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Rage of Destiny Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Powerful Team and Dominate Your Enemies

Rage of Destiny is new action strategy RPG from IGG, home to popular strategy and RPGs like Lords Mobile and Raids & Puzzles: RPG Quest just to name a few. From an action RPG veteran’s perspective, Rage of Destiny can easily be compared to the plethora of loosely similar action strategy RPGs available in the market. The graphics are excellent by mobile gaming standards, the character designs are brilliant and memorable, and the volume and quality of content is immense.

What sets Rage of Destiny apart from most other action strategy RPGs lie in the unique elements that its features and game modes possess. Rage of Destiny ensures that players, regardless of whether or not they are beginners or veterans, will have an exciting and immersive experience from the adventures and challenges within its vast fantasy world. Rage of Destiny is designed to enable players to make bits of progress regardless of how actively they pursue challenges. However, overall progression is heavily impacted by time players can dedicate to the game.

rage of destiny guide

Rage of Destiny has its share of features and gameplay mechanics that take getting used to. The tutorial session provides a fast and easy way to get through all the basics and unlocking additional features and game modes will always come with helpful instructions. There are also information you can view within each page or window you visit. Overall, Rage of Destiny may seem overwhelming with the volume of icons and menus you can click on that litter the screen.

However, being directed towards visiting each one as they become available as well as the existence of indicators make it easy enough even for complete beginners to play the game. If you have just started your journey within the world of Rage of Destiny and would want to jumpstart your adventure, we have you covered as our Rage of Destiny beginner’s guide contains a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to pierce through every challenge you encounter.

1. You Should Skip Rerolling

Strategy RPGs with numerous characters to collect and upgrade coupled with a gacha system for obtaining characters at random heavily contribute to what makes a game both exciting and addictive. Having different rarity grades for the characters as well as varying preferences surrounding the top grade heroes also promote an inclination to obtain some characters over others.

For one, having the character you mostly want to join your roster early in your adventure can affect your performance moving forward. There is expectedly a difference in rate of progression as well between having higher grade characters to begin with as compared with the usual ratio of character rarities in your roster.

rerolling in rage of destiny

With this common scenarios and expectations, the allure of having the best possible starting lineup to take you through the early content gives rise to subscribing to reroll sessions. As the procedure for rerolling in gacha games vary from one title to the next, and considering other game elements, it is not always a recommended activity.

For the uninitiated in the concept of rerolling, it simply refers to progressing with your adventure up to the point where you can summon multiple characters from the gacha, then restarting your progress if you do not like what you get. This usually involves deleting game data for Android devices, or completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game on iOS devices. It certainly takes some time, depending on how many times you have to redo the process until you finally obtain the best, or at the very least favorable, results.

Rage of Destiny is designed in such a way that progress does not reset even after you cleared the game data or uninstall the game. The workaround is to use different accounts for each attempt to reroll. The first opportunity to go for a 10x pull occurs after clearing the first chapter as an event earns you 10 summon scrolls you can then use. However, it appears that your first 10x gacha pull will always yield the same results.

summoning heroes in rage of destiny

You can proceed to finish the second chapter for another 10 scrolls and progress further to finally earn 2,700 gems for another 10x pull. There is an auto battle feature as well as a battle speed accelerator but the time it would take to get to that point will still be a lot longer than the usual reroll points in other titles. You can always go for single pulls but it costs 300 gems each, effectively making single pulls cost more.

Although we certain about the possibility of obtaining more than 1 epic grade unit from a 10x gacha draw, we have only been fortunate to do so once and while this may seem unfortunate, we felt it needless to actually consider rerolling in Rage of Destiny given the overall mechanics involving the character recruitment and the character upgrade processes.

Rage of Destiny, like most turn-based strategy RPGs, has a team-based gameplay with multiple factors affecting team performance and synergy. Obtaining the best possible epic grade character through reroll as against getting any other unit with same rarity grade may have its benefits, but the impact in the long run may not be as critical. One of the upgrade systems for characters require duplicate copies of the character as well so foregoing chances to receive your first copy through rerolling may not be worth the effort.

rage of destiny shadow squad

Rage of Destiny also offers a hero wishlist feature where your preferred characters for each faction can be selected and these characters will have increased probability from the gacha pulls. You can recruit champions via the portal within your kingdom, accessible through its tab on the lower left side of the screen. Inside the portal, you can add and edit the hero wishlist at any time.

