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Wrestling Empire Guide: 16 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Have a Successful Career

Mobile gamers may be familiar with MDickie — the one-man company led by Mat Dickie, and the same developer/person that gave you mobile classics such as Hard Time, School Days, and Wrestling Revolution 3D. Wrestling Empire is an updated version of that latter game, and it comes with better graphics, a smoother frame rate, and the same retro-inspired style that you may have come to love in Wrestling Revolution. And it also comes with a bigger roster, new effects, and some new features that have helped keep the game fresh despite the fact its predecessor has been around for close to a decade.

Despite MDickie’s traditionally minimalist, old-school graphics, one shouldn’t confuse Wrestling Empire as a casual game with an easy learning curve. It happens to have an extensive in-game universe with hundreds of characters inspired by real-life WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and AEW wrestlers (among other companies), and even several inspired by real-life UFC fighters and retired (or in some cases, deceased) wrestling and MMA legends.

It also comes with ten different brands, or promotions, a plethora of match types, and dynamic evolution for each and every character in the game. With that, we believe the game merits quite an extensive guide, and here it is — our comprehensive Wrestling Empire guide, where we break down all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to become a success in the in-game pro wrestling business.

1. An Overview Of Wrestling Empire

Regardless whether you’ve played previous MDickie titles or not, it would be most recommended if you start out by heading to the Training section, which can be found by tapping on Play, then on Training. In lieu of an automatic tutorial for first-time players, you’ll need to get there manually, and you can choose from Footwork, Striking, Grappling, Showmanship, Weapons, and Sparring.

However, you can actually start right away from Footwork and just take it from there — you will be able to complete the other stages just as long as you follow the trainer’s instructions as closely as possible.

To recap what the trainer — who is actually Coach Emerson, the promoter of the in-game Wrestling School promotion — will teach you, you will find a joystick on the bottom left side that will allow you to move up, down, left, or right. On the bottom right, you will see five buttons with letters and an eye button — the A is for Attack, G for Grapple or Grab, R for Run, P for Pick Up, T for Taunt.

wrestling empire overview

The eye, on the other hand, is the Focus button, and it allows you to toggle your focus from character to character, or change the direction in which you are viewing the character, once combined with any of the directional controls.

While A is used for basic attacks and used together with the directional controls to set the location of your punches, G is arguably the most important button you will be pushing on a regular basis during your matches. This sets up most of the moves in the game, including your finisher, and once you’ve grabbed your opponent, you can tap on A, G, or P combined with any of the four directions to execute 12 different moves.

Each consecutive attack you land on your opponent builds up your Adrenaline, and once you see that word on the screen above your character, you can execute your finisher by grabbing your opponent and hitting A — it doesn’t matter which direction you combine it with, as that will automatically lead to the finishing move, which cannot be countered. You will, however, need to make it quick because your Adrenaline state will only last a few seconds!

In order to pin your opponent, their back will need to be on the mat. If that’s the case, simply tap on the Taunt button and the referee will automatically run to your corner and make the three-count. Normally, Taunt’s purpose is self-explanatory, as it would, by default, allow you to taunt your opponent in a number of ways, depending on the directions you combine it with.

However, it has a few alternate purposes, and pinning opponents is one of them. Make sure that you’re going for the pin as far away as possible from the ropes, as the referee will invariably call for a Rope Break, presumably because your opponent was able to put their feet on the bottom rope.

wrestling empire tricks

Certain matches will allow you to legally use weapons in the match — typically, you’ll see bells, microphones, baseball bats, and other foreign objects that you can pick up at any time by tapping on P once you’re next to them, and you can use them on your opponents simply by tapping A while holding the weapon.

In most cases, however, using a foreign object during a match would call for a disqualification, so unless otherwise stipulated, do not use weapons, even if they could deal extra damage against your opponent. Another rule to keep in mind is that you can get counted out of the match if you’re outside the ring for more than 10 seconds.

During the Training stages, you can tap on the bottom center of the screen and choose Exit. You can also revisit Training at any point, just in case there are some things you may have forgotten ahead of a big match, or any match for that matter. Fortunately, this isn’t one of those games that you need to delete and reinstall if you ever missed something important during the tutorial.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, as discussed in greater depth in Training mode, let’s move on to Career mode, which will allow you to kick off your pro wrestling career as a Wrestling School trainee.

2. Review Each Wrestler’s Stats Before Choosing One!

When starting a new career in Wrestling Empire, the very first thing you will need to do is to choose a wrestler. Each promotion comes with a mix of male and female characters, many of whom are based on real-life wrestlers, but in Wrestling School, you will mainly be dealing with original MDickie characters, as well as a few with real-life equivalents. However, far more important than that is reviewing the attributes of each of the wrestlers in your promotion before choosing one.

