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Lords Mobile Heroes Tier List: A Complete Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

Welcome to our Lords Mobile tier list for heroes. Lords Mobile is a mix between an action-RPG with its Hero Mode battles, and a rock-paper-scissors army and kingdom builder strategy MMO thanks to its Skirmish system. Some heroes are abysmally useless in combat but are must haves thanks to their powerful admin skills. Some are good as Hero Mode and Colosseum fighters. Some make for great Army commanders for  skirmishes against the AI and wars against other players.

While some of its game modes (Hero Mode and the Colosseum come into mind) are rather similar in gameplay to games such as Cookie Run: Kingdom and RAID: Shadow Legends, this is by no means a gacha game. Instead of unlocking Heroes at a random chance, you either get them from the campaign, grind for a specific Hero during Events, or outright pay an admittedly exorbitant amount of money for a specific Hero.

lords mobile heroes tier list

That being said, the ease at which you can raise a Hero to Legendary does factor in to its effectiveness, considering how a Legendary Hero will often be much better than a non-Legendary counterpart, even when comparing Free, Event, and the most ostensibly overpowered of Paid Heroes. Ironically, this means Free Heroes are meta!

Read our Lords Mobile heroes tier list below to learn a thing or two about said heroes, no matter how low they are on our list.


With Free Heroes, their admin skills play a much bigger part in planting them high on the tier list than with Paid Heroes. This is because heroes with good admin skills do well to be rocketed into Legendary Tier first for the sake of your kingdom. Doing so allows you to progress quickly, replace combat losses more easily, and help with upgrading your more combative heroes too.

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With Free Heroes, it is much easier to send them to Legendary since you can grind for their Medals faster than even the Limited Challenge available heroes. That being said, combat ability is important too.

FA Tier – Royal Court

These guys are either first-priority admins, or core members of a team who are generally safe picks for their role. You’re generally gonna want to grind their medals first to get a solid team or kingdom ready for most actions. If anything, they’re either your royal advisors or praetorian guard.

Rose Knight

Combat Hero, Tank, Support, Cavalry Commander

rose knight lords mobile

A pink plated peace-loving pacifist who, unfortunately for her, ended up being one of the top meta Heroes in Lords Mobile and as such, has to do a lot of fighting and killing. In combat, her focus is on adding much-needed survivability to your team, whether it be her Cavalry HP Boost in large-scale army battles or her shield and healing actives in Hero and Coliseum fights.

She also gets a general damage bonus for your whole army, so she’s a safe bet to fill a command slot with. You can get her early by paying, or find her late in the Hero Mode campaign.

Sage Of Storms

Admin Hero, AOE Damage, Defensive Cavalry Commander

sage of storms lords mobile

One of the first heroes you unlock early in the game, and thankfully so. Anderson is a fairly lackluster AOE damage dealer in Hero Mode, which isn’t much of a problem since A, you will replace him in that mode quickly, and B, that’s not where he shines.

He shines as an early Construction Boost, one of the first heroes you should rush to Legendary for the sake of running your kingdom smoothly and efficiently.


Admin Hero, Long Range AOE Confusion

trickster lords mobile

Another early-unlock admin Hero who takes priority in grinding to Legendary above everyone else. In Hero Mode, his ultimate attack is a  long-range extremely wide AOE Confuse, though he isn’t particularly hard hitting. He also has zero battle command skills, making him utterly worthless as a field commander.

That’s because all his “Battle Skills” are admin skills! A research speed boost, a Max Energy Boost, and Energy Regeneration for more, never ending Monster Hunts. Rush him to Legendary and plant him on a desk, ASAP!

Scarlet Bolt

Admin Hero, Single Target Damage

scarlet bolt lords mobile

A Hero you can unlock from the daily log-in. In Hero Mode, she’s a single target damage dealer with Disarm, with a passive that lowers enemy DEF. Not too bad, but you’re getting her for that sweet, delicious early Construction Speed Boost. Another one of those heroes you should rush to Legendary ASAP.

Prima Donna

Support Hero, Healer, Siege Commander

prima donna lords mobile

Not only is she the first healer you get, she is also one of the most dedicated healers in the game. Felicia’s skill is simply to heal everybody for a ton of HP for 4 solid seconds, and it charges at least as fast as the other characters. She is found very often in Hero Mode and the Coliseum along with Rose Knight, keeping their team alive well past whatever lifespan they ought to have.

As a bonus, she has three massively powerful bonuses to Siege Engines if you use her as a commander. Bring her if you have something against walls. Of course, she’s squishy, so watch out for rear ambushes in Hero Mode fights.

