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Mythic Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Summon Mighty Heroes and Defeat Your Enemies

In the days of old, heroes rose beyond their mortal statuses to fight for the peace of mankind. Assisting them or fighting against them were all means of beasts, gods, and demons, characters that all make for epics that range from the grandiose to the macabre. These tales encompass nations or culture and are most commonly known as mythology.

Mythology is a vast collection of tales that are passed down from generation to generation, and it’s these tales that may have contributed to the molding of our society today. Many mythological tales have been given their own spotlight through the forms of movies, comics, and video games.

mythic heroes battle tips

For video games, titles like God of War, Ōkami, or Age of Mythology have been quite educational in telling each player the tales behind the characters in them. Mobile games are no different and one such mobile game that enlightens its players on the magnificent tales of its characters is Mythic Heroes.

Published by IGG, the developers behind titles such as Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, and Omega Legends, Mythic Heroes is an idle RPG with strategy elements featuring real-time battles and a roster of characters stemming from various mythologies from all over the world. While the game plays similarly to AFK Arena and has the atmosphere of Onmyoji, Mythic Heroes is an entirely different creature on its own. Its levels are tough, its bosses are ferocious, and the sheer amount of strategy involved can be mind-boggling.

The story revolves around the Infinity Tree, a colossal tree born from the primordial energies of light and darkness that connects all realms together. Suddenly, the fallen seraph Lucifer decides to escape his own realm to fly into the other continents to conquer them and raise an army to serve his needs.

mythic heroes hercules

From the Greek pantheon, Hecate calls you forth, a Summoner, to tap into the power of the different realms to gain the aid of storied heroes, gods, and beasts to put an end to Lucifer’s rampage and bring peace to all realms once and for all. Will you fight or will you falter?

If you’re a new Summoner that wishes to know how to bring out the best in these heroes of myth and legend, gaze upon the edicts of knowledge below!

1. Work With Who You Have

mythic heroes dracula
What is a man?! A miserable little pile of secrets!

Because Mythic Heroes is a hero collector, you are bound to have a META or tiers. Thankfully, the game is balanced enough to let your lower-ranked heroes do battle. We aren’t talking about Rs (don’t bother with them), we’re talking about the SRs.

As you conquer any level in any mode, you are bound to receive shards of SR heroes. A tiny pool like this has some heroes that stand out among their more superior counterparts. Muse, for example, is a fair starter. While not as good of a healer as Idun, Muse has the ability to not just heal, but also stun her opponents.

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It’s this ultimate attack (or ult for short) that can cancel out the ults of your enemies because of her stun. Imagine stopping Zeus before raining down lightning onto your heroes or preventing Athena from casting her shield over her friends solely by using Muse’s ult. This can save you a lot of trouble in almost any fight. You may also find that SR heroes are much easier to Enhance than their high-rank counterparts (more on that later).

When you have gathered enough heroes, this is where team composition comes into mind. Each hero has a Tactical Advantage (more on this later, too) and a role. Here are brief descriptions of the roles of each hero in the game:

mythic heroes fighter

Fighter: Melee or ranged heroes who deal high amounts of damage through rapid attacks or burst damage. They deal Physical Damage.

(Examples: Baldur, Artemis, Lu Bu, Medusa, Susanoo, Lucifer)

mythic heroes tank

Tank: Melee heroes who have the innate ability to endure damage or call the enemy’s attention onto themselves. They sometimes have crowd control skills. Unlike everyone else, they have the lowest damage output. These heroes deal Physical Damage.

(Examples: Hippolyta, Hercules, Gaia, Anubis, Thanatos, Ganesha)

mythic heroes mage

Mage: Similar to the Fighter, mages are melee or ranged damage dealers who specialize in Area of Effect skills that cover wide areas of the map, or Burst Damage that greatly injure the enemy in such a short span of time. They are more fragile than Fighters, however. They deal Magic Damage.

