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Alto’s Adventure Strategy Guide: 5 Advanced Techniques to Succeed in the Game

We’re now down to the third and last part of our Alto’s Adventure tips and tricks, and in the first part, we gave you the basics. On the other hand, the second part dealt with some advanced strategies. This third and final part will still deal with advanced techniques you can use in this endless snowboarding game, since five tips isn’t enough to cover the more advanced facets of this game. As a reminder, this game is an iOS-only title created by Snowman, and it’s basically a snowboarding adventure with randomized maps and obstacles. So with that said, let’s take you to five more advanced tips for playing Alto’s Adventure.

1. Carry Out Double And Triple Backflips

Doing a backflip is easy, but as you reach the more advanced levels, you’ll be asked to land double and triple backflips. In fact, there’s one goal where you have to land two triple backflips, all in a single run! But you only need to think of the characters and their distinctive strengths and weaknesses – Maya is best in doing these backflips due to her speed, so you should have her pull off this trick. It’s usually best to get a top speed boost from a trick, then leap off a hill in order to do not just one, but two triple backflips as the game would require you to do.

2. Use The Hover Feather To Practice Your Flips

If you encounter a blue feather, go ahead and get it. This is the hover feather, which pretty much allows you to practice your flips without having to worry about the consequences of getting it wrong. Keep on flipping as long as you see fit, and if you should land on your head, you’ll be reoriented and back in one piece.

3. Do A Rock Bounce To Grind

Another difficult goal would be to do a rock bounce to grind twice in one run. The above flipping technique is one thing, but rock bounces are quite difficult to achieve on their own. Once again, Maya would be a good character to use here, as you can have her jump repeatedly to slow down before hitting the rocks. You can also have Felipe jump twice for a head start, with the second jump allowing him to stall right over the rock. Lastly, any character can use the wingsuit to fly over a rock, before deactivating it in such a way that they can drop on top of the rock and pull off the bounce.

4. Find The Perfect Place To Do The Proximity Backflip

Yes, we are mainly focusing on advanced tricks here, and the next one we’ll be talking about is the proximity backflip. This is a backflip where your head is dangerously close to ground level, and you’ll have to do a number of these in the course of the game. Try using Maya to jump right at the flat point prior to hitting the second bend, once you’ve gone past the first hill.

5. Play It Safe When Rescuing Llamas And Birds

Tricks are great for scoring points, and you’ll often have to pull off difficult tricks to achieve certain goals. But the one time you’ll have to play it safe is when you have to rescue llamas and scared birds.


Another trick you can use to get two rock bounces to grinds in one run is to get the wing suit ready, then rock bounce wherever you see a rock. Then simply fly to a rail, drop out, and grind. Even though something comes between the bounce and the grind, it still counts it.

Thanks Sam for the additional tips!