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Heroes Inc! Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Create the Best Heroes and Beat Every Challenge

Heroes Inc! is the latest hyper-casual game from Lion Studios, the same company that brought us SpeedBall, Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon, Girl Genius, and more than 100 other games. With well over 2 billion downloads accumulated across all of its published game, top 10 and top 100 lists of mobile games in several countries are littered with hits from the company. Though the company’s games categorically span across all genres, the similarity lies in each one being simple, addictive, and can be enjoyed by people who can only spare a few minutes of playing each time.

The game lets you create a wide variety of heroes and use them in battle against hordes of enemies. As completing each stage you clear earns you materials to fuse to create new heroes, you can either recruit new heroes with unique powers or make the heroes in your collection stronger. Heroes Inc! promises hundreds of different heroes to discover and upgrade as you continue to rage war against the swarm of evil robots that threaten the world.

Heroes Inc!’s gameplay and controls are as simple as can be. You only need to use one hand to control the hero’s movement with a touch of your device’s screen. Heroes attack automatically once their enemies are in range and creating and upgrading heroes are as simple as mixing 2 ingredients and tapping the upgrade button, respectively.

heroes inc enemies

The earlier levels serve as the perfect training ground, hardly providing a challenge even to neophyte heroes. As you make progress, unlock more heroes, and begin upgrading them one by one, the swarm of enemy robots grow stronger as well.

If you are in the current lookout for a quick action-oriented game to pass the time, then be sure to give Heroes Inc! a try. If you have already started playing the game and would want to lead a fast and efficient progression of your hero career, then read on as our Heroes Inc! guide has various tips and strategies you need to create powerful heroes and beat every challenge!

1. Take Note Of The Ingredients You Use

One of the unique features that come with Heroes Inc! lies with the elemental ingredients you will always have in stock before the start of each level. Actually, you will not be able to start the next level without first fusing 2 ingredients together and creating the hero you will use for the upcoming battle. Heroes Inc! may have initially given you the impression that you can choose and focus on specific heroes for each challenge. However, while you can pick 1 of 3 heroes to take on invasions, you are only limited to take the new hero you created for the upcoming battle.

You will always have 5 different ingredients to choose from before fusing 2 of them together. After beating the level and returning back to base, you will discover that the ingredients you used up previously will be replaced by new ones. The total number of available ingredients you can have, in tandem with the number of possible combinations to create can seem overwhelming at first as you can expect a great number of heroes to collect given that one ingredient can often be combined with 2 or more compatible ingredients.

For now, though, there is not one ingredient that is compatible with all others, essentially limiting the possible combinations you can create and while randomness can be factored in as far as the ingredient choices are concerned, you still have a bit of control over the outcome of the fusion that leads to the creation of a new hero.

heroes inc ingredients

Do not get the wrong idea, though, any hero you successfully create fusion can take on whatever challenge lies ahead. One of the core features of Heroes Inc!, though, is that each succeeding level is tougher than the previous one, which is why each hero in your roster needs to reach new levels as well.

As troublesome as it may seem, you have to take note of each ingredient as well that the hero it gives rise to once it is combined with another ingredient. It can be a bit confusing at first, but being familiar with common elements like fire and ice, as well as parts like wings and arms, can help you memorize the correct ingredients that create which hero.

Naturally, most heroes you will create at the early part of your adventure will be new ones and will be at level 1. Once you have unlocked a lot more heroes, however, it becomes fairly easy to target specific heroes that you want for the upcoming challenge. Note that fusing ingredients together is not the only way to acquire new heroes, giving you more opportunities to secure higher level heroes that you can create for any upcoming challenge.

Once you have unlocked a hero, you can check your collection via its button at the right side of the main screen, where you fuse materials. On the collection page, you can tap on each hero to see their offline earnings, the next upgrade cost, and the ingredients needed to successfully fuse them.