Death Knight

Combat Hero, AOE Freeze, Tank, Cavalry Commander

death knight lords mobile

A Stone Production Boost and DEF and HP for cavalry under his command. As for his Hero Mode performance, he’s got an AOE Freeze that lasts 3 seconds, and the ability to revive himself upon death. Add that to his STR increasing passive, and he makes a pretty sturdy tank. A meh Admin, a decent Cavalry Commander, and a good tank and disabler.

Black Crow

Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Defensive Ranger Commander

black crow lords mobile

A damage dealer in Hero Mode, a ranger toughener as a commander, and totally useless in matters outside of killing people. This bloodthirsty, politically inept lady is heavily focused on dealing damage in Hero Mode.

Almost all her skills involve dealing great damage, or making enemies more vulnerable and thus, making them take great damage. She’s also a good garrison commander, buffing the damage of traps and the DEF and HP of your rangers. Put her in battle where she is happiest.

Demon Slayer

Combat Hero, Debuffer, Damage Dealer, Infantry Commander

demon slayer lords mobile

An Infantry HP and ATK Boost and a Trap damage boost makes them a nasty surprise for anyone trying to attack your kingdom. You’re more likely to use them in the Coliseum though, with one of their autoattacks inflicting Silence and their ultimate skill dealing wide AOE M-Crit reduction. He also has a passive that increases your team’s M-DEF. Useful for shutting magic-heavy heroes down.

FB Tier – Strategic Command

These guys are either second-priority admins, good commanders or heroes you can use for a specific role in case the guys above them don’t quite suit whatever devious battle plan you’ve come up with. Once you’re done maxxing out the FA tier characters, these guys are a good pick to level next.

Snow Queen

Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Linear Disable, Ranger Commander

snow queen lords mobile

A useful Hero in Hero Mode and as a Ranger Commander during large scale battles. She’s got a medium-range 5-second Freeze that hits in a line. This is usually enough time to oh say, save your Prima Donna from those jerks attacking your rear. On top of that, she’s a decent Ranger Commander, particularly in defensive operations where you can use Traps. She sees use in Monster Hunts.


Combat Hero, Single Target Sniper, Ranged Commander

tracker lords mobile

Tracker makes a decent Ranger commander, offering both a DEF and ATK boost for rangers under her command. Her admin skill, an Ore Production speed boost, isn’t anything special. In Hero and Collosseum mode, you use her primarily as a single target sniper.

Her ultimate skill is an arrow shot to a single target, and her autoattacks are a cone of arrows, and another single target stun shot pointed at rear enemies. That one is useful for keeping bosses and artillery-type enemies down, since they tend to hang out back.

Oath Keeper

Combat Hero, Tank, AOE Damage, Infantry Commander

oath keeper lords mobile

The starter guy, and a pretty good one. Oath Keeper’s Admin Skill, Food Production, is important for maintaining a large army. It comes as a secondary priority compared to Build Speed and Research Speed though, since you need those earlier.

He also makes an okay tank for Hero Mode, with a short duration AOE stun attack. Nothing bad, but nothing special. Not to mention a good Infantry Commander thanks to his Infantry ATK and HP buffs.

Child Of Light

Combat Hero, AOE Stun, Defensive Cavalry Commander

child of light lords mobile

A useful garrison commander thanks to their Trap durability boost, and their Cavalry ATK and HP bonuses. In Hero and Coliseum mode, he’s able to stun enemies in an area, lower their MDEF in a cone, and put up a shield for whoever’s closest to being dead. Pretty good for keeping enemies at bay, especially if you have units that deal magic damage behind him.


Fight Hero, Heavy Burst Damage, Silence

shade lords mobile

Probably one of your wall’s best friends. You’d think Shade makes a good defensive commander, but both his Wall DEF Bonus and Trap Construction speed boost are passives, meaning they’re active just from him existing. In fact, he makes a fairly poor commander, with only an Infantry DEF bonus to show for it.

In Hero Mode though, he’s there to deal burst damage in a small area with his ult, and shut enemies up with a silence inducing autoattack. Presumably, he throws a kunai into their teeth to make them stop talking. With the Silence lasting a whole 5 seconds and being an autoattack, he could be particularly useful in the Colosseum, though he isn’t part of the meta.

Soul Forger

Combat Hero, Tank, AOE Debuffer, Defensive Commander

As a commander, he isn’t particularly special. He gives his infantry an ATK boost and traps a DEF boost, making him a wallsitter. His admin skill, Gold Supply Management, is a nice bonus considering how slow gold production is compared to other resources.

