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Lords Mobile Familiars Tier List: Ranking Each Familiar in the Game

Welcome to our Lords Mobile Familiars tier list. Lords Mobile is a kingdom-building army-massacring hero-fighting game similar to but not entirely like Cookie Run: Kingdom and RAID: Shadow Legends. Mostly because Lords Mobile involves armies murdering each other and the other two games do not.

As with many games like this, there’s a selection of characters you can get and use to give yourself an upper hand. For Lords Mobile, there are heroes and familiars, and we’re here to talk about the latter. If you want to read about heroes instead, check out our detailed tier list!

Familiars are functionally pets, or advisors. Familiars come with a set of skills that you unlock and strengthen as they level up, allowing you to do such things from the mundane to the horrific. Among such things include everything from increasing how much ore you mine, all the way to committing war crimes like murdering defenseless, injured soldiers in enemy Infirmaries.

lords mobile familiars tier list

You can get them by merging Pacts in the Mystic Spire, which grants you Runes and Fragments. If you have at least one Rune of a certain Familiar, bam! You now have that Familiar, any future duplicate Runes and Fragments can be used to level up the familiar’s skills.

As in any game with pets or characters in general, some are better than others. That’s what this tier list is for. To help you prioritize who to feed first, or failing that, figure out which one will give you the biggest headaches if they’re on the other side. So without further ado, let’s delve into our Lords Mobile Familiars tier list!!

X Tier – High Priority

These guys are either darn near required to own thanks to their powerful resource abilities, or pose such a massive threat that you should keep an eye on any foe who has them. Since Familiars honestly have a bit of a power-creep problem in this game, it makes sense that this tier is a pretty long list. The newer the Familiar, the stronger it tends to be, except for several exceptions.

Gemming Gremlin

Gem Generation

gemming gremlin lords mobile

Owning this guy might as well be absolutely mandatory. Their construction speed buff is pretty pathetic at 1%-5%. But every single other skill they have makes up for it a thousand times over. At lv20 Adult, they increase the Gems your army gathers from Gem map tiles by 3%-10% depending on skill level. Most important of all, once they hit lv50 Elder, they give you free gems every so often, starting at 200-400 Gems every 3 days, and maxing out at 1000-2000 gems every 2 days.

If you want that 11000 dollar hero you’ve been aiming for, Gemming Gremlin’s one way to get them at anything resembling a reasonable amount of time. On top of all this, they also get a stacking infantry ATK increase for every 10% of units you lose. This starts at a 10% to 100% buff every time you get a tenth of your army killed. Overall, powerful stuff.


T1 Unit Conscription

tempestite lords mobile

Oh boy. Tempestite is the equivalent of having a conscription order in place, considering his lv50 Elder skill is to get a number of random t1 troops. This starts at 3000 conscripts every 4 days, and ends at 20000 conscripts every 3 days when the skill is maxxed. As a lv50 Elder skill, you shouldn’t have to worry about your food supply by that time, or you’ve done something seriously wrong.

They also have a few other skills. They have a passive for increasing your wall’s DEF at 4%-20%. At lv20 Adult, they give you faster Energy regen from 3%-10% depending on the skill’s level. And finally, another lv50 Elder skill, they can stun one of the enemy’s largest squads after you lose 10% of your soldiers in a battle, starting at a pathetic .8 seconds and maxxing out at a solidly dangerous 8 seconds.


Fragment Generation

territe lords mobile

This guy is, along with Gemming Gremlin, one of the familiars you should gun for as fast as possible. Once they hit the adult stage at level 20, they start giving you free fragments to upgrade your familiars with, making him important for maintaining your other familiars. As a level 50 Elder, they can also reduce the enemy army’s defense by 1.5%-15% depending on their level.


Anima Production, Stamina Generation

aquiris lords mobile

One of the more important Familiars to get. Aquiris’ Anima Production boost is helpful for merging Pacts and Skillstones, which is needed to upgrade or get Familiars. They can also refresh your Stamina once they reach lv20 Adult, starting at 15-50 stamina once a day to 60-120 stamina every 12 hours depending on the skill’s level. They can also reduce the enemy army’s max HP by 1.5%-15% once they hit lv50 Elder. Not bad!