(Examples: Zeus, Eos, Dracula, Ganjiang and Moye, Persephone, Merlin, Cleopatra, Tamamo no Mae, Izanami)

mythic heroes support

Support: Heroes that possess control skills that stop or hinder their enemies from attacking, healing spells, buff spells, and more. Sometimes they may double as Mages or Tanks, seeing as some of them have abilities that allow them to survive through the enemy onslaught or cripple the enemy ranks with high bursts of damage. They aren’t, unfortunately, as skilled as their more focused peers. These heroes deal Magic Damage.

(Examples: Muse, Joan of Arc, Harpy, Idun, Dionysus, Nuwa, Nagakanya)

An ideal team setup would entail two or three damage dealers (a mix or pair of Fighters and Mages), one to two Tanks, and one Support. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone as there are many ways to overcome an enemy in this game. We’ll touch upon Team Composition in the next item.

Having the heroes you want is one way to get far enough, but strategy makes up for most parts of the battle.

2. Strategize Every Time

While you may have mighty powerhouses of the game like Lu Bu, Lucifer, Zeus, or even Athena, brute force does not always win your battles. There will always be that one boss that may shock beginner Summoners (especially Cleopatra and/or Anubis in the Campaign), breaking their spirits when they realize that their mightiest heroes are easily defeated. This is where strategy comes into play.

Strategy can refer to many different things in the game. Because this is such a broad spectrum of topics, we have narrowed them down into fewer, more coherent subjects.

Hero Placement

mythic heroes hero placement
Hippolyta and Joan, will cut off anyone trying to get close to their beloved huntress. This is an advanced formation.

First, always remember that a Defensive Formation is 2-3 (two heroes at the back, three in front), and an Offensive Formation is 3-2 (three heroes at the back, two in front). Defensive Formations make use of sturdy heroes that keep the enemy from accosting your backliners whereas Offensive Formations aim to break through the enemy formation with the use of two frontliners and three backliners.

The positioning of a hero dictates how they will behave in a fight. In any team setup, heroes in front will engage the enemy sooner while those in the rear will have a delay in performing their attacks. Consider opening the fight with strong melee Fighters or Tanks up front and hard-hitting ranged Fighters or Mages at the back. Sometimes this also affects who your hero will prioritize as a target.

Let’s take Susanoo for example. His skill Phantom Slash will make him teleport behind the enemy he is directly aligned with. If you position him on either the top or bottom, he will attack the hero he is directly facing. If placed in the middle of a formation, he will immediately teleport to the middle enemy’s position. This is useful if you are trying to take out a high-profile target on the enemy team.

Putting your damage dealers together will cause a strong offensive charge at the enemy lines. If you notice that the enemy has a weak link in their ranks, take advantage of this and wipe them out right away. This is a useful tactic against enemies with a weaker hero in their team or if they happen to put a Support or a Mage in the front lines. Ultimately, it’s up to you to experiment which formation and hero placement suits your tactic best.

The next piece of the strategy puzzle involves damage bonuses among heroes and the faction their enemy belongs to.

Tactical Advantage

mythic heroes tactical advantage
And yet they all get along under your banner!

Mythic Heroes possesses four factions: Luminarchs (divine beings, gods, angels), Shadowarchs (fiends, evil spirits, grotesque creatures), Guardians (humans or those born mortal, partly or otherwise), and Verdians (wardens or wielders of nature, beastfolk).

They each follow a Rock-Paper-Scissors style of damage infliction: Luminarchs are strong against Shadowarchs, Shadowarchs are strong against Guardians, Guardians are strong against Verdians, and Verdians are strong against Luminarchs. The logic behind the Tactical Advantage mechanic is more fascinating than it seems.

In mythological stories or legend, the light almost always triumphs over darkness hence the Luminarchs being effective toward Shadowarchs. Demons, fiends, and monsters often preyed on mankind, thus explaining Shadowarchs being more powerful than Guardians. Mankind destroys or takes advantage of nature whenever it sees fit, Guardians winning against Verdians. Nature subsists on light and is kept strong by it, Verdians triumphing over Luminarchs.

In knowing this, you could be able to properly counter your enemy’s formation using heroes that should be more powerful than theirs. It’s also worth noting that composing your team with a certain group of heroes from the same factions will add to some bonuses (i.e. a team comprised of three Guardian heroes and two Luminarch heroes). Being prepared with a formation of varied factions is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, you may take the brunt of disadvantage since none of your heroes gain a raise in stats during combat; on the other, your enemy’s strengths will be divided since you have four heroes of each faction and a fifth one sharing a faction with one of the four. If pulled off correctly, your team may appear unorthodox yet powerful.

