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Omega Legends Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Outwit and Outlive Your Opponents

IGG.COM is no stranger to long-time mobile gamers, especially real-time strategy game aficionados. The company has been active in the mobile gaming scene since 2012 and has then since been adding value to its name through a number of successful titles. IGG.COM currently has 56 games under its app portfolio and Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, and Clash of Lords 2 are just some of its most downloaded games. With well over 500 million downloads across all its apps from the Google Play Store alone, and ceaselessly maintaining largely positive average user review ratings across all its apps, it can be expected that every new title from the company will be a treat for players.

Omega Legends is a sci-fi battle royale game from IGG.COM, that’s out now on both iOS and Android. As a battle royale game that features characters with unique sets of abilities, Omega Legends offers plenty of new and exciting experiences for even experienced and veteran players of the genre. Despite the plethora of other battle royale games within and outside mobile gaming platforms, Omega Legends makes for a gameplay that may be familiar to long-time gamers but still offer unique twists and turns in its mechanics.

On one hand, some battle royale games have players use the same characters that rely entirely on weapons and gears to eliminate other players in the field and survive the environment. On the other hand, there are battle royale games that employ different characters, each with his or her own set of skills that fit certain roles for a more effective team play. Omega Legends mixes both these elements with unique characters that have different sets of skills and at the same time still equip various weapons and gears to further increase their offensive and defensive capabilities.

omega legends champion

With each character having 2 active skills to use in the battlefield on top of all other action buttons and strategies involved in each match, Omega Legends can have an overwhelming impression for beginners. The 30-second short tutorial may leave newbies wanting more experience before diving into an actual fight but moving, looting, and shooting are all the basic necessities you need to know.

If you are looking to score more wins from one match to the next, then be sure to read our comprehensive Omega Legends guide below! We have included a bunch of useful tips and strategies in this guide so you can outwit and outlive your enemies!

1. Customize The Controls To Suit Your Taste

It is typical for most players to want to dive into action straightaway as soon as they complete the tutorial. Although the tutorial only spans half a minute, you will immerse yourself in real combat first before being able to explore anything else. Given that you already know how to move, loot, and shoot, the initial dive into the battle arena is an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the controls and its sensitivity levels.

Once you have finished the first match, you should head on to the game’s settings and further tinker with various control aspects for it to more favorably suit your preferences. You can access the settings through the gear icon at the lower left side of the home screen. There are various tabs under settings and each one is worth peeking into.

One of the tabs you may want to make adjustments to is the controls. By default, most items here are set to on for convenience like auto pickup, aim assist, and cartridge notification. You can consider to leave everything at default initially but as you experience more matches and feel the need to make some adjustments, you should head on back here. Sensitivity settings are important for both the camera and targeting.

omega legends controls

Again, this is something you may want to keep on default for a while until after you feel the need to make some adjustments. In case you have made adjustments and want to start over, there is a “restore default” button at the upper left side of the screen.

There are also adjustments you can made relative to the quality of graphics. Depending on the capacity of the device you are using, lowering the graphics settings can be an important factor if you are experiencing lags due to low memory. Be sure to check all available options under operating mode and firing modes as well.

By default, both these settings are okay but can be much more suitable for you with some tinkering. You can click on the “Custom Panel” button under each option in Operating Mode. This will take you to the button layout screen where you can tremendously customize how each button appears in the game.

2. Get To Know Each Hero

After the tutorial, you will be made to pick a hero for your first match. There will not be a lot of information at this point but it is okay as the objective you should set on the first match is just to get a good feel of the actual gameplay. Once you have ended the first match and tinkered with the settings, there is just two small steps you should take before diving into the next battle and getting to know each hero is the first of them.

You should click on the “heros” icon at the lower left side of the screen and choose the hero to use for the upcoming match. Naturally, you would want to take a peek into what each hero can do to help you decide on which one to utilize in the battle arena.

Beyond that, a solid enough familiarity with each available hero can boost not just your efficiency in using them but also help you strategize around the other characters used by your teammates. Also, having fair knowledge of each hero’s skills and abilities will help you deal with them better if you encounter them in combat.