Each wrestler is rated based on six different attributes. Popularity determines how well-known they are in the in-game universe, Strength affects the amount of damage they can inflict with their moves, Skill determines how well a wrestler can counter the moves of their opponent, Agility shows you how quickly they can move in the ring or how athletic they are.

wrestling empire wrestler stats

Stamina is pretty much self-explanatory as that refers to how much energy they have, and Attitude plays a role in the various random scenarios that may appear during your career — for example, a low-Attitude wrestler may be more likely to be sent to the promoter’s office, lectured by the boss, and possibly fined for one thing or another.

If you’re a first-time player, you would probably want to go with the wrestler that has the best combination of Strength and Skill. High Popularity also helps you get signed faster to another promotion after you’ve gotten your feet wet in Wrestling School, but that isn’t as important as Strength, Skill, and Agility. Attitude shouldn’t be an issue unless a wrestler is rated lowly in this area, so you don’t need to pay much heed to it in most cases.

3. You Don’t Need To Hit Your Finisher To Pin An Opponent

In the real world of sports entertainment (and yes, we understand that can be a paradox to some), wrestlers traditionally win their matches by hitting their finishing move. The idea behind such moves is that they’re so unique and powerful that connecting on them should invariably result in a three-count.

However, as is the case in other wrestling video games, you’re not going by any kind of script in Wrestling Empire, and that means it’s you, and not the company’s booker, who’s in control of your destiny in the ring, and who effectively decides whether your hand is raised in victory or if you’re going to end up counting the lights.

wrestling empire pinning opponent

In other words, you don’t necessarily need to hit your finisher before going for the pin. Although using this special move once the word Adrenaline appears over your character’s head does greatly increase the chances of a three-count (and also does a whole lot of damage in any case), it won’t always result in your opponent’s Health dropping to zero.

We’ve gotten far better results by wearing our opponents down until their Health reaches zero or close to it, then trying to pin them while as close to the middle of the ring as possible. Granted, the chance remains that they will kick out even if their Health bar’s all red, but the bottom line is that finishers aren’t a must when it comes to picking up the victory.

While we’re on the topic of pinning opponents, we might as well mention how you can kick out after getting pinned — tapping on A and/or moving the joystick will allow you to kick out, though your chances of doing so successfully will depend on how much Health you have remaining.

4. Make Sure To Use The Focus Button To Avoid Total Chaos!

One notable characteristic of MDickie’s games is how background characters, no matter how many they are, behave autonomously in their own way, and would instinctively attack anyone who attacks them first, even if it’s a case of “friendly fire” when someone accidentally attacks somebody who’s on their side.

wrestling empire focus button

This could lead to some chaotic scenarios, especially during tag team matches, and you may have noticed this as well in the training stages, where Coach Emerson will oftentimes “go rogue” and start stretching you in a submission hold or attack you with moves he hasn’t discussed yet, all while talking you through the basics of Wrestling Empire. Likewise, that also means tag team partners could sometimes end up attacking each other, and referees, who aren’t supposed to get physically involved in the match, could attack certain wrestlers while trying to restore order!

In order to avoid this, or at least make your matches (especially tag matches) less shambolic, we would suggest using the Focus button to manually switch to the person you’re supposed to be attacking. If a referee or your own teammate hits you, the game will automatically switch your focus to that rogue ref or teammate, so act as quickly as possible so you can avoid fighting back and so you can attack the character you’re supposed to be attacking. (Interestingly, attacking an official does not warrant a disqualification in this fictional wrestling universe!)

5. Wear The Opponent Out With Submission Moves And Running Attacks

Generally speaking, it’s usually those grapple-based moves, such as suplexes, piledrivers, and powerbombs, that do the most damage in Wrestling Empire. But you can also slowly, but surely drain an opponent’s Health by locking them in submission moves. More often than not, these are done when an opponent is on the mat, and you can set up the submission by hitting G to grab your opponent, then hitting Attack, Run, or Pick.

The type of submission may vary depending on the body part you’re grabbing — for example, grabbing the head in conjunction with R results in a Camel Clutch, while grabbing the legs then following up with the same button results in an Ankle Lock.