With factions separating heroes in a broader sense, it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty. Let’s get to know the heroes better, shall we?

Know Your Heroes (And The Enemies’ Heroes)

mythic heroes guivre
It works on bosses, too!

Every hero is like a person. After meeting them and befriending them, you get to hang around them and see how they behave. Some of them are just the right company for you while others aren’t. If you aren’t too familiar with those whom you assume aren’t exactly great company, it’s best to talk to them so you can find both yourselves on equal footing. In this game, it pays to view the skills of your heroes or study what they’re capable of. For a quick glance at their roles, you may tap on the enemy you aren’t familiar with, as pictured above.

You’ll see how they compare to their peers stat-wise, how they perform in a fight, and what kinds of equipment they can use (more on this later). After taking a closer look at your hero, you should know where they could be fielded in a formation. Additionally, studying your hero will also help you determine what the enemy is capable of when you encounter them using a hero you just read about. This is also useful for when you come across bosses you couldn’t defeat as it will help you formulate tactics you might use to beat them.

Knowing factions, classes, and the behavior of your heroes are the two ingredients to make the magic happen in a fight, and it all falls into Team Composition.

Team Composition

mythic heroes team composition
Gaia and Thanatos take the hits, Dracula and Harpy dish out damage, Idun heals everybody.

This is the part of Mythic Heroes where it gets interesting. How you form your team is entirely up to you, but if you’ve not a clue of what you’re doing, Team Composition denotes the way you evenly distribute roles in a team.

Picture it like a restaurant crew: you have the cooks, the cashier, the manager, the waiters, and the cleaners. You can’t run a restaurant effectively if everyone cooks but nobody manages anything, or if everyone’s great at managing things but can’t cook worth jack squat.

Likewise, if you have a team full of Fighters but no Supports, your formation will easily crumble. While it’s ideal to spread out your roles when it comes to Team Composition, you may also try selecting your heroes based on their skills.

What we mean by this is you can have one or two heroes who can inflict stun, a single hero that can deal area damage, a healer, and a tank. Finding the synergy that you want in a team may take a while, but that’s why we mentioned that experimentation is important, especially because every player has their own strategy.

You now have a team and a solid understanding of how the game works… Now what?

Fight! Fight! Fight!

mythic heroes cronus battle
Cronus is but one of the many bosses this game has to offer.

This is the best part of Mythic Heroes — doing battle with the heroes you have earned and upgraded. It’s in battle where your tactics and the effort you put into bettering your heroes will be tested. The beauty of this is that each of their strengths and weaknesses will come into full view. In any of these modes, you will find that each of your teams will shuffle formations or members every time. But do you really know what you’re fighting for?


mythic heroes campaign
What the Tartarus?

This is the stage of the main story where you uncover the reasons behind the scattering of the dark crystals all over the different worlds. Progression is the mark of status for a Summoner and it often tells others how good you are at playing the game. This is emphasized by the fact that each stage increases with difficulty and sometimes the end boss of a chapter may be the least of your worries.

The Campaign rewards each Summoner with various resources used in strengthening your hero. If played in Elite Mode, these rewards are further increased and they may even offer rarer prizes to the Summoner with every victory.

The Elite Mode is far more difficult than the original Campaign as it mostly requires more than one battle to fully complete a level. Another caveat here is that the heroes who have participated in a battle cannot fight the next one and will need substitutes from another team.

If the resources you need aren’t here in the Campaign, it’s time to give Hades’ Hell a shot.

Hades’ Hell

mythic heroes hades' hell
They’re stuck in a world where everything moves faster than it seems… Such is the realm of the Dreams of Beasts.

Just like the Campaign, Hades’ Hell follows a progression of difficulty. The only difference here is that each chapter of Hades’ Hell has a stage hazard that is completely detrimental to you since it doesn’t affect the enemy at all.

