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Blustone Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Assemble a Powerful Team

Blustone has to be one of the most adorable tapping games, that’s available for Android and iOS devices today. VisualShower’s mobile game successfully combines tapping mechanics with RPG elements to create an engaging gaming experience. Conquer your opponents with frenzied tapping that lets you feel every second of the action. Assemble a team of four characters and upgrade them until you have an unbeatable squad. Choose from hundreds of heroes, each with his own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Follow the immersive storyline through cinematic action scenes. Laugh and cry with your characters in true RPG tradition. Get to know the different characters in the game and create your own band of misfits! Who will you pick for your lineup, a bomb-obsessed girl or a shady loan shark? The choice is yours! If you need help building the perfect team, however, you can just check out our Blustone strategy guide!

1. Explore The Town

There are several places of interest within the town. Make sure you explore everything, so you do not miss any of the important spots that can help you grow in this game. The good news is that we have listed all these areas below, so you won’t have to figure things out on your own.

The Gym – One of the most important shops in the game, this place allows you to train your units. Remember, your team is only as strong as its weakest member, so get training!

The Hidden Shop – Well, it’s not really too hidden since you can easily spot it. This is where you can buy premium items in exchange for manda. It’s a good place to go shopping if you can afford it.

The Shop – This is the place for us common folks. You can get regular items here with gold. Nothing too fancy but it’s still better than nothing.

The Lottery Mouse – While you won’t be winning any cash prizes here, it is still worth visiting since this is where you can recruit new hunters and search for traces. A good team member is still quite the prize, as we always say.

The Fight Club – We are allowed to talk about it since we’re helping you. This place is where you beat up other players, or where you get beaten up. It all depends on how prepared you are before entering.

The Cruise – Not exactly the luxury boat ride you might have in mind, this is where you go to fight battles.

The Challenge – As the name suggests, this place gives you challenges to complete. You get rare minerals or traces whenever you complete the given quests.

2. Assemble A Balanced Team

There are three elements available in the game, and they interact with each other a certain way. Fire is strong against Thunder. Thunder is strong against Ice. Ice is strong against Fire. Aside from that, there are also different roles in the game, including attackers, defenders, bombers, and support. Keep these things in mind and try to have a good mix of the different elements and roles. Sticking to the same elements and types will leave your team vulnerable.

Attackers have good offensive powers but tend to be squishy. They will need defenders to soak up the damage in order for them to launch their attacks without worry. Defenders also usually have skills that either increase the team’s attack power or decrease the opposing team’s defense. Bombers deal damage to multiple enemies and have special skills that can only be used when inside the Omhicopter. They provide additional damage but will also need front liners in order to be effective. Lastly, support characters provide healing and buffs. Use support skills strategically and you just might be able to turn the tides of battle.

3. Activate Fever Time

Tapping constantly during battle can be exhausting. In order to minimize the need for taps, make sure you activate Fever time. Just keep tapping until you fill up the Fever bar. Once full, it will stay active for a while, allowing your character to attack even if you don’t tap. The Fever bar will slowly deplete but you can easily refill it with a few taps. Just wait until it starts dropping then tap a few times to refill the bar again.

4. Break Your Party With Caution

As we mentioned above, there are a lot of heroes for you to choose from. These heroes have varying rarities, and you would naturally want the rarest ones on your team. Unfortunately, you will often need to sacrifice a few heroes in order to acquire a rarer one. Make sure you hold off on doing this until you have enough backup heroes in your inventory. You don’t want to break apart your team just to make a single rare hero. No matter how rare a hero is, he won’t be able to survive on his own. Take it slowly and create rare heroes only when you are sure you will still have enough for a full team afterwards.

It is time for you to assemble the a powerful team in Blustone! Stick to our tips and tricks in order to ensure your success!