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Wizard’s Words Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

How many word games have you played? A few, a lot or too many? So many that you think you know them like the back of your hand? You think so, because Wizard’s Words is the game that will change everything in your life.

Playgendary have created a superb word puzzle to try out our brains. Yes, we have to find the hidden words by simply linking the blocks of letters in the right order to make them disappear. But, you may think it’s a grid on my screen with many letters and I just have to find the hidden words. No, you’re wrong! The blocks of letters cannot all be seen at the first look. They are either behind others, so you can’t see them, or they are hidden behind a cloud of ice which only mocks our imagination. The only way to success in Wizard’s Words is to find the words in the correct order and there’s only one correct order!

wizard's words answers

So, it’s a great workout for your brain and, of course, a really good way for children to learn words. It also offers free hints to help you go through the levels, extra bonuses for extra words and above all frantic daily puzzles. You’ll love them for sure!

And if you’re stuck, here we are to help you. You can always rely on our list of Wizard’s Words answers, cheats and solutions to help you solve all the levels.


1. home
2. cold
3. play, race
4. road, heart
5. snow, girl
6. rose, game
7. bird, plane
8. pay, fun, try
9. seat, kid, dry
10. host, aunt


1. pram, metal
2. fact, deer, way
3. site, cold
4. pay, let, deal
5. mind, fun, area
6. low, list, loss, act
7. hair, truck
8. fear, worry
9. pass, sort, boss, horn
10. F, horn, term


1. fun, use, flag, cell
2. time, turn, kick, zone, mind
3. farm, lie, rob, love, study
4. path, hair, board, food, buy
5. sir, cut, scale, draft
6. walk, gift, event, soul, gun
7. hour, mine, line, fest
8. kind, card, half, fest
9. fear, size, wind, fest
10. wheel, press, chief


1. may, job, quiet, issue
2. range, end, coal, piece
3. stop, ship, act, rob, plus, truck
4. edge, port, run, shift
5. chief, shop, mouth, radio
6. low, tax, music, cell, can
7. birth, wheel, cost, event, ice
8. ban, ice, value, lemon
9. vote, chest, map, woman, trick
10. seat, wind, risk, kiss, nurse


1. wig, flap, arena
2. arm, data, kid, horse, sing
3. iron, term, press, oil, lift
4. plan, east, goal, waste, tape, bat
5. type, soul, half, actor, blow, sea
6. flight, middle, market
7. edge, sort, tail, dream, fly
8. vote, jump, strip, toxin
9. pilot, walk, tower, cost, toxin
10. genre, hit, oil, screw, taste


1. mark, vice, rise, mate, loan
2. bone, trio, fund, firm, chest, act
3. novel, steam, cream, mask, aid
4. beach, wound, front, model
5. hook, pool, back, seal
6. horse, track, load, arm, train
7. room, rose, sight, fly
8. mine, mile, heat, fire, hand, plot, soul, gain
9. food, pig, role, bed, style
10. rule, vote, sale, frame


1. focus, night, toast, cab, gun
2. meal, band, exit, sweat, reign
3. town, wind, excuse, letter
4. step, moth, birth, fake, photo, lead, wire, organ
5. poem, rope, lack, mix, rifle
6. hair, safe, value, shift, bag, fix
7. dancer, lawyer, rune, health, earth
8. pity, tail, file, cold, race
9. wheel, serve, print, smell, pack
10. brand, mouth, image, club, cake


1. jail, wave, sock, pile, genius
2. safety, bike, shower, roll, retail, purse
3. knife, calm dress, kid, tribe
4. ship, badge, siege, rally
5. dog, cow, trail, duty, knock, noise, sheet
6. gift, powder, rhythm, damage
7. jury, bank, pair, flow, rain, check, ring, habit
8. lens, elite, pie, hug, fraud, guilt, pet
9. cost, dawn, shop, bench, cargo
10. hat, mob, clan, grip, lie, email, bin


1. row, type, growth, vessel, survey, drum, outfit
2. love, monkey, carbon, charge, appeal
3. card, tune, family, school
4. barn, lemon, alarm, asset, gear
5. drug, custom, unit, carpet, pop, gender
6. beef, vision, circle, chorus
7. oath, grade, aim, trial, crack, ease, chin, scent, cheat, pin
8. salad, trap, grief, gym, ban, nurse, chain
9. bell, prose, sequel, adult, guitar
10. leak, cent, clock, puppy, cry, tax, grain


1. second, bottom, system, hockey, square
2. god, pub, event, pilot, fear
3. fit, claim, arc, flush, claim,
4. meat, breed, gut, slide, torch, visit, year, fee, award
5. log, tool, title, video, anger, lion, radar
6. boat, uncle, toe, bomb, shelf, pipe, sack, verge
7. fish, ruler, witch, lip, cover, job, plant
8. rat, sir, cycle, glove, dough, width
9. twin, rumor, crest, scale, troop, folk, low
10. pad, sign, blade, box, demo, pound