For example, at the entrance of the underworld, you will fight in stages where you are constantly stalked by Hades’ very own three-headed guard dog, Cerberus. Cerberus will occasionally growl and make your heroes lose focus, causing them to lose an amount of energy. This can happen at the worst moments and could even turn the tide of battle against you.

While the battles are much more difficult than the main Campaign, it is here where you can get runes, equipment, and other things you can use to upgrade your heroes but this is all at the cost of difficult fights. Hades’ Hell is not for the faint of heart, so make sure you prepare for anything

If you need that abundant burst of resources that neither the Campaign or Hades’ Hell can provide you with, attempt the Trials of Ascension.

Trials Of Ascension

The Trials of Ascension is a form of combat where three bosses guard valuable resources. Each boss is fought like an endurance test; your team has to inflict as much damage as possible while keeping themselves alive. The more damage you inflict, the more rewards you will be given. These bosses also have special weaknesses that recommend you to use heroes who have it.

mythic heroes kubera
You think I got all this treasure from being a pushover?!
  • Dorado Vault (Kubera) – This is where you get gold. Kubera is the Hindu god of wealth and he is also susceptible to heroes who deal Physical Damage. He occasionally stuns your heroes by raining gold coins on them.
mythic heroes mimir
Get out of here.
  • Yggdrasil Well (Mimir) – This trial grants you experience. Mimir is the protector of the Yggdrasil and a member of the Norse pantheon. Mimir’s minions collectively take damage and thus, Area Damage heroes are best suited for this battle.
mythic heroes genie
You clearly did NOT think this through.
  • Afreet Den (Genie) – You get Stardust from this one. The Genie is susceptible to Magic Damage and he may occasionally freeze your heroes one at a time with ice spells.

If your damage peaks, you are given the option to Pillage the lair, yielding you the same rewards you received previously. Use this feature if no recent upgrades have been made to your heroes.

One other way you may procure resources is through spending Pantheon Badges. You earn these from doing the Pantheon.


mythic heroes pantheon
See Hecate run. Run, Hecate! Run!

The Pantheon has rewards and prizes that can be redeemed at the end of each run. But to get there, you must first put a stop to Cronus’ resurrection and that’s through braving the trials set before you on the path up Mount Olympus.

This mode is all about decision-making. As Hecate guides you through the perilous roads of the mountain, you will encounter stops in your journey that require you to make a decision. These decisions will affect the outcome of your final battle with Cronus. Some choices may help you here and now, but only a few of them will help you score more damage towards him.

mythic heroes atlas
Poor guy’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders.

For instance, you may need to keep a balance between Bravery and Wisdom. While both stats have other perks if they reach a certain level, Bravery mainly increases Physical Damage and Wisdom primarily strengthens Magic Damage. Depending on your team, you may need to keep one higher than the other. Once you reach Cronus, there is no way you can increase these stats anymore.

mythic heroes chronus pantheon
This is the end of the line.

The battle against Cronus, much like the Trials of Ascension, is an endurance run. With all of the might you have gathered in the Pantheon, you will be put to the test by taking on the Titan of Time himself. The longer you keep up the fight, the more powerful he will become.

After playing through the Campaign (thanks to the upgrades and resources you get from the aforementioned modes), you will unlock the Iconic Weapons of heroes that belong in the SSR and UR categories (more on this later). These can be upgraded by visiting the Zodiac Caverns.

Zodiac Caverns

Mythology is always famous for its mighty and fearsome creatures. What is a mythology game at all without fighting these?

The Zodiac Caverns are the residence of said creatures. Each creature fiercely guards their most coveted prizes yet: Soulseals. It is with these Soulseals that you can improve a hero’s iconic weapon and make them stronger. But let’s first discuss the behaviors of these beasts so we could be somewhat a step ahead of them:

mythic heroes draco
It’ll huff, and puff, and blow you down!
  • Draco – This sinister serpent loves to blow things away. As you battle it, it creates cyclones that travel across the battlefield, damaging heroes in its wake. Make use of heroes that move around in this fight such as Susanoo or Tamamo no Mae.
mythic heroes ankaa
Not the fried chicken you had in mind.
  • Ankaa – A bird that blazes with the flames of rebirth. After depleting its health, this phoenix turns into an egg once more and emits flames to all your heroes. Failing to kill it as an egg will cause it to rise up once more at full health. Heroes who deal burst damage like Mulan, Baldur, or Zeus may best this beast.
mythic heroes baihu
The purrfect weapon does not exist.
  • Baihu – The Baihu is a terrifying tiger with wondrous wings and claws that can kill. It can mark heroes for death using its glare and heroes at a certain threshold of health will certainly perish after being touched by its talons. Tank heroes like Hercules or Athena are ideal here since they will at least be able to stand up to the feral feline’s fabled ferocity.
mythic heroes genbu
It’ll give you one shell of a time.
  • Genbu – A dauntless dragon tortoise with a shell only as hard as its fight. It wields the powers of ice and it could freeze its foes before they have the chance to fight back. It starts out in its shell surrounded by an armor of ice while its tail-head fights, but once the ice breaks, its true head emerges. The best way to make this ravenous reptile relinquish its Soulseals to you is through heroes who can strike rapidly such as Artemis, Hodur, or Ganjiang and Moye.
mythic heroes chimaera
Prepare for a groundbreaking performance!
  • Chimaera – This final beast, an amalgamation of animals, is possibly the most dangerous one of all. If kept alive for too long, it goes into a rage mode that is almost impossible to survive as it creates earthquakes that can quickly exterminate your party.

To keep it from entering this mode, and to possibly kill it before it does, the use of heroes who deal Damage Over Time (DOT) similar to Hades, Cleopatra, Yuki Onna, and the like are recommended. This includes those who cause bleeding, inflict poison, or any similar debuffs.

If the beasts themselves are too difficult to beat, you may also try proceeding through the Divine Chronicles, if you have it unlocked.

Divine Chronicles

mythic heroes divine chronicles
SPOILER: Lucifer is the bad guy all along!

Ever get curious about the lore of this game? The Divine Chronicles has you covered.

Aside from providing every Summoner with Hero Tokens, resources, and more, you will get to understand a little bit more about the world around you. Unlike most battles in the game, however, the battles here feature unique events or conditions that require you to proceed to the next chapter. As the mechanics of this game work, there should be a strategy for everything as long as your heroes are sufficiently powered up.

There will always be that one snag you will hit in your quest for victory. If the resources aren’t coming through immediately, read on and we’ll tell you how to procure these baubles more quickly.

4. Claim Resources Wherever Possible

mythic heroes resources
You need these. All of these.

Resources are what make your heroes stronger. They are also obtainable almost everywhere.

Aside from the Trials of Ascension or Zodiac Caverns we’ve mentioned earlier, there are ways you can obtain everything else. Amass these and you’ll be able to power up your heroes in no time! The only problem is you can only get so many of these within a day.

You may get them in bulk, and sometimes they could come in trickles. Among these resources are the coveted premium resource of the game: Diamonds. If you want to support the developers, send them some love. But if you aren’t the type to do that, here’s how you can quickly gain these:

The Astrolabe Of Truth

mythic heroes astrolabe
And the award for the cutest RPG guide goes to… Oh, right! The Astrolabe. This thingy. You use it to get treasure.

Pay Hecate a visit once in a while. She gets lonely, too!

All jokes aside, the Astrolabe of Truth will be your main source of treasure. After waiting some time, there will be a large pile of treasure waiting for you to claim. It’s here where you’ll get a variety of goodies, be they Diamonds, Hero Tokens, Rune or Artifact Fragments, or others.

There’s also the option of spending your hard-earned currencies at the Market.


mythic heroes market
Come and get ’em!

The in-game Market displays its goods for 24 hours unless you’ve bought them out or refreshed it. It sells a variety of resources and sometimes you’ll never know what you’re gonna find so it’s absolutely a wise choice to visit this place once in a while. Occasionally, they also have sales for specific items.

If the items on display are not to your liking, refreshing the Market is possible. The first refresh is free, but the succeeding refreshes are funded with Diamonds at increasing prices. Do this wisely since Diamonds will be much harder to come by later on!