Unlike in actual pro wrestling, where some wrestlers use particular submissions as their finishers, submissions in Wrestling Empire are by and large considered as rest holds, as they’re known in the sport’s jargon. But don’t mistake them as being irrelevant in the grand scheme of things — if you’ve got a submission locked in for a good few seconds, it could take out a significant chunk out of your opponent’s Health!

wrestling empire wearing the opponent out

With all that said, it IS possible to win a match via submission! The key is to leave the hold locked in until your opponent’s health is emptied out, using the joystick to move away from the ropes as you do so, as this prevents a rope break. Conversely, you can move the joystick around and mash the buttons on the right to escape the hold, but other than that, your Skill attribute (and that of your opponent) will largely determine how successful you are in submitting your opponent or escaping from their hold.

In addition to submissions, running attacks are a good way to drain an opponent’s health. You will need to make sure they are timed properly and done from the right location, but by hitting A and R at the same time, you can drop your opponent with shoulder tackles, dropkicks, clotheslines, and the like when they’re standing. Similarly, you can land elbow drops, leg drops, etc. on a downed opponent with the same button combo.

Be sure that you’re taking distance into account, because if you fail to connect, you could land on your bottom, lose a bit of Health in the process, and possibly leave yourself open as it’ll take you a couple seconds to get back on your feet!

6. Do Not Misjudge Your Top-Rope Moves!

Top-rope moves are another type of move you can execute in Wrestling Empire, and these are the truly high-risk maneuvers that could result in a lot of damage if you’re able to land them on your opponent, but could backfire if you aren’t careful and you end up landing on the mat, the floor, or a foreign object such as a chair that might have been left out there. Before deciding whether to fly off the top rope or not during a match, it’s a good idea to check your wrestler’s Agility stat.

If you see that it’s above the 70 mark, then you can feel confident in using these moves. Typically, it’s the smaller wrestlers who are more likely to use these moves than others, so you can also check your character’s weight by tapping on Gimmick in the main Career menu and going to the Costume tab. (By small, we would usually mean those who are 220 pounds or lighter.)

wrestling empire top rope moves

When it comes to the matches, the last thing you want is to miss your target, so take note of the distance between your opponent and the top rope. If it’s too far, you’re better off saving the move for another time. If your opponent is standing, be aware that they may be able to counter your move and go on the offensive. But if they’re on their back and at a safe distance, you can feel free to execute the move.

In addition, there are certain moves aside from the usual dives that can be performed from the top rope — such situations are rare, but invariably result in a ton of damage inflicted on your opponent!

7. By Default, You Control Both Team Members In Tag Team Matches

Tag team matches, as we explained above, are a showcase for the Wrestling Empire universe at its most chaotic. In actual tag matches, even the heel duos are disciplined enough to the point where the non-legal person stays on the ring apron for the most part.

In Wrestling Empire tag matches, it’s not uncommon to see non-legal wrestlers hitting the ring and attacking each other, or brawling with each other outside the ring while the legal men (or women) duke it out in the squared circle. Again, this is a byproduct of the classic MDickie mechanic where NPCs can freely attack each other.

wrestling empire tag team match

While there’s nothing anyone — not the least the in-game referees — can do about the random background violence, you do have full control over both people in your tag team by default, meaning your character and their partner. By default, you will always be the first legal wrestler in the ring between the two of you, and if you want to tag your partner in, simply go to their corner and tap the T button in order to switch control to the other guy/girl.

This is most useful when your Health is running low, though the computer-controlled wrestlers will often be smart enough to sense this and may try to prevent you from making the “hot tag,” isolating and double-teaming you through it all.

If you don’t wish to control your tag team partner during tag matches, you can go to the Options menu, go to Preferences, and tap on Tag Control, where you can choose between Whole Team and Specific Player. Choose the latter, and you can simply stand on the apron until your teammate tags you back into the match.

8. Wins And Draws Are Fine And So Is Rage-Quitting, But Losing Usually Hurts Your Stats

After each match, you will see a summary of how your stats and those of your opponent were impacted by the match’s result. This will come in the form of a newspaper headline, and in there, the game will explain which stats had increased or decreased and how significant the improvement or deterioration was. That applies to you and your opponent, and to all other non-playable characters in your saved career, whose stats and rankings will change in the background as you go from week to week.

Basically, the idea is to win as often as possible, and if you don’t win the match, you’re free to exit out of the game and restart it, effectively allowing you to redo the bout from the start. All your opponents are AI-controlled, so there’s no harm done to other human players if you “rage-quit” in order to reset things before the in-game week is completed. Obviously, a win will result in some statistical improvements, and a quick and convincing victory will improve your attributes even more and make you noticeably more popular.

wrestling empire match result

Losing, on the other hand, is to be avoided as that could hurt your in-ring stats as well as your Popularity — this seems doubly true if it’s a quick loss or a loss via disqualification or count-out. However, it is also possible to see some improvements even if the match ends in a draw. So don’t be discouraged if you’re in one of those super-chaotic matches where nobody wins. At least nobody lost either, and that, in the game’s universe, allows both sides to be kept strong going forward.

