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Puzzle Page Crossword Issues Answers & Solutions

This is the complete list of Puzzle Page Crossword Issues answers and solutions.

Puzzle Page Crossword Issues Page 1 Answers (Crossword 1)


1.Used extravagantly: WASTED
2.Take care of: MIND
3.Without ornaments: PLAIN
4.Small thing: TRIFLE
5.Remaining, unused: OVER
6.Of the face: FACIAL
7.Talk wildly: RAVE
8.Fastener, earring: STUD
9.Tell: INFORM
10.Lower head: DUCK

11.Overcast weather: CLOUDY
12.Lemon rind: ZEST
13.Cheap and tacky: TRASHY
14.Speedy: HASTY
15.Triangular indian pastry: SAMOSA
16.Length times width: AREA
17.(A) Starring role: LEAD
17.(D) Behind schedule: LATE
18.Sits on neck: HEAD
19.Cross: TETCHY

Puzzle Page Crossword Issues Page 1 Answers (Crossword 2)


1.Break a promise: BETRAY
2.Specific attitude: STAND
3.Radio announcer: BROADCASTER
4.Elegance, purity: GRACE
5.Grown-up cygnet: SWAN
6.Experienced guide: MENTOR
7.Argument: ROW
8.Sprint: RUN
9.Upwards progression, climb: ASCENT
10.Tinge: DYE

11.Not normal: ODD
12.Determined, tenacious: DOGGED
13.Device on windscreen: WIPER
14.Competitive games: SPORT
15.All brown and not much of: BRAINS
16.Travel on horse: RIDE
17.Farm animal: PIG
18.Fail, break down: DIE
19.Deserved, merited: EARNED

Puzzle Page Crossword Issues Page 1 Answers (Challenger 1)


1.(A) Play’s printed text: SCRIPT
1.(D) Hit: STRUCK
2.Tousled, disordered: RUFFLED
3.Suffering, ache: PAIN
4.Ordered about: BOSSED
5.Intermittently: OFFANDON
6.Market trader’s table: STALL
7.Tedious, unexciting: DREARY
8.Troublemaker, crook: RUFFIAN
9.Reports, headlines: NEWS
10.Shard: FLAKE

11.Jail accommodation: CELL
12.Con-artist: SWINDLER
13.Not goodwill: ACRIMONY
14.Pack of cards: DECK
15.Soil-dwelling creature: WORM
16.Spanish island: MAJORKA
17.Lowest level: BOTTOM
18.Not that: THIS
19.Thrice as many: TRIPLE
20.Flatly: OUTRIGHT

21.Radio frequency knob: TUNER
22.Slightly open: AJAR
23.Metal flex: WIRE
24.Latin dance: TANGO
25.Horserider’s foot support: STIRRUP
26.Saintly victim: MARTYR
27.Girl, lady: FEMALE

Puzzle Page Crossword Issues Page 1 Answers (Challenger 2)


1.Chew noisily: MUNCH
2.Oblivious: UNAWARE
3.Police evidence: CLUE
4.Light TV series: SITCOM
5.Very complicated: INVOLVED
6.Device for clasping: CLAMP
7.Chaos: MAYHEM
8.Small mark: SPECK
9.Harmful on teeth: PLAGUE
10.Birds kept in: AVIARY

11.Most sung: COSIEST
12.Jam in: CRAM
13.Kneel over: COLLAPSE
14.Driving fast: SPEEDING
15.Void, nothingness: EMPTINESS
16.Hopped along merrily: SKIPPED
17.Idiotic: STUPID
18.Supernatural: WEIRD
19.Cross desert: TRAVERSE
20.Astrological ram: ARIES

21.Fast dance: JIVE
22.Strike hard: BASH
23.Pip’s full name: PHILIP
24.Sound deadner in piano: DAMPER
25.Plan, drawing: DESIGN
26.Reproach: CHIDE

Puzzle Page Crossword Issues Page 1 Answers (Diamond 1)


1.Fast powered craft: SPEEDBOAT
2.Pint of bitter: BEER
3.Wealth: RICH
4.Polish, rub up: BUFF
5.Resentful, soured: JAUNDICED
6.Nourishment: FOOD

Puzzle Page Crossword Issues Page 1 Answers (Diamond 2)


1.Company’s distinctive symbol: TRADEMARK
2.(A) Short prayer of thanks: GRACE
2.(D) Surmise, fathom: GUESS
3.Having ate: EATEN
4.Below, lower down: BENEATH
5.Wood tint: STAIN