pubg mobile ultimate guide

PUBG Mobile Ultimate Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Survive Longer

PUBG Mobile is an amazingly popular battle royale game for Android and iOS devices, where you are thrown into an arena filled with a hundred players, and your goal is to survive until you are the last one standing. After the massive success of its PC counterpart, fans from all over the globe are excited to be able to play their favorite game any time, anywhere. However, PUBG Mobile has quite a steep learning curve. It will not hold your hand much during your first few games. You will have to figure out how to survive through actual combat.

Granted that you will be going against a few bots in the beginning, it still does not teach you everything you need to know about how to survive. If you are new to the game, and just want a few quick tips while you familiarize yourself with the mechanics, then head over to our PUBG Mobile beginner’s guide. Now, if you are looking for some advanced tips and strategies then you are in a good place, because that’s what our PUBG Mobile ultimate strategy guide is all about!

1. Watch Your Landing

where to land in pubg mobile

The game starts, not when you land, but before you even choose to leave the plane. Picking the right place can make a huge difference on whether or not you will survive. If you notice, there are several areas on the map that have names. Those areas have multiple buildings and will most likely have a lot of loot. On the other hand, there are also nameless areas that have two or three buildings clustered together. The decision to drop in a specific area can make or break your game, so consider it carefully.

New players should normally aim for the smaller building clusters since there is a lower chance of encountering an enemy before you are fully equipped. Keep in mind, though, that if you are not able to gather enough loot in the smaller areas, traveling towards the other areas will be more dangerous. Once you are used to the battle mechanics, you can opt to drop in more populated areas in order to gain more combat experience. Just make sure you grab everything you see while running and be prepared to shoot anything that moves. Check out the list of prominent landing areas below.

Power Plant

This place has a lot of loot to offer and is a favorite among veteran players. It is also out on the edge of the map, so the chances of someone else looting the place before you are pretty low. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of other players will be gunning for this place.

Military Base

Since it is a military base, you can expect to find everything you could possibly dream of in this place. Unfortunately, you will have to fight a lot of other players for the loot. On top of that, it is located on the southern island. That means you can also expect campers at the bridge on your way to the main island.

A large town located at the top left of the map, this place offers plenty of guns and vehicles. It is a great place to raid with your squad. Just steer clear of that bridge and avoid getting into the water if you can. Just move from house to house until you have what you need.

Mount Stalber

There isn’t much you can find here in terms of loot, but it is a prime location for snipers. If you can manage to get a good sniper rifle early in the game, try to get here quickly and pray the safe zone sides with you. You can have a lot of fun picking off runners from the top of this mountain.


Being a smaller town, it is less popular the Georgopol, but if you can secure this area with your squad, it can be a great place to camp. There are a lot of buildings for you to loot, but you will have to work with your teammates to ensure you don’t get ambushed.

Yasnaya Polyana

Another large town, this time south of Mount Stalber. It is just as popular as Georgopol, so make sure you are prepared to fight as soon as you land. There is a lot of loot, but you could end up dead before you can pick up what you need.

2. What To Pick Up

There are a lot of different items available for you to pick up. Since you only have limited capacity, you will need to prioritize. The first thing you need is a weapon. Assault rifles are great since you can use them for both long- and short-range combat. Slap a scope onto your assault rifle and you will be able to shoot at enemies from a relatively safe distance.

You will also need armor in order to mitigate incoming damage. There are different levels of armor. Immediately pick up what you find, then check if there are better ones lying around. Finally, make sure you also find a backpack as soon as you can. The ability to carry more items is crucial in this game. The good news is, the game has an auto loot feature that will pick up weapons, ammo, and attachments for you. Just run by any loot you see and sort out what you picked up once you are at a safer location.

3. Use Consumables Strategically

There are two types of consumables in PUBG Mobile: health items and throwables. Health items such as energy drinks, bandages, and first aid kits help restore any missing health. They have different healing rates, so try to have a variety of them in stock. Health items take time to use, and you will be vulnerable as you use them. Med kits take a whopping 8 seconds to use, so try to get to a safe location before using it to avoid exposing yourself.

