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The Superhero League Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete All Levels

Superhero games – you’ve seen them everywhere. They’re chock full of action, excitement, battles between good versus evil (depending on the game, of course!), and mostly saving the day. While there’s quite a number of superhero games out there that tackle the genre through an action or RPG setting such as Marvel: Realm of Champions or DC Legends: Fight Superheroes, there’s one game that stands out, tackling the superhero-ing in puzzle form.

Step aside Avengers and Justice League, there’s a new group of capes out to save the world and that’s The Superhero League!

psychic vs bullet the superhero league
And er… the pun-tastic Mr. Bullet!

Lion Studios, the creators of titles such as Happy Glass and Heroes Inc!, graces the mobile gaming market with yet another physics-based puzzle game with a superhero twist: The Superhero League. The Superhero League keeps the city and its residents safe from all forms of scoundrels, villains, and henchmen and features a cast of original superheroes out to save the day!

How you save the day is entirely up to you, as there are many ways to beat the bad guys and save the hostages in this brain-tickling, intelligent puzzle game. The game features a roster of characters, all having unique puzzles of their own. And because of that, we will make this guide special by writing tips on each separate hero.

What are you waiting for? Let’s take a dive into The Superhero League beginner’s guide below and make the city a safer place to be!


general tips the superhero league

These are tips for every hero in general. Because the game has a team of butt-kicking people in spandex suits with different powers, that doesn’t mean the way they save the day should be different, too. Read on and we’ll give you the low-down on how to effectively beat any stage.

1. Assess The Situation

The first and most important step to winning a stage is by studying the scenario. How many hostages are there? Are they close to the baddies? Is there anything I can use to beat them? It’s all about studying your environment first before moving onto the next step.

2. Observe What You Can Work With

While this second step sounds similar to the first, we mean that you have to know the limitations of the hero’s powers, as well as what items are around for them to work with. Some items exist solely to distract you, while others exist in plain-sight for you to utilize, but don’t notice it firsthand.

Stage design also plays an important role here. Slopes, corners, ramps, narrow spaces, heights, or falls can play a major role in how you finish the puzzle.

3. Experiment Or Act On Your Decision

When you think you finally understand how the puzzle is supposed to be solved, try out your solution. Sometimes, it may surprise you that there are a lot of ways to solve a puzzle. Never be afraid to hit the redo button on the upper-right corner when you feel like you’ve made a mistake.

Sometimes, the best solution might have been the easiest one to pull off. If the puzzle isn’t a no-brainer, experimenting with the different stage props could open your solution to newer possibilities.


super psyhic the superhero league
He’s got extraordinary levels of brainpower!

Utilizing the powers of his mind, Super Psychic fights crime with nothing but the will of his thoughts. No object is too heavy and no villain is too strong. With a push, a pull, a lift, a drop, a toss, or a catch, you’ll know he’s there. When Super Psychic bends the laws of physics to his will, bad guys better watch out!

1. Throw Baddies Away From Hostages

tnt man and hostages the superhero league
Definitely don’t slam him into the floor.

Always remember that you’re here to save hostages. If there are bad guys around, be sure to throw them away from the hostages to avoid any form of collateral damage. After all, keeping the baddies away from the innocent sounds the safest.

2. Control Your Power’s Strength

barrel throw the superhero league
The force used to throw that barrel should be enough to take that henchman out.

Sometimes, a bigger throw isn’t always better. Lightly tossing an object into the air should suffice for some villains to get conked. Then again, some puzzles may require you to use the full extent of your power, so it all depends on the scenario.

3. Don’t Just Leave It All To Physics

box of balls the superhero league
Now Psychic can tell the entire league that he beat a villain down with a basketball.

If you’ve been presented with an object, sometimes your first instinct is to use the object how it’s meant to be used (see the image above). Instead of leaving it to how its physics should work, you can use it as a bludgeon instead. A plain henchman can be used the same way to a Super X, as a bludgeon dressed in a nice suit.

4. Use Hostages To Nudge Villains

whoops the superhero league
The hostage pushed him, not me!

When you aren’t sure of how much strength you put into your throw, try it out first with a simple nudge. A nudge might sometimes yield better results and could keep you from making some obvious mistakes. For instance, using hostages to nudge the invincible Super X off of buildings will spare you the error of killing the hostage as well.

5. Stage Samples

  • Stage 17
psychic stage 17 the superhero league

Drop the henchman or bludgeon the Super X with the henchman? Decisions, decisions…

  • Stage 45
psychic stage 45  the superhero league

You can whip one Super X around until he hits the other Super X. You take both out using one instance of your power. Wha-pish!

