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Tap Wizard RPG: Arcane Quest Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Outsmart Your Enemies

Tap Wizard RPG: Arcane Quest is a unique idle clicker created by Iron Horse Games for mobile devices. The game successfully weaves RPG elements to ensure an engaging battle experience that is not often seen in the genre. You get to vanquish monsters, go on dungeon raids, and customize your character’s growth in true old-school RPG fashion. There are over 30 unique spells for you to learn and equip. Choosing the correct spells to take with you will help determine your success in this epic journey. Don’t forget the various Runes and research projects available that will help you become even stronger.

Thousands of enemies are waiting for you. Make sure you do not disappoint them by bringing your A-game. It all starts out easy at first, but you will eventually get overwhelmed by the enemies if you are not careful. It’s too dangerous to go alone, so take our Tap Wizard RPG: Arcane Quest strategy guide with you!

1. How To Collect Power And Gold

When you start out, the game does not really explain properly how you will gain power and gold. It is actually pretty easy. Your wizard automatically gains power as he progresses. When he runs out of health, don’t panic. Just tap on the Recall button and he will acquire all of the power her accumulated during his run. He will also get all the gold he earned along the way.

2. Invest In The Academy

You will probably be wondering what the gold is for since you don’t see any place to spend it on. Just hold on to your gold for a while until you unlock the Academy. It will become available once you have advanced a bit more into the zones. The Academy is where you can spend your gold to buy new skills. These new skills provide your wizard with stat multipliers. Learning new skills take time. You pay to initiate the learning process then you will have to wait a given period before a Learn button appears. If you are in a hurry, and you have the extra money, you can pay to rush the learning process.

3. Use Your Items To Progress Further

Since your power is limited, you will eventually be unable to progress in your run. At this point, your wizard will run out of health, and you will go through the Recall process once again. There is a way to progress a little further than your power allows, though. The trick is to collect as many items as you can early on while the enemies are still easy to beat. Hold on to those items until you go against enemies that are beyond your power. Since the power of the items scale according to the strength of the enemies you use them on, you will be able to beat a few more waves of enemies using the items you collected during the earlier parts of your run.

4. Level Up Your Favorite Spells

Out of the 30 or so spells that are available, you will definitely have your favorites. While there is no best spell, you should choose the ones that work best with your play style. To level up your favorite spells, you just need to assign them to the right spell slot. The first spell slot earns 100% of the experience earned after every battle. The second slot earns 50% of that experience. The third slot earns 25% of the experience. The fourth slot only gets 10% of the experience, while the fifth one receives a measly 5%. With these numbers in mind, make sure you assign your best spells to the first two slots to ensure they get a good amount of experience from battles.

5. Take The Right Spells

Even though you have your favorites, you may sometimes find that these are not enough to get your where you want to be. Sometimes, the right answer is to bring a different spell. Try out all the different spells, so you can familiarize yourself with what they can do. You may encounter situations later on where some spells will be more useful than others. For example, if you keep getting struck down in a one-on-one against a boss, switch to more single-target spells that deal a lot of damage. On the other hand, if you keep getting mobbed, you could try taking more splash-damage spells to help deal with the numbers.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate idle RPG adventure in Tap Wizard RPG: Arcane Quest! Just follow the strategy guide above and you will gain power in no time!


Tuesday 8th of December 2020

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