One of the dominant reasons players are driven to secure their favorite picks early on is also to readily invest in these characters and avoid wasting any resource on other characters that temporarily fill team rosters. In Rage of Destiny, however, players have 2 free chances daily to reset characters.

You can do this via the purifying spring within your kingdom or through the spring icon on the lower left side of the hero page. Resetting reverts a character back to level 1, giving you back every bit of resource you invested in that character.

2. Prioritize Progression Through The Campaign

The campaign in Rage of Destiny serves as the main game mode. There are small bits of stories to uncover, giving players a little background about the lore of the land and its characters. What makes progression through the chapter stages important, however, are the rewards that come with every stage you complete, and its effects on the idle income your kingdom generates over time.

As we mentioned earlier, progress in Rage of Destiny can be felt regardless of how active you are, and this is all resulting from the Auto AFK feature that lets you earn basic resources idly. Player EXP, Hero EXP, and gold are all important resources you can never have enough of and these are just the most basic rewards Auto AFK can generate for you over time. You can claim idle rewards through the treasure chest icon at the lower right side of the campaign screen.

rage of destiny dragon

The farther you can go through the campaign chapters and stages, the higher the amounts of basic resources you will receive over time. Additionally, higher grades of equipment will appear more and more likely as you reach higher chapters. On the campaign screen, you can hit the challenge button and initiate battles on the current chapter and stage. There are options to speed up battles, set skill usage on auto mode, and even challenge the next stage automatically after completing the current stage.

Another important reason for you to progress as far across the main campaign is because the campaign serves as a key towards unlocking some of Rage of Destiny’s content and features. There are plenty of open features to begin with but plenty of features in the kingdom and game modes in the crusade are locked behind milestones you reach within the campaign.

rage of destiny campaign

On the campaign screen, you can actually tap on the stage identifier at the top right side of the screen to see where you are in the campaign world map. There are currently 27 chapters to conquer with each chapter holding different numbers of stages.

Although the enemy team’s power increases with each new stage, you can sometimes discover that some latter battles will be easier for your team to deal with. Every last stage is a boss battle and once you complete it, be sure to click on the “next” button to relocate to the next chapter and start earning higher amounts of idle rewards.

rage of destiny map

Rage of Destiny is designed in such a way that you will reach occasional roadblocks to beat certain stages within the main campaign. This will basically prompt you to enhance your champions and venture into the plethora of other game modes that Rage of Destiny offers. It is always a good idea to hop back into the campaign once your team has grown in power.

3. Maintain A Balanced And Synergistic Team

Some champions in Rage of Destiny may appear to be stronger compared to their peers, making them top candidates or favorites when picking members for your main team. This is most particularly true for damage-dealers as these unit types tend to steal the limelight in even most team-based strategic combat.

Rage of Destiny is built around having a well-balanced and synergistic team to succeed through its many challenges and simply lumping together the characters you deem to be the strongest will not likely yield positive results. Likewise, some characters may appear lackluster on their own but their true values can be better appreciated with the right set of units they team up with. While rarity grade stands as the most basic determinant of a character’s base capabilities and potential, there are other traits to look into as well.

There are 4 rarity grades that classify heroes and these are: normal, rare, elite, and mythic. Normal grade heroes are basically characters you should not invest any effort in. They only have 2 skills and cannot be raised to the next rarity grade. Rare grade heroes can be upgraded to elite grade and can have a maximum of 3 available skills. Some elite champions can be upgraded all the way to Mythic grade while some cannot. You can verify this through the album feature of the Hero menu.

rage of destiny heroes

A major point of consideration when choosing members of your main team are each champion’s respective faction. There are 6 factions available in Rage of Destiny with 4 normal ones and 2 special ones. These factions impose the proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” in giving a 25% damage boost against the disadvantaged faction.