You will often get stacks of Gold, Experience, Stardust, and others but they might just be sitting in your inventory.


mythic heroes stardust
Crusaders not included.

As it is in every RPG, there is an inventory of things in this game.

This is where your resources are stored as well as other things like Hero Tokens or shards. Every now and then, the game will prompt you to check your inventory to piece together a new Rune or Artifact, or summon a random hero using shards. However, this isn’t the only reason why you should visit your inventory often: sometimes you have usable resource stacks that can give you loads of them in a short span of time.

For example, if you somehow have a chest of Stardust in your inventory, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it. Among Gold and Experience, Stardust is a commodity that’s hard to amass and it’s quite important in the strengthening of your heroes.

If the inventory and Market don’t have what you’re looking for, how about trying the other shops?

Other Shops

mythic heroes pantheon shop
But wait! There’s more!

There are other shops in this game? Of course there are!

These shops allow you to spend different kinds of currency you earn from simply playing the game. Examples of these other shops are the Arena Shop, the Pantheon Shop, and the Guild Shop. When you have a sufficient amount of currency, pay these shops a visit and get what you need. The Arena Shop, in particular, even sells Hero Tokens, so take advantage of this when you’re trying to level up one of your heroes!

These are the ways you can actively gain resources. Along with the Astrolabe, there is also another way you can get all these passively.

Fable Agora

mythic heroes fable agora
This is where you make the dreams of NPCs come true.

Do you have a favorite fairy tale?

This is how you can make use of your low-tier heroes: by sending them through the Fable Agora. What they do is that they’ll go through adventures in certain stories. After a few minutes or hours, they will return with some resources. This is extremely useful if you’re doing something else while playing the game and you aren’t actively trying to get through the campaign or any of the various battle modes.

Don’t forget to dispatch your heroes to do these before you, yourself, set off for adventure and battle. They should be done the next time you log back in after you’ve had your fill for the day.

You should have a mountain of resources on you! Where do we spend them now?

5. Upgrade Your Heroes

Much like every other RPG out there, Mythic Heroes will require you to upgrade your heroes in order for you to progress through the story. The most basic way you can level up a hero is through using Gold, Experience, and Stardust.

You will often hit a speed bump here and there because you’re lacking one of the three. If leveling your hero is a no-go, you may try any of these. Do keep in mind that the first three are applicable to heroes ranked SR and above:


mythic heroes ascension
Maybe if Baldur reached this ascension level, the mistletoe spear (or crossbow bolt, in this case) wouldn’t have killed him.

Ascension raises a hero through their tier. For instance, after ascending a hero three times, the color of their frame changes denoting their strength. The three shining crests at the bottom of the hero’s frame denotes their ascension level.

Doing this requires Hero Tokens of the same hero. As we’ve stated earlier, SR heroes are much easier to ascend or enhance than their rarer peers since their tokens are far more common. The requirement of these tokens increases with every ascension. Aside from giving your hero stat bonuses, Ascension also increases their level cap.

Working hand-in-hand with Ascension is Enhancement.


mythic heroes enhancement
After doing this to Harpy, you’d think she’s either cute or psycho… Or both.

While this process seems similar to Ascension, Enhancement only has a limit of 10 unless it’s increased through Divinity.

Enhancement gives a drastic boost to a hero’s stats. Compared to Ascension, however, the hero tokens you use to enhance a hero is based on faction and not specific heroes. For example, if you were to enhance Hades, you have the option of using his hero tokens or you can use the tokens of other Shadowarchs. This is useful if you aren’t currently using a particular hero and you’d like to increase the stats of a hero who’s a mainstay in your party and they share the same faction with the hero you aren’t using.

One of the last basic ways you can strengthen a hero is choosing their equipment.


mythic heroes equipment
Ride the lightning!

This is where strengthening your hero takes an interesting turn.

Giving your hero equipment, which comprises 3 Runes and an Artifact, may completely change the way the hero behaves. Do note that each Rune set requires three Runes sharing one element; having Runes of different elements may be counter-intuitive since the hero will not receive an elemental passive based on the element you chose for them. Taking a set of Runes and an Artifact is easy, but here’s how you can make the most out of equipping a hero.

