like to share with us, feel free to let us know in the comment section below! Have fun, and happy pranking!