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Mythic Heroes Team Composition Guide: Recommended Team Builds to Dominate Your Enemies

Mythic Heroes is a tactical RPG released by IGG, the developers behind mobile titles such as Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, and Rage of Destiny. The game features a plethora of heroes based on mythology and folklore that are yours to command and battle with through the game’s rich campaign and storyline.

mythic heroes team composition guide

As a tactical RPG, there are various ways you can triumph over your enemy in Mythic Heroes. You will be faced by challenging bosses, tough enemy formations, and pesky ninjas (you’ll know who they are when you see them). Here are a few pointers to keep in mind in order to succeed in the game:

  • Work with the heroes you receive. Diversifying your selections may help you fight through different levels and enemy formations.
  • Take note of hero placement, tactical advantage, the capabilities of your enemies, and team composition. In short, plan before you fight and you should have the upper-hand in battle.
  • Do battle with anything and everything. You will gain resources from these and it’s with these resources that you will upgrade your heroes overall. PvP will be especially helpful since the teams of other players may give you perspective of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Complete your quests and achievements. They also reward you with resources.
  • Spend your Diamonds carefully. They don’t grow on trees!

There are many more tips and tricks to finding out how you can win in Mythic Heroes. If you’d like to read the unabridged version, feel free to visit our Mythic Heroes Beginner’s Guide.

True, you can combine artifacts and runes with certain heroes to make them more effective, but did you know that at least 70% of your performance comes from the formation of your team? The strength of one hero alone is indeed something, but the cumulative strengths of your heroes and how they mesh together is another.

mythic heroes characters

In this article, we at Level Winner have compiled a list of ideas for your next team composition. This list will be divided into two groups: Practical and Fun. The Practical team compositions are for those looking to win their battles more efficiently while the Fun team compositions are not always powerful but they’re full of heroes who synch together in an enjoyable way. Just so you can easily remember the team, we even gave them all some names we thought are fitting for the way they fight.

DISCLAIMER: Players are free to build their teams the way they see fit. The lists that follow are solely ideas and not rules that the player should follow to the letter. These team compositions do not take into account the equipment, Divinity, or levels (Ascension or otherwise) each hero possesses. They are built around the skills of the heroes and their roles. We will also assume that each hero is at the top of their game with all skills maxed out.

Let’s get on with the teams!

Mythic Heroes Team Compositions

mythic heroes practical teams

These teams are arranged carefully with strategy put to mind. In using them, especially if your best heroes are in the team, you may be closer to progressing further and faster than your peers. If it isn’t the Campaign or Hades’ Hell that you’re trying to conquer, it could be the Arena. Take a look at these ideas!

mythic heroes army of shadows team

Army of Shadows

Roster: Anubis, Hades, Persephone, Dracula, Thanatos

Strategy: Anubis, Hades, and Thanatos provide the tanking for the team with Persephone and Dracula providing some damage. Because they’re an all-Shadowarch team, they will all gain a strong Factional Aura. The true warriors of this setup are Anubis’ mummies and Hades’ hellhounds. As the fight rages on, Dracula will eventually pick off weakened enemies by using his ult, if Persephone doesn’t use hers first.

Weakness: Despite having heroes who can hold off on their own, they lack a healer. Both Dracula and Thanatos are SR-ranked heroes who will need to resonate well with their allies or perish.

mythic heroes blizzard symphony team

Blizzard Symphony

Roster: Gaia, Yuki Onna, Thor, Dionysus, Muse

Strategy: A team similar to the Stunlock. All of these heroes are equipped with skills that effectively slow the enemy down with the exception of Muse. Gaia and Thor will be the primary sources of the slow effect with Dionysus and Yuki Onna providing more of it from the rear. Muse does not exactly inflict the slow debuff, but her one skill allows musical notes to bounce from one hero to another, thus keeping them at bay if need be. Dionysus also provides a passive buff to everyone else in the backline, giving Yuki Onna an advantage in causing AoE damage.

Additionally, Muse will be the group’s healer as well as the hero that could deny a high-profile enemy their ultimate, like Zeus.