2. Avoid Blocking The Screen

The controls provided in Heroes Inc! is as simple as can be and very liberating. You essentially have an invisible virtual joystick that can be wherever you choose to tap on your device. While this makes it very easy to control your hero as you move him around and attack your targets, being able to touch anywhere on your screen often leads to some beginners setting their finger at the center of it or somewhere that actually blocks their view of the action.

heroes inc screen

Although this is basically a given for more experienced players, it is important to make a habit of touching areas of your screen that does not actually block your view. For some, it can be easier said than done as the excitement and enthusiasm that rises with each ongoing skirmish can often trigger your tapping fingers to go astray.

These instances are usually triggered by large numbers of enemies and can be a common experience early on. To be sure, though, you will get used to it over time despite the introduction of new, more powerful robots later on in your adventure.

3. Play Defensively When Using Heroes The First Time

The differences between each hero in Heroes Inc! do no begin and end with their physical appearance. Each one’s more important uniqueness are actually associated more with their attacks. Regardless of color or the element each hero’s powers may represent, the difference actually extends only to whether they have short-range or long-range attacks and how their attacks go.

Each hero has 2 types of attacks and in this sense you can consider the more common one as basic attack and the other a special attack. Although each hero automatically attacks whenever a target enemy is within range, you can also attack manually by tapping anywhere on the screen. The first 3 attacks the hero launches will always be basic attacks while the fourth one will be a special attack. This is important to know as each hero’s fourth attack is much stronger than the normal one. Some melee fighters like Fiesta will even launch a ranged attack.

Every level always starts at a peaceful quiet area and you would always have to move a bit further to trigger the enemy robots to appear. Before you do, take the opportunity to tap away and see what the hero does. Doing so will help better prepare you for the coming fight.

heroes inc defensive tactics

Heroes Inc! is kind enough to provide heroes with health bars and no enemy will be able to eliminate you with a single blow. Some enemies can take a chunk off your health, though, so being careful certainly pays off. Your hero will always replenish his health at the end of each round so the short-term goal is always to make it through each round alive.

Keep a close watch on enemy robots you have encountered for the first time, you should actually wait to see the special attack each enemy has in store for you. The enemy mobs may not appear to be as smart as you would want but their numbers can still overwhlem you.

More so, some of the enemy robots have abilities that can deal damage for quite some time. Although you can pretty much berserk your way past the first few mobs of enemies in the earlier levels, being stuck in a rut while a powerful enemy unleashes its special attack on you over time can be fatal.

If you are using a ranged hero, you can often win the round even if you cannot see the actual enemies in your screen. This can be a bigger challenge for short-ranged heroes as they will initiate auto attack only against enemies you can see in your screen. Regardless of the hero you use, extend caution even if your hero stops using auto attacks as it may happen that the remaining enemy or enemies are just out of your range.

4. Upgrade Heroes Immediately

With each new level to challenge carrying with it more ferocious robot enemies that can increase in numbers as well, it becomes necessary for you to ready every hero in your collection for the fight. Surely enough, the random availability of ingredients you get after each battle limits the choice of heroes you can use during the next stage of battle. In a sense, upgrading each hero in your collection raises the chances of you being able to use a stronger version of each one regardless of which hero you create.

Upgrading a hero or raising a hero’s level requires that you obtain copies of that hero. As we mentioned earlier, securing more heroes is not only limited to the ones you actually create through fusion as every round of battle you complete earns you a chest that leaves 2 of 3 chances to acquire an extra hero card. Beyond that, there are also random invasion events that can net you more heroes and opportunities to earn extra hero packs also appear randomly.

upgrading heroes in heroes inc

Every hero upgrade becomes more and more challenging as each new level requires more and more copies of the same cards to use. You also need to spend coins for each upgrade at an increasing rate but you will often have more than enough of it even if you do not patronize ad boosts that grant extra coins.

The only other thing you can spend coins on in Heroes Inc! is upgrading your hero H.Q. For now, upgrades do not have any impact on the game and are simply cosmetics. Relative to this, you should consider to save your coins for hero upgrades and expend them on the tower H.Q. upgrades when you have loads of extra money.

