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Spirit Lords Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks to Become a Spirit Lord

Spirit Lords by Kabam is a fairly new RPG for iOS and Android devices, and just as you’d expect from any developer hyping up a new title, it calls the game the most immersive RPG to hit mobile devices. It describes things by saying that a war bridged the Spirit Realm and the physical world, destroying a vast empire some one thousand years ago. You’re in charge of the last human city remaining and your job is to rebuild from the ruins while dealing with the possibility that the great war isn’t over after all. It is quite an immersive story indeed, but one that comes with its share of light-hearted moments. And if you need help getting started with the game, check out our list of Spirit Lords cheats, tips and tricks to give you a good head start.

1. Upgrade Your Spirits Wisely

One thing you should always remember in Spirit Lords is that you should make it a point to upgrade your spirits, but do so wisely. That means using the same element type – upgrade fire with fire, arcane with arcane. You get the idea, and it’s all going to give you a nice XP bonus at the end of the day.

2. Don’t Change The Difficulty In Story Mode

Once you’ve selected the Story Quest, you’ll also notice that you have the option to adjust the game’s difficulty. Leave it as it is, because you can only play in Story Mode dungeons once – no more, no less than that. There’s not much grinding for loot in this RPG, so if you want to get the best quality items out there, play in difficult mode. You simply won’t get anything of note if you play Story Mode dungeons in easy mode.

3. Save Your Mana And Health Vials Until You Need Them

Killing enemies when you start in a new dungeon would allow you to get free Mana or Health vials, and your first instinct may be to go ahead and get them. But the thing is, they won’t disappear right away like they would in other RPG titles. They’ll stay there for a while, so you can always go back to get them once your health is rather low.

4. You Can Only Keep Maximum Ten Pieces Of Equipment

There is a limit to the amount of equipment you can carry, and that’s only ten items. These items cannot be leveled up or evolved like spirits can, so if you’ve got a new and better piece of equipment at your disposal, sell your weaker items so you can make room.

5. Replay Side Quests

While you cannot replay Story Mode dungeons, what you can do to grind for loot is to replay dungeons in Side Quests. That way, you can still use that time-tested trick in order to level up your character and your spirits. Yes, we did say there isn’t much grinding to do here, but there is an option to grind.

6. Break All Barrels And Boxes In Dungeons

Lastly, we’d advise you to break any container you find in a dungeon – it may be a barrel, a box, or whatever, but you’ll never know if you’ll be missing out on some prime loot if you choose not to break one of those containers.