Throwables such as grenades, Molotov cocktails, and smoke grenades are used for offense. You throw them to either damage or distract your opponents. There are several situations where you can use them. You can use grenades to damage or flush out opponents who are hiding in a building. You can also use smoke grenades to keep opponents from seeing you as you move in for the kill.

4. Learn The Combat Basics

PUBG Mobile has a down sight function that lets you zoom in on an opponent when you have a scope attached to your weapon. This is useful when you are sniping from afar, since you will be able to easily aim for the opponent’s head. When you are in mid- to close-ranged combat, however, you might want to hip fire instead. The down sight will slow you down and block your peripheral vision.

Don’t forget to strafe from side to side when the enemy is firing at you. Staying mobile will make it difficult for the opponent to hit you. You should also take recoil into consideration when aiming. When your weapon recoils, you will need to adjust your aim again. Burst fire weapons can be more useful in these situations.

5. Check The Map

The map shows you where the safe zone is. It is indicated by a white circle. You need to get inside that circle before the blue zone catches up with you. The blue zone will deal continuous damage as long as you are inside it. The damage increases as the safe zone gets smaller. With this in mind, always plan your movement by checking the map. Think about your route and how long it will take you to get to the safe zone. A lot of players have lost because they stayed for too long outside the safe zone and failed to make it inside on time. If you are far from the safe zone, try to look for a vehicle to get you there faster. Just keep an eye out for enemies who are waiting to ambush runners.

6. Know Your Weapons

Even though we recommended assault rifles earlier, you won’t always have a choice when it comes to the type of weapons you pick up. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the different types of equipment that are available. This will help ensure that you will be effective in combat even if you don’t find your weapon of choice. We have listed the different equipment below to give you an idea of what each one does, and how you can use it.


These are handguns that deal very little damage and can only fire a handful of bullets before reloading. They practically are long ranged punches, so they are only useful at the start of the game when there is a good chance you will come across an enemy who has nothing equipped.

Sub Machine Guns

These are able to fire more bullets at a faster rate. They also have a bit more range than pistols. They will help you survive the initial battles, but you would be wise to upgrade to a different weapon as soon as you are able to.

Assault Rifles

Like we said, these are useful in a variety of situations. They have very good range and fire rates. If you can find a good scope, you should be all set until end game. Keep in mind, though, that some assault rifles are better than others. Try to find one that best suits your play style.


A lot of players don’t like these because of their limited ammo and range. They do pack quite the punch, though. You could probably survive a game without these, but if you ever find yourself stuck inside small spaces with an enemy, you will be glad to have one. These can easily blow away an enemy at close range.

Sniper Rifles

You will probably get a lot of hate if this is your preferred weapon. It is only really good for long range combat. That means you will have to spend a lot of time camping if you choose this. Nevertheless, try to get a good vantage point by sticking to high ground when using these rifles.

Melee Weapons

There are a few melee weapons available in PUBG Mobile, including crowbars, sickles, and a frying pan. People try to go for the frying pan as much as they can since it has the ability to deflect bullets even if you don’t have it on your hand. Needless to say, you should always pick up a frying pan.

7. Stealth Is Good

Before you get carried away with the action, let us remind you once more what the goal of this game is. Your only goal is to survive. Nothing else. Sure, getting a lot of kills is fun, but it won’t matter if you end up losing. That is why you should always opt for stealth. If you see an opponent walk by, and he did not notice you, resist the urge to pull the trigger. Ask your self if you really need to start shooting. Do you know where his teammates are? Will you be able to retreat if there are other enemies nearby?

Aside from holding off on shooting at opponents until you have more information, you should also pick up a silencer if you can. The ability to safely shoot at your opponents without revealing your location can greatly increase your chances of survival.

8. Don’t Go Too Low

Going prone has its benefits. For one, it helps you aim and shoot better. It also helps you hide your presence at times. However, if you are already being shot at, going prone will only get your killed. You should also keep in mind that the grass will not render well at very long distances. That means enemies will be able to see you from afar. If you really want to hide, it might be better to find a bush to duck in, instead of hugging the ground.

9. Ride In Style

There are several types of vehicles available in PUBG Mobile. Driving is one of the skills that you will need to master. Whether you need to get to the safe zone fast, or you need to get away from a pursuing squad, knowing how to drive will help you. When you walk up to a vehicle, you will be given the option to drive or get in. Of course, if you are alone, you will have to choose to drive or you will just sit inside a parked vehicle, waiting to be shot.