Beyond increased damage and toughness, increasing each hero’s level also boosts the idle income they generate. Every new level reached by a hero doubles the amount of coins he generates per minute. Although there are lots of ways to earn free coins and you will often have an abundance of it. The costs of upgrades for heroes and the H.Q. exponentially grow so it is wise to start generating as many coins as you can early on.

5. Keep Enemies Lumped Together

The robot enemies in Heroes Inc! will have different appearances and abilities. The common trait that cuts across each one, however, is that they will continue to move straight towards you from the time they appear until you destroy them. Some of them have long-range attacks as well and do not necessarily have to get close to you to deal damage but are programmed to keep moving towards you just the same.

Depending on the area where the round starts, robots may be generated at random spots, usually within a contained space, but not always stuck too close together. Though none of them can ever move as fast as your heroes do, you should avoid giving them an opportunity to come at you from more than one side. What you should always aim to do is move in such a way that they will all be lumped together in that you will only be in a constant lookout on one side.

heroes inc strategies

This feat will become a little more challenging when you start encountering robot enemies that have the ability to quickly dash towards you. It can be a pain at times but being on the constant move typically makes it easier to group them all up together.

Beyond making it easier to defend against the robots’ attacks if they are all on one side, this tactic also works best with each hero’s special attack. Special attacks that heroes unleash on every fourth attack are usually designed to deal bigger damage and can affect a wider area. Enemies lumped together become easier to kill with each hero’s special attack.

6. Circling Around Enemies Always Work

Relative to the above tip, lumping enemies together and constantly moving about becomes easier by simply circling around all enemies in the battle stage. Running or flying at the borders or edges of the level effectively makes it easy for you to avoid the enemies’ attacks and also deal continuous damage to them provided that they are within your attack’s arrange.

circling around enemies in heroes inc

Like each hero, however, some robots have special attacks as well that trigger on their fourth attack. These, along with other circumstantial hazards, are the only exemptions that should make you stop running in circles. Your options include staying in place, provided that it is relatively safe, or changing the rotation of your movement.

Keep in mind as well that always being on the move will leave you relying on auto attacks, which are fine against enemies within range. Sometimes, there will be instances when you have to stop circling around to manually attack some targets.

7. Always Engage Invasions

From time to time, Heroes Inc! will present you with an opportunity to break away from the usual monotony of cycling between fusing new heroes and engaging a new level to battle and earn more heroes and coins. The invasions that randomly appear are very different from the regular levels you battle through and leaves you to choose from among 3 heroes you already have.

heroes inc invasion

Although chances are that the enemies you will fight in the invasions can be the same robots you regularly deal with on each level, the invasion stages themselves are designed with a lot of creativity, especially the transitioning events from one battle to the next. Invasions are also an extra means of acquiring more hero cards to obtain new heroes or power up the ones you have already unlocked.

Unlike regular levels, however, the areas where battles take place during invasions are typically irregular in shape and deviate from the usual arena layouts of the regular levels. In this sense, it can be a little more challenging to dodge attacks or apply the tips we discussed above. Just the same, though, survival extends only to the end of each battle as your hero’s HP will be replenished before the start of the next fight.

8. Don’t Forget To Utilize The Crates

Backgrounds in arenas and invasion levels will have different appearances but the constant props will always include crates lying about. In the heat of battle, it can become difficult to notice that these crates shatter into pieces whenever they are in the way of your hero’s attack. More importantly, it may be challenging to notice as well that some of these crates contain coins that you instantly earn whenever you shatter the crates.

heroes inc crates

As much as the main focus of each round or battle you engage in points towards survival and that enemies ought to be your exclusive targets during each skirmish, you can always spare a few seconds to smash the crates away and earn extra coins before proceeding to the next round or the exit. Note that these crates can offer a bit of protection as well against enemy attacks so at some point it becomes part of your habit to utilize them instinctively.

9. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

It is actually hard to ignore the video ad boosts that come abundantly in Heroes Inc! Some players are actually finding the overabundance of video ads in free-to-play games annoying although we have to keep in mind that these ads are what keeps these games becoming available for everyone to play and enjoy for free. The numerous video ads that come in Heroes Inc! can be categorically sorted between ones that play on their own and others that will only play if you allow them to.

For the former, thses video ads do not necessarily appear after every level. If they do, you will also be given an opportunity to skip them after just 5 seconds. The other type of video ads in Heroes Inc!, however, are most welcomed and beneficial to all players, especially if you want to make a speedy progress in your adventure.

These ads come with instant rewards that can tremendously speed up earning coins, upgrading heroes, and even upgrading your tower H.Q. You always have a choice of ignoring them, although you probably would not unless you want the next set of battles to be more challenging than it is.

heroes inc ad boost

For starters, every level you clear gives you an opportunity to earn up to 4x as many coins than what you will normally get. There is a swinging meter of sorts and tapping at the right time on the dead center of the meter earns you 4x coins. Of course, this comes with a cost of simply watching a 15 to 30-second video ad.

After each round in a level, you will be rewarded with a crate and you get to choose 1 of the 3. You can claim the other 2 if you watch video ads to unlock each of them. We feel that these chests are supposedly random but the left and middle ones always contain hero cards. The chest on the right, on the other hand, always contains coins. If you have a lot of coins, you can opt to instantly claim the middle chest and play an ad to claim the left chest.

Invasions that appear at random also require you to watch a short ad before you can participate. Again, you can always opt out of this opportunity. If you want to experience the unique level within the invasion game mode and earn extra hero cards in the process, though, you should always take on the challenge.

Heroes Inc! likewise presents random opportunities for you to obtain hero packs as well at the cheap cost of simply playing an ad. This is actually a quick way of earning additional hero cards so you should go through with it at every opportunity.

Although upgrading the tower H.Q. does not currently provide benefits other than cosmetics and bragging rights, you can also receive free upgrades to some parts of the H.Q. through watching video ads. These opportunities typically arise after spending coins on an upgrade. Once the ad boost appears and you decide to leave the H.Q. page, going back in will leave you with a coin cost for the next upgrade.

heroes inc volcano hq

We mentioned earlier that every upgrade on each hero in your collection raises the idle earnings they generate over time. Whenever you leave the game and come back to play it at a later time, the idle earnings you receive can multiplied just like the feature that applies whenever you clear a level. Depending on how long you have been away from the game, you can easily earn bulks of coins from idle rewards and the amount can be quadrupled through playing a video ad.

Relative to all the free boosts to earn, remember to visit the shop once every 8 hours. You can click on the green “+” sign at the right side of your coins on the upper right side of the screen. The top item in the shop gives you 1,000 coins free once every 8 hours and you do not even need to watch a video ad to claim this freebie.

This concludes our Heroes Inc! guide and we hope that you learned tons from the information we shared in this article. If you happen to enjoy Heroes Inc! a lot and have chanced upon a tip or strategy we missed in our guide, we appreciate hearing about it from you so don’t shy away from sharing your awesome discoveries in the comment section below!

Evan Ghedia

Saturday 8th of January 2022

Spike, a hero in volcano hq is always a fail experiment since isn’t doing any damage


Monday 22nd of November 2021

How to complete the second level?


Wednesday 11th of August 2021

Do you need to upgrate all heroes to lvl 5 or something to get to the atlantis hq?????

Matteo Fors

Saturday 4th of September 2021

@Ruben, I have no idea. Please ask the creator for help.


Sunday 27th of June 2021

I because of some reason can't unlock the atlantis H.Q because i don't know how.


Monday 12th of July 2021

Neither can I is it just friggin impossible


Wednesday 30th of June 2021

@Fran, I don't know either


Sunday 13th of June 2021

I’m at the volcano hq and I can’t upgrade it someone pls help