For the basic factions, the faction advantage flow is as follows: Wild Tribe is strong against the Nature Alliance but weak against the Holy Empire; Nature Alliance is strong against Shadow Squad but weak against Wild Tribe; Shadow Squad is strong against Holy Empire but weak against Nature Alliance; and Holy Empire units are strong against Wild Tribe but weak against Shadow Squad. Celestial Kingdom heroes and Demon League heroes are both strong and weak against one another but have neither advantage nor disadvantage against other factions.

Knowing which factions each member of your team has an advantage and disadvantage against should only be part of what to consider as Rage of Destiny also has an ally faction bonus, which is a critical game mechanic that you should use to your advantage. The ally faction bonus is basically a team buff that activates based on the number of units in your team belonging to the same faction.

rage of destiny faction advantage

Regardless of how strong each member of your team is and despite maintaining balance as far as individual roles are concerned, not building around the ally faction bonus can put your entire squad at a huge disadvantage.

You will constantly have 5 members in your team and a full synergy of ally faction bonus can be built around different faction combinations within your team. Considering the regular factions, deploying 3 units within the same faction grants your whole team a 10% increase in ATK and HP. Add 2 units of the same faction to your trio gives everyone a 15% HP and ATK bonus instead. Having 4 heroes of the same faction deployed earns everyone a 15% ATK increase and 20% HP increase. A full team of heroes belonging to the same regular faction boosts every member’s ATK and HP by 25%.

Celestial Heroes will automatically take on the role of any faction within your team, except the Demons faction. This means that if you have 4 Holy Empire units and a Celestial Hero, you will get the 25% ATK and HP boost as an ally faction bonus. Demon League units have a unique bonus exclusively activated based on the number of Demon League members in the team: 1 or more members increase DEF by 30%; 2 or more boost damage rage recovery by 25%; 3 or more increase CRIT rate by 15%; 4 or more boost CRIT DMG by 30%; and 5 members grants +15 haste to team members.

rage of destiny allay faction bonus

In the absence of units belonging to the special factions, it would seem ideal to form a full team of heroes belonging to the same faction. The downside of this approach can be realized when facing a full tam of enemies belonging to the advantageous faction. Having Celestial Hero units and Demon League members certainly help but as of this writing there are only 2 available heroes belonging to the Celestial Hero faction and 1 character belonging to the Demon League faction.

Both are more difficult to obtain than other characters especially since they cannot form part of your wishlist. Likewise, obtaining them is just the start of the challenge as they will most likely lag behind in terms of upgrades considering the difficulty in obtaining copies of them.

There are well beyond 5 champions to collect for any of the regular factions and the choice as to which ones to consider should depend on their class and roles in the team.  On each hero’s page, you can see icons at the upper right side indicating their faction, type, class, and role. Types can be STR, INT, or AGI type and a unit’s type basically determine the type of damage they can deal and the gears they can equip.

rage of destiny ancestral soul

Classes and roles are more important as these determine not just each unit’s specific function but also their recommended placement in the team formation. There are, however, various combinations of classes and roles in Rage of Destiny and it is best to look into each of the champions’ details to determine a good fit for your team, taking into consideration individual skills.

More often than not, having 2 defensive melee combatant on the front row is recommended. For the back lane, a magic-based damage-dealer and a physical counterpart is good to have, as well as a support unit who can buff and heal team members.

4. Perform Upgrades To Your Heart’s Content

Being able to recruit new champions and growing your army is definitely an exciting experience and as you make changes to your team roster as a result of securing characters that are more fit for the team, a sense of improvement in terms of their performance in combat can be equally exhilarating. What stretches the adrenaline-pumping experience further is the multitude of upgrade options you can perform on each character.

A champion’s overall combat power is primarily based on their level. Units deployed in combat do not earn experience points and level up. However, levelling them up through the use of basic resources is the easiest and most basic means of making them stronger. Gold and Hero EXP serve as the most basic resources needed for each level up.

At every tenth level, however, Mystic Dust becomes an additional requirement. This resource can also be obtained from auto AFK but at a much lower rate than the basic materials. Inside the Purifying Spring in your kingdom, you can choose to dismiss normal grade heroes to obtain Mystic Dust.

ranking up in rage of destiny

Every tenth level may cost more but it is for good reason as this milestone either unlocks a new skill for the champion, or increases the level of an existing one. Given that level up costs go higher as the champion’s level rises, a common and practical approach would be to spread resources across all 5 of your main characters as much as you can. To some extent, you can prioritize some over others. For us, front row champions always have first dibs on enhancement procedures.

