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Covet Fashion Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get Five-Star Ratings

Everyone loves fashion, but not everyone can be a fashion icon. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the industry? Glu’s mobile game Covet Fashion is all about dressing up in style. Available on Android and iOS platforms, Covet Fashion lets you choose from some of the most popular brands in the fashion industry, including Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, and Vince Camuto. There are over 175 real brands to choose from, and the choices you make will tell everyone if you really have good taste. Browse through thousands of clothing pieces and accessories to complete your look. Fashion is never about just one fancy dress. Knowing how to complete an entire ensemble takes real skill. Make sure you know your stuff because every look you put together will be rated, and you get to win exclusive prizes if you earn four stars or more. Be sure to read our compilation of Covet Fashion cheats, tips and tricks to secure those five-star ratings!

1. Get Your Daily Freebies

Covet Fashion has a daily login bonus that rewards you with 100 Diamonds for free along with 20 tickets. If you are a free player, these things can go a long way. Make sure you take time to claim these even on days when you don’t have time to actually play the game. Don’t forget to pick up any other rewards you have earned from other challenges while you are on the same screen as well.

While we are on the topic of daily freebies, another bonus that is not immediately obvious is the Daily 500. On the face of it, the Daily 500 is an event. You can participate even at a low level because there is absolutely no restriction on what you wear. Don’t worry about winning because this is a special event that rewards you $500 just because you joined. Just log into the game, join the event with whatever outfit you have on, then walk away with an easy $500.

2. Hold Off On Shopping

When you start out, you won’t have a lot of money to spend. If you are familiar with the shop brands in real life, you would know that not having money can be a problem. Make sure you don’t just buy whatever looks pretty. In fact, don’t buy anything at all. The only time that you should spend your money in the early stages of the game is when you need specific clothes to win a challenge.

Another thing you should think about when it comes to money matters is the prize of the challenge you are about to enter. If you will be spending 20,000 on an ensemble for a challenge that will only give out 5,000, then you are better off losing that challenge or walking away from it altogether. There is some good news in all this, however. The game does not penalize you for reusing the same outfits for different challenges. If you are smart with your purchases, you will be able to get some good mileage out of the pieces you buy.

3. It’s All In The Details

As we mentioned before, winning in Covet Fashion is not just about having the most expensive dress. You need to have the complete package if you want to make it to the top. You can get away with rookie mistakes in the earlier parts of the game, but you will soon realize that the finer details of your ensemble are tripping you up. You need to make sure your makeup and accessories are on point. Again, it is not just about the price of the items you are using. Pay attention to whether or not everything works well together. Even the skin tone you choose will have an impact on your overall rating. Pay attention to every single inch of your ensemble and you will be getting better ratings.

4. Link Your Facebook Account

Linking your Facebook account to the game will allow you to add your friends who are also playing. This is important because you can help each other out in order to progress further in the game. You can lend each other items needed to complete your looks. Since you can’t afford to buy a whole lot of pieces early in the game, having friends to borrow from can make a huge difference.

If you don’t feel like using your real Facebook account, or if you want to be a hardcore player of the game, you can create a new Facebook account just for this. Just create a new account and customize it however you want. You may even use the game’s name as your last name to let people know what the account is for. You will be surprised to find just how many players are doing the exact same thing. Soon you will be finding hundreds of Facebook friends who are actively playing the game. In a matter of days, you will have so many new in-game friends that you will have an unlimited supply of borrowed items for your challenges!

5. Join An Active Fashion House

A Fashion House is the equivalent of a guild in Covet Fashion. You get to group up with other players in order to help each other in the game. Members of the same house can also lend each other items that they can use to complete outfits. On top of that, Fashion Houses can participate in Runway Rallies. These are competitions where all members of the house get to participate in order to win rewards. This is why it is important that you join an active house. Do not be afraid to hop a few times until you find one that can actually help you progress in the game.

6. How To Get Better Ratings

When you earn a 4-star rating, you will win a prize. If you manage to hit 4.5, you get an additional 25 diamonds. Five stars and above, however, give you a bonus prize on top of the original reward and the 25 diamonds. This is why you should aim for the highest possible rating at all times. Of course, that is easier said than done since most of your score will depend on the votes you get. Still, there are a couple of things that can help you inch closer to that coveted score.

The first thing you need to consider is whether or not you have items that are from the current season. The more items you use from the current season, the more bonus points you get. Since you can’t wear everything you have in the closet, try to put on the most expensive ones you have. You can also sneak in some additional current season items by wearing them under your actual outfit. For example, you can wear leggings under your pants or a swimsuit under your dress.

Another source of extra points that you should think about is the use of unworn items. These are items that you have never used before. The good news is that this also applies to items you borrowed from friends and housemates. You can also use the unworn bonus from other items in your closet that you won’t be adding to your look. This is a good way to get some use out of items you don’t really like.

7. Stick To The Theme

While the previous advice tells you to use more current season and unworn items, that is not an excuse to ignore the theme of the challenge you are entering. Make sure you always try to follow the theme as much as you can. Do not put on cobalt wings on your character if the theme is Classic 60s! Players will generally vote fairly. That means they will penalize you for using looks that have nothing to do with the theme, even if they are current season items. Most of your score will come from votes, so do not even try to get away with it.