You will be starting off with 5 heroes you can readily play and 2 more that you can unlock using silver or gold. You can click on the hero portrait at the top left side of the hero page to switch between heroes. Be sure to check each hero’s skill as well. Although you might earn some useful info from reading about what each hero can do, playtesting each of them in the field will be better.

specter omega legends

Specter is an assassin and very suitable for players who enjoy invisibility for both offensive and defensive plays. He can be great for ambushing unsuspecting targets and has a higher than normal flee rate as well in case confrontations turn sour. Both of his active skills grant him invisibility and his passive ability likewise gives him invisibility after standing still for a while.

windchaser omega legends

If you enjoy fast and agile characters, then Windchaser may suit you well. She is a striker who can utilize bursts of speed to better reposition herself in a variety of situations. Like Specter, Windchaser can also use both active skills and her passive ability for offensive and defensive strategies. Each ability can shorten the distance between you and your target and can even be useful to chase fleeing enemies. In certain situations as well, you can use her skills to pull yourself away from disadvantageous firefights.

ironfist omega legends

Ironfist is a neat support character with utilities unlike any other. His passive ability lets him reload automatically after downing an enemy. He can deploy a Personnel Launcher, which is like a trampoline that he and his teammates can use in a variety of situations. His Protective Wall can be provide a sturdy defense in combat as well.

captain jericho omega legends

A solid tank to stay at the front end of the team, Capt. Jericho is a defender who has a crowd control ability on top of his defensive skills. He deploys a shield whenever you aim and his Energy Barrier skill can protect him and his allies from frontal damage. His EMP Bomb can negate all buffs on enemies within the area of effect and prevent them from using skills for a while.

aurora omega legends

Aurora is a healer whose focus is ensuring the survival of her team. Her passives include reducing the cool down period between using healing items and also deploys a shield whenever she is reviving a teammate. Her Safety Matrix gives her and her allies faster movement speed as well as extra shields. Healing Light provides healing for the whole team.

haxx omega legends

Haxx is one of the two unlockable heroes and has unconventional abilities. As a tactician, his null stat voids all damage taken at the cost of losing his ability to attack. He enters null state whenever he is downed as well. Phase Shift marks your current location and using the ability again transports you instantly back to the marked location, restoring both HP and shield at the time the location was marked.

zero omega legends

The Bionic Scout, Zero, seems built to be the bane of both Specter and Windchaser. Receiving damage automatically reveals the location of the assailant. Her HP Left ability scans a fan-shaped area to reveal all enemies. Magnetic Field can slow down enemies caught within its radius and also deal damage over time.

3. Spend Some Time On The Training Grounds

Now that you have tinkered with the control layout and sensitivity settings as well as familiarized yourself enough with each available hero in Omega Legends, it is time to get a good grasp of the guns and gears you will encounter in the battle arena. Omega Legends does employ a wide range of guns, mods, and other equipment that you should get to know about before encountering them in the battle arena.

Within the training grounds, you can pick up every weapon and accessory available in the game and have a better grasp of how each one performs. The battle arenas in Omega Legends actually showcase an abundance of weapons and gears making it fairly easy for you weapons, mods, and equipment that you like to better set yourself up for the duration of the match. Although each weapon has its own strengths and limitations, you will come to discover some that are most suitable for your character and play style.

omega legends training grounds

Although you will see, shoot, and be shot at by other players in the training grounds, it will not cause damage and you can spend as much time as you need to enjoy the place. There are dormant targets as well as moving ones.

Although the moving ones are a lot easier to aim at and hit compared to players, you can practice your aim and the control’s sensitivity levels on them. To some extent, you can also test out each character’s active skills in the training grounds. Be sure to make the most out of this feature before hopping on your succeeding matches as it can tremendously improve your performance in the match.

4. Consider The Initial Matches As Practice Runs

Now that you are finally ready to taste real combat against other players, it is time to dive in on your supposed second battle arena experience. Despite spending as much time as you need to get to know each character as well as all weapons and gears through the training grounds, there will still be a lot to learn in an actual match.

For starters, matches will automatically pair you up with 2 other players unless you have invited friends to form a squad prior to entering a match. You can also play solo in most game modes save for the ranked match in the Maritime Industrial Zone. All game modes are available and are not locked behind account levels or progression. Deathmatch and Covert Operations, however are available only on selected days within the week.

Deathmatch is basically a race for points. A kill earns you 3 points and earning the highest number of points after the match wins you the game. This is available only on Thursdays and Fridays. Covert Operations is another unique game mode where every player starts the match cloaked and will only become visible when they shoot or are damaged. You can access this game mode on Saturdays and Sundays.

omega legends practice

Both the Maritime Industrial Zone and Green Island Town are huge locations and just like in any other battle royale game, the road towards being a pro requires a solid familiarity with the lay of the land. It will certainly take a while for you to memorize the battle arena’s layout like the back of your hand but when you do, it will certainly pay off.

Despite knowing what each character can do after reading through their skill descriptions and even testing some out within the training grounds, the impact of actually being able to use them in combat will be a lot different. With practice and experience, you can certainly come up with more efficient and creative ways of utilizing each hero’s skills. On top of that, you are likely to encounter other players as well who can use skills in combat in ways you never imagined.