While each level reached for any champion brings about an increase in stats and combat power, a bigger surge in strength can be gained by ranking them up. Ranking up takes the hero to the next grade, granting tremendous boosts across their stats.

The upgrade process requires sacrificing extra copies of the hero itself or similar grade heroes within the same faction at some rank up points. This can be done via the sacred hall you can access from your kingdom as well as the character page itself.

rage of destiny rank reset

Ranking up essentially becomes more challenging if your team is predominantly composed of heroes within the same faction. To some extent, this upgrade process is what would push you to consider mixed factions in your team as well as switch from one faction to another based on your pulls from the recruitment portal.

With regard to upgrades, the main reason we encourage doing so as much as you can is because Rage of Destiny provides players a free reset of character upgrades 2 times per day. Through the Purifying Spring, you can reset a champion’s level back to level 1 and all resources consumed will be refunded to you.

As far as ranking up goes, a unit’s rank can also be reset through the Revert process under special circumstances. You will only be able to do so if you have 2 heroes with the same name having at least an elite+ grade and the lower grade on can be reverted.

rage of destiny resonance crystal

Additionally, Rage of Destiny also has a Resonance Crystal feature found within your kingdom. This feature allows any of your characters to inherit the level of your fifth highest level character. You will only be able to raise the level of 2 additional heroes through this method, earning enough crystal coins from AFK rewards will enable you to unlock additional slots.

With the Resonance Crystal feature, you will not have to reset some characters just because you decided to shift team rosters. There are also various game modes and challenges that would require you to have more than 5 high level units and this feature will not have you need to spend resources on more than 5 champions.

rage of destiny equipment enhancement

Each champion in your roster can also be equipped with 4 types of gears. Gears are much like champions themselves in terms of having rarity grades. Gears with a rare or higher grade can be further enhanced. This process requires sacrificing other gears and every gear enhancement level increases the stats provided by the gear. Epic grade gears can also have faction bonuses.

5. Join A Guild And Add Friends

Guilds, clans, factions, alliances, and similarly-themed player groups are an expected and welcomed basic part of many online games. Most especially in RPGs and strategy games, the concept of guilds, regardless of what each incarnation has to offer, has stretched far beyond merely being a social extension of the game’s chat service.

Guilds were primarily an avenue for players to earn more in-game friends to interact with, but has grown and developed to become an integral aspect of progression, which may involve additional cooperative and competitive content exclusively available only to players who are members of guilds. Although guilds also serve as a main source of in-game friends to gather, Rage of Destiny provides other means for you to add friends outside of your present guild.

rage of destiny guild

The guild feature in Rage of Destiny may not be available at the start of your journey but a bit of progression through the campaign will grant you access to it within a few minutes of gameplay. There will be an option to join an already existing guild or put up your very own. For beginners, especially those with limited or zero experience in managing a guild, or experienced players who may not have the time to fully lead a guild, we recommend that you join an existing one instead.

There is an auto join option when you visit the guild feature within your kingdom and it will automatically sign you up with a guild that has open slots for members. As soon as you are accepted in the guild, you can already partake in a guild exclusive game mode called Dwarf Treasury. This guild dungeon of sorts will pit you against the Goblin Master or a Dwarf Colem. You can challenge as many times as you wish but rewards will only be granted for stages completed.

rage of destiny dwarf treasury

Given that the increase in power of the enemy spikes from one stage to the next, chances are that you will take a long while to even beat the second stage. In any case, simply expend attempts daily as you will also earn guild coins in addition to chests you earn based on your performance. Guild coins can be exchanged at the guild shop for numerous valuable items.

As far as adding friends go, you can hit the guild lobby, tap on your fellow guild members’ avatars and add them as a friend. You can also tap on other players’ respective avatars in the chat room especially since there are plenty of players requesting to be added as friends. Having a lot of friends can give you an advantage in some challenges as you can use their top champions as mercenaries.

rage of destiny friends

More importantly, friends can send one another friendship points once a day. With a cap of 40 friends, you can earn as many as 40 friendship points daily and these points can be used as well at the summon portal.