  • Stage 54
psychic stage 54 the superhero league

Roll the bomb too fast and it’ll slip by the henchman. Nudge it ever so slightly and…


super sharp the superhero league
She slices, she dices, and she can cut cleanly through henchmen and boxes!

Slicing through the evils of the city is the pink blade Super Sharp! Using her mastery over psychic weaponry, Super Sharp uses her bodily energies to send out cutting waves that can rebound off of surfaces. These waves can cut through boxes, villains, and anything that isn’t Super X or Super Diamond. Watch out! Super Sharp’s slashes might come for you next!

1. Aim Your Slashes

aimed slash the superhero league
To get that closest shave…

While slinging waves of slashing energy haphazardly may seem fun, it’s really practical to aim them instead. You might have a better chance of taking the bad guy out this way and with a much cleaner outcome. This leads us to our next point…

2. Try To Predict Where The Waves May Bounce

diamond the superhero league
That’s gonna bounce everywhere… if you don’t know where to aim.

When you aim at walls, try to predict where the wave will bounce next. This can save you time (and the lives of the hostages) if you figure it out. Sometimes, all it takes is the right angle for your shot to actually hit your target.

3. Tiny Cuts May Still Mean Victory

piece of pomp the superhero league
That piece of pomp is weighted with enough hair gel to turn it into a rock. That Super X is going to have a blast.

Don’t worry if you can’t hit the majority of your target. As long as you manage to slice through a tiny part of them, you should be fine. The same applies to boxes. Tiny pieces often take less time to fall off from the big piece and gain more momentum quicker, enough to take out a bad guy.

4. Some Cuts May Require Speed

cut center the superhero league
Looks like he fell for her!

Just like the image above, you can’t just dilly-dally with a single cut. Some levels will require you to slice through the same object twice in quick succession. Making the mistake of not cutting immediately will result in failure.

5. Stage Samples

  • Stage 7
sharp stage 7 the superhero league

This is your first test of aiming that perfect slash. Try to aim at the wall’s area parallel to the lower right corner of the box the henchman is standing on.

  • Stage 12
sharp stage 12 the superhero league

Will it blend? Aim into the tunnel and find out! Make sure that the wave flies straight into the tunnel. There are times where you won’t take all the bad guys out, so it has to be completely accurate.

  • Stage 33
sharp stage 33 the superhero league

Stop! Hammer Time! Cutting the base of the hammer at the correct diagonal angle should cause it to fall exactly on the Super X.


super portal the superhero league
He comes and goes whenever he pleases.

From between dimensions comes the mysterious Super Portal! Using his ability to rift objects and people across space, he can stop the villains from winning in a heartbeat. His mastery of portals sets him apart from the rest of the heroes. Where other heroes simply need to know what their powers might affect, Super Portal will have to know where to relocate anything he transports. From anywhere at any time, Super Portal strikes!

1. One Portal Is Actually A Pair

pass through the superhero league
In one hole and out the other!

Always remember that whenever you materialize one portal, there should be another portal accompanying it. It may catch you off guard sometimes, thinking that the first portal will suck in everything it comes in contact with. It will always need a second portal for the object to exit. Think of this just like eating: what comes in must also come out.

2. Angle Your Portals For Better Results

headshot the superhero league

When it comes to launching anything out of a portal, you will want to angle your portals at certain degrees to hit anything you intend to. For example, buttons on the ceiling may require your portals to be angled towards those. However, it’s always best to understand how much force goes through the launch. After all, when it comes to hurling hostages out of a portal, you wouldn’t want them breaking their bones when they hit the floor. Better yet…

3. Trap Hostages In Limbo For Their Safety

limbo the superhero league
How low can you go? … Oops. Wrong limbo.

The ultimate form of safety to a hostage is by trapping them in an endless loop of a portal where they wouldn’t be hurt by anything they collide with (handle explosives with care, however, you wouldn’t want the hostages hitting those). By trapping them in limbo, you’ll be able to focus better on your objective. Surely, they may be stuck there for a while but perhaps Super Portal safely delivers them off-screen.

4. Find Alternative Ways To Reach Your Objective

triangle the superhero league
Blow up the Super X or drop the triangle on the Super X?

The best part about using Super Portal is his versatility. He can take hostages safely out of a situation and send villains plummeting to their doom. He can hurl things out from portals, he can relocate things using them. Finding different ways to solve the problems is always the best part and sometimes the solution really isn’t what it seems; some objects might even be out to distract you.