8. Increase Your Closet Value

Now that you have gotten used to managing your budget, winning challenges, and borrowing stuff from friends, it is time to focus on your Closet Value. Your Closet Value is the collective score of every single item you own. When you increase this value, you will be able to unlock new options for hair and makeup.

The only way to increase your Closet Value is buy adding things into your closet. The most straightforward way is to simply buy more stuff. This is why this advice comes late into the guide. Do not prioritize increasing your Closet Value if you barely have enough money to buy an outfit. You will need your money to complete challenges! Of course, if you win clothing items, they will also add to your Closet Value. So, if you are broke, the best way to add value is by winning more challenges with borrowed items.

9. Go On A Styling Spree

Don’t be discouraged if you lose challenges. It is part of the game since there will always be winners and losers in any competition. As an added incentive to continue participating in challenges, the game has a weekly competition called Styling Spree. This is a competition that rewards you with premium wardrobe items. All you have to do is to complete the required number of challenges per week.

Only specific challenges count toward your Styling Spree total. You will see which challenges qualify based on their descriptions. There are usually around 27 Styling Spree challenges per week. Once you complete them all, you will receive your prize, regardless of whether or not you won the challenges. Another great thing about this is that you can enter the spree challenges even after the week ends as long as the events are still available on the entry page. Keep completing the spree challenges weekly and you will be filling up your closet with premium items in no time.

10. Want To Be On Top? Here’s What You Should Do

Every player’s dream is to someday make it to the top. Earning a Top Look will reward you with two clothing prizes and 5025 diamonds. On top of that, and this is what really matters, your look will be displayed on the homepage runway. Don’t lost hope if your looks don’t win Top Look in the early parts of the game. In fact, it is possible to not win Top Look at all during your first 20 levels in the game.

Part of the reason is that you need to unlock higher level items first. Voters tend to side with looks that they know were not available in earlier levels. There also tend to be some favorite pieces that often tend to be the deciding factor for votes. Once you have unlocked these favorites, you will be a step closer to seeing your look on that runway.

Even if you don’t get that Top Look reward, there is till the Best Look in Level reward. This is a consolation prize given to participants who score above 5.70 but below 5.80. You get all the rewards of a 5-star rating as well as an additional 500 diamonds. Not only that, your look will also make it to the runway, so it’s not a complete loss!

11. Fly Around The World

Another set of challenges available in Covet Fashion are the Jet Set challenges. These take you to different locations around the world and have themes related to each place. Each location will have three entries. You will need to meet the requirement for each entry. Don’t worry too much about it, though, because they are usually easy to pass.

Upon entering a Jet Set challenge, you will dress up your character as usual, taking into consideration the current season and unworn item bonuses. Voting for these challenges only take eight hours, so you will know within the day how you did. Instead of winning the usual prizes, you win stars. You will need to collect the required number of stars in order to unlock the next Jet Set location. Unlocking the next destination will also reward you with 500 diamonds.

The further you go into the Jet Set challenges, the more stars you will need. You may even have to replay old challenges to get more stars. Try to unlock as many locations as you can as it is a great way to rack up diamonds without spending real money in the game.

12. Earn Your Diamonds

Diamonds are hard to come by since they are the premium currency of Covet Fashion. If you don’t want to spend real money on the game, there are some free options for you. When you go into the Premium store, you will find an Earn tab. This will give you a list of offers that you can complete in order to earn diamonds. The amount of diamonds you earn depends on the type of offer you complete. Some of them can earn you up to 15,000 diamonds. Offers mostly include downloading other apps or answering surveys. Keep in mind that some of the offers will require some kind of transaction, so pay attention to what you are doing.

Before you get too excited to earn diamonds on the offers page, you may want to wait a little longer. The game often holds double diamond events for offers. That means you get to earn twice the amount of diamonds for completing the same tasks. If you wait until the double diamond events, you can earn thousands of diamonds from just completing surveys!

13. Try Out Modern Models

The game has two modes: Classic and Modern. Players can choose to play either mode in the settings page. The Classic mode only has the standard model body with the same facial features. The only thing you can change is the skin tone. The Modern Models mode introduces the concept of having different body types and ethnicities. The primary restriction in the Modern mode is that you are given a specific model to use for each challenge. You will not be able to switch body types or skin tones. For example, if the event is Japanese Princess, you will be given a model who actually looks Japanese.

The restrictions presented by the Modern Models mode can be very challenging, but they also present more realistic models. It is a good way to show people how different body types and ethnicities can be beautiful, too. You will notice that in the Classic mode, the same looks tend to win over and over. That rarely happens in Modern mode because the restrictions actually encourage diversity in styling.

14. The Power Of Voting

As a player, part of your responsibility is to vote regularly. The entire game’s mechanics depends on how actively the community votes on the different styles. Make sure you take time to cast votes as often as you can. You should also always strive to vote fairly. Even if you have favorites, you should consider whether or not the entries you are voting for actually followed the theme. This is the only way to help keep the game fair and active.

Fashion is not as easy as the models make it look. Make sure you remember everything you learned from our Covet Fashion strategy guide if you want to get top ratings!