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Castle Clash Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Tips to Become the Greatest Warlord

Castle Clash isn’t your average strategy game for mobile devices – developer IGG trumpets its being Google Play Best of 2014 selection on its Play Store blurb. Other than Android, the game is also available for iOS, so Apple device users don’t need to worry. This game is described as a brilliant mix of fast-paced strategy and exciting combat, and you’ll get to hire heroes, lead mythical creatures, and strive to become the world’s greatest Warlord. So if you’re ready for some Castle Clash cheats, tips and hints, join us and we’ll give you a few good ones.

1. Upgrade Resource Buildings To Maximum Capacity

Yes, you’ll get a wealth of resources by raiding other players, but then again, you need to make sure your resource generating buildings are leveled up as far as possible. It’s always good to have a lot of resources to harvest on your side of things.

2. Collect Resources When Mines Are Full

Don’t go out and collect resources when you don’t have the maximum amount to collect – only do so when the mines are full, but if they’re not, you can also collect if you’re in dire need of building a structure or upgrading an existing one. Idle resources will only make you into a prime target for attacks.

3. Upgrade Your Town Hall

Aside from your resource-producing buildings, you also want to upgrade your town hall, and probably max it out if possible. A bigger town hall invariably leads to a better town, as you’ll be unlocking more buildings and fences and making more defense units available to protect the town.

4. Make Sure Your Army Camp Has Troops For Defense

Your Army Camp needs to have troops ready at all times – while they’re definitely important for raiding enemies, they’re doubly important for you to defend your town. Likewise, these troops have to be trained and upgraded properly so you can have the best defense possible.

5. Attack With A Full Force

You won’t lose all your troops after a battle in this game, so feel free to send all your troops out when attacking. The more troops you send to battle, the quicker you’ll chip away at your foe’s defenses, and the better the chances you’ll have of successfully trumping the enemy.

6. Play The Single Player Campaign To Get Hero Shards

As Castle Clash is a MMORPG first and foremost, you probably may not be thinking much about the dungeons and the single player campaign. But you need to play this as well because of the hero shards, which you’ll use to recruit heroes. As such, you should also prioritize completing the dungeons in this mode so you can get more heroes and get them sooner. Replaying dungeons is also a good strategy, as this allows you to grind for more loot and more shards.

7. Sacrifice Unwanted / Unneeded Heroes

Sooner or later you’ll have to send your older and less useful heroes to the glue factory, even if they’ve served you well in many battles. At that time, they’ll be less effective and skilled than your better heroes, so go ahead and sacrifice them to enhance the stats of your stronger ones.