Weakness: This team bears two SR heroes. Yuki Onna and Muse should at least resonate equally with their SSR companions. If these two fall behind in power, they are going to become a liability in battle, most likely falling first if targeted by a skilled opponent.

mythic heroes brains and brawn team

Brains and Brawn

Roster: Athena, Cleopatra, Hercules, Merlin, Lu Bu

Strategy: With Hercules and Athena up front, Cleopatra and Merlin attack the enemy with a steady amount of DPS. Lu Bu is one of the tankiest members of the Fighter class and may pose as a third tank if need be.

Merlin offers a wildcard of possibilities wherein his attacks are normally directed to the area of the battlefield that has the most enemies on it. This formation is of brute force and strategic finesse, open to plenty of adjustment before battle.

Weakness: Athena is not a true healer and, if faced against enemies with burst damage, might have a hard time providing healing for her teammates. Merlin is an SR hero and he needs to resonate well with his teammates. If he or Cleopatra are targeted early, the formation could crumble.

mythic heroes bride of lucifer team

Bride of Lucifer

Roster: Lucifer, Lilith, Anubis, Athena, Artemis

Strategy: Lilith will remain perpetually in demon form in this team and will provide lots of AoE damage to the enemy. Meanwhile, Anubis, Athena, and occasionally Lucifer will engage the front attackers of the enemy while Artemis provides cover fire for her team. Given that Artemis has an upgrade to her bow where enemies further away from her take more damage, Lucifer can push them back so she gains this boost. This team should be played aggressively.

Weakness: With Athena providing heals, she is not a true healer and thus, could be damaged by opponents who have burst damage capabilities like Tamamo no Mae. Otherwise, Lilith and Artemis are both soft in terms of defense and can be easily dealt with if the enemy makes it to the back line.

mythic heroes dark side of man team

Dark Side of Man

Roster: Lilith, Hercules, Cleopatra, Hades, Persephone

Strategy: Hercules and Hades will most likely be in front. With the three lovely ladies behind them, they each provide lots of AoE damage to the opposing team (Persephone and Cleopatra, especially). But this is where Lilith shines. Lilith changes her form between human and demon based on how many Guardians or Shadowarchs she has on her team.

In her human form, she deals single-target damage and in her demon form, she deals AoE damage. With a good formation and setup depending on how the fight looks, this team could turn the enemy into a crater.

Weakness: This team has no healer at all and is good only for really short battles. Additionally, it may also be stuck in the Offensive position unless Hades or Hercules can draw the enemy’s attention away from the middle if fought Defensively.

mythic heroes dance of confusion team

Dance of Confusion

Roster: Gaia, Tamamo no Mae, Oberon, Athena, Susanoo

Strategy: Are you ready to confound your enemy? Gaia and Athena will take the forefront of the charge while Tamamo no Mae, Susanoo, and Oberon provide damage from behind.

The part of this composition that really makes the team shine is how Tamamo, Oberon, and Susanoo operate: they will all be moving around. Tamamo will teleport when struck, Susanoo will immediately attack the first enemy he is aligned with, and Oberon will fly to the enemy furthest from him. All while Athena and Gaia put pressure on the enemy’s front line.

Weakness: No healer, no support. There won’t be anyone to provide any debuffs. Gaia will be able to do that, but it’ll take her ultimate some setup before she does. Oberon can fight but he might have a hard time substituting as a third tank if need be.

mythic heroes divine intervention team

Divine Intervention

Roster: Hercules, Athena, Lu Bu, Zeus, Cleopatra

Strategy: A team with a strong forward charge. Have Hercules, Athena, and Lu Bu soak up enemy damage as well as keep them busy while Zeus and Cleopatra clean up the mess they leave. If that isn’t enough, the two backliners should make short of everyone using their ults.

Weakness: While this team may seem well-rounded, enemy teams with burst damage capabilities might be able to bypass Athena’s defenses and healing.

mythic heroes humanity's charge team

Humanity’s Charge

Roster: Hercules, Ganjiang & Moye, Hippolyta, Athena, Artemis

Strategy: A versatile team that has plenty of DPS on its side. Hercules and Athena are the main tanks while Hippolyta, thanks to her Last Stand skill, is the acting healer of the group. From any angle of the fight, Ganjiang & Moye and Artemis may be positioned anywhere in the back as they can easily whittle down vulnerable enemies.