5. Stage Samples

  • Stage 32
portal stage 32 the superhero league

This stage requires the essence of timing. Sending the Super Diamond flying at the X TNT Box too late might weaken the impact of the force and too late might make you miss the X TNT Box completely. Aim at the box and release the portal at the right moment to finish the level.

  • Stage 55
portal stage 55 the superhero league

This is a great example of those stages where the problem presents itself with what seems like a solution. Here, open up a portal to the left of the top hostage and then open up a portal right behind the left Super X. The hostage will be sent flying to take the first Super X out and come out of the other portal to take out the second. The same could be done on the right side. The hostage should still be alive after doing this.

  • Stage 57
portal stage 57 the superhero league

While the solution might be to drop the henchman on the TNT box, it’d be better if you tossed the henchman out of the map or threw him down to the ground by making an exit portal in the air.


super boom the superhero league
He loves to go out with a bang!

KER-BLAM!!! Wherever there is an explosion, villains know who to fear. It’s the rogue demolitionist Super Boom with his ability to accurately throw explosives wherever he wants. Into nooks and crannies, several feet into the air, between gaps in the wall — you name it, he can get his bombs there. When there are things that need wrecking, Super Boom’s out to make some noise!

1. Stronger Isn’t Always Better

light toss the superhero league
If he threw it any higher, that thing’s gonna land nowhere.

Throwing your bombs at its strongest isn’t always a good idea. Sometimes, it’s best that you toss it at a moderate strength for the best results. Eventually, you’ll know that throwing a bomb off-screen will immediately nullify its effects.

2. Aim Your Throw

bomb aim the superhero league
Super Boom will save the henchman from such an unstable height… by blowing him up directly!

Just like every other hero in The Superhero League, Super Boom relies on his aim. However, his aim is coupled with the strength of his throw. You can’t just aim his bomb and expect it to land where you want it, which brings us back to our previous point. Moving on, when the situation calls for it, throw your bombs directly at your targets.

3. Take Advantage Of The Force Of The Explosions

wood tower the superhero league
Knocking out a weak spot in the tower should knock it down instantly. But where could that weak spot be?

Despite having tiny bombs, Super Boom can set off some powerful explosions. The explosions are so powerful they could launch henchmen or villains off of buildings or cause objects to move. Taking advantage of these explosions could keep you from trying the stage over and over again.

4. Walls And Slopes Are Your Friends

curl the superhero league
Cowabunga it is!

Super Boom’s bombs are round and with that shape, they’ve got a natural roll given enough momentum. Throwing them or letting them build momentum on their own feels more satisfying than pulling off a trick toss. It may be boring, but give it a try!

5. Stage Samples

  • Stage 17
boom stage 17 the superhero league

This might be one of the first tricky levels you need to conquer as Super Boom. The best way to do this is to forcibly throw a bomb into the tunnel. It should find its way to the henchman’s feet.

  • Stage 22
boom stage 22 the superhero league

Gently roll a bomb until it has gotten behind the henchman. You can bid him bon voyage after that.

  • Stage 46
boom stage 46 the superhero league

First forcibly hurl a bomb at the left henchman so that the bomb can slip into the tunnel. Then gently roll the second bomb down the slope. You should be able to take both these henchmen out. Double, doomed, done.


super spirit the superhero league
The flames of his spirit answer his beck and call!

Lighting the darkness is the fiery orange Super Spirit! With his mystic flames, he can seek out any evildoer on the map. Where he directs his powers, his flames will follow. When there are villains on the run, you can bet that they won’t be able to hide from Super Spirit!

1. Make The Simplest Path Possible

tnt the superhero league
To Be Continued…

The quickest way to your objective is often the shortest one. No need to be so elaborate with the pathing of your spirit, just go with the one that works.

2. For Objects That Need Pushing, Use Repeated Movement

big box the superhero league
And now, Super Spirit throws a tantrum.

Draw squiggles, zig-zags, and other crazy paths if you want your fireball to perform a repeated movement. Compared to the next item on this list, this isn’t one big exertion, but multiple ones at once.

3. Exceed The Target For Force

exerting force the superhero league
Push it like a broken-down car!

Exceeding the target object with your flames exerts more effort in the push. If you really want to get that thing moving the way you want it to, draw a really long line.

4. Some Stages Can Be Cleared In One Move

Two pushes: one for the box and one for the button. Number of fireballs used? One.

