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Crossy Road Tips & Tricks – Unlock All Characters in the New Archie Update

Crossy Road by Hipster Whale is arguably one of the more familiar and popular mobile games out there for iOS and Android. The game isn’t really that elaborately described on both the Play Store and the iTunes Store, with Hipster Whale choosing to be a bit cryptic, but it is an endless hopper where you cross roads and then some. You also get to collect more than 90 “retro-styled, pop art-inspired characters in this casual, simple game. And that list of characters just keeps on growing with the new Archie update. This new update introduces iconic comic book character Archie, the milk carton from Bag-It, and the main character of Framed. However, there are three more characters to unlock, and we’ll tell you how to unlock them in this set of Crossy Road tips and tricks.

How To Unlock Jughead?

Jughead makes it yet another character from the Archie universe, and you can only unlock him by playing as Archie. Keep hopping till you see burgers (Jughead’s favorite food) on the side of the road. Don’t just eat one of the burgers – you may have to eat up to thirty until you’ll be notified that you have successfully unlocked Jughead, and can play as him on your next game.

How To Unlock Michael Boom?

Based on the character’s name, Michael Boom is obviously a reference to director Michael Bay, who’s become well-known (or, for many, notorious) for his explosion-filled movies. You’ll have to be playing as one of the new characters introduced through the Archie update in order to unlock Michael Boom, and you’ll also be required to keep hopping till you see the big green truck with a rocket. Hitting the rocket would cause a huge explosion, killing you in the process, but the tradeoff here would be Michael Boom himself.

How To Unlock The Rugby Player?

Last, but not least, we have the Rugby Player, and you’ll have to play as a UK-based character to unlock this dude. Hop till you see a rugby ball in a tree, and once you’ve gone past the rugby ball, you can play as the Rugby Player after your next game over.