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Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Ultimate Guide: 17 Tips, Cheats & Tricks Every Player Should Know

As one of the most popular fashion games today, Love Nikki Dress Up Queen needs no introduction. This dress-up game for Android and iOS features gorgeous characters and beautifully designed outfits. Follow the story of Nikki, as she goes on a wonderful journey across several countries. Explore the different fashion trends in each country you visit. There are over 300,000 dialogues and descriptions, providing players an intricate storyline to immerse themselves in. Collect hundreds of different outfits based on different themes such as European, antique beauty, fairy tales, and so on. The game regularly adds new pieces every month, so you can be assured your wardrobe will always be fresh. Try the free design mode where you can freely style and design all aspects of your look, from outfit to makeup and accessories. Don’t forget to check out our Love Nikki Dress Up Queen ultimate guide before jumping into the game!

1. Complete Your Daily Tasks

There are several routine tasks that you should accomplish daily if you want to keep your progress on track. It only takes you about 5-15 minutes to complete all of these, so there is no reason for you not to complete them. Even if you have a busy day, try to spare 15 minutes to work on these. The first task you should do is to simply sign in by tapping on the heart icon at the top of your screen. You get a reward for each day that you sign in, so don’t miss out on this.

Your second stop should be the Stylist’s Arena where you need to compete at least five times per day. After that, make sure you head to the Competition and judge 30 times. The game gives incentives for players who actively contribute to the game’s competitions through judging. You should also participate in the competition if you have outfits available for the ongoing theme.

Once you are done with the competitive side of your daily routine, you should check out your mailbox to see if you have any System Mail waiting for you. This is where your Arena and Competition rewards usually end up. You also collect stamina from friends through the mailbox. If you are a member of an Association, go to the Stylist Association to complete commissions, sort materials, and so on.

Next stop is your Home where you should complete your Life Bits. If you are part of a Community, make sure you visit each home and help them with their Life Bits. You can also Wander to 5 different homes. Don’t forget to get your free ticket from the Wish Court as well every 48 hours.

The last part of your daily routine is to go into the Quest menu to claim your rewards for completing all of the tasks above. You should receive five gift boxes daily for your trouble. That means 53 extra diamonds tucked safely away in your pockets.

2. Track Your Outfits

The game is not just about putting on whatever outfit you feel like putting on. While that can definitely be part of the experience, you will find that you will need to know which outfits will work best for chapters, arena, and special events. That means following certain themes and keeping track of what you own. Since there are hundreds upon hundreds of possible outfits, you may want to rely on an external tracker such as the Nikki Guide app or Nikki’s Info site to help you. Both the app and the site will tell you which of your existing outfits would be best for specific events you will be participating in.

3. Don’t Shop Just Yet

Nikki Dress Up Queen has several types of currency. These include gold coins, diamonds, star coins, association coins, crystal roses, jade, hourglass, and crystal shoes. All of these currency types can be used to purchase various outfits from different shops. Before you go on a shopping spree, however, there are some things you need to consider. First, do you really need the outfit you are about to buy? Make sure you only spend just enough to purchase what you need to get to the next level.

The second thing you should check is if there are ongoing events. These provide opportunities for you to get great items. If you saved up your currencies as we advised, you won’t have trouble splurging when the right event comes along. Finally, there are levels where you will need to craft specific outfits in order to pass. Saving up your currencies would help ensure you have the required resources to craft what you need.

4. Bully The Weak

The key to your success in the Arena is to be a bully. Never pick on someone your own size. Look for opponents who are at least 20,000 points below you. Momo will often give you an idea on what your opponent is like, but do not believe her because she often gets it wrong. To ensure you never lose in the Arena, just keep targeting weaker opponents. Keep tapping on the next button until you find the perfect target. Remember, reaching 50 wins in the Arena will unlock an achievement for you and reward you with 100 Diamonds.

5. Don’t Forget To Share

Linking your Facebook account to Nikki Dress Up Queen ensures that you can recover your saved game. Aside from this, you will also be able to share new outfits, achievements, and screenshots straight to your Facebook wall. Doing so will reward you with a handful of diamonds or stamina. It may not seem like much, but if you do it several times a day, it will eventually pile up. Keep in mind that part of your daily quests is to share at least three times per day. If you are afraid of flooding your friends with in-game posts, don’t worry. You don’t actually have to push through with the post. Just press back before actually posting on your wall. You will still get the reward as though you posted.

6. Spend The Association Coins Wisely

One of the great things about Love Nikki Dress Up Queen is that you can dye outfits to make them unique. The only problem is that dyes can be costly. You can buy dyes and fabrics from the Store of Starlight. You will need star coins to purchase them. Dyes cost 8 star coins each and fabrics will cost you 20. If you go to the Association Store, you will discover that you can also purchase dyes for 10 Association coins each. Fabrics are also available for 24 Association coins.

Even though the cost in Association coins is higher, one thing you should remember is that Star coins are actually more valuable in this game. You will need star coins to purchase specific recipes for crafting. Recipes can be really costly, so it will much better for you to hold on to every star coin you have instead of wasting it on dyes. The Association store, on the other hand, does not really offer anything useful other than dyes, so you may as well spend your coins wisely.

7. Look For The Gift Box

One of the things new players often overlook is the small gift box in the voting screen. While you are rushing through your votes, you might not notice that you have a reward waiting for you. Just tap on the gift box to receive your reward. If you don’t want to keep tapping on them, you can finish voting first then claim all your rewards at once. Just don’t forget to claim them altogether.

