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Boost Arena Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Take Down Your Rivals

Boost Arena is a crazy new car battle game for Android and iOS devices. Squarehead’s new mobile title is reminiscent of .io games where you compete with other players inside an arena. In Boost Arena your goal is to stay in the game for as long as you can while earning points. Of course, since there are other players in the arena, you need to sabotage them to make it to the top of the rankings. You can open up various power up crates in order to get weapons that you can use against your opponents. Keep in mind, however, that they will be plotting the exact same thing. Keep your eyes peeled for projectiles, bombs, and decoy crates that look suspiciously similar to the power up crates. If you find yourself losing constantly, don’t worry. Just read our list of Boost Arena cheats, tips and tricks for winning every race!

1. Fill Up The Boost Bar

When you start a game, you will notice an empty bar at the top of the screen. This fills up as you pick up boost balls. Those are the little blue things scattered around the arena. Once it is full, you will be able to use a speed boost. This is useful for two things. Defensively, you can use it to run away from an opponent who is trying to crash into you. Offensively, you can T-bone an opponent with it. Crashing into an opponent while using the speed boost will take them out but will leave you unharmed. One thing you should keep in mind, however, is that you are ranked based on the number of balls you have picked up. You will lose some of your boost balls whenever you use the speed up, so don’t get too carried away with it.

2. Use Items For Attacking

A speed boost attack should only be used if you are far ahead, or as an absolute desperate measure. You should instead utilize the different items you can pick up from the power up crates. There are red and green tires that can be shot at enemy cars to take them out. Decoy boxes, on the other hand, mimic the power up crates. The only difference is that they have a hazard sign on them. If your opponents are not paying attention, they could excitedly crash into the decoy and end their run.

3. Scavenge The Blown Up Cars

Just as with the .io games, when someone blows up, they will drop all the balls they picked up. That is a great opportunity for you to collect a whole lot of boost balls at once. They may even drop a few power ups for you. This is a great time to use the magnet power up since it will instantly collect all the resources dropped by your fallen enemy.

4. How To Improve Your High Score

When the match ends, your final score will determine how much experience you will gain. Experience is needed for leveling up. The higher your level is, the more features you unlock like car options and new paint jobs. To know what your score will be, you need to consider three things. First, how many boost balls did you collect? As we mentioned before, the more you collect, the better. Second, how many opponents did you take out? Finally, how many gold balls did you pick up? Gold balls are bonuses that occasionally appear in the arena. They are quite rare so make sure you beat the other players to them.

5. The Boost Strategy

If you managed to rack up a good number of boost balls, you should be able to afford losing some of them by using the speed boost. Again, do this only if you are comfortable with the amount you have picked up. The strategy is to get close to an opponent, then use a quick boost to ram into them. This will blow up their car, allowing you to harvest whatever they drop. This trick is particularly useful if you have a magnet with you.

Getting high scores while you have several other players gunning for you is not easy. Make sure you rely on our Boost Arena tips and tricks to help you make it to the top!