Mega Maggot

Resource Strangulation

mega maggot lords mobile

A nasty choice for invasions. A lv50 Elder Mega Maggot can reduce enemy resource production, from a tolerable 10% for 30 minutes with a cooldown of 3 days, to an utterly hellish 95% for 360 agonizing minutes, with a quick 30 minute cooldown.

A powerful choice if you’re fine with shooting down any chance of ever making friends with your victim. Their other skills aren’t bad either, with a barracks capacity increase of 500-5000, and a lv20 Adult small passive infantry DEF buff of 3%-10%, all depending on skill level. We don’t know how much you’ll love using this guy, but we’re definitely sure you’ll despise fighting them.


Pact Merging, Research Help

magus lords mobile

Magus starts off with a Pact Merging cap increase, from 1 to 5 Pacts depending on skill level. You’ll need this to get higher level Pacts more easily and get the stronger Familiars. As a lv20 Adult, they also increase the duration of the Altar stat boost you get for executing captured enemy Heroes, starting at 30 minutes to 360 minutes longer depending on the skill’s level.

Lastly, as a lv50 Elder, they can instantly fill the Research Help bar, from every 4 days to every 8 hours depending on the skill’s level. They’re high up on the tierlist mostly since they help with getting the other familiars. After all, if you don’t own them, then they’re completely useless to you!

Hell Drider

Tier 4 Unit Conscription

hell drider lords mobile

Another insurance familiar since he can save your lead hero’s sorry butt after a battle goes wrong. Unlike Mole Shaman though, they also come with a powerful conscription-type skill, this time giving you tier 4 units! Their insurance skill appears as a lv20 Elder, giving your hero a 2%-10% chance for your hero to escape capture during battle depending on skill level.

Their most important skill is their lv50 Elder skill though: They give you a number of free tier 4 troops (or whatever highest tier is available if tier 4 isn’t there yet), starting at 3000 units every 4 days, to 15000 troops every 3 days. More troops means better chance of your leader not being captured, since the enemy can’t capture your leader if they’re all dead! They also give a tiny passive infantry max HP buff, from 2% to 10%.


Gem Deposit Improvement

hoarder lords mobile

A very important familiar, especially useful after you’ve got Gemming Gremlin. Hoarder increases the maximum Gem deposit you can put in the Treasure Trove, by 2000 to 10000 depending on the skill’s level. Depositing Gems earns you interest, resulting in more Gems if you’re willing to wait before spending.

At lv20 Adult, they also increase the merging speed for Skillstones, from 6% ending at 20%. Another reason this guy is so important, considering you need Skillstones for some of the familiars to do their more powerful skills. At lv50 Elder, they get a skill that grants random standard Jewels every few days, from 1 every 6 days to 3 every 3 days.

They also give something similar to Saberfang’s anti-deathblow shield when deployed to battle, but this time for infantry. It operates at the same percentages, activating after losing 12% of your infantry and protecting .5%-7% of them depending on skill level. Overall, a must-have on par with Gemming Gremlin, though more useful if you have Gemming Gremlin first.


Monster Hunts In A Row

saberfang lords mobile

Saberfang specializes in Monster Hunting. They start with a travel speed increase for Monster Hunt troops, going from 5%-25% depending on their skill level. And at lv50 Elder, you can activate a skill that adds a number of Hunts In A Row, allowing you to hunt the same monster over and over again for extra damage. This starts at 7 hunts every 3 days, and ends at 15 hunts every day.

Considering a Monster Hunt kill gives your whole Guild a gift, you’ll want this guy to help your buddies with. They also have a couple of cavalry bonuses. A passive cavalry DEF boost at lv20 Adult which starts at 3% and ends at 10%, along with a lv50 Adult skill that shields .5% to 7% of your cavalry from killing blows after you lose 12% of them. You’ll be grabbing this guy for the Monster Hunt bonuses, as the cavalry boosts are practically just extras.


Infirmary Mass Murder

blackwing lords mobile

A horrific, two-headed Geneva Convention violation. As a lv50 Elder, Blackwing’s special ability is to let your invading troops massacre the enemy’s injured Infirmary-bound troops for a single battle every cooldown period. This starts out at an already gruesome 35% of their wounded once a day, and ends with a complete 100% butchery available every hour. You have 30 minutes after a battle to activate this. This also kills them so dead they cannot even enter the Sanctuary afterwards.