In Hero Mode and the Colosseum, he fills the role of tank, while helping his buddies tank too by reducing the enemy’s ATK and CRIT with his AOE autoattacks. He also helps the actual damage dealers since his ultimate skill is a spinning hammer that inflicts Vulnerable over a wide area.

FC Tier – Public Servants

These guys are are either not particularly high priority admins, heroes who may have others who do their job better, or commanders who are less useful for general combat since they mostly have defensive [Wall and Trap] bonuses rather than bonuses for your army, which are useful whether or not you’re attacking or defending. Such commanders do well in a garrison posting, but very poorly on the assault. That being said, their badness is relative, and they can still be useful.

Death Archer

Combat Hero, AOE Poison, Single Target Sniper, Ranger Commander

death archer lords mobile

One of your starter heroes, most likely to cover for the damage dealer role behind Oath Keeper’s shield. Death Archer’s Ore Production bonus isn’t particularly special if you get enough mines and in-game rewards. As for her command skills, she gets ATK to both rangers and traps, again not bad but not special, there are better ranger commanders out there.

As a damage dealer in Hero Mode, the fact she has an AOE poison bomb as one of her basic autoattacks is a nice surprise. Her one-target skill looks pretty weak until you notice that poison chewing through the enemy’s HP.


Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Siege Commander

elementalist lords mobile

If you had gotten this guy earlier, he’d be higher up on this list. Unfortunately, by this time, you already have Prima Donna as a good Siege commander, and Oath Keeper for food production. He’s pretty good in Hero Mode if you need a magic damage dealer though.

Dang near every one of his skills is either for dealing damage, or helping him deal more damage than he should. As for the Colosseum, Demon Slayer’s too common as part of a meta team, so he’s in a bit of trouble as a primarily magic-based fighter.

Sea Squire

Admin Hero, Healer, Damage Dealer

sea squire lords mobile

A rather poor infantry commander with only an Infantry ATK bonus. Sea Squire allows you to build traps for your wall faster and comes with stone production, so it isn’t all bad. As for Hero mode and the Collosseum, you could use him as a secondary healer thanks to one of his autoattacks, an AOE heal around whoever is closest to being dead.

His two other skills involve hitting multiple enemies and causing damage. A great Hero, a decent administrator and a fairly poor commander.

Night Raven

Combat Hero, All-Range Damage, Defensive Cavalry Commander

night raven lords mobile

Pretty weird for an agile guy like him to give a buff for your wall’s DEF. He also gives your cavalry units an ATK and DEF boost, which makes more sense for him. He likes hitting many people at once, with one of his autoattacks being a wide AOE strike, and his ultimate skill hitting all enemies on the map no matter how far away they are.

His other autoattack is a 3 second stun, and he increases the DEX of all your heroes. Pretty useful for your other damage dealers.

FD Tier – Civilians

These guys are all the way down here because they have all the problems of the guys directly above them in FC tier, plus some form of weakness that pulls them down further. Oh well.

Bombin’ Goblin

Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Defensive Commander

bombin' goblin lords mobile

Ostensibly a Ranger Commander, their actual bonuses are an ATK boost that while weaker than usual, applies to everyone in the army. They also get boosts to Trap damage and durability, making them a safe pick for garrison command if you’re not sure who to fill a slot with. In Hero Mode, they are an AOE damage dealer whose skill is to toss bombs at the enemy.

Unfortunately, they waste one of their skill slots on a kamikaze attack! This is fine if you just want to progress through Hero Mode or want to keep someone in the Colosseum on their toes. But if you want to beat levels with 3 stars, this is a waste of a slot.

Not to mention if he dies and triggers the explosion, you’re probably doing so badly you need to restart the level anyway. Not to mention you can’t use it in Limited Challenge missions that come with No Death objectives.


Combat Hero, Light AOE Stun, Siege Commander

incinerator lords mobile

A siege commander with a lumber gathering speed bonus, she gives HP and AK to siege engines when deployed to battle. You’re probably bringing her to Hero Mode or Colosseum matches though, since she’s got a pair of 1 second AOE stuns, one of them an autoattack and the other her ultimate skill.

Her third skill is to set a guy on fire for four seconds. Again, a bit iffy in the Colosseum because of Demon Slayer, and the fact you can’t time attacks yourself there.


As opposed to the Free Heroes, we’ll be rating these guys mostly based on whether or not they might be worth the money, or the grind. Especially since some of the more admin-oriented guys can be gotten from Limited Challenges, technically being Free!

Limited Challenge admin heroes are way harder to send to Legendary compared to Free Heroes, making them a secondary priority by force.  It would be unfair to compare them to Free Heroes especially as military commanders, since a lot of Paid Heroes have general army bonuses as opposed to unit-based bonuses.