Read up on their skills before bestowing new duds on them. For this item, we’ll look at Joan of Arc as an example. Joan opens every battle with a forward spear charge that deals a decent amount of damage and stuns the enemy. To take advantage of this, you may fit her with a set of Fire Runes which will give her a temporary Critical Hit Chance boost in the very beginning of battle.

To offset such a mighty skill, Joan’s defense isn’t anything to write home about. This is where the artifact comes in: giving her an Aegis Shield will help mitigate the damage she receives from her enemies. Conversely, you can try giving her a set of Earth Runes and an Excalibur. There are many ways you can mix-and-match equipment.

That’s it for the basic ways you can strengthen your heroes! The next two bullets are exclusively for heroes who are ranked SSR and above.

Iconic Weapon

mythic heroes herc weap
That’s no club.

Each hero above SSR bears a powerful weapon and it’s this weapon you can improve using the Soulseals you gain from the Zodiac Caverns.

Each Iconic Weapon requires an unlock using Gold. After which, the different Soulseals empower its different stats. The way you increase these stats is purely up to you, but if you aren’t sure where to start, you might want to consider increasing where your hero excels.

Let’s take a look at Hercules and his Leonine Club. For why it’s called a club and not a greatsword, we do not know, but we do know that Hercules boasts an impressive defense. You can use the Soulseals to improve his Physical Resistance (PR) or his health or defense. Conversely, you can try to improve where he lacks in strength: his Attack or Critical Hit Chance. This will help him hit harder in a fight and contribute to your team’s overall DPS.

When you reach a certain level in improving your hero’s Iconic Weapon, they receive passive bonuses which are exclusive only for that specific hero. Going back to Hercules, he gains a damage increase every time he uses his Sword Storm skill which stacks up to 10 times. These hidden abilities may aid in making your hero turn a fight around.

In addition to that, there’s also the Divinity aspect of a hero.


mythic heroes artie div
These give your heroes some interesting powers.

Divinity improves a hero’s strength using the material called Faith along with Divinity Gems. This gives your hero buffs during battle or a few seconds into it.

For Divinity, we will be taking a gander at the Luminarchs’ very own huntress, Artemis. Artemis’ aim is deadly as is, but in using Divinity, there are multiple ways in which you can make that aim even deadlier. For example, one Divinity Skill she has called Annihilation grants her extra damage toward the summoned minions of an enemy; Anubis, Cleopatra, and Hades beware.

Aside from gaining such a skill, Divinity also may increase her Dodge rate, her Accuracy, and her Critical Hit Chance. Don’t pass up on trying Divinity out; it can make your heroes even mightier than before!

This covers hero improvement through the hero menu, but let’s go back to the Astrolabe of Truth for a bit to discuss a small yet effective addition to the strengthening of your heroes.

Cube Of Truth

mythic heroes cube of truth
Not your grandparents’ Rubik’s Cube.

If you go to the Astrolabe of Truth, there is a cube-shaped icon at its lower left. The Cube of Truth is very important to strengthening all your heroes as well as improving the Astrolabe itself.

While the Cube’s bonuses might be tiny compared to what you see in a hero’s improvements, they directly affect all of your heroes. They all stack with one another so this is a slow but sure way to make your heroes stronger. How you gain these Cube Fragments is mainly through Achievements, but you can gain them through using the Astrolabe as well as participating in other in-game events.

Now while all of these may seem pretty impressive for PvE (Player versus Environment), how will they fare in PvP?

6. Take Part In Arena Fights

Ah, PvP. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay in Mythic Heroes and it comes in the form of the Arena.

In the Arena, your involvement is only up to your team’s formation. After that, they are all going to fight on their own accord which includes the activation of their ults. This is what makes Arena fights particularly challenging since sometimes you can play tricks on your opponents using formations unknown to them. But why try out the Arena at all aside from earning Arena medals?

The Arena actually teaches you something that the Campaign doesn’t: the true magic of formation and team composition. Here, you’ll see how well some heroes mesh with each other and how timing doesn’t entirely exist here since everyone is at the complete mercy of the AI activating the heroes’ ults at the drop of a hat.