While one may call this fighting dirty, it is very useful to prevent the enemy from recovering and counterattacking. They also have a few less ethically questionable skills, such as a 1%-5% passive army ATK buff. At lv20 Adult, they also increase your army’s HP when Battle Fury is active, from 3%-10% depending on skill level.

They also have a pretty strong army talent, which deals massive damage to one of the largest enemy squads based on your initial ranged ATK when you lose 4% of your troops. This starts at 60% of your ranged damage, and ends at a chunky 600%. A wonderful choice for those who don’t care about such petty distractions as “honor” and “ethical treatment of non-combatants”.


Colosseum Ticket Generation

bonehead lords mobile

An important part of your everyday PVP diet. Bonehead starts with an Anima storage increase of 4%-20% depending on skill level. You need Anima to merge pacts and soulstones, so having more of it is important for maintaining your other familiars. Their best skill gives you extra Colosseum entries as a lv20 Adult, starting at 3 tickets every 2 days to 10 tickets every day depending on the skill’s level.

As a lv50 Elder, they give a temporary infantry DEF bonus after 10% of your troops end up KIA. Like the other buffs of its type, it goes from 20% for 4 seconds to 80% for 10 seconds depending on the skill’s level. Grab him if you love a good Colosseum beatdown.

A Tier -Tactical Priority

While the familiars in X tier are either kingdom builders or extreme threats, the ones here fill roles that you may need depending on the situation. You’re usually getting the X tier guys to power up these guys, or the rest of your kingdom. As such, A-tiers are actually often (though not always) bigger threats to you than X-tiers, though not as important to own in the long run.

Grim Reaper

High-Tier Priority Barracks Massacre

grim reaper lords mobile

This guy’s a pretty mean choice to bring in an invasion. At lv50 Elder, they gain the ability to kill enemy Barracks troops, with enemy high tier troops taking priority. This starts at  6000-17500 troops with a cooldown of 12 hours, maxing out at 20000-50000 troops with a cooldown of a measely half-hour. No matter the level though, this can’t go past 5% of their troop total, so it won’t completely annihilate smaller armies.

Don’t waste your skillstones casting this if the enemy army is too pathetic. All that said, being able to kill the enemy’s elite units before they deploy helps immensely with battle. They also start with a passive buff to your army’s travel speed, starting at 2% and ending at 10%. Lastly. At lv20 they give a passive buff to your rangers’ max HP, starting at 3% and ending at 10%.

Snow Beast

Supply Cap Increase, Darknest Coalition Organization

snow beast lords mobile

A guild-friendly familiar just like Saberfang, but in a more supportive rather than offensive role. Snowbeast as a lv50 Elder can temporarily increase your Supply cap for an hour, starting at a 50% boost every 1 day and 12 hours, to a 300% boost every 8 hours once the skill is maxed out. This allows your Supply troops to bring more stuff to a friendly guildmate, which if your guild is any good, they will appreciate. They also increase the travel speed of your troops if they’re part of a Darknest coalition strike, from 5%-25% depending on skill level.

As for their battle buffs, they give buffs to rangers. At lv20 Adult, they give a small passive increase to ranger DEF, from 3% maxing out at 10 %. At lv50 Elder, they have the same anti-deathblow ability as with Saberfang, but for rangers instead of cavalry, at the same percentages (12% losses, .5%-7% ranger protection).

Bon Appeti

Resource Destruction

bon appeti lords mobile

If Blackwing is horriffic, then Bon Appeti is just irritating. As a lv50 elder, they’ll eat 7%-15% of enemy resources after an invasion depending on skill level, with a hard cap of how many resources they eat also dependent on skill level. They can destroy a grand total of 20 million resources every 12 hours, all the way to 100 million available every half-hour.

Also at lv50 Elder, they have the same army talent as Blackwing, but with a focus on infantry this time. It operates at the same percentages, activating after you lose 4% of your troops and goes from 60%-600% infantry damage to one of the largest enemy squads. They also get a 2%-10% passive buff to infantry ATK, and a lV20 Adult passive to coalition army ATK at 3%-10%, all depending on skill level.

