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Phantom Breakers Cheats, Tips & Strategies: 5 Tricks You Should Know

Phantom Breakers is a new action RPG, developed by Unalis Tech for iOS and Android devices. The title promises to be the “most exciting action RPG game” available in app stores, as it boasts of an extremely intense battle style and a fast pace of action. You’ll have to form a team of up to four players as you explore dungeons, and fight epic bosses with the equipment you’ve got. The game has hundreds of equipment types you can collect and enhance, and those include rare pieces of equipment that are much more powerful than the ones you’d typically find. Since this is quite an intense and enjoyable game, we’d also like to help you with a couple of Phantom Breakers cheats, tips and hints.

1. Power Up Your Character With New Equipments

Equipment is very important in Phantom Breakers. Yes, you can power up your character in numerous ways, but collecting new equipment is possibly the best way. While you may be tempted to take the shortest way out of a dungeon, exploring every nook and cranny just may yield some impressive pieces of equipment. You will be facing more enemies by doing all that exploration, but when you beat them, they drop weapons and other equipment types you can collect.

2. Focus On Speed

Phantom Breakers is a fast-paced game, and Unalis definitely hammers that point home in the game description. Making a quick retreat or attacking swiftly is a great way to deal with the enemy, and you can beat the bad guys faster by choosing any skills that would result in quick movements – you can do this by checking the lower right part of your device’s display.

3. Take Part In Side Quests

The main quests, which can be followed by hitting on the auto populate button, do matter a lot, but you can also go around the village, talk to non-playable characters, and see if you can take on a side quest. These limited-time quests are your best bet to earn rare equipment. And if you want to have an easier time finding these quests, you can pull up the NPC menu to see which people in the village have something important to say.

4. Take Down Huge Groups Of Enemies, Here’s How

This is best done if you’ve got a melee fighter with a close range of attack. When using such a character, it helps to get all the enemies together and hit them simultaneously with multiple attacks from your end.

5. Use Different Characters / Servers If You Need A Change

In Phantom Breakers, it’s easy to get tired of the character you’re currently using. You are, however, free to start a different character, and when doing so, we advise you to choose a different class. And since the social element of the game is quite pronounced, you are also free to change servers, especially if you’re having too easy of a time dealing with players who haven’t accessed their accounts in eons.