As much as the clamor for kills and victories persist right from the start of your dive into Omega Legends, considering the initial battle arena sessions as practice runs lets you set more realistic expectations relative to you and your team’s performance. It further adds to the challenge and learning when you are paired with different players that use different heroes. To be honest as well, the learning part in Omega Legends can stretch for a long time, although it does not mean that you are not improving your skills and performance.

5. Strategize Before The Jump

Like in any other battle royale game where you can, with slight limitations, choose where you will start within the battle arena, strategizing takes place before you even jump and glide down for the match. Once players are within the carrier, you can tap on the mini map to have a glimpse of the map’s layout and even pin some locations as a marker for you and your team. The different areas within the diverse arena where the battle takes place carries with it different amounts of resources, as well as potential risks directly tied up to commonness of such resources.

Areas where there are numerous structures expectedly hold and abundant supply of weapons and gears and although you are not completely helpless without any armaments early on you will still be disadvantaged in the event that you encounter enemies that have weapons on them. For this reason, most players, regardless of level of expertise, can be expected to drop on these locations. Consequently, chances of an early encounter are higher in structured areas than in open fields.

If you want to play it safe and avoid risks early on, you can always shoot for more barren areas far from the groups of buildings on the map. There will be lower chances of an early scuffle in these regions but you can also expect that there will be less resources lying around.

These options are fairly easy to decide on if you are engaging a match solo but with allies by your side, then you will either choose to follow one of them or ask them to follow you. As a beginner, though, the former is highly advised.

omega legends strategies

Relative to strategizing prior to the actual start of the match, you also have to consider the timing of your jump. Considering the entire stretch of the carrier’s flight, there is a relatively long duration within which you can jump off towards the battle arena. Typically, more aggressive players jump off early.

The logic here is that landing sooner gives you a head start on looting items and ideally arm yourself to the teeth before encountering enemies. The drawback is that with 100 players in each match, chances are that a lot of them will do the same as well. As such, the chances of encountering equally or even better equipped enemies are high.

If you are just starting out, it is best to take the less aggressive choice and choose to jump towards the end of the carrier’s flight. In some cases, jumping off later than most people may make going for areas with buildings safer than the usual, provided that the concentration of enemies lie at the other edge of the battle arena or anywhere else that is of a safe distance from where you are.

Lastly, your character’s role, in tandem with the characters and skill sets of your teammates, can also influence your strategy as to where you may choose to land. While the risks associated with your decision will still persist, its impact will vary depending on your team’s synergy and individual skills expertise.

6. Stay Close To Your Teammates

Staying within close proximity of your allies is one of the most basic requisites in any team-based battle royale match. While it is practically a given for long-time players of the genre, it can still happen that some people will go off on their own much like they are engaging in solo play.

How closely-knit team members are is a solid indication of how they coordinate and if you start the match with one or two players jumping off to different areas within the battle arena, it can already be a sign of trouble once you hit the ground. Although separate drop offs can still be salvaged if teammates make an effort to rejoin one another, there will be risks involved along the way.

omega legends tactics

Some heroes in Omega Legends possess skills that only benefit them directly while others have abilities designed to help and support the entire team. Regardless of the type of skills your character has, there is always an advantage to utilizing each skill for the benefit of the entire team. Note that staying with your team does not necessarily mean being within at an arm’s reach from one another, especially since there are grenades and AoE skills to watch out for as well.

Being with your team can mean simply keeping both allies within your view or whatever is enough for you to be able to provide support to one another and at the same time expect to be backed up in case you have an encounter.

On your own, what you would want to avoid is to engage enemies who have you outnumbered as the chances of winning or surviving such encounters sway against your favor. On the other hand, being in a team that moves as one gives you at least a fair fight in case you encounter a full team ahead of you and almost guarantees success against a single enemy or even a duo of opponents.

7. Always Keep The Shrinking Safe Zone In Mind

Battle royale veterans have this concept stapled to their minds as one of the common elements of every battle royale game is a shrinking safe zone that forces players to compress into a smaller area as the match progresses.

Although matches start with the entire battle arena being safe from environmental hazards, this safe are grows smaller over time as radiation eats away at the map from the outside. If you are caught outside of the safe zone, hazards will slowly eat away at your HP and it will only take seconds before you are downed and laid to rest.

Another trait players can expect from this game mechanic is that the way the safe zone shrinks is unpredictable. The smaller radius will naturally be within the current one but could span from anywhere.

omega legends safe zone

Despite the dangers of losing focus on the battlefield itself especially since the core danger, which are the other players, are what you should keep a keen eye on, you should make it a habit to check the safe zone from the mini map regularly. There are sufficient notices relative to the safe zone as well, which will flash on your screen from time to time.

On top of the radiated area outside the safe zone posing as a critical danger, another hazard that comes with it are players who may just be camping at the edges of the safe zone to ambush unsuspecting people frantically trying to enter the safe zone.