6. Revel In Various Game Modes Through The Crusade

While the campaign stages and battles are the main game mode that we recommend for you to prioritize as a beginner, you will soon reach a point within it where progression will slow down or even come to halt. In these instances, there will be plenty of avenues for you to earn extra resources that you can use to strengthen your team and get back to the campaign with much more combat strength. Most of these game modes rest within the crusade and you should push for progression in each of them as well.

The Trade Route is perhaps the feature her that requires the least effort and time. Trade Routes are comparable to idle errands in other strategy RPGs where you simply need to deploy teams of units to take on a particular task and return with some rewards. It does not matter if the characters you send on trade routes are enhanced so long as they comply with the requirements. Units deployed can still be used in all other game modes. You basically just need to assign units, deploy them, and wait for the time you can claim rewards.

rage of destiny trade route

The Trade Route also presents a bit of PvP aspect into it as you can raid other players 3 times per day. You can click on the merchant ships that pass by and you will be presented with 3 choices to attack. The player team’s combat power will be displayed as well as the corresponding rewards.

Preferably, you will choose to raid teams with lower power ratings. Some players are tricky, though, and will have lower ratings because of some level 1 units partnered with over-levelled heroes that can wipe your team out.

For some beginners, engaging in PvP battles can be an overwhelming experience. After all, playing against NPC teams as against real players make it seem more challenging and unpredictable. Arena combat in Rage of Destiny is relatively easy to get into. Both your team and the other player’s team will be in full auto mode and you can check the total power of the team you wish to challenge.

rage of destiny arena

Gem rewards are earned on a daily basis as well as per season so, win or lose, it is important to expend all attempts you have to raise your rank and increase the amount of gems you can obtain.

The Dragon Nest is perhaps one of the game modes that we cannot easily compare with any game mode within other turn-based strategy RPGs that we have played. This game mode sets you on a map where you break dragon eggs as you search for the golden key that unlocks the treasure chest at the map’s center.

Eggs, of course, will hatch revealing a variety of items from treasures and potions, to enemy lairs and various other items. Every enemy you defeat earns you rewards and some even grant you runes effective only within the Dragon Nest. Runes grant different types of buffs that are permanently active within the Dragon Nest for the rest of the day.

rage of destiny treasure chest

After opening the chest at the center of the stage, you will unlock a portal as well that takes you to the next stage. The Dragon Nest always leaves you with relatively easy enemy mobs to take out on the first stage, whose levels depend on your team’s level but much lower. Each new stage you visit will naturally have higher enemy levels but the runes you have collected and the respective buffs they provide will continue to help your team survive a series of challenges.

As a tip for pushing farther in this game mode, always go for runes that have buffs applying to your entire team as well as buffs that have permanent rather than conditional effects. Strategize around the different structures and use potions you reveal strategically. Keep in mind as well that you can opt out of this game mode at any time and hop back to it at a later time within the day.

rage of destiny atonement tower

Another game mode to help you rack up valuable resources early on is the Atonement Tower. This is basically a continuous challenge where you climb atop the tower 1 floor at a time, earning clear rewards for each floor you conquer. Just like the campaign stages, you can leave your team idle as they battle through from one floor to next and the run will only stop when your team is defeated.

7. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

 Rage of Destiny is tremendously generous to its players as far as outright rewards are provided, whether be it from actively engaging in the many challenges provided or through its auto AFK feature. Beyond the immediate rewards you can claim, however, there are still plenty more to earn with effort and time you exert and these extra rewards come from the game’s mission system.

Mission or quest systems are nothing new to strategy RPGs. These missions are a set of objectives for players to accomplish or milestones they need to reach documenting their progression across the various aspects of their journey. You can access 3 distinct lists of missions through its icon at the upper right side of the screen.

Missions are divided into daily missions, weekly missions, and campaign missions. All the objectives laid out here are directly in line with usual activities you should engage in and, for the most part, should form part of your daily routine.

