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Clash of Lords 2 Tips & Strategy Guide: 6 Awesome Hints to Conquer the World

Does the image on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store look familiar? What about the name of the game? Ostensibly, Clash of Lords 2 appears to be a clone of Clash of Clans, but there are enough elements in this game to make it different from Supercell’s similar-sounding title. For one, this is a sequel to the original Clash of Lords, and aside from that, the game allows you real-time command of your heroes and their battle skills, lets you play in Mercenary Mode, and comes with six different battle modes. Additionally, you can also team up with your friends by joining or forming a guild. We’ve probably told you enough about this exciting strategy game at this point, so let’s bring you a few Clash of Lords 2 tips, tricks and strategies that should help you gain an edge, regardless of which mode you play.

1. Upgrade The Town Hall

The Town Hall is your most important building in the game, so you should make it a point to prioritize it when it comes to upgrades; you won’t be able to unlock certain upgrades or troops if your Town Hall isn’t properly leveled up. Actually, upgrading soldiers and buildings is pretty much the main thing about this game, so you should always keep that in mind when playing Clash of Lords 2.

2. Focus On Quantity, Not Just Quality

Having a big army will always be helpful when playing Clash of Lords 2. Check your army before heading off to battle, and make sure you’ve got enough troops to survive an attack. If you don’t, then wait it out until you’ve got some extra troops, then go ahead and raid the enemy as you see fit.

3. Defend Your Town

Your town needs to have a good defense, and that’s going to help you avoid the possibility of opening your game one morning, only to see your town pillaged and in a state of ruin. Always keep your defenses solid to prevent your town from being attacked while you aren’t looking or watching.

4. Fuse Your Heroes To Make Them Stronger

Eventually, you’ll need to have more powerful heroes, and one good way to ensure this is to fuse more than one hero together. This will make the new hero more powerful and more experienced, hence deadlier in the battlefield.

5. Plan Your Strategy Before Heading To Battle

If you have enough troops, then it would be a good idea to have one group attack from one side, and the other group from another. That’s just one of the many ways you can strategize to throw off your enemy, but it will all depend on a number of factors – the important thing is not to send off troops to battle without strategizing first.

6. Earn Gems By Taking Part In Events

Gems are Clash of Lords 2’s premium currency, and the best way to earn them is by completing special events. Most of the goals in these events are quite easy to achieve, so you don’t really have to work too hard to earn some gems.