Mecha Trojan

General Coalition Warfare

mecha trojan lords mobile

This one is focused heavily on fighting, especially Coalition based fights.  Mecha Trojan, fittingly enough, starts out with a small passive buff to your cavalry’s max HP, starting at 2% and ending at 10%. At lv20 Adult, this guy adds to your Battle Fury buff with an army DEF buff of 3%-10% depending on skill level. Last of all, at lv50 Elder, they increase your maximum Coalition army size for 30 minutes.

This starts at 30000 soldiers with a cooldown of 2 days, and ends at 125000 soldiers with a cooldown of 4 hours. If you’ve got a Guild and are planning a big fight, bring this huge wooden death machine to roll over the enemy with your buddies.

Evil Weevil

Resource Generation

evil weevil lords mobile

You’d think a weevil would just eat all your food, not give some to you! With an increase in food production (7%-35%) and the ability to instantly deliver 4 hours worth of resources every 2-1 days depending on skill level starting at lv20 Adult, this guy beats out a lot of the other resource-based Familiars. At lv50 Elder, they also increase your army’s max HP by 1.5% to 15% depending on skill level. That being said, you’re likely getting them as a resource manager.


Instant Transmutation

sorcerer lords mobile

He probably gave your allies magic boots on a diplomatic trip. Their first skill increases the travel speed of allied troops by 5%-25% depending on skill level. You probably want them for their lv20 Adult skill though, which gives you an instant Transmutation every 4 days, with the cooldown being reduced to a single day at max skill level.

Transmutations cannot be queued and take quite a bit of time, so an instant one is pretty good stuff. As a lv50 Elder, they also get the ability to temporarily buff your rangers’ max HP by 20% for 4 seconds, to 80% for 10 seconds.


Combat, Barracks Massacre, Transmutation Time Reduction

pyris lords mobile

Things get gruesome if you think about Pyris’ first skill too hard, since they get extra resources (4-20% depending on skill level) for you when your units end up dead on your turf. You might not want to eat that extra Food they gathered knowing this, but you don’t need to tell your soldiers where Pyris got it from. They also reduce transmutation time once they hit lv20 Adult, from 3% to10% depending on skill level. At lv50 Elder, they also boost your commander heroes’ Tactic Skills by 6-60% depending on skill level. Their nastiest skill is their second lv50 Elder skill.

You can point them at an enemy players’ Barracks to kill a maximum of 5% of their troops, starting at 3000-5000 troops with a 12 hour cooldown, maxing out at 7500-12500 every 30 minutes. That being said, it doesn’t target high tier units, unlike Grim Reaper. Overall, a choice as unpleasant as they are effective. At least they don’t murder defenseless hospital-bound soldiers, unlike Blackwing.


Cargo Ship Refresh

totempest lords mobile

A former tree that helps you chop down his fellow trees, with a lumber production speed bonus of 7%-35% depending on skill level. Not exactly what we’d expect a spiritual totem to do. They can also instantly refresh your cargo ship as a lv20 Adult, with a cooldown of 4 days to 1 day depending on the skill’s level.

As a combat advisor, they give your rangers a very powerful but temporary def boost after you lose 10% of your troops, starting at 20% def for 4 seconds, to a whopping 80% for 10 seconds. The Cargo Ship Refresh is enough to put them higher up this list considering you’re gonna want as many Speed-Ups as you can get.

Jade Wyrm

General Rock-Paper-Scissors Buff

jade wyrm lords mobile

A walking rock-paper scissors buff, and nothing else. They can increase all the rock-paper-scissors counters of your army by 4.5%-15% depending on skill level, but you have to level them up to activate them all.

They start with the infantry vs ranger buff, then at lv20 Adult they gain the ranger vs cavalry buff, and finally at lv50 Elder they gain the cavalry vs infantry buff. A safe choice to bring to a fight, but lacking in any utility, though such heavy focus is useful.


General Warfare, Emergency Recall

gryphon lords mobile

You probably want this guy more as a field advisor rather than for their passive skills. At lv50 Elder, they get one of those temporary buffs after you lose 10% of your units. This time, it’s an increase to your entire army’s ATK, starting at 50% for 4 seconds to 200% for 10 seconds. Triple damage for a solid 10 seconds is pretty serious stuff. Their other skills are also okay though. They start with an increase to the maximum size of Allied armies, from 5000 to 50000 troops. At lv20 Adult they give a rather puny increase in training speed, starting at 1% to 5%.