There are also rare instances where losing may actually result in a slight statistical improvement. That would be if you were able to survive a long match despite being clearly statistically inferior to your opponent(s).

9. Don’t Go Against Your Promoter While You’re In Wrestling School

As you go through each week in Career mode, there may be times where you may be summoned to your promoter’s office for a little chit-chat. This won’t always be a bad thing — sometimes it will, such as if your match was so chaotic that there was some “property damage.”

But most of the time, you may be given suggestions regarding your creative direction in the company — common situations include being given a new ring entrance theme that the promoter believes would suit you better, or being asked to turn babyface (good guy) or heel (bad guy) for the ostensible benefit of your career. You may also be asked to referee a match, which is simpler than it sounds — all you need to do is to grab foreign objects from wrestlers, and hit T to make a three-count — tap on it again to stop the count when someone kicks out or puts their feet on the ropes.

wrestling empire relationship with promoter

When you’re competing in an actual promotion, you will ideally have more leeway when choosing which path you wish to take — you can reject the promoter’s suggestions, which will cost you some Attitude points, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal unless you automatically reject everything they propose for your career. But saying no is something you can ill afford to do if you’re still in Wrestling School, where most matches aren’t paid and your main objective is to impress Coach Emerson and his rival promoters enough to be considered for the big leagues.

If he asks you to turn face, do so without asking, and accept every ring theme he suggests. You may have all the talent and physical gifts in the world, but if your attitude is poor, major companies won’t show as much interest in you as they normally should.

In addition, you also have the option to exit out of the game if faced with a scenario where you don’t feel comfortable agreeing with.

10. Customizing And Training Your Wrestler Through The Gimmick Screen

In the world of professional wrestling, everyone needs to have a “gimmick,” or in-ring persona to set themselves apart from everyone else, even if that gimmick happens to be their own personality turned up to eleven. In a similar vein, Wrestling Empire’s customization menu is referred to as the Gimmick menu, and this is where you’ll be able to change various details about your wrestler at any point in your saved game.

The Gimmick menu is divided into four sections, next to the “Exit” button. Profile is where you can manually select your entrance theme, the speed in which it is played, whether you want lighting or props as part of your entrance, and also your name. You’ll need to pay out of your virtual pocket if you wish to change the theme, lighting, or prop — that’s 100 in-game dollars, to be specific — and you should make sure NOT to hit Exit, otherwise that will save the changes!

You’ll need to manually go back to the previous settings (wait until the “$100” is no longer visible) if you don’t want to get charged. Changing your name, however, is free of charge — as you can see, we decided to rename the character Cathedral to “Mr. X” while making a few other changes, hence the extra expense.

wrestling empire customizing and training wrestler

Under Profile, you can also train your wrestler’s stats simply by tapping or long-pressing on them. As you keep doing this, you will notice your Energy get depleted until you have none left, leaving your wrestler completely gassed! (As is evident from Cathedral/Mr. X in the picture.) Be warned as well that when you exit the Gimmick screen, all changes (including statistical changes through training) are permanent and cannot be undone, so be very careful not to tire out your character right before they have a match scheduled!

In the next tab, which is Costumes, you can customize your character’s attires for different settings — their wrestling gear, their casual wear, and their referee uniform. There is a wide range of customization options if you want to change something about their Hair, Face, Body, Right Arm, Left Arm, and Legs, and most of them come at a cost as well.

Beside that, you’ll see the Moves tab, which allows you to view and change your wrestler’s moves for various in-match situations, as well as their taunting gestures and their Crushes, which are among the hardest-hitting moves in their arsenal.

Finally, the Relations tab shows you your current relations with other wrestlers in the in-game universe — you can choose a Manager or a tag team partner if you don’t already have one, though this will cost you even more money, and there’s a good chance wrestlers who are high up in the card won’t be interested in working with you anyway. You will also be able to view your wrestlers’ best friends and worst enemies in real life and in the ring — this could be helpful in determining who makes a random run-in, either to help you win the match or to help the opponent beat you!

11. Some Other Types Of Matches To Expect In Wrestling Empire

Any wrestling fan should know that there are several different types of matches that can be booked in any given show, may it be a weekly program or a monthly pay-per-view. That said, Wrestling Empire is more than just standard singles and four-person tag team matches.