PA Tier – Amiable Investment

These guys tend to be rather straightforward or offer a role that none of the Free Heroes can do. Which is good since if you’re going to be spending money or aiming for a long term goal, you might as well get someone who’s easy to understand and put in a role that fits them well. You gotta know what you’re paying for after all!

Dark Follower

Admin Hero, Anti-Magic, Healer

dark follower lords mobile

A kid who wants to be a nice guy but got possessed by a spirit who wants to make him super edgy and evil. He’s got an increase to training speed, research speed and gold production, and nothing at all for waging war.

His whole nice kid possessed by an edgy ghost schtick comes in his Hero Mode performance. He’s got both light-based support skills to help his allies, and darkness-based offensive skills that screw over the enemy’s attempts to cast magic-based attacks.

His ultimate skill is a long-range cone that causes damage and reduces the enemy’s MATK. His autoattacks are split between a light-based AOE heal and ATK buff, and a long-range magic disabler. He also has a passive that increases the team’s MDEF. While you can toss 110 dollars to max him out with 5 dollar packs or 775 dollars for one shot, you can also get him for Free via Limited Challenges.


Combat Hero, Tank, Taunt, Cavalry Commander

barbarian lords mobile

A fairly straightforward choice for Cavalry commander, with a Cavalry HP and ATK boost, and a DEF boost for everyone else in the army. Hero mode is where he could be most useful, with his 5 second AOE damaging taunt a good choice to distract rear ambushers attacking your healer.

That being said, you might not want to taunt the entire enemy formation. Best of all, you can grab him from Limited Challenges, so if you’re very patient, you won’t need to spend a cent on him.

Cursed Hunter

Diplomatic Hero, Damage Dealer, Healer, Infantry Commander

cursed hunter lords mobile

Normally, buying a Paid Hero is a terrible idea, considering how a lot of the Free Heroes do the job just fine and these guys tend to be very expensive to max out. This one is an exception, assuming you plan to start a guild or are already part of a good one. Cursed Hunter should have gone into politics, considering one of her passives allow you to  increase the size of a Coalition’s army when about to assault a Wonder on the kingdom map.

 Oh and she also lets you merge Pacts faster for Familiar Runes. 110 dollars to max with 5 dollar packs is no joke, but even just buying her initial common-tier self for 5 dollars may be worth it if you’re planning for the long haul with friends.

As for her abilities in Hero Mode, or the Colosseum, she’s a damage dealing secondary healer. She hits pretty hard with her linear ultimate skill, and one of her autoattacks is to heal whoever’s almost dead and grant a shield to herself.

Don Guapo

Diplomatic Hero, Damage Dealer, Light Stun

don guapo lords mobile

Another Hero who might be worth buying for those who want to start a Guild or help out with their current one. Don Guapo gets an Anima storage boost, and more importantly, a boost to Coalition Army Size when attacking a Wonder. Even if you don’t plan to max him out by tossing 110 dollars at the game worth of 5 dollar medal packs, even a single 5 dollar pack just to own him is a help for that big assault you and your guild buddies are planning.

As for his performance in Hero Mode and the Collosseum, he’s a decent AOE damage dealer with a penchant for sniping enemies who are almost dead with a stun. His ultimate skill is to barrage an area with exploding shots.

Dream Witch

Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Light Stun, Army Commander

dream witch lords mobile

A safe choice for commander, with both general Army HP and ATK buffs. She also increases Training speed, as a nice bonus. Considering you can get Dream Witch from Limited Challenges, her slow grind to Legendary is perfect for her since Training Speed mostly becomes important once you already have your food upkeep in order.

As for her ability as a Hero, she’s pretty unique in the fact one of her autoattacks hits everyone on the enemy team instead of just being an AOE. She also has an AOE healing autospell and an ultimate that hurts the whole enemy team and dumps a tiny 1 second stun on them. She pairs best with other INT nerds like her thanks to her INT-increasing passive.

Lore Weaver

Support Hero, Healer, Army Commander

lore weaver lords mobile

Triple whole army buffs and better healing spells pretty much make her a straight upgrade compared to Prima Donna. She has a similar all-ally heal that this time comes with a shield, an auto-heal and an autoattack that can cause stun. And if she gets ambushed and dies, she spits out one last heal for your team.

If that skill triggers then say goodbye to your three stars, but it could turn Colosseum fights around and is still useful if you just want to get past a level. Sadly, you have to pay for her since she’s not available from Limited Challenges. It’s either an abysmal 2175 dollars to max her out in one shot, or a still painful 165 dollars worth of 5 dollar packs.


Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Debuffer, Ranger Commander

mastercook lords mobile

This guy is almost worth getting just for the Gordon Ramsey references alone, especially since he’s available via Limited Challenges. A Ranger HP and ATK boost mixed with a general army DEF boost makes him useful in the field for your Ranger units.

As for his Hero and Colosseum performance, he’s an AOE damage dealer with a very light 1 second stun and an autoattack with an 8 second Blind. Not to mention lots and lots of fire. He also insults them so hard he gains a Pierce buff. A good choice overall.

Grove Guardian

Combat Hero, Debuffer, Ranger Commander

grove guardian lords mobile

Triple ranger buffs make him your go-to if you’re gonna send your army to pelt horses with arrows. Grove Guardian in Hero Mode or the Colosseum dumps debuffs all over the enemy, to the point his autoattacks and passive are varying nut and fruit shots that either cause Stun, Poison, or AOE fire.

As for his ultimate, he shoots fruit into people’s teeth, causing AOE silence for 3 seconds. Legendary or not, you can send him in to shut down enemy heroes. Which is good since you can get him with Limited Challenges.

Snail Princess

Diplomatic Hero, AOE Debuffer

snail princess lords mobile

A tiny gnome princess atop a slow, armored steed. Snail Princess is another nice one to have if you’re planning to make a Guild, as one of her bonuses increases Coalition Army Size when you and your buddies are about to assault a Wonder. She also gets a Familiar Training EXP boost. She comes with a Ranger ATK boost, but it isn’t enough to make her worth sending to the front.

As for her performance in Hero Mode and the Colosseum, she happily crams the enemy full of debuffs. Her ultimate is to get a ton of snails to attack your enemies and Confuse them for 5 seconds. Her autoattacks are also AOE debuffs, either a reduction to MDEF or Crit. Again, if you want to make your own Guild, she might be a good investment, even if you don’t plan to spend a ton of money to bring her to Legendary.

Vengeful Centaur

Combat Hero, Tank, Life Leech, Stun, Cavalry Commander

vengeful centaur lords mobile

With an all army DEF buff and a Cavalry ATK buff, Vengeful Centaur’s a pretty safe bet for a Cavalry command posting. Fitting since a bunch of sick maniacs stitched his top end onto his poor horse’s bottom end after his first death. He also gives a Research buff. Not bad, especially since he’s available through Limited Challenges, though it’ll take a while to get the most of it.

As for his abilities as an individual, he helps tank for your team via some of his skills. His ultimate is a linear attack that damages every enemy it hits, and allows Vengeful Centaur to absorb incoming Physical damage for a solid 4 seconds.

He also has an autoattack with a smaller AOE, and also lets him absorb Physical damage for 4 seconds. He can also stun the enemy furthest from him for 3 seconds. On top of all this, he increases everyone’s Life Leech, increasing team survivability even more. It’ll be a long grind to make the most of him though.

Witch Doll

Admin Hero, Healer, Disabler

witch doll lords mobile

An adorable little wooden child who apparently has a mind for maintaining infrastructure. All of her skills are admin skills: a boost to Training, Research and Construction speed. The fact it takes much longer to grind for her admin skills might turn you off, but remember: She’s one person who has all this as opposed to grinding all three of the Golden Trio (Sage of Storms, Trickster and Scarlet Bolt), so it evens out minus the Energy buffs two of them have.

As an individual fighter, she’s got a 5 second AOE Petrify for an ultimate skill. Her auto skills involve either panic-dumping stars over a small AOE for damage, and giving a heal and Star-Blessed buff to any one random ally. She also has a passive that makes everyone more resistant to physical attacks. If you’re lucky and make your account while her Limited Challenge is active, great!

PB Tier – Believable Deal

The guys here are still pretty strong, but have some serious competition, especially since they tend not to be available from Limited Challenges. That or the guys above are a safer pick. Most of these guys make pretty good army commanders though.


Admin Hero, Damage Dealer

chronicler lords mobile

An Admin Hero whose passives, oddly enough, are all about letting everyone else kill people harder. She gets bonuses to the army rock-paper-scissors mechanic, increasing how hard infantry bully archers, archers bully cavalry, and cavalry bully infantry. Since these are all passives, this still results in her being a desk jockey rather than a front commander.

As for her performance in Hero mode and the Collosseum, she’s a relatively straightforward damage dealer. She packs a rapid fire bird painting attack and a small immobilize as autoattacks, and a linear range ultimate skill that reduces enemy MDEF. With 5 dollar medal packs, she costs a total of 165 dollars to send to Legendary, and a whopping 1375 dollars to do it in one shot.


Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Light Freeze, Army Commander

berserker lords mobile

If you don’t know anyone to fill that last command slot in your army, Berserker would be a great choice thanks to her triple all-army bonuses. We say “would” because you can’t get her from limited challenges, so it’s cough up the cash (to be precise, 775 all-American smackeroos if you want to buy her in one shot, or 165 dollars by buying a ton of 5 dollar medal packets) or use someone else.

As for Hero mode, she’s mostly an AOE Freezer and can be used as a tank. Snow Queen has the superior Freeze (5 seconds vs Berserker’s 3) and Berserker has the superior bulk, so it’s a case of whether you want a tank or a proper disabler.. except Snow Queen is Free and you get her pretty darn early.

Songstress of The Sea

Combat Hero, Linear Damage Dealer, Army Commander

songstress of the sea lords mobile

Another pretty good bet as a military commander with triple all-army buffs (DEF, ATK and HP), assuming you buy her of course.  As for her performance as an individual Hero, she’s a mix of survivability with her auto-skill healing herself, and her ultimate and autoattack doing damage in a line, with the autoattack inflicting a Reflex reduction. It takes 110 dollars to max her out using 5 dollar packs, and she is unavailable from Limited Challenges. Shame since she’s quite useful.

Grim Wolf

Combat Hero, Burst Damage, Life Leech, Infantry Commander

grim wolf lords mobile

Similar to Femme Fatale, except more focused in the infantry command shtick and available in Limited Challenges, and as such immediately a better Hero. An all army HP buff and an infantry DEF and ATK boost make them a useful Infantry commander. As a Hero, he’s similar to Femme Fatale as a Life Leech damage dealer, but with less AOE so he can deal harsher bursts of damage.

Petite Devil

Combat Hero, Debuffer, AOE Damage, Ranger Commander

petite devil lords mobile

A teeny little demon who buffs your Rangers’ ATK and HP, and is enough of a nerd to boost your Research speed too. As a Hero, she prefers irritating her enemies to death, literally. Her ultimate skill is a lullaby so ominously evil, it causes damage to all enemies and stuns them for 5 seconds. She also gets an annoying laser flash that hurts enemies in a line and heals herself, and an explosive prank gone wrong that deals Magic damage. Best of all, she’s available via Limited Challenges.


Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Buffer, Cavalry Commander

steambot lords mobile

A reliable cavalry commander par excellence with all of his slots focused on buffing your cavalry. Steambot’s abilities as an individual Hero include a long-range ultimate skill that inflicts stun for 1 second, an auto-skill that provides a DEF-increasing smokescreen for nearby allies, and an AOE spin attack that inflicts Vulnerable to enemies hit.

Storm Fox

Combat Hero, All-Enemy Damage and Heal PrEvention, Army Commander

storm fox lords mobile

An HP and ATK boost for your whole army when deployed makes Storm Fox a good general to have, if you’ve Paid for them. Her third slot is Training Speed, which is honestly a waste of space considering you need 110 dollars to make the most of it.

Watch out if you spot her in the Colosseum in particular: Her ultimate skill is an attack that damages and prEvents healing for all her enemies. This makes her dangerous, as she can be used to secure a kill against weakened targets by prEventing healers from doing their job. If you’re gonna buy her, buy her for a Colosseum fight.


Admin Hero, AOE Damage and Stun, Armchair Commander

magmaroid lords mobile

It’s easy to mistake him for an infantry commander at a glance, until you notice both his infantry DEF and ATK buffs are passives. While these only make it to 10%  when Legendary, you don’t need him to be in the field to benefit from this. His infantry passives mixed with his gear crafting speed boost make him a good armchair general, but worthless as a field commander.

As an individual fighter though, all his attacks are some form of AOE stun, including his ultimate skill which does a 5 second stun across an area. He’s also resistant to magic attacks thanks to his passive.  To max him out with 5 dollar packs, he costs a total of 165 dollars. Too bad he isn’t available in Limited Challenges. If you do buy him, either plant his butt on a desk or send him on adventures or Colosseum brawls. Just keep him away from the troops.

PC Tier – Conspicuous Consumptions

These guys tend not to be worth their cost, but if you want them really badly, we won’t stop you since it’s your money. They’re usually hampered by having some form of admin skill diluting their army skills, or the fact some of the people above them just have straight up better bonuses.

Prince Of Thieves

Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Debuffer, Army Commander

prince of thieves lords mobile

Research boost on someone not available through Limited Challenges, no thanks! At least he gets a DEF and ATK boost for all army units when deployed. As a Hero, he has an ultimate skill that causes AOE damage and Disarmed for 5 seconds. He also gets a pair of really good autoattacks, one that reduces enemy Crit and disables enemy shields.