Their other lv50  Elder skill is quick recall for your troops from anywhere, making them come back home in a fixed amount of time no matter where they are. This starts at a 50 second recall run once every 2 and a half days, maxing out at a 6 second homeward dash available every 30 minutes.


Construction Help

bouldur lords mobile

Fittingly, Bouldur has a heavy focus on putting rocks together. They start with a 7%-35% stone production bonus depending on skill level, and once they hit lv20 Adulthood, they can max out the construction help bar every 3-8 hours depending on skill level.

Pretty useful if that castle upgrade’s taking forever. As a lv50 Elder, they also get a temporary cavalry DEF boost after you’ve gotten 10% of your units killed. As with the other temporary non-stacking casualty buffs, it goes from 20% for 4 seconds to 80% for 10 seconds depending on the skill’s level.


Gold Production

goblin lords mobile

Another pretty useful familiar for logistics. Goblin increases your troops’ Gathering speed (not to be confused with the speed at which they march) for 5%-25% depending on the skill’s level. A great thing to have to ensure your troops finish their jobs as fast as possible so they can return to combat duty. At lv20 Adult they increase your Gold production speed by 10%-35% depending on skill level.

And as if that wasn’t enough gold, they also give you an instant influx of Gold upon reaching lv50 Elder. This starts at 1-2 million Gold every two days, and maxes out at 6-12 million Gold every day. They also give the stacking 10%-100% ATK buff for every 10% unit loss other Familiars give, this time to Cavalry.


Player Levelgrinding

krabby lords mobile

This guy’s pretty important for their lv20 Adult skill. Krabby lets the player level up faster, at a rate of 3%-10% depending on skill level. It doesn’t look big, but any bonus you can get to leveling up is a godsend no matter what game you’re in.

They also start out with an ore production bonus of 7%-35%, and their lv50 elder skill is a passive army defense buff of 1.5%-15%, depending on the skill’s level. Overall, a pretty good choice.


Labyrinth Grinding

trickstar lords mobile

You’ll want this big red guy if you like going on Labyrinth runs. One of Trickstar’s lv50 Elder skills is to grant a number of random Holy Star packs starting at 1 every 5 days, to 3 every 2 days. You need Holy Stars to fight Labyrinth monsters, so grab this guy if you plan to grind there late in the game.

They’re also good for ranger-heavy armies,  getting the same 10%-100% per 10% units lost stacking lv50 Elder ATK buff this time for rangers, along with a lv20 Adult passive for ranger ATK, starting at 3% and maxing out at 10%. Lastly, they get a tiny buff to Research speed, from 1-5% depending on skill level.


General Combat, Invasion Slowdown

frostwing lords mobile

Frostwing’s schtick is deterring enemy invasions, though between slowing down the invaders and murdering them, the latter is normally preferable. Good thing they can do both! They have a lv50 Elder army talent that deals cavalry damage to the largest enemy squad every 4 seconds up to a maximum limit after losing 8% of your troops. This starts at 2 instances of 37.5% cavalry damage, and ends at 5 instances of 150% cavalry damage once maxed out.

Powerful stuff. Their other lv50 Elder skill is to slow down any troops marching to invade you by 50% for 30 minutes, available every 2 days, to 300% slower for a whole hour, available every 8 hours. They also come with a passive infantry DEF buff of 4%-20%, and a passive army ATK buff of 1-5%.


Army Cap Increase, Instant Gather

noceros lords mobile

A decent army logistician (considering  they’re a rhino), Noceros increases your maximum army capacity by 7%-35% depending on the skill’s level. At lv50 Elder, they can tell your gathering armies to haul butt and instantly finish their current job. This starts at 1 gathering trip every 4 days, and ends at 5 gathering trips every day. They also give a small passive Cavalry ATK buff at lv20 Adult, starting at 3% and maxing out at 10% depending on the skill’s level. A bigger army is always good, but keep an eye on your food production!

Queen Bee

Enemy Infirmary Transfer, ATK Debuffer

queen bee lords mobile

Queen Bee makes up for in sheer insidiousness what she lacks in Blackwing’s overtly murderous streak. Instead of killing the injured, they poison enemy Barracks troops just hard enough to  forcibly send them to the Infirmary without killing them every 10 minutes. This forces the enemy to waste time and resources healing them.