Speaking of daily routine, the daily missions are the most basic set of objectives for you to accomplish on a daily basis. For beginners, this list of objectives ought to serve as a guide to ensure that you have visited or engaged in what Rage of Destiny has to offer.

rage of destiny missions

Objectives met are rewarded with activity points and reaching certain milestones with regard to activity points earned unlocks chest rewards. You do not need to accomplish each daily mission objective to claim the top rewards but then, venturing into each target is a must if you want to progress as much as you want in your adventure.

Weekly missions are comparable to daily missions in terms of earning activity points and unlocking chest rewards. While some weekly missions take longer to accomplish, these feats are basically just compounded daily objectives set for a week long duration. As far as ease of achieving is concerned, weekly targets can be met with relative ease, most especially if you play on a daily basis.

The campaign missions in Rage of Destiny serve as the list of achievements for you to pursue. These reflect milestones you have achieved across practically every aspect of the game. You can expect a lot of these targets to be reached after considerable time and effort but with gems as common rewards for targets met, you should review each item on the list to pursue the accomplishment of targets that are comparatively easier for you to achieve.

8. Take Advantage Of Special Events

With Rage of Destiny housing a plethora of content, you can likewise expect it to hold a variety of events to further encourage activity and immersion from its players. Most events have limited availability in terms of time but these special events are also expected to let players earn rewards that are otherwise difficult to obtain anywhere else.

A basic event is the 7-day login event that can easily net you an elite character on top of other valuable rewards. The Recruit Training event provides targets spread across 5 days starting from your first login day. Objectives for the succeeding day will only be revealed on that day but you can accomplish them beforehand and claim rewards and you can also pursue the achievement of objectives from the past days.

rage of destiny events

You also have 14 days to accomplish all feats so even if some of them are a little too challenging at first glance, each one is still achievable with some patience and effort. Objectives set are very much in line with the usual missions as well so accomplishing some mission targets will contribute to the fulfillment of some event targets.

The Stage Rush Rewards Event is also a limited special event that gives players a chance to earn summon scrolls for chapters they have completed in the campaign. 10 summon scrolls are awarded for every campaign chapter completed, giving you another important reason to prioritize progression through the campaign. The Elven King Event also provided players with a list of challenges to accomplish. Reaching each target set earns players a puzzle piece and once 15 puzzle pieces are collected, a mythic grade hero is rewarded.

9. Always Check Your Inventory

The existence of various game modes and features to explore and revel in within the world of Rage of Destiny is certainly part of what makes the entire adventure an exciting and immersive one. Considering the plethora of activities to look into and partake in, it can happen that the less noticeable features and locations will be overlooked, especially for beginners.

Your inventory or item bag holds a variety of resources beyond what you can readily utilize and some of these items need to be looked into and even clicked on for you to use them when you need to. One of the item types you should always check on are the resource supplies that grant you an hour up to a 24-hours’ worth of specific resources. Gold, hero EXP, and even Mystic Dust can be acquired in bulk through the consumption of these items.

There is nothing wrong with saving these items for later as an hour’s worth of coins today will most likely be less than it’ worth tomorrow, provided that you have progressed through the campaign for the duration of time in-between.

However, consuming these resources when you need them and being able to perform more upgrades can help hasten your progression not just in the campaign stages but also the various challenges in your journey. In this sense, it is recommended to consume these resources when you are up for performing some hero upgrades.

rage of destiny inventory

Likewise, there are also hero soulstones collected in your item bag from various sources. Having 60 of either the rare or elite variant will let you summon a champion of that grade. Progressing through the Atonement Tower will likely earn you a surprisingly huge amount of these soulstones and there is no pint in holding on to these. Once available, be sure to summon heroes off these items as you will never run out of the need for extra heroes to rank up existing ones.

There are still plenty of activities within Rage of Destiny that we have yet to delve into but we are confident that the tips and strategies we shared with you here should more than suffice to leave the rest to your own discovery. A bit of exploration across the various areas in Rage of Destiny will also tell you that there are more contents to come in future updates so if you have enjoyed your dive so far, start working to polish a routine that works best for you and the rate of your progression in your adventure.

Considering the vastness of Rage of Destiny’s world, you may have chanced upon a nifty discovery in your adventures that we missed. If you are aware of any cool tricks and strategies that we missed, feel free to drop us a line!


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