On top of all this, he’s also got a passive that reduces enemy ATK. If you’re buying this guy, it’s to use him for the Colosseum and Hero Mode, though they aren’t bad as a commander. Maxxing him out will cost you 110 dollars worth of 5 dollar packs, or 800 dollars to do it in one shot. Ouch. At least one 5 dollar pack means you own him.

Femme Fatale

Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Life Leech, Infantry Commander

femme fatale lords mobile

A research boost on a Hero you need to pay for, which immediately makes her worse than Free units with the same thing. At least she gets a whole army DEF buff and an infantry ATK boost. As a Hero, she’s a damage dealer with Life Leech and Pierce, her ultimate skill being a wide AOE damage attack. At 110-775 dollars to max out, she’s a bit meh considering Grim Wolf exists.

PD Tier – Dollar Wastage

These guys often have some weakness that makes them not worth paying for at all, or they don’t really have anything that Free or Limited Challenge Heroes can’t already do better. So sad.

The Big Guy

Combat Hero, Light AOE Stun, Tank, Infantry Commander

the big guy lords mobile

Honestly, this guy doesn’t offer much that Free Heroes don’t already give you. Construction Boost, and Infantry DEF and ATK. Not bad, except you need to fork over 276 dollars to max them out to Legendary. As for how they fight individually, all of their attacks are some form of 1 second AOE stun with damage.

The ultimate is a small area burst damage with 1 second stun, and both autoattacks are wider area damage with 1 second stun. Their passive also mitigates enemy damage against himself. Just save your money.

Twilight Priestess

Combat Hero, Single Target Sniper, Kamikaze, Infantry Commander

twilight priestess lords mobile

With all three Infantry buffs, it’s pretty obvious Twilight Priestess is made for sending infantry to bully archers. Most of her Hero Mode skills are some form of single target damage: A 2 second stun after beating a target down with a 5 hit attack as an ultimate, and a  5 second disarm against one enemy as one of her autoattacks. Her second autoattack is an AOE strike with no debuffs.

When she dies, she curses the entire enemy team. After 5 seconds, the whole enemy team takes severe damage. Useful in the Colosseum, but completely useless for three-starring Hero Mode or completing no-death Limited Challenges. Sounds pretty decent until you look at her 775 dollars to Legendary price tag! Yeesh.

Ethereal Guide

Combat Hero, Debuffer, Ranged Commander

ethereal guide lords mobile

A good ranger commander with her ATK and DEF buff for rangers mixed with a whole army HP buff. As a Hero, she loves slapping debuffs on everyone, including your own team! Her ultimate skill is a long range linear  attack that causes damages and reduces MCRIT for everyone it hits.

She can also cast an aura to absorb magic damage from enemies, and fire a long range attack that reduces enemy power. Unfortunately, she comes with a passive that weakens ATK for all her allies. Why would you pay money for someone who screws their teammates over?

PX Tier – Exorbitantly Excessive

We had to put these guys into their own tier, as while they are extremely powerful, getting them is such a massive pain that even calling them a long-term goal is a stretch. All these guys make themselves known with their horrifically exorbitant real-money price (11000 dollars to Legendary!?), and their powerful-when-Legendary army ATK buffs.

At least you can save your Free gems and get them via the Bargain Store by buying their medal chests. You will most likely see them in action rather half-baked due to how hard it is to get them, which puts them in an awkward position.

You’re either rolling all over them with your souped-up Free Heroes because they aren’t Legendaries, or they’re rolling over you because the other guy’s probably been grinding for years and DID get them to Legendary. Or they aren’t using them at all since they already have everyone else maxxed to Legendary!

Dark Magister

Combat Hero, AOE Damage Dealer, Army Commander

dark magister lords mobile

An extremely powerful waste of money, or a bragging rights beating stick depending on how you got them. A general army HP buff, and Cavalry and Ranger ATK boosts that can reach 60% as opposed to the usual 30% at Legendary.

As for Hero Mode and the Colosseum, he’s a damage dealer, either causing damage with his skills, or making the enemy take more damage. Getting him in your army is the problem: You can either fork over 11000 eagle-kissing Freedom-loving all-American dollars, or wait for the Bargain Store and buy his medal chest with an utterly exorbitant amount of gems. If you see this guy commanding an army as a Legendary, just walk away.


Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Support, Army Commander

lightweaver lords mobile

Another million year gem investment. A Ranger and Infantry ATK boost at 60% instead of 30% when maxxed, and a general army HP buff. This would be great, if it didn’t cost 400 dollars just to own them, and 11000 whole American cheese wads just to max them to Legendary! There’s always playing for an extremely long time and accumulating a whole ton of gems for their Bargain Shop chests though.

As a Hero, they’re a damage dealer with a bouncing attack as an ultimate skill, and a shield for her allies and a linear deathray for autoattacks. Her passive increases Crit, letting her deal even more damage. Again, losing a battle to this character isn’t nearly as bad as losing 11000 dollars to max her out, and you’ll likely see her half-baked anyway.

Shape Shifter

Combat Hero, Tank, AOE Damage, Taunt, Army Commander

shape shifter lords mobile

Another massive bonfire to toss your money or gems in. Just like the other 11000 dollar heroes, she gets a 60% ATK boost, this time to Cavalry and Infantry. She also gets a general army HP buff. Again, it costs a grand total of 11000 freakin’ dollars to max her out to Legendary and actually take advantage of these buffs.

As a Hero, she is fairly straight forward. Her ultimate is an AOE attack, and her autoattacks are also AOE attacks, this time with either Taunt or Stun. She also revives herself upon death. Again, just save gems for her Bargain Shop chests. 11000 dollars is never worth it for a single Hero, even if they can beat everything in the game.


These guys can be gotten with patience, once their Events are active. They have roughly the same power as some of the higher tier Paid Heroes. That being said, maxing them out could be a rough grind, though not nearly as terrible as the PX tier Paid Heroes. There’s only four of them at the moment, so we just arranged them according to overall general usefulness.


Fight Hero, Buffer, AOE Damage, Armchair General

boommeister lords mobile

Instead of getting deployment based buffs, Boommeister’s mere presence in your roster gives a small buff to ATK, DEF, and HP to your whole army. Worthless when commanding troops in the field, useful when making war plans over a table with little pawns on a map. As an individual Hero, he does AOE damage while buffing his team.

His ultimate is a long-range cone attack with knocback, blasting his enemies with a cannon burst. He also has a linear laser gunblade autoattack with long range. He gives them a Pierce increase (for some reason, called the Combined Arms buff) for 8 seconds with his other auto-skill, and his presence on the team increases everyone’s damage. A worthy long-term goal, keep an eye on the Dragite Shop so you can grab him.


Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Tank, Army Commander

watcher lords mobile

With a Training Speed buff and an ATK and HP buff for the whole army when deployed, Watcher’s a safe choice if you aren’t sure who to use as a commander. As for his individual ability, he’s got an area damage 5 second Immobilize as an ultimate and his autoattacks are made to pile up heavy damage.

Either he does 5 seconds of Direct Damage over a large area, or inflicts 5 seconds of Vulnerability over a large cone. His passive also increases his HP. You can get him by completing 3 stages of specific Hell Events.

Chaos Dragon

Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Army Commander

chaos dragon lords mobile

With a DEF Buff and an ATK buff for the whole army when deployed as a commander, Chaos Dragon makes a safe slot-filler for army command. He’ll need that and his Research Boost if he wants to bring his precious Dragon Kingdom back from the ashes. As an individual fighter, all his attacks are some form of AOE damage, either dealing lots of hurt or allowing himself to deal more hurt than normal. His ultimate skill is am AOE attack that burns enemies for 3 seconds.

His autoattacks are AOE strikes that either increase his own Crit, or inflict Vulnerable on the enemy, which both inevitably result in extra damage. His passive also increases his DEX. It will be ages before you max him out though, considering you need to complete Stage 3 Hell Events or wait for 24 Hour Challenges to get his medals.


Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Tank, Infantry Commander

pegasus lords mobile

Seiya’s at home charging the enemy front line with an army of grunts, considering he’s got ATK and DEF buffs for infantrymen, and an HP buff for the rest of the army. He’s also at home charging the enemy front line in Hero Mode, with his bulkiness, AOE damage ability and his self-revive. His ultimate skill is a rapid flurry of punches, damaging enemies in a line 10 times.

One of his autoattacks is to charge right into the enemy, dealing damage over a small area when he smashes into the target. He has a passive that increases his Pierce, useful if the enemy has enough defense to render his 10 punches plinky.

His auto revive is also pretty special: Not only does he get back up with 70% HP, he also gets MP regen to punch the enemy right back afterwards. On top of all this, he’s one of the easier Event Heroes to get (though not to max), as the Saint Seiya collab Event has 10 of his medals as a daily login reward.

And that ends our Lords Mobile heroes tier list. If you have any disagreements, or want to have a discussion with your fellow players, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!