Much like how mustard gas was used back in World War 1 now that we think about it. This starts at a maximum of 3000 and ends at 10000 troops, though this never gets past 1.5% of the enemy total army size. This same skill also affects whoever wasn’t sent to the infirmary, causing a small yet long lasting ATK debuff of 3% for an hour to 15% for 4 hours.

Their other lv50 Elder skill is a ranger-based version of Frostwing’s army talent, operating at the same percentages (an instance of ranged damage against the largest enemy squad every 4 seconds, starting at two hits of 37.5% damage, maxing out at 5 hits of 150% damage). They also start with a small cavalry max HP passive buff of 2%-10%, and a lv20 Adult ranger ATK passive buff of 3%-10%, both depending on skill level.


Guild Fest Quest Extension

gargantua lords mobile

Gargantua’s one big, fat party animal. Their lv50 Elder skill is to extend the duration of a Guild Fest quest, allowing you to finish said quest more easily for your guildies. This starts at a 10% time bonus with a 7 day cooldown, ending at a 30% time addition available 2 days after using it. That alone makes them worth at least owning, though they have other skills.

Also at lv50 Elder, they have a cavalry-based version of Blackwing’s army talent, which operates at the same percentages (60%-600% cavalry damage vs one of the largest enemy squads, activating after losing 4% of your troops).

They also have a pair of cavalry passive buffs, one for DEF starting at 4% and ending at 20%, and a lv20 Adult buff of 3%-10% cavalry ATK, based on skill level. Great to own as part of a Guild thanks to their Guild fest quest extension.

B Tier – Good Enough

Now we hit the Not-That-Bad Not-That Amazing stage. These familiars aren’t the most powerful, but are generally fine to have in the background and still find their use whether in combat or as support.


Gold Production

gnome lords mobile

A gold production buff at 5% to 25% is a pretty nice thing to have in Lords Mobile considering gold gain is slower than other resources. They also give a buff to ranger ATK at lv50 Elder, at 1.5-15% depending on the skill’s level. Other than that, there isn’t much to say. You’re probably gonna need them for the gold gain and not for combat.


Food Production, Anti-Infantry

terraspike lords mobile

Food production is always nice so you can maintain an army, and Terraspike helps with that. They’ve got a food production bonus starting at 5% to 25% depending on the skill’s level.

They can also reduce the enemy’s infantry max HP by 4%-40% at lv50 Elder, depending on the skill’s level. Overall more useful than their similar but inferior siblings with their similar army talent percentages.


Gathering Troops Marching Speed

yeti lords mobile

Much like Beastmaster, Yeti gives a speed boost to your troop’s walking speed, this time when they’re on a Gathering run. Rather useful if some important resources, say gems, are rather far away from your turf. They also give an ATK boost to your Cavalry when they hit lv50 Elder, at 1.5-15% depending on skill level.


Anti-Infantry, Timber Production

oakroot lords mobile

You’re probably getting this guy as an advisor for your field commanders thanks to his 4%-40% infantry defense reduction as a level 50 Elder. Their other skill is to increase timber production, which while useful, isn’t anything amazing.


Vault Space Increase

jaziek lords mobile

A familiar who protects your stuff. Jaziek’s main use is for their Vault storage buff, starting at 2% and ending at 10% when maxed out. While these percentages are small, they add up big time considering the game’s massive resource numbers.

At lv50 Elder, they also cut the enemy Cavalry’s max HP by 4-40% depending on skill level. Useful for preventing losses after enemy invasions, though you should be killing the invaders instead!


Shelter Space Increase, VIP Item Generation

harpy lords mobile

A decent guy to have if you’re prone to logging off for an extended period of time. Harpy allows  you to hide more of your soldiers in your Shelter (from 5000-50000 troops depending on the skill level), keeping them as a reserve in case you get invaded and lose troops while you’re away. At lv20 Adult, they also give you random free VIP items, starting at 1 every 4 days to 4 every day.

As a lv50 Elder, they have one of those buffs you get when you lose 10% of your men in a fight. This time, it’s infantry max HP, starting at 20% for 4 seconds to 80% for 10 seconds. You’re probably keeping them for the free VIP items, but not much else.