Keeping a close eye on the safe zone relative to your current location should make you adjust your travels within the battle arena and ensure that you will not be rushing carelessly when the shrinking starts.

If you are a little ahead of time or fortunate enough to be situated well within the safe zone when the next shrinking occurs, it can become an opportunity for you to set up an ambush on those unfortunate players fleeing the bombardments outside of it.

8. Spend Your Currencies Wisely

There are 3 different currencies to earn in Omega Legends and various ways to spend them. Silver is the basic currency and you will have plenty of it but with chests, skills, and characters you can spend them on, no amount of it will ever be enough. Gold serves as a premium currency, which means that you need to be a little more careful in spending it.

Gold is several folds more difficult to earn than silver so if an item can be purchased thru both silver and gold, you should spend silver. Clothing tokens are a special currency that you can exchange for a variety of unique items at the shop as well.

spending currency omega legends

If you are decided in terms of sticking with an already unlocked character, then you may opt to consider unlocking the other 2 characters as a last priority. This is because heroes in Omega Legends have skills that can further be upgraded through spending silver and every bit of upgrade counts so it is best to prioritize investing in them.

One of the reasons you should test each character out early on is to help you decide as to which one should be your main character. Naturally, you should focus on raising your familiarity level with one character and invest in upgrading his or her skills. You can raise familiarity level with each match you enter using the hero.

On the hero page, the career tab will show you the skills that you can upgrade as well as your familiarity level with the hero. In addition to spending silver, some skill upgrade levels are locked behind higher familiarity grades.

9. Join A Guild And Add Friends

Battle royale games that mix competitive gameplay with cooperative aspects allow you to have an immersive and enjoyable experience without the need for in-game friends. Thanks to the auto-matching system, you can be paired with other random players in instances when you have to join a match with a team.

Despite the experience and fun to be gained from team ups with random players, a higher chance of victory can only come from a more solid team, comprised of players who have grown familiar with each other’s level of expertise, play style, and limitations.

omega legends friends

It can be a challenge to coordinate and synergize with random players and playing with different groups from one match to the next one can even be more trying. If you aim to more consistently secure more victories and have an overall better team performance, you should surround yourself with allies and a healthy supply of people to form a squad with.

Under the friends menu, which you can access through its icon at the bottom of the home screen, you can invite a lot of players to become your in-game friends. This can extend to players whom you played with in matches, players near your actual location, or even system-determined players suggested to you. Once you have obtained friends, you can start inviting them to join your squad before heading into a match.

omega legends guild

Omega Legends provides a guild system as well and where there is a guild system, you should make it a point to be a part of one as soon as you can. Once you reach level 5, which takes about 2 or 3 matches, you can unlock the guild feature. Although you can apply for one of the top ranking guilds and wait for approval from the leader to accept your application, you can also opt to quickly apply to any guild that can instantly let you join in on their ranks.

In addition to having an extra source of players to join up with before matches, guilds provide added incentives as well based on each member’s contribution. Signing in daily on the guild page as well as engaging in matches earns you points and reaching a certain guild score unlocks rewards for each member. There is a separate tab in the chat for your guild as well so if you need some information or help on anything, you can freely send a message for every guild member to read.

10. Take Advantage Of Freebies

In addition to the daily sign-in rewards, Omega Legends provides an overabundance of freebies that you should readily take advantage of to help you progress much faster in the game. To start off, the progression system that you can access via its icon at the bottom of the screen gives rewards for every new level you reach. There are daily activity objectives you can easily accomplish as well for silver, promotional coupons, experience points, and activity points. Activity points earned unlock extra rewards daily and weekly.

omega legends daily activity objectives

Be sure to check the events banner at the right side of the home screen as well. You may often see an indicator on it to signify a prize waiting to be claimed. Objectives set here are like achievements that reward you for milestones you reach across different aspects of the game and just by being active, you are naturally bound to accomplish each feat. You may want to read through the list of tasks and let it serve as your guide towards which activities you might need to spend more time on.

omega legends rewards

There are also rewards in Omega Legends that you can earn from ad boosts. Several promotional chests, for example, can be opened after playing a short video ad and beyond the immediate rewards, opening more promotional chests can earn you additional rewards as well.

You can also unlock Zero, the bionic scout, after playing a video ad 10 times through the promo at the upper right side of the home screen. Ten video ads may seem a lot but keep in mind that Zero costs 37,600 silver or 188 gold to unlock and the promo also gives you 10,000 silver, making it a very sweet deal not to take advantage of.

unlocking zero omega legends

And with that we conclude our guide for Omega Legends. We certainly hope that you enjoyed our guide and that you picked up a lot of tips and strategies you can apply on your next set of matches. If you have engaged in some peculiar yet astounding matches or have discovered something we haven’t, do not shy away from sharing them with us!