Weakness: With the inclusion of Hippolyta, an SR hero, she could be the prime target of any high-DPS enemy. That said, Hippolyta alone isn’t the best healer, but she can last long in a fight provided that her level resonance with the other heroes is high. Keeping her protected through either Athena or Hercules is key.

mythic heroes last stand team

Last Stand

Roster: Hercules, Lu Bu, Joan of Arc, Gaia, Nagakanya

Strategy: Hercules and Gaia charge forward first with either Lu Bu or Joan of Arc taking the third frontline spot. Nagakanya will be resigned to the back providing shields and healing to all of her friends.

Having Joan of Arc and Nagakanya on the same team is a double whammy, allowing them to prioritize the healing and/or protection of anyone whose health falls low. Meanwhile, Lu Bu should provide enough DPS to wipe out whoever he’s focused on fighting.

Weakness: No AoE and Lu Bu is the only DPS. Joan of Arc is a difficult support to work with and may require some setup and study before battle.

mythich heroes life and death team

Life and Death

Roster: Hades, Persephone, Flora, Gaia, Idun

Strategy: A heavyweight defensive team that focuses on the strengths of Hades and Gaia to defend the backliners. Flora and Persephone provide excellent AoE damage while Idun keeps everyone nice and healthy.

Weakness: This team may only be best suited in an Offensive formation with Hades and Gaia up front only. Putting one of the backliners up front may be a bold move, but it’s certainly risky.

mythic heroes morning glory team

Morning Glory

Roster: Gaia, Flora, Idun, Athena, Eos

Strategy: This team focuses on lots of area damage thanks to both Flora and Eos while Idun keeps everyone alive. Gaia and Athena protect their dauntless backliners with heavy armor and shields. They also have a way of keeping the would-be attackers at bay. To add to casting shields, Eos may shield the ally with the lowest amount of health.

Weakness: This team does not have a backup tank or a melee DPS. Eos may compromise the team if she does not resonate with her allies.

mythic heroes natural cruelty team

Natural Cruelty

Roster: Gaia, Nagakanya, Tamamo no Mae, Anubis, Thanatos

Strategy: Gaia and Anubis shall be the primary tanks. Thanatos may assist in providing DPS or extra tanking if needed. Nagakanya will most likely assist Tamamo in staying alive since the latter will be moving from place to place, inflicting damage as she moves around. Additionally, the enemies will be swarmed by mummies and slowed down by Gaia.

Weakness: Thanatos may be the only weakness in the team given that he is only an SR-ranked hero. However, if Tamamo puts herself in a compromising position, it could spell trouble for the team, especially if Nagakanya used up her healing spell sooner.

mythic heroes protectors of purity team

Protectors of Purity

Roster: Nuwa, Hercules, Oberon, Flora, Nagakanya

Strategy: A team that draws power from the erratic behavior of Nuwa’s skills. Her five colored stones each represent a class:

  • Brown – Nuwa
  • Red – Tank (Hercules)
  • Yellow – Fighter (Oberon)
  • Blue – Mage (Flora)
  • Green – Support (Nagakanya)

As Nuwa uses her skills, each warrior under her command becomes more powerful. For setup, Hercules and Oberon ideally go in front while Flora and Nagakanya join Nuwa at the back. When any of them fall weak in health, Nagakanya will protect them while Flora provides much-needed AoE damage while out of harm’s way.

Weakness: This team only has one tank. Oberon can only withstand so much punishment and his ult may send him away from his position if used at the wrong moment. Not to mention, Nuwa’s skills are performed at random.

mythic heroes raining arrows team

Raining Arrows

Roster: Athena, Thor, Artemis, Medusa, Hodur

Strategy: You know where this is going, don’t you? This team excels at destroying the opposition through a sheer number of arrows raining from above. Athena and Thor protect the marksmen and the three arrow-shooters give the enemy hell.

Not to mention, all three archers provide decent AoE using their skills with the exception of Hodur who uses his ult for AoE damage.

