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BitLife Real Housewife Challenge Guide: How to Breeze Through the Real Housewife Challenge

The year 2021, as most BitLife players know, has been very light in terms of major updates, and that’s because Candywriter is hard at work on what could be the biggest update of them all — the Code Merge. Actually, it’s a series of updates geared toward giving Android users the missing features iOS users have enjoyed for quite a while, and since Android users still lack a good many features, players of both versions have spent much of 2021 completing challenges on weekends and the first few days of the new week. And those challenges just keep on coming.

This week’s challenge marks a return to movie or television parodies, and this time, Candywriter is paying homage to one of the wilder reality show franchises out there on television. The Real Housewife Challenge, obviously, is based on Bravo’s Real Housewives shows, and there is a lot of drama indeed on there, regardless whether you’re watching the Beverly Hills, New York, or Atlanta version, or any of the other shows under the franchise’s umbrella.

bitlife real housewife challenge requirements

It’s more than just that meme of a blonde woman yelling at a cat (if you can call it that) who hates his vegetables, and while “yell at cat” is not one of the requirements in this challenge, this particular challenge can be a bit tricky to complete. So without further ado, here’s our BitLife mini-strategy guide for the week, where we shall help you finish the Real Housewife Challenge before the Real Housewives star in the meme yells and points at you too.

The First Few Requirements

As the name of the challenge is the Real Housewife Challenge, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to create a female character. There’s no specific threshold when it comes to your main stats, but having decent Looks could be helpful with the “marry rich” requirement. And while the Real Housewives franchise only has shows in North American cities, your new character can be located anywhere in the world.

We’ll expound on this a little later, but we strongly advise you to make as many female friends as possible, starting with the random NPCs who may appear before you enter school, or your elementary, middle school, or high school classmates. Eventually, you’ll need to treat them nasty in order to increase the odds of having one enemy before adulthood. But the one exception here, at least in the meantime, is the friend you’ll also need to be partying with to complete one of the challenge’s more interesting requirements.

spreading rumor in bitlife

We suggest doing this the moment you make a new friend, to ensure your relationship bar is at least at solid levels — spread a rumor about them once, and choose the Party option under Relationships. This is possibly the easiest of the requirements aside from the “be female” one, and it can be done as soon as you reach the age of 12, which is the earliest age for people to start spreading rumors in BitLife.

Use The Dating App To Find A Rich Hubby, Then Buy A Range Rover Once Married

Those who may follow the Real Housewives franchise should know that practically all the women in the cast are pretty well-off, and that a lot of them earned their fortunes through marriage. That’s exactly what you’ll need to do in BitLife’s Real Housewife challenge, and you can find a man who fits the “marry rich” requirement by using the in-game dating app and filtering your search so you end up with men with net worths of more than $1 million.

using the dating app in bitlife

The age doesn’t matter here — it’s all about their net worth, and finding a potential husband as soon as possible. Once you’ve found someone you like, you can simply wait until they propose to you, or if you’ve got enough saved up, you can buy a ring, propose to your boyfriend, and get married to complete this requirement.

buying a land rover range rover in bitlife

Once you’re married, you should have more than enough money to complete the next requirement, which is to own a Range Rover. Just in case you aren’t well-versed with cars, Land Rover is the make and Range Rover is the model — it will definitely not count if you buy a Land Rover Discovery, for instance. A new Range Rover won’t come cheap, but as we mentioned, you’ll be more than set once you’re married — you can buy the Range Rover with cash and easily move on to the next requirement.

Try Everything Except Drugs When Trying To Get Addicted

Many cast members of the various Real Housewives shows love to drink, and with that in mind, it’s not too surprising that Candywriter made having an addiction one of the requirements of the BitLife Real Housewife Challenge. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an alcohol addiction, but it’s recommended that you go to the club frequently and try as many alcoholic drinks as possible.

bitlife alcohol addiction

Aside from marijuana, however, we should warn you not to try any drugs that may be offered to you at the club — they may be more addictive than just plain alcohol, but you run the risk of suffering a fatal overdose, if not during the first time you take the drug but maybe a few years down the line!

If you can’t become an alcoholic through your many trips to the club, you can also get addicted to gambling by frequently returning to either one of the two casinos. So as to maintain your Happiness and to prevent your husband from getting mad at you for losing money (if you’re already married at that point), keep your bets small and manageable.

bitlife gambling addiction

If you return frequently enough to the casinos (an average of 4 to 5 times, based on our experience),that should be enough to get you hooked on gambling. In terms of your health, this is also a safer option, as alcoholics tend to lose about 4 to 8 percent Health per year — going to the gym, walking, meditating, and/or tending to the garden to get your Health back up can be quite inconvenient for the purposes of this challenge!

Here’s How To Quickly Turn Friends Into Enemies In Adulthood

While all the other requirements are quite easy to accomplish, the really tricky part of the Real Housewife Challenge is the one where you need to have at least three female friends become enemies with you. “Enemies” is not the main operative word here, though this is also important — it’s not enough for one of your female friends to unfriend you. The real operative word is “become” — you cannot manually change one of your friends’ statuses to “enemy,” as that will not count. It has to be the NPC friend who declares you their enemy, and not the other way around.

If you followed what we advised you in the first part of this guide, you should have more than a few female friends in childhood, meaning either random children who ask to be friends with you before you enter school, or classmates that you meet in school. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict which friends will merely unfriend you and which ones will make you their enemy after years of ignoring or abusing them.

enemies in bitlife

Altering various stats in God Mode doesn’t seem to make a difference either, so it’s pretty much up to chance when it comes to this requirement — we still recommend making as many friends as you could in school because younger Bitizens tend to be more likely to declare a friend an enemy than older ones. Luckily, there is a way to greatly increase the chances of friends declaring you their enemy if you still can’t meet the requirement by the time you’re 18.

In most cases, you should have at least one enemy if you took the usual route and regularly insulted your female friends in school or spread rumors about them. But if you still don’t have enough enemies to meet the requirement by the time you reach adulthood, you can keep insulting them until they attack you.

lawsuit in bitlife

There is a slight risk in here, and that’s the random possibility of getting fatally injured when they attack, but in most cases, you’ll survive, and once the attack is finished, you can go to the Activities section and choose Lawsuit. The amount of damages is irrelevant, and so is the result of the case — always choose the cheapest available law firm, especially if you’re doing this while you aren’t married yet. But once you sue a friend, they are almost guaranteed to make you their enemy once you hit on the Age button.


Monday 24th of May 2021

It's too late now but a couple things if it comes around again.

•Any Land Rover counted as a Range Rover for me. •Using the party option with friends is an easy way to get addicted to alcohol as an adult.