Notice how Spirit here is given 2 moves to get three stars. It’s actually possible to complete levels like these with a single move. His spirit can move in multiple directions, and thus, these movements may count as “extra moves”.

5. Stage Samples

  • Stage 24
spirit stage 24 the superhero league

Draw your spirit over the hinge and make it come around from under. There will be enough effort for the object to clobber the Super X.

  • Stage 29
spirit stage 29 the superhero league

Send the fireball from behind the two henchmen and draw them toward you, away from the hostage. No explosion, no dead hostage.

  • Stage 44
spirit stage 44 the superhero league

Send a fireball out over the henchman’s head and quickly back into the tunnel. None of the hostages should die.


super ninja the superhero league
The moment you see him, it’s already too late!

Creeping through the gloom of the city is the unstoppable shadow of justice, Super Ninja! With his advanced training in ninjutsu, Super Ninja is an expert marksman and his favorite weapon is the shuriken. With a quick wit and silent calculations, Super Ninja can make his shurikens hit their mark even if they haven’t seen him yet!

1. Aim Your Shurikens

giant aim the superhero league
He’s a huge target. You can’t miss him!

As a ninja, precision should mean everything to you. Most of the time, you will get one chance to finish a level and this is where your accuracy will be tested.

2. Try To Imagine How They Bounce

bouncing shuriken the superhero league
Check out this trickshot!

Much like Super Sharp, Super Ninja’s shurikens bounce in straight lines. If you think you can hit a target by having the shuriken rebound off of the walls, draw a set of imaginary lines in your head before you make that throw.

3. Hit The Corners Of Boxes For Maximum Force

shuriken box the superhero league

When it comes to levels with boxes in them, aim for their corners. The force of the shuriken will cause the box to swing or tilt faster with force strong enough to knock the baddies over.

4. Be On The Lookout For Distractions

henchman on bomb the superhero league
Should you hit the bomb or the henchman?

There are some levels that have distractions, of course. The best way to get through them is to take your objective out immediately. Hitting some distractions can mean defeat.

5. Stage Samples

  • Stage 14
ninja stage 14 the superhero league

Land a shuriken at the box’s side and the henchman will fall.

  • Stage 25
ninja stage 25 the superhero league

Hitting the box’s upper right corner should propel it far enough to take the Super Xs out.

  • Stage 48
ninja stage 48 the superhero league

Throw a shuriken at the henchman directly. Hitting the button will spawn a forcefield over him and your mission will be compromised.


super brush the superhero league
He really knows how to paint the town red!

Fighting can be an art and that’s why super artiste Super Brush has come to get creative! Using his magical brush, Super Brush can draw anything in the air and manifest it into reality! Be it a weight from the sky, a crook that yanks no-gooders into a fall, he uses his talents to save the day. With every stroke, Super Brush can paint something beautiful over the ugly image of crime!

1. Keep Strokes As Simple As They Need To Be

line the superhero league
This simple line should get them down from there!

If an object needs a tiny nudge, consider a simple line that will lean on it to push it. The same works for villains and henchmen.

2. Draw Over Hostages

hostage house the superhero league
He gets to be saved AND live in a new home!

Prioritize saving hostages first by drawing shapes over them. You should be able to save them from falling or getting hit by your paint. Remember, only villains deserve to be painted with your brush of justice!

3. Fuller Shapes Are Heavier

full orange the superhero league
This one’s gonna hurt…

If you want that extra “oomph!” when you want your paint to interact with objects, keep painting them until they are full. The more solid the paint, the better.

4. Dots Can Be A Solution

Small dot, huge success!

When dispatching henchmen or Super Xs, dropping a tiny dot on them from a height should be able to dispatch them easily. Your shapes don’t need to be super complex.

5. Stage Samples

  • Stage 27
brush stage 27 the superhero league

Slightly deviating from our hostage strategy for Super Brush, you’ll be making a similar shape but this time, it’s out to smack the Super Xs’ heads simultaneously! Watch out!

  • Stage 63
brush stage 63 the superhero league

Draw a tall weight on the box leaning to the right of the screen. Both the Super Diamond and the box should be sent falling. Destination? Defenestration!

  • Stage 80
brush stage 80 the superhero league

Draw an upside-down number 2 and drop it on the ledge of the building with the tail of the 2 hitting the ledge. If done correctly, the neck of the number 2 should hook the Super Diamond down with it.

And that’s a wrap for The Superhero League. Just remember: assess the situation, observe what you can work with, and experiment or act on your decision. With the tips we left above for all the different heroes, the city will be safe in no time!

Got any other super tips or did we miss any of them? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!