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BitLife WAP Challenge Guide: How to Complete the WAP Challenge

Candywriter is planning something big for BitLife, and we can’t wait to see what it is. But as the company has always done to keep players engaged and coming back for more, they’re still rolling out challenges every Saturday afternoon.

Regardless whether you play the iOS or Android version of the life simulator game, challenges are themed events that usually last for four days (sometimes more than that), and you’ll be given a set of tasks/requirements based on the theme. What could the company have cooked up this time around?

bitlife wap challenge requirements

It’s been quite a while since Candywriter rolled out a challenge based on a song, and the song that inspired the latest challenge has actually been out for little more than a year. That’s probably why we’ve got the WAP Challenge, which you may not realize is a timely one, as we recently marked the first anniversary of “WAP,” last year’s catchy, ear worm-y, and super-controversial single from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

A lot of the requirements in this challenge are inspired by “WAP” or by Cardi’s background, so if you want to finish it with as little repetition or restarting of lives possible, check out this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide. Okurrr!

Starting Out – Get Voice Lessons As Early As Possible

Players with God Mode enabled should have it easy when creating a character for the WAP Challenge — make her a female born in New York, and select Music as her Special Skill. As Looks will come in handy later on, first when applying for a stripper job, then when you start your rap career, you want that to be set at around 75 or higher as well.

Yes, there are a lot of specifics that you need to keep in mind, so if you don’t have God Mode, we would suggest re-rolling your character until you get someone who starts out with her Looks at 75 or greater, then hoping against hope that the game randomly made her a musical prodigy.

If you see musical-related milestones after tapping on the Age button, that’s a good sign that your character does have Music as her Special Skill, so you may want to keep re-rolling until you see those musical references popping up.

getting voice lessons in bitlife

As you’ll need to become a famous rapper as part of the challenge, you should start getting voice lessons (under Activities and Mind and Body) at the soonest possible time, which would be when you turn eight years old. Take advantage of the fact that music lessons are all paid for by your parents until you turn 18 — we would recommend at least two to three lessons per year.

And make sure to keep taking lessons until the Skill bar is filled up entirely. We’ve gotten record deals in the past with characters whose Skill bars were around 90 to 95 percent full, but even if it’s almost filled up, it will be far more likelier for the record label to not even bother giving you a chance to audition.

Strip For A Year, Become A Famous Rapper In A Couple More

It’s a well-known fact that before she became a superstar in the rap scene, Cardi B paid the bills by working as a stripper. Likewise, you’ll need to do the same, as stated in the WAP Challenge’s requirements. It’s best that you do this after graduating from high school, ideally spending one year at the job, then quitting once you sign a recording contract with one of the three available labels.

Take note that the stripper job for female Bitizens is Exotic Dancer — look for the job opening with a peach icon next to it, and if your Looks are at a high enough level and your interview answers check out, you should get the job.

resigning from exotic dancer job in bitlife

As we noted above, it’s important to have your singing Skill maxed out before you audition, so in case you weren’t able to do that by the time you graduated high school, you can use the money you earned as an Exotic Dancer to pay for additional lessons.

That said, we recommend auditioning for the labels no later than the age of 25 — you probably won’t have to wait that long if you chose to work straight out of high school, but we mention this because just as it sadly is in real life, BitLife’s record labels aren’t too keen on signing new artists above a certain age.

bitlife record contract

It shouldn’t be too difficult to become a famous rapper — just choose the Practice option, enter the studio to record a single or an album (preferably a single), and release it. As long as your first release is any kind of a success (you can quit and restart BitLife if it flops), you should reach Famous status right after you hit the Age button, thus checking off yet another requirement in the WAP Challenge.

You’ll Need A Big House And Have Five Cats Simultaneously For The Cat Requirement

The next requirement in BitLife’s WAP Challenge is to bathe at least five cats — sounds easy, right? It would seem at first that you’ll need to own five cats over your lifetime, bathe each one of them, and be done with it. Actually, that isn’t the case — as we discovered, the game will only give you a check mark for this requirement if you concurrently own five cats and of course, have bathed each and every one of them. (No need to worry, though — you don’t need to buy any of the big cats found in the “WAP” video. Regular, domestic cats bought at the Pet Shop will do just fine!)

relationship with cats in bitlife

By default, you can only have three cats at the same time if you haven’t bought a house yet, or own a smaller one. That’s actually how we found out about the five concurrent cats thing — we tried selling one cat and taking another to the shelter in order to buy a new one, but even after we’d bathed six different cats, the check mark wasn’t appearing yet.

bathing cat in bitlife

To avoid this inconvenience, buy a house that has at least four bedrooms — with the money you’re making as a rapper, you should be easily able to afford it! After that, make sure you’ve got five cats, bathe each of them (warning: some of them may scratch!), and you should be good to go.

Going Double Platinum Twice May Take Some Patience

Once you’ve become a famous rapper, the next thing to do would be to go for those two double platinum singles. That may be easy for Cardi B and other big-name rappers in the real world, but in the world of BitLife, there doesn’t appear to be any secret sauce that can guarantee that elusive certification.

What seems to have worked for us, however, is practicing, playing concerts, and touring before and after a release. It also helps to mix things up — release a single one year, release an album the next, specialize in, but don’t exclusively stick to one sub-genre of rap. (For example, release most of your singles as Trap, but throw in some Alternative Rap or SoundCloud Rap, etc. every now and then.)

giving an interview in bitlife

But you also don’t want to overexpose yourself, so it could be a good idea to take one-year breaks from recording every five years or so. Make use of the classic Fame features as well — star in commercials, appear in talk shows, do risqué photoshoots with magazines. And while it didn’t seem to have any effect on our Cardi B stand-in’s chart success, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure you’ve got all five social media accounts active and verified.

When performing in concerts and tours, you want to keep an eye out on the Performance bar — anything less than a 90 percent full bar, as we noticed, diminishes your chances of major chart success, so you may want to quit the game and restart it if your tours and concerts aren’t perfect or close to it.

At the end of the day, though, it all boils down to patience, and if you don’t make double platinum upon release, who knows — if you’re close enough to 2 million copies sold, chances are good that your platinum single will go double platinum a few years down the line.

double platinum single in bitlife

On the other hand, things seemed to work too well for our test character — when her previous single went from double platinum to diamond, that apparently didn’t count toward the two double platinum single requirements. This might be a bug with the WAP Challenge, but if one of your singles went diamond, you’re obviously doing right, and you can be confident of riding the momentum and seeing your next single or two go double platinum.

Once you’ve racked up two double platinum singles (not albums, we should add), that should wrap things up and allow you to claim your prize — as usual, you’ll be getting a new pair of eyeglasses/shades or a new hat to go toward your unlocked accessories.