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Rise Up (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Rise Up is a unique endless game from Serkan Ozyilmas, that’s available for Android and iOS devices. In this Rise Up your job is to protect a balloon as it flies upward. Your only tool is a white ball that you can move around to knock off any of the falling debris that could hit your balloon. The game’s one-finger control system makes it easy to learn, but it is also the reason why it is so difficult to master. Imagine having to protect a fragile balloon from an increasing number of obstacles, and all you have is one finger.

You can’t afford to just randomly move your finger back and forth across the screen. If you hit an obstacle the wrong way, you could end up making it bounce off towards the balloon. You have to be strategic in your approach or your run will end sooner than later. Make sure you are fully prepared by reading our list of Rise Up cheats, tips and tricks for improving your high score!

1. What To Expect

Even though the challenges in Rise Up are completely randomized, there are still a few things you can anticipate. The game always starts out the same, and you get to see the challenges that will come up. The challenges will start off easy, and the more difficult ones will tend to appear later in your run. With that in mind, you can use the earlier stages to practice your moves. As you progress through your run, you will have to be more careful since things will only get tougher.

2. Playing Offline

The game has pop-up ads that appear in between rounds. They last for about 10 to 15 seconds each, so it really is not much of a distraction. However, the ads only appear when you are online. If you are playing offline, the game will not be able to access the ads. Unfortunately, the ad time is still weaved into the gameplay regardless of whether or not you are connected to the internet. That means the game will just do nothing for 10 to 15 seconds in between rounds. This tends to cause panic for some players. Just wait for the ad time to finish and the game will resume as if nothing happened.

3. How To Continue Playing

When you are having a good run and it suddenly ends, don’t worry. You can still continue where you left off by simply watching a 30-second video advertisement. The offer will pop up as soon as your run ends. Keep in mind, however, that this is only available when you are playing online. You also only have one chance to continue. If you die a second time, you will not receive another ad offer. Take advantage of this only when your score is high enough. You are free to accept the ad offer even on short runs, but it would really be easier to just start over.

4. Push The Obstacles To The Sides

Things that go up will eventually come down. That is why you should avoid knocking obstacles upwards. On top of that, they may end up bumping into obstacles that are offscreen, leading to more problems later on. As much as you can, try to push the obstacles to the sides. This will ensure a clear path for your balloon while allowing you to prepare for the new obstacles to come.

5. Don’t Expect Endless Number Of Levels

One of the reasons Rise Up can be predictable despite the randomized order is because there are really just 40 different levels. The order is random but if you are good enough, you will be able to go through all of them eventually. Once you beat the 40th level, you essentially completed the game. Do not despair, though. The developers are continuously creating additional levels in order to keep the game competitive. Just keep an eye out for these new levels and update your game regularly.

Protecting a balloon from dozens of obstacles is not an easy task, but with the help of our Rise Up cheats, tips and tricks, you will be raking in the points in no time!

jakeem Steger

Sunday 8th of April 2018

i beat the high score 7000