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Mayhem Combat Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks Ever Player Should Know

Fighting games have always been one of the most popular videogame genres since time immemorial, yet they have been relegated to a niche in the mobile platform. Mayhem Combat changes all that by adding a few twists to the classic fighting game format. Available on Android and iOS platforms, this game definitely serves up some mayhem. Instead of the usual one-on-one combat, you are thrown into a 2D arena filled with up to ten players per match! You will have to punch your way through multiple enemies if you want to come out on top. If that’s not enough, you also have to dodge elements from the arena itself such as cars driving through the scene, speeding trains, and even explosive gas pipes. You also get to use crazy weapons and maneuver around platforms in order to defeat your opponents. If you find yourself getting lost in the chaos, don’t worry. Be sure to check out our compilation of Mayhem Combat cheats, tips and tricks to help you win!

1. Don’t Over Commit

If you only had one opponent, it is easy to go all out. The primary challenge in this game is how to land punches without getting hit by other players. The easiest answer is to simply hit and run. There are combos available, but if you over commit to a combo, you will leave yourself exposed for other players to take a free hit. When it comes to weapons, speed is the answer. Not all weapons are created equal. If you have a choice, always pick the faster one. You need to be able to swing and disengage at a moment’s notice.

2. Use The Right Combination

Not all weapons can be used by all the characters. While all characters have multiple options, they won’t always be the same. Another thing you should keep in mind is that their battle style changes depending on their weapon. Keeping in mind our previous advice regarding speed, make sure you choose a character-weapon combination that works best with your play style.

3. Get More Coins, Here’s How

Coins are the game’s regular currency. You will need a lot of it in order to upgrade characters and weapons. You can earn coins along with weapon and character cards by opening chests. An alternative way to earn coins, however, is through the Tapjoy offer wall. Just tap on the free micro coin pack button in the store to view the list of offers. You will see how many coins you will earn even before you complete an offer, allowing you to pick the ones that are worth your time. Keep in mind that some offers will require some kind of payment, so make sure you choose offers carefully.

4. Collect Free Chests

Mayhem Combat is pretty generous when it comes to rewards and free chests. You can get a lot of these by simply playing actively, and you get to open them right away. Make sure you choose the best possible weapons and upgrade as much as you can in order to progress further. If you tend to forget about your free chests, you can turn on push notifications in the settings menu. When you do, you will automatically receive a notification whenever a free chest is available. It is important that you collect as soon as it comes up because the countdown for the next chest will not begin until you have claimed the current one.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate mobile fighting experience in Mayhem Combat! Use the tips and tricks listed above in order to ensure your victories!