Weakness: Athena once again provides minor healing. That said, it doesn’t have a dedicated healer much like the Shining Darkness team. Another weakness it has is that this team will suffer against highly mobile heroes such as Susanoo or Tamamo no Mae since the back is full of squishy heroes, especially Hodur.

mythic heroes righteous warriors team

Righteous Warriors

Roster: Hercules, Joan of Arc, Artemis, Hippolyta, Baldur

Strategy: Hercules and Baldur can take the front with Hippolyta following Hercules and Joan of Arc following Baldur. Artemis remains in the middle to provide support fire from the rear. Hercules and Hippolyta provide a sturdy charge while Baldur and Joan of Arc raise some damage numbers while stunning the enemy with their skills.

Weakness: Artemis is left unprotected, Baldur and Hippolyta are both SRs requiring resonance, and the team lacks a dedicated healer. If Artemis, especially, gets singled out, the team will lose a huge chunk of their DPS really quickly.

mythic heroes shining darkness team

Shining Darkness

Roster: Lucifer, Athena, Artemis, Anubis, Izanami

Strategy: A balanced team overall. Athena and Anubis should be placed in front, naturally, with the three remaining heroes often switching positions depending on the situation of the battle.

Athena provides shields and minor healing, Anubis confuses the foe with his mummies, Izanami and Artemis provide a substantial amount of DPS to high profile targets, and Lucifer causes AoE damage to all. Not to mention, Lucifer keeps the enemy from getting too close to the back.

Weakness: This team does not have a designated healer. If for some reason, Athena falls in battle, this team could fall apart.

mythic heroes sovereigns of death team

Sovereigns of Death

Roster: Hades, Persephone, Anubis, Izanami, Thanatos

Strategy: Hades and Anubis primarily take the front as their positions with Thanatos taking the third space. Persephone and Izanami provide AoE and burst damage from the rear. Each of these warriors separately have their own degree of survivability — Hades, Persephone, and Izanami cast shields upon themselves, Anubis can increase his teammates’ defense with each mummy deployed on the field, and Thanatos heals himself with every dodge he makes.

To add to this impressive resume of skills, they all bear a powerful Factional Aura (they’re all Shadowarchs, their attack and defense should be increased by 16%). Regardless of how much damage they deal, death will come to the enemy if this team is played right.

Weakness: While they each are capable of surviving for a long time, they do not have a healer and Thanatos will have to resonate with his teammates or suffer becoming a liability.

mythic heroes stunlock team


Roster: Gaia, Ganesha, Idun, Hercules, Joan of Arc

Strategy: This team excels in keeping the enemy stunned, as the name implies. Each of the heroes here have an array of skills that knock down and/or stun anyone they hit. Additionally, if any of them incur a lot of damage to HP, Joan of Arc should be able to protect them. If it isn’t the stuns the enemy suffers from, it’s an attack speed down from Gaia and her hammer.

Weakness: This team lacks a proper DPS. They also lack any form of ranged support. While the main strategy of this team is to outlast the enemy, an enemy team bearing burst damage dealers like Susanoo or Cleopatra may be trouble.

mythic heroes vanguard of forever team

Vanguard of Forever

Roster: Iset, Gaia, Idun, Oberon, Athena

Strategy: This team revolves around Iset’s ability to control the battlefield. Gaia and Athena provide the team with protection with Oberon as an acting tank from time to time if he isn’t performing his DPS duties.

Idun keeps everyone healed up while also providing the occasional stun. Iset’s Balanced Clock skill provides true damage to all enemies while buffing all her friends using Ode to Sorcery. Should any of them near death, Iset should have her ult cast so that one dying hero will have a second wind.

Weakness: Iset is the weakness as well as the strength. If she is taken out early by any of the enemies, this formation may crumble. Keeping her safe using Athena, Gaia, or Idun will be the most important part of the battle.

mythic heroes viper strike team

Viper Strike

Roster: Hercules, Thor, Cleopatra, Mulan, Susanoo

Strategy: A team that should always be on the offensive. Mulan and Susanoo are present to take out high-priority targets with Cleopatra keeping the enemy struggling with her Snake Poison.

Thor and Hercules are designated to put pressure on the enemy front. The best part about this is how hard both Susanoo and Mulan will hit once their ults are ready. Susanoo will prioritize his current target while Mulan will teleport to the enemy with the least amount of health. Cleopatra should have them all whittled down considerably by that time.

