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SpeedBall (Lion Studios) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Lion Studios may not be that familiar for mobile gamers as compared to Ketchapp, but they specialize in pretty much the same type of games — casual, mostly endless titles that appeal even to non-gamers and are addictive enough to lure them in and keep them playing for hours on end. Following in the footsteps of titles like Ball Smasher, SpeedBall is an extremely simple game where all you need to do is to tap the screen to change the ball’s position, avoid the obstacles, and move from one level to the next.

You may think that these are games that do not need any kind of strategy guide whatsoever, and we, in part, agree with that. Our exclusive SpeedBall guide definitely cannot be filed under the classical strategy guide category, as the game is simpler and so are the tips. Still, we hope you’d check out the following SpeedBall cheats, tips and hints, as we’ve made them as detailed as detailed could be for a game like this — if games in the endless casual category are “easy to learn and hard to master,” we hope that these will be all the tips you need in order to achieve mastery.

1. Tap The Screen To Move The Ball – That’s It For The Most Part

Just as we mentioned above, SpeedBall is a game that follows in the tradition of Ketchapp’s many casual titles, even if it’s from a totally different company. The basic mechanics are just that, basic — your objective is to keep the ball going for as long as you could, avoiding obstacles as you move from platform to platform. How do you keep the ball going? It’s just as simple as it sounds — tap on the screen so you can move the ball to the opposite direction. However, there are some things you need to know about this seemingly straightforward process, specifically when it comes to the perceived actions to perform in order to move the ball.

As the game does not come with a tutorial, we were brought in cold to the SpeedBall experience, and started out by swiping left if we wanted to go left, and swiping right if we wanted to go right. That may sound like a logical thing to do, but it is not at all necessary, as all you need is one tap to get you where you want to go, or away from whatever you want to avoid. If you’re still used to directional cues, what you can do is to play the game with two fingers/hands, with your left fingers taking care of the left switches, and your right fingers for the right switches in direction.

2. More Basics – How The Game Is Scored, How And When To Switch Directions

Scoring in SpeedBall all depends on how long your run lasts, how often you switch directions, and how often you collect those green balls that randomly appear on the levels. However, you shouldn’t interpret this as an excuse to move frantically across the levels just so you could score more points. As the obstacles pop up so quickly and so unpredictably, it’s not really a good idea to switch from right to left or vice versa unless you’ve got a whole lot of space in front of you. Otherwise, it’s best to save your movements and only switch directions when you really have to.

The one time when you shouldn’t be switching directions is if you’re coming off a platform and making your way onto the next one. The game will automatically guide you onto the next platform with no need to switch directions while mid-air. In fact, switching directions instinctively before bounding onto the next platform will be counterproductive, as doing so will lead you smack into the next obstacle! You do not want that to happen, especially with the game essentially giving you one free pass per platform!

3. Try Seeing Things A Few Steps Ahead

When it comes to games like SpeedBall, there isn’t anything much to say when talking about the gameplay. All you’re trying to do in here, after all, is avoiding the long bars before they appear, or trying your best not to come into contact with them as that’s going to end your run instantly. But if we are to offer some tips about how to extend your run through smart gameplay, the best thing to do is to see the field a step or two ahead. That could help you make your moves faster and prepare for what you think is going to happen, though it won’t really always work out to your favor, again due to the fact that everything moves by so quickly.

Indeed it pays to look and think ahead, and you might also find it a good idea to develop a rhythm. That’s all well and good, but there’s also a thing as having “too much rhythm” when playing this game — you may end up bumping into an obstacle from the side, which is surprisingly very common in here! It might sound like a dumb move to pull off, but once again, it’s not rare, and we won’t take it against you if you’re already at level 15 and still making this mistake more commonly than others.

4. Everything’s The Same, Part I – About The Levels

SpeedBall is an endless game in theory, though it might not seem that way for everybody, as the presence of “levels” could make one think that there are only so many levels in the game. You may also be thinking that the game will get harder as you progress from level to level. The good news is that it doesn’t — each level is just as easy or as difficult as the level before or after it, and all of them are procedurally generated, which means all obstacles, green balls, and the like will show up randomly. There will, however, be some differences. First of all, you will earn more points for collecting green balls or switching directions as you make it to the higher levels. Secondly, the color schemes will be different from level to level — that, at least, prevents things from getting dull or lacking in challenge!

5. Everything’s The Same, Part II – Your Skins

One reason to unlock more levels in SpeedBall and chase for that high score is the opportunity to collect more skins — instead of the default black ball, you can opt to use a soccer ball, a heart, an arrow, a diamond, or any one of several other skins which you can unlock by reaching a certain level or score, completing a specific number of runs, or whatnot. However, since this is an endless casual game, that also means that all the skins you collect will perform the same once you use them. None of these skins come with unique stats or abilities, such as slowing down or becoming impervious to damage from obstacles — they all play the same way and are mainly in there for the sake of aesthetics. It’s just fair, we’d say — if the levels are all the same in terms of difficulty, why can’t your characters also behave the same way across the board?

6. When To Watch Those Ads

Once your run is over, you will be asked if you want to continue playing where you left off, meaning your score remains the same and you resume at the same point where your character slammed into an obstacle. It may sound tempting to watch all the videos as they appear, but since we don’t want to push it and find out that the game only has so many videos to serve up, we would only recommend watching ad videos to continue once you’re close to completing a level or breaking your high score. Otherwise, just wait it out and restart your game from the top.

7. Take Occasional Breaks

SpeedBall involves a lot of repetition, and if you don’t believe us now, you will believe it when you actually start playing — it can be very, very addictive. However, it could also be extremely frustrating if you’re at a point where you’re racking up one bad game after another, seemingly with no end in sight. Just like sports teams call for a timeout when they need to get back into the groove of things, you should do the same and take a rest from the game until your head clears up a it. Your mind will thank you for it, and so will your game scores, which will be better once you’ve taken a breather and gotten that frustration (or tired eyes) out of your system!

8. Try This Trick When Gunning For A High Score

Looking to beat your high score through a quick-fix strategy? You may want to try this only if you’re within shooting distance of your high score — once time comes for you to fly off the platform and jump onto another one, tap on your screen as often as you can and you’ll get credited for multiple jumps. That will naturally end your game right then and there, but it is what it is — a quick fix for anyone who’s this close to breaking their high score, but not able to get there just yet.


Tuesday 25th of September 2018

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