You will find four buttons once you start driving. On the left side are the up and down buttons while on the opposite side are the left and right buttons. Tap on the up button to accelerate, back button to slow down, and left or right button to turn. The Exit button lets you get off the vehicle while the horn button will let you honk, telling every enemy in the vicinity where you are. At the bottom right corner is an icon with four squares. Tap on it to move to a different seat.

The different types of vehicles have their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation. For example, if you are playing in a squad, some vehicles will not be able to accommodate everyone on your team. We have listed the different vehicles below for your reference.


Aside from being able to take you from one point to another, this thing has very little going for it. It has a basic metal frame that offers poor protection from shooters. On top of that, it only has seats for two players, making it a terrible choice for squad games.


This is a reliable jeep that can fit up to four players. It gets the job done and helps protect you from bullets a bit. Only problem with it is that it is not as fast as you would want it to be.


Being a lightweight vehicle, this is the fastest ride you can find in the game. Down side is it can only fit two players. If it has a sidecar, you can fit three people, but it won’t be as fast as the standalone bike.


This is the only sedan in PUBG Mobile and it can carry four players. It is faster than the UAZ and offers some protection from enemy fire. A great choice if you don’t mind driving an ugly car.

10. Jump, Run And Duck

When you are on the move, you are exposed. Make sure you survey the area ahead of time for any objects you can hide behind. Use this information to plan your movement route. You will never know when someone else will spot you, so you need to know exactly where to hide in case it starts raining bullets. Try to jump around and change directions as you run until you reach your next hiding spot. Once you are hidden, you can figure out where your shooter is and return fire. If you are not sure where your enemy is, just pay attention to the red zone on your heads up display since it will indicate where the damage is coming from.

11. The Door Conundrum

Doors play a big role in this game. Your problem is whether or not you should leave it open. Most people will tell you to close doors behind you. This is because it will trick enemies into thinking the building is empty, allowing you to ambush them. Closed doors will also tell you when someone else enters a building. On top of that, if you close the doors after leaving a building, you could waste another player’s time as he tries to loot an empty building.

There is, however, some benefit to keeping the doors open at times. For example, if you enter a building and leave the door open, anyone who sees the open door will think the place has already been looted. This could discourage them from entering the place since it will probably not contain any more loot. On top of that, it could also scare them into thinking that a potential ambush is waiting.

12. Make Things Easier

There are a few options in PUBG Mobile that makes it easier for you to play on a mobile device. Make sure you take advantage of them. We already mentioned the first one above. The auto loot function will automatically pick up essential items such as ammo and attachments that are relevant to your current weapons. If you are empty handed, it will automatically pick up weapons for you. Use this to loot quickly while running away from enemies.

The second feature is the auto sprint. As the name suggests, you will be able to automatically run without having to hold any buttons. Just run at full speed until the icon appears. Tap on the auto sprint icon and you will be running like a pro. The third feature is the free look function. Tap and drag on the eye icon to make your character look around while running.

13. Tweak The Settings

A touch screen can really make things tricky even for veteran shooter players. That is why you should not ignore anything that can help you play more comfortably on the mobile platform. The game offers several control options for you to choose from. Try them all out and see which one works best for you. If you are having trouble with lag, you could try switching to lower graphics or setting the FPS to high. It will take some trial and error, but once you find the perfect settings, your performance could improve significantly.

14. The Final Face-Off

As the safe zone gets smaller, the chances of confrontation will increase. You have to be prepared for the inevitable because it is almost impossible to win the game without engaging the enemy even once. There will be only a few options for hiding spots, so assume that there will be an enemy hiding behind each one. Don’t just run around or you will get shot at by every single person who is still standing. Try to use earphones while playing so you can easily hear any in-game sounds. You need to listen for footsteps, gunshots, and even vehicles. It will get very quiet when there is only a handful of players left. Stick to the outer edges of the safe zone and move only when you need to. It becomes a waiting game towards the end, and the first one who gets impatient will most likely lose.

Strap on your parachute, it is time to drop onto the battlefield in PUBG Mobile! Just follow our ultimate strategy guide if you want to ensure your victory!

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