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Battlelands Royale Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Take Down Your Enemies

With the utter chaos of the battle royale genre combined with the fun artistic stylings of a casual gun game, Battlelands Royale is a new top-down shooter that pits players against each other for that number one spot. We have seen many variants in the battle royale genre from PUBG Mobile to Fortnite, but none are as easy to play as Battlelands Royale. This top-down shooter features an intuitive control system allowing anyone to pick it up and start battling right away.

Players sole Battlelands Royale objective is to secure that sought after number one spot. Whether you kill one enemy player or 20, your characters experience is entirely derived from your ability to outlast your opponents. The experienced battle royale players among us will know that other players aren’t you’re only concern as you’re under constant pressure from the circle of death which is continuously shrinking the playable area.

Battlelands Royale is brought to us by Futureplay, the developers behind of the hugely popular idle series: Idle Tuber Empire, Idle Crafting Empire, and Idle City Empire. Battlelands Royale was completely new ground for the devs at Futureplay but as far as we’re concerned they’ve done a fantastic job combin ng the casual and fun art styling seen in their previous titles with the need for rampant destruction required of and battle royale game.

Our Battlelands Royale beginner’s guide below will load you up with the top tips and tricks to help you survive the early onslaught after you’ve parachuted in and get you to that number one spot.

1. How To Fill Your Pockets With Gold

Battlelands Royale in-game currency takes the classic arcade stylings of gold coins. These coins can be used to purchase purely cosmetic changes such as your character, their parachute, and even their range of emotes.

Gold coins are extremely rare in Battlelands Royale and can only be attained through levelling up your character. These rewards also offer new parachute or character skins as well as emotes, this prolongs the chances to gain coins even further. The fastest way to collect these rewards is through joining club royale which costs a large amount of coins that’ll you’ll most likely have to purchase in order to access it faster.

Don’t focus on the cosmetic upgrades in Battlelands Royale as you’ll see them few and far between.

2. Lone Wolf Or Destructive Duo?

Before parachuting into battle you have to make the decision whether to play solo or as a team of two. Each have their own unique benefits and pitfalls as listed below:

Solo Benefits

You don’t have to worry about getting ambushed by multiple players giving you a greater chance of surviving any shock encounters.

There is no need to worry about evenly distributing weapons, ammo or shields as you instead just take what you need.

There isn’t someone that could give away your position by moving around or shooting unnecessarily.

Duo Benefits

When the number of players remaining begin to dwindle you’ll be more than likely to encounter more solo players continuing on without their battle partner, this will make recking up those kills a lot easier.

Setting up ambushes will be a lot more effective as you can catch enemy players in a crossfire.

You get a second chance at life as rather than dying, your teammate can revive you to get you back in the game.

3. All You Need To Know About Your Arsenal Of Weapons

In Battlelands Royale you’ll come across a variety of weapons each offering unique advantages depending upon your situation and play style. Below we’ve listed not only the weapons but when each one will prove most useful.

Peacemaker: The only reason to pick up a peacemaker is if there are no other guns in sight. This is a basic semi-auto rifle that has the lowest rate of fire as well as damage of all the guns.

Shotgun: The perfect ambush gun. Shotguns are obviously great for close range and drastically ineffective when trying to shoot enemy players from distance. A great technique with the shotgun is to position yourself in the long grass by a med pack or shield, this’ll attract other players allowing you to pounce out and mow them down with a fe shotgun rounds.

Assault Rifle: A high rate of fire with moderate damage makes the assault rifle a great allrounder. If you’re ever in doubt, grab an assault rifle.

Sniper: High damage, high range but a low rate of fire. If you can land your hits, the sniper is great to quickly take down enemies, especially those trying to escape. The only problem is that the rate of fire is so low that missing a shot can be extremely detrimental to your damage output.

Minigun: Only available from airdrops the minigun has an incredibly high rate of fire with reasonable damage. These are definitely worth getting as there large magazine also help you take out numerous enemies with ease.

Bazooka: Also only available in airdrops, the bazooka has extremely high damage with pretty good range but the rocket itself is quite slow moving. These are good for hitting multiple units but are also quite avoidable. When the circle is small these are almost useless as you always have low ammo and other players easily hide behind cover.

4. Getting To Know How Pickups Operate

When it comes to picking up items there are a few things you should know:

Picking up a gun of the same type is great when you are low on ammo as it’ll reset to the standard amount received when originally obtaining the weapon.

Always pick up the gun you intend to play with before picking up extra ammo as it doesn’t translate to the new gun.

You can pick up multiple items at once as long as your character is positioned within their pickup rings.

Pickups can be acquired whilst moving which will make you a more difficult target, especially if your attempting to collect an airdrop.

5. Time To Disappear – Playing In The Grass

In Battlelands Royale players have the ability to turn invisible by hiding in the long grass, this a great technique to avoid enemy contact and sneak you way into the final five. It’s important to note that when moving in the long grass your character will kick up dirt which is visible to enemy players so try not to move around until absolutely necessary.

Hiding in the long grass provides awesome ambush opportunities so make sure to position yourself in a good spot, ideally by an item. The negative to hiding is that other players can do the same so never expect a grass area to be safe as those enemy players may be adopting this same play style.

6. Putting Off Death – Play To The Edges

For those looking to minimise their risk of death it’s can be quite beneficial to play as close to the ring of death as possible. This will reduce the number of angles that enemy players can approach you from. Just remember to leave yourself a clear path ahead as building and rivers can easily catch you out when using this play style.

Playing around the edges can also lead you to items that others players have left behind as they’ve run to the centre of the safe zone. Use this time to search for more shields and ammo.

7. Know Where To Land

Battlelands Royale only plays across a single map (unless you buy the most expensive club royale pass) so learning the level and areas with the best loot doesn’t take long. Landing towards the edges of the map in the more remote locations will typically reduce the chances of enemy encounters and give you more time to gear up before having to battle for your life.

The ship is one of the best places to land and it is often disregarded for its small size; however, its compact area creates a build up of loot within close proximity to one another making it a great spot to gear up fast. It’s also has a large grass area to the north allowing you to quickly work your way up to a good ambush area.

8. Enemy Looting

Killing enemy players is great way to pick up items you’ll need in a fight such as ammo, med kits, shields, and weapons. You’ll notice as the circle gets smaller the number of items drastically reduces, killing enemy players soon becomes the only way to replenish your stats. Once you start to enter the inner circles attempt to pick off players that are alone at the edge of the playable area. Killing these players will draw less attention as most players focus on getting to the central zone and away from the circle of death.

Hopefully our Battlelands Royale beginner’s guide has shed some light on the best practices for instant success. Just remember to grab shields as often as possible and fill up your ammo in order to allow for maximum carnage. Good luck and happy battling!