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Alto’s Adventure Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Essential Tips You Need to Know

Alto’s Adventure is an iOS game from the aptly-named Snowman that can be called an endless boarder. That’s because the game has you going on an endless snowboarding odyssey as you join Alto and his friends, traveling through the wilderness and through villages, rescuing llamas, outsmarting the mountain elders, and leaping over obstacles. Snowman claims that the game comes with procedurally generated terrain based on real-world snowboarding, and that it is easy to learn, difficult to master. Sounds familiar? Lest you think this is an extremely casual type of mobile game, Snowman also promises six unique snowboarders with their own skills and attributes, and a total of 180 handcrafted goals to achieve. Sounds like your type of game? If it is, we suggest you check out the following Alto’s Adventure cheats, tips and strategy guide.

1. Grind For More Points

When we say “grind,” we aren’t referring to the practice of redoing previously completed levels for additional experience points, coins, or whatnot. What we mean here is grinding, as in snowboarding – you can get ten points, with an additional five points per two meters if you’re able to pull off the trick successfully. Combine grinds with different tricks and you just might see your score increase significantly – for instance, you can get a multiplier of three for doing a backflip into a grind.

2. Rock Bounces Can Also Get You Lots Of Points

In addition to grinds, rock bounces are also a cool way to earn more points in Alto’s Adventure – a successful rock bounce is worth 80 points. But just like for any other trick, you only earn points if the trick is successful. Sorry, but you won’t get any points for mere effort alone.

3. Know The Other Characters

Aside from Alto, who’s the most balanced character and the star of this game, there are five other characters you can unlock in the game. Maya is capable of flipping faster than others, but speed is her weakness. Paz is another slow character, but only when starting; he’s big, strong, and capable of building speed when he’s got the momentum. Izel is described as the one who creates the gadgets in the workshop, and in terms of snowboarding, she excels in backflips and can get speed boosts when doing tricks through her own technology. Felipe is a snowboarding llama with excellent jumping ability. Lastly, Tupa is the final character to unlock, and he combines skills from all of the above characters.

4. Be Wary Of Chasms

Every run in Alto’s Adventure is randomized, and so are the chasms. They have different setups that would require you to act in a different way in order to overcome them, and they can be easy to beat, or extremely difficult to jump past. We suggest using Alto’s wingsuit if you already have it, so you can fly over a chasm, or if you don’t, use your momentum from a previous trick to get past it.

5. Stay Ahead Of The Elders

The mountain elders are the antagonists of Alto’s Adventure, and they don’t take it lightly when their sleep is disturbed by pesky snowboarders like Alto and his friends. Should you end up waking an elder, be sure to stay ahead of him, so as to avoid getting smashed by a riding stick; we recommend using backflips and grinds to elude the elders.