8. Listen To Momo

While Momo may not be the expert on how strong your opponent is, her fashion sense is usually spot on. She will give you a list of things to wear to pass a level with an S score. It may not look appealing to you, or it may not be your taste, but Momo is usually right when it comes to which pieces will help you succeed. Just tap on the S Tip tab then find all the items on the list in order to get the highest possible score for the level you are on.

Once you get that S rating in the Maiden chapter, you can use a cool trick to get the same rating in the Princess chapter. You can reuse the same outfit in the Princess chapter by tapping on the Memory button. Choose Best Score and it will bring up your best outfit. That should be the one you just used to get the S rating in Maiden.

9. Craft Only What You Need

Crafting costs a lot of resources, including diamonds, gold, and other materials. You will have limited amounts of these early in the game, so it is best not to waste them. Make sure you only craft what is required in the chapters. Once you are done with all the chapters, you are free to waste resources as much as you want. Until then, it is best to be frugal when it comes to crafting. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a chapter for days because you can’t afford to craft what you need.

10. Farm Chapters For Materials

Outfits can be evolved in Nikki Dress Up Queen. To do so, you will need several items. These items are usually dropped in chapters. You may need to replay chapters multiple times in order to get everything you need. The good news is that there is actually a quick way to farm these chapters. You will have to play through the whole chapter first before you can farm it. Once you have successfully completed it, you can just tap on the Done button to instantly complete it. The game will automatically pull your highest score and simulate the results of the chapter. The Stylist’s Arena has a similar button called Finish ASAP while the Association chapters also have the Done button.

11. Get Stamina From Friends

Even though you have a cap for stamina, you can actually hold a lot more if you receive stamina from friends. Each friend can send you 2 stamina per day. If you have a lot of friends, you will be able to get up to 50 additional stamina per day. That will eventually pile up and you could end up with thousands if you are not able to use them all up. As an added bonus, you also get to unlock a special out fits for adding a lot of friends!

12. What To Do With Duplicate Outfits

As you collect more outfits on a daily basis, you will eventually have duplicates. Don’t worry because these can be useful. You just need to break them down first in the Recipe Workshop. Look for the Decompose button and select all the duplicates that you have. Once you Decompose them, you will receive various crafting materials, coins, and some rare items such as hope rings, rebirth earrings, and eternal necklaces. You can combine all of these to create new outfits in the Reconstruction menu.

Another benefit of using the Decompose feature is that you fill up the Lost Casket each time. When you fill up the casket, you will receive an exclusive clothing item that is not available in any of the in-game stores. One thing you should remember is to only Decompose items that are automatically selected when you tap on the select extra clothes button. Other items that do not get automatically selected means they are too important to destroy even if they are duplicates!

13. Consider Getting VIP

A lot of mobile games these days have VIP perks for players who spend real money. While Nikki Dress Up Queen is definitely enjoyable even if you don’t spend anything, there are quite a few perks that you may want to consider. There are various VIP levels in the game depending on how much you have spent in total. The higher your VIP level is, the more benefits you get. Every time you reach a new VIP level, you also receive a new clothing item along with some diamonds and gold. Think about whether the benefits are appealing to you. You can view them even if you have not reached VIP status yet. If you plan to play the game for a long time, you may want to get VIP in order to maximize your potential.

14. Spend Money On Monthly Cards

If you considered the previous advice and have decided to spend your hard-earned money on the game, the best way to do so is by purchasing value packs and monthly cards. These give you the most bang for you buck. These packs normally cost less than five dollars, so the impact on your wallet will not be as noticeable. Some value packs include clothing and fantasy tickets. Monthly cards, on the other hand, give you incremental rewards for each day that you sign in. You can stack these cards as well instead of having to renew every 30 days.

15. Wait For Cumulative Recharge Events

The game often holds recharge events. These events will give you additional rewards for reaching milestones in spending money in the game during the event period. There is a way to win big in these events if you are already spending money anyway. When you buy value packs, they are not automatically consumed. Instead, they are sent to your mailbox with an expiry date. That means you don’t have to claim them until they are about to expire.

You can just collect value packs in your mailbox and wait for a recharge event to occur. Once the event starts, you can claim all of your value packs at once and they will all count towards the event’s milestones. Since, as we mentioned above, the cards all stack, you won’t have to worry about losing anything when you claim multiple packs at once.

16. How To Use Fantasy Tickets

Fantasy tickets can be used to buy outfits in the Room of Mystery. Most players get confused on how to use them because when you go to the Room of Mystery, the only options available are for purchasing using Diamonds. Don’t panic just yet. Just tap on the Buy 1 button and you will be asked if you want to spend your Fantasy ticket. Choose the ticket and you will be able to redeem your Fantasy ticket. Repeat the same steps until you have used up all your available tickets.

17. Get Free Stamina

Nikki Dress Up Queen gives out free stamina every day. You can claim 30 stamina during the day between 12 to 2pm server time. Another 60 stamina is available between 7 to 9pm server time. On weekends, both windows will give out 60 stamina. Make sure you drop by into the game during these times in order to claim your free stamina. You don’t have to use them up if you are busy since they stack up even if you are already over your maximum stamina.

You are now ready to dress to impress in Love Nikki Dress Up Queen! Don’t forget any of the things you learned from our ultimate guide in order to make it to the top of the rankings!


Saturday 6th of January 2024

how do I get the bunny suit?


Sunday 13th of January 2019

#2 You mention "The Nikki Guide app" but I can't find it in the Google Play store. What is it really called?


Friday 10th of April 2020

Search my nikki info on google and you can make an account on the actual website, it's really useful!!!


Saturday 8th of December 2018

Will I lose my progress if I add email?

Please answer as soon as possible... :) ty


Monday 18th of February 2019

You won’t lose your progress unless you delete the game.