Your Arena team might even be completely different from your Campaign team since adapting to this game mode is a must. While you might lose many of your battles, do not let that deter you; watch your failures using the Replay function in the Records and try to understand why your strategy failed. You will eventually come up with a better formation.

If you have difficulty figuring out which heroes are useful for the arena, why not try finding a group of people who could help you out with that like a guild?

7. Join A Guild

mythich heroes guild
Your home away from home.

Guilds might just be one of the best things ever invented in any online game.

These are groups that allow people to band together toward a common goal and where they can also help each other along the way. Upon joining a guild, you will find that there are many other ways you can gain resources and that’s through fighting the Blade Wraith or participating in the Epic Showdown.

mythic heroes blade wraith
He’s got enough blades for his own shaver commercial.

The prizes that follow are all worth it since the chest that you receive at the end of a Showdown will allow you to choose what you want to receive. If you’re at a dearth of Stardust, this is your chance to get more. What are you waiting for? Find yourself a guild today!

But why stop at a guild when it comes to socializing with the playerbase? Nothing beats making friends, too.

The Blade Wraith is similar to the bosses in the Trials of Ascension but the rewards he gives you for sparring with him are more varied. He occasionally drops Runes! The Epic Showdown on the other hand is a guild versus guild setup. With a mechanic similar to the Elite Campaign, this is where you can put your heroes to the test against the heroes of another player from another guild.

8. Make Friends

mythic heroes friends list
If friendship is magic, can you make people vanish with it?

You are bound to find people who share your interests… or the stage you’re stuck in.

Aside from asking for people to add you in the chat, you may also find friends in the guild you’ve joined (if you’ve joined one at all). Having a lot of active friends gives you the chance to claim the Friendship Chest. This should be motivation enough for you to make friends; the Friendship Chest may contain Diamonds. Just remember that your friends are paving your way to your wealth in Diamonds and in turn, you’re paving theirs. Hooray for teamwork!

If it’s your goal to earn Diamonds, there are still more ways to do it!

9. Complete Quests And Achievements

mythic heroes quests
All done… but the game ain’t over yet!

Quests in any game serve as the player’s purpose.

Here in Mythic Heroes, quests shower the player with a ton of rewards every time. Yes, there are Diamonds. These can be gained by completing the puzzles you are given every quest set. Sometimes you’ll also gain Summon Scrolls which will allow you to summon heroes without the use of Diamonds.

mythic heroes achievements
See? It ain’t over yet.

While completing your quests are what give you that steady stream of rewards every day or every week through Daily Quests and Weekly Quests, respectively, Achievements rise in reward quality. These give you a greater purpose to strive for.

You will be given more important rewards such as Cube Fragments for the Cubes of Truth. After completing a set number of Achievements, you will be rewarded with a chest that contains 5 Faction Summon Scrolls.

Speaking of summoning…

10. Use Your Diamonds Carefully

mythic heroes summon
Just a few… more… Diamonds…

Let’s not forget that Mythic Heroes is a hero collector! That means lots of summoning.

True, you can use Summon Scrolls, but if you’re trying to ascend or enhance that one hero, there’s no better way to summon than spend some Diamonds here and there. They may be hard to come by, but using them could pay off in empowering some of the heroes you’ve invested in.

There’s also using these to buy out some items in the Market that are only available for purchase using Diamonds. Some of these can be quite expensive, especially if they’re of a high rarity, but take advantage of this when you come across any of them. If you’ve joined a guild, you can donate these Diamonds for Research in order to make your experiences with the Blade Wraith and/or Epic Showdown better.

Diamonds have a lot of uses within the game, but only use them when you need to. The last two paragraphs were merely suggestions of what you can do with these precious stones, but in the end, the choice is in your hands.

Voila! This ends our beginner’s guide to Mythic Heroes. Collect, upgrade, battle, but strategize your every step. If you’re looking for allies to join you in your journey, be sure to also check out the Official Mythic Heroes Discord Server. The minions of chaos and evil are watching, and only you can stop the universe’s imminent collapse. Go forth, noble Summoner!

If you have tips of your own or have anything to tell us about our guide, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!