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Drive Ahead! Tips & Strategy Guide: 6 Fantastic Tricks to Beat the Competiton

Drive Ahead! is a new iOS-only racing game that offers a unique spin on things – you have to hit your opponent in the head so you can score. And once you reach five points, you win the battle. So why is this still a racing game? Maybe we should rephrase things and call it a “racing gladiator game” that puts you in control of off-road cars, garbage trucks, and even Formula One racers, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Again, the goal is to hit five points by hitting your opponent in the head five times, but if you’re having difficulty reaching that goal, we’ve got compiled a list of useful Drive Ahead! tips and strategies to help you win more battles.

1. Go For The Ramp Level

By default, the game will randomly choose a level for you, but if we were in your place, we’d do the picking ourselves and go for the ramp level. There’s nothing much to this level – it’s just an island with a small bump in the middle, and it’s arguably the easiest to win.

2. Win The Ramp Level With Ease, Here’s How

As for winning the ramp level, you’ll want to move your vehicle towards that of your opponent, but take it easy on the acceleration if you don’t want to flip over. This may take a little bit of practice, but once you’ve got that down pat, you can beat the enemy to the middle, and you can use the ramp to land right on top of your opponent’s vehicle.

3. Back Up Your Car To Avoid Flipping

If your vehicle is in danger of flipping, meaning that it seems to be tilting a bit too far back, all you have to do is reverse your ride. This drives momentum to the front end, allowing you to return to ground level, though once again, it’s not a good idea to reverse your car for too long.

4. Choose Bigger Vehicles

That’s the thing about Drive Ahead! – the game likes picking levels, and also vehicles for the player. But just like it is when picking a level, you can also pick your own car. Going for a big vehicle like the minibus or the garbage truck is a sound strategy, as that makes it harder for opponents to get a leg up against you. You also get to cover more ground, and get a better chance to land on your opponent’s head.

5. Play The Slot Machine

The slot machine minigame allows you to unlock new levels and vehicles. But if you want better odds of doing that, it would be best to increase your bet. Anytime you see your odds drop under 80 percent, that’s a sign that you should be betting more money.

6. Complete The Missions

Drive Ahead! is more than just about bopping your opponent’s heads with your ride. You can also go on missions, which would be a great way to earn additional coins. This may entail winning so many games with a specific vehicle, so give it a try if you’re looking for some (often) easy money.