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Cartel Kings Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Excellent Tips You Need to Know

Cartel Kings by Mobile Gaming Studios is currently available for iOS devices only, so if you’re using an Android phone or tablet, you may have to wait and see if the developer will release a version for such devices. But if you own an iPhone or iPad, meaning the iPhone 4s and up or the iPad mini/iPad 2 and up, this is your chance to play as a mobster, or should we say, a Cartel King. Yes, you’ll be taking out your share of bad guys, but also fighting off the cops and rival cartels or even attacking bases of other players. All told, you can earn a whole lot of cash and gain access to more powerful guns over time, but if you need help doing that, we have a collection of useful Cartel Kings cheats, tips and tricks to help you deal with all the opposition – rival cartels and the police force alike, that is.

1. Activate Frenzy Mode While Aiming Your Weapon

Frenzy Mode can be activated in the middle of gun battles, and that will allow the computer’s AI to control your character and how he fires at the enemy. But as you may expect, the AI is far from perfect, and in most cases, it isn’t as good as you, even if you’re a beginner. Keeping that in mind, it would be best to turn on Frenzy Mode, but also aim your weapon manually at the same time. Basically, it’s you and the AI against everyone else, and that could be a deadly combination.

2. The Counterfeiter Works Once Per Day

The Counterfeiter can be made use of once a day, and that would be your shortcut to a lot of cash, easy. When using it, swipe up furiously with both thumbs so you can earn the most extra money. Faster swipes are rewarded with higher multipliers, as well as a host of other bonuses, such as casino chips and gold.

3. Earn More Casino Chips And Gold, Here’s How

What’s the deal with casino chips and gold? That’s your premium currency in the game, and the ways in which you can earn them vary. You can earn gold by completing missions, or by following optional tasks that the game will send you. Casino chips normally cost real money, but you can tap on the drive-in theater on the game’s map to watch advertisement videos and earn some chips of your own. One video is equal to one chip, though you can also follow the above tip and try the Counterfeiter.

4. Upgrade Your Gun

Use your money in the game wisely, and when we say that, we mean upgrading your gun. That would include purchasing new parts for more damage against enemies. Take note of this, because you do have a permanent gun and that’s going to remain available all throughout the game; the bonus guns in your loadout are bound to run out eventually.

5. Join A Cartel At Level 9

Once you reach Level 9 in Cartel Kings, that’s when you can join a Cartel of your own. You would be able to trade equipment with fellow members, and help each other when undertaking missions.