Weakness: No healers and poor Defensive position. The two other melee characters aren’t tanky enough to take hits and are risky to put in front. Mulan will require sufficient resonation to survive long enough in her team.

mythic heroes women of war team

Women of War

Roster: Athena, Artemis, Joan of Arc, Hippolyta, Cleopatra

Strategy: Athena and Joan of Arc or Hippolyta stay up front (or all three of them do), while Artemis and Cleopatra are consigned to rear attacker duties. Athena and Hippolyta will make for good healers, and Joan of Arc can save any of them from death (with heals from her Iconic Weapon upgrade, of course). Meanwhile, Artemis and Cleopatra can deliver high amounts of DPS while remaining safe from enemy attacks.

Weakness: Hippolyta will need to resonate equally with her peers, otherwise she will be targeted and killed early. Joan of Arc is also a rather controversial character within the community, being known to be difficult to build or use, so use this composition with caution.

mythic heroes fun teams

If you’re just out to have fun or enjoy hilarious defeats (or wins, if these teams work out for you), these are the setups you should consider. Always remember that these are almost never viable — they just follow a theme of some sort and are solely just fun to watch. Have a look!

mythic heroes brothers of the blade team

Brothers of the Blade

Roster: Lucifer, Hercules, Susanoo, Oberon, Baldur

Strategy: Schwing! These fine gentlemen are out to swashbuckle with the mightiest warriors of the realm! Hercules and Lucifer take the front with Oberon or Baldur occasionally taking the third slot, and Susanoo remains at the back, depending on who his target is. The wild swinging should be enough to make the enemy dizzy.

Weakness: No healer, no ranged attacks, and no other tank than Hercules. It’ll be a tough fight, but it will certainly look fun, win or lose.

mythic heroes everybody hurts team

Everybody Hurts

Roster: Lucifer, Gaia, Zeus, Cleopatra, Persephone

Strategy: Everybody will hurt… on the enemy team. This team is full of AoE characters who will make sure that everyone on the enemy team will get hurt all at the same time. Lucifer and Gaia make it worse since they can hinder the enemy from getting closer while Cleopatra and Persephone inflict lots of damage.

Weakness: No healer and Gaia is the only tank. While Lucifer, Zeus, Cleopatra, and Persephone have a lot of decent DPS, it won’t exactly save them if you expect the fight to drag on.

mythic heroes gun show team

Gun Show

Roster: Hercules, Anubis, Thor, Lu Bu, Ganesha

Strategy: Huah! Check out these guns! These manly men are out for some roughhousing, and the enemy looks like a nice, flimsy target ready to get steamrolled. The enemy should be shaking in their boots when they see them coming.

Weakness: Well, the enemy won’t be shaking if they read this bit. They don’t have a healer, they have too many tanks, Ganesha will require resonance, and Lu Bu is their only DPS. A shame since they’ll all find defeat in the manliest way possible.

mythic heroes horrible night team

Horrible Night

Roster: Dracula, Medusa, Harpy, Thanatos, Anubis

Strategy: Lord Dracula has risen once again and is taking his newly-recruited warriors to rule over the realms! Anubis keeps the foe busy with mummies while Thanatos dodges enemy attacks. From the rear, Medusa and Harpy provide DPS along with their most-esteemed lord of the night. Is there anyone out there who can stop them? A vampire killer, perhaps?

Weakness: This team bears too many SR heroes. Medusa and Anubis may have to do the heavy lifting in battle. Even then, this team does not have any healer at all.

mythic heroes villains of the story team

Villains of the Story

Roster: Lucifer, Lilith, Lu Bu, Zeus, Dracula

Strategy: Mwuahahaha! It’s time to get evil! All of the heroes in this team are not “heroes” per se, but villains in the stories they’ve come from. Lucifer and Lu Bu take up the front, Zeus, Dracula, and Lilith take the back. A simple strategy, but inflexible in tactics.

Weakness: Tactically, nobody is a tank, none of them are healers, and Dracula could become a liability if he doesn’t resonate well with his co-conspirators. Rarely does evil triumph over good anyway.

There are many, many more combinations of heroes out there. The best part of all this is experimenting with who you have and seeing which of these teams work for you (even the fun ones). Dust off some of your lesser-used heroes and try something new today!

Is there a hero we left out from this Mythic Heroes guide? Do you have a team composition that you’d like to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below the article!