Anti-Ranger, Stone Production

magmalord lords mobile

Another one who you might want for their battle skill. Magmalord’s presence in the battlefield once they reach lv50 Elder causes snemy rangers to lose 4%-40% of their max hp. This can do a number on the enemy army, easily allowing you to remove the enemy rangers as a factor.

They also have a stone production increase, which is okay, if you need a few buildings to go up, but again, isn’t particularly noteworthy.

Huey Hops


huey hops lords mobile

An insurance familiar, but this time with the strong army talents inherent in Pact 5 familars. At lv50 Elder, they allow your leader hero to escape capture once if you activate their skill within 30 minutes of getting captured. This has a cooldown of 7 days to 1 day depending on skill level.

They also have an infantry based version of Frostwing’s army talent, operating at the same percentages (37.5% infantry damage twice to 150% infantry damage up to 5 times, ticking every 4 seconds against one of the largest enemy squads). They also get a ranger DEF passive buff of 4%-20%, and a lv20 Adult army max HP passive buff of 3-10%.


Supply March Speed, Anti-Cavalry

beastmaster lords mobile

Beastmaster probably abuses your army the same way he trains beasts, considering his skill is to make troops on Supply trips move 5-25% faster depending on the skill’s level. Useful, but if your soldiers eventually kill him in his sleep for it, don’t be surprised. Your allies will like him though!

As a lv50 elder, they can reduce the enemy cavalry’s defense by 4-40% depending on the skill’s level. Great if you want to delete the enemy’s horsemen in a hurry.

C Tier – Meh

Familiars of questionable usefulness. These guys might be most useful after losing a battle, which you would want to avoid anyway, or have abilities that might not be all that useful compared to others. Either way, they’re low on the pecking order since they tend to be passive in a bad way.


Infirmary Heal Speed, Execution Speed Increase

strix lords mobile

A pharmaceutically focused familiar, Strix gives your infirmary a 5%-25% faster heal speed depending on skill level. This lady doesn’t believe in the Hippocratic Oath though, as at lv20 Adult, they also happily shave off the wait time for Executions, by 30-360 minutes depending on skill level.

At lv50 Elder, they also temporarily increase the max HP of your rangers by 20% for 4 seconds to 80% for 10 seconds, depending on skill level. Being able to replace losses, after either victory or defeat, is important in any war, but you’d rather not have such heavy losses in the first place.

Mole Shaman

Wall Repair, Infirmary Space Increase

mole shaman lords mobile

Mole Shaman seems to be focused on mitigating losses after things go bad. They start off with a 1%-5% infirmary space increase, which means you get to save more of your troops after a bad fight. At lv20 Adult, they give a small passive infantry ATK buff of 3%-10%.

As a lv50 Elder, they can instantly repair a portion of your wall’s HP every so often, starting at 10% HP every 3 days, maxing out at 50% HP every day. Again, they’re most useful after a fight goes bad, which you’re supposed to be avoiding in the first place.

Tidal Titan

Enemy Turf Relocation

tidal titan lords mobile

Tidal Titan has one of the weirder abilities in the game for familiars or heroes in general.  At lv50 Elder, their High Tide can relocate an enemy turf after a successful attack if activated within 1-15 minutes depending on skill level. If it sends the enemy fortress far enough away from you, the enemy will have a tough time counterattacking.

Though this also means you can’t pound them into the dirt harder after a victory. They also have a pair of small passive buffs, one for infantry max HP starting at 2%-10%, and a lv20 Elder Buff to army DEF, this time from 3%-10%. Not the strongest choice, but they have their uses, such as kicking an annoyingly aggressive kingdom out of your face.

D Tier – This Poor Loner

Engineer is probably the blandest familiar in the game. So boring in fact, they get their own tier down here. We’ll let their description do the talking.


Ore Production

engineer lords mobile

Honestly, this guy isn’t particularly great. He’s got the ability to increase ore production, which is nice but nothing to write home about. At lv50, he increases your infantry’s ATK by 1.5%-15% depending on the skill’s level. Great if you’ve got an infantry heavy army, but the small numbers and the lateness at which you get the buff means you’re better off investing in other familiars while you upgrade your ore mines.

Considering just how utterly powerful other familiars are compared to him, Engineer sits down here alone, miserable and without any friends.

And here’s the end of our Lords Mobile Familiars tier list. If you have any disagreements, or extra tips on how to use the familiars, or even just want to chat with each other, leave a comment below!