We did mention earlier that wrestlers are strongly discouraged from using weapons in a match, as evidenced by the words “drop it” that appear whenever someone has a foreign object in hand. The War match is basically the game’s equivalent of hardcore rules matches, and in here, you’re free to use any weapons you may find lying around the ring, or actually in the ring. Repeatedly bashing your opponent with a chair or any other weapon is a good way to drain their health, though as is always the case, things could get pretty chaotic when you’re in a tag team match with War rules.

Elimination matches involve three or more competitors, and the objective here is to be the last person remaining after everyone else has been pinned. These matches can take extraordinarily long to complete — in our test career, we took part in an Elimination Match that lasted a good 42 minutes! It doesn’t matter whether the other wrestlers eliminate each other or whether you do it all yourself — just as long as you pin the last man (or woman) in the ring, you pick up the win.

wrestling empire war match

Be warned, though, that while these matches are a case of “every man for himself,” it isn’t uncommon for the wrestler with the lowest Health to be double-teamed by two opponents. This could mean trouble if you happen to be that wrestler whose Health is running low!

While traditional gauntlet matches involve two people starting out in the ring and a new participant replacing the person who got pinned until everyone is entered, the Cage Gauntlet Match in Wrestling Empire offers a different twist. Here, all competitors start out at the same time, wrestlers can be counted out if they try to escape the cage, and eliminations take place whenever someone’s Health is reduced to near-zero levels.

It doesn’t matter if the wrestler was dropped by a low-power jab — as long as their Health drops to a near-zero level, with just a sliver of green remaining, they’re out of the match. Like the above Elimination Matches, wrestlers will often work together by ganging up and beating down on the competitor with the lowest Health.

In addition, there are First Blood matches, which are no-disqualification contests with hardcore (i.e. weapons allowed) rules where anyone found to be bleeding excessively get eliminated, Last Man Standing matches, where the wrestler who does not answer the count of 10 loses the match, Submission matches, where the only way to win is by submitting your opponent, and the Countdown Battle Royal, where new entrants hit the ring in intervals and those thrown out of the ring are eliminated — it’s pretty much the game’s answer to WWE’s Royal Rumble matches.

These are just some of the various unconventional match types you can encounter, and they may depend from promotion to promotion, so feel free to keep playing across multiple careers to explore all the possibilities!

12. How To Get Signed By An Actual Promotion

Indeed, this is the goal of everyone getting their feet wet in Wrestling School — to get signed by one of the eight actual promotions in the in-game universe. When we say “actual,” we mean a company where you get paid on a weekly basis instead of essentially working for free while learning on the job.

Although you don’t necessarily need to win a championship during your time in Wrestling School, it is strongly advisable that you try to win as many matches as possible, or if you’re up against a much tougher opponent (usually guests from other promotions/brands), fight them to a draw or a tie. It helps if you have the game’s difficulty set to Moderate under Options, as that will make it much easier for you to pick up the win before the set time limit runs out.

Take note that you cannot manually select a brand and try out for them — you need to perform well in Wrestling School, steadily improve your stats, and once again, try to win as often as possible. After about two to three months, you may see a news headline stating that your progress is “being hindered” by the limitations of Wrestling School — that’s typically a sign that it won’t be much longer before you’re called into a promoter’s office for a contract signing.

wrestling empire contract

We would strongly advise signing the first contract you get — as you build your reputation and keep up your success in the ring, you will eventually be offered more lucrative deals, so don’t worry if you’re essentially being paid peanuts by the first non-Wrestling School company you work for.

As part of your contract, you may receive some special stipulations, such as Creative Control if you’re a firmly established star, or a non-compete clause that prevents you from wrestling in other promotions. You may also incur some weekly expenses (even in Wrestling School), as use of props will be deducted from your weekly pay!

After the contract signing, you will encounter another scenario where you’re doing a radio or podcast interview — it would stand to reason that the host is the MDickie universe’s equivalent to Joe Rogan. You will be asked three multiple-choice questions, the first two of which are directly related to your career in Wrestling School, such as the name of your last opponent or the number of matches you fought before signing your latest deal.

The third question will be a bit of a curveball — in our case, our character was asked about his preferred pronouns, and got shouted at by the host for being a “cisgendered transphobe” because we selected “he” and “him” instead of “oh” and “yeah.” Just as long as you get at least two of three “correct” answers, you should be fine — otherwise, this could result in a loss of Popularity on account of the poor first impression you made during the interview.

13. Be Prepared For Random Encounters With Other Wrestlers

It’s not just the promoter whom you’ll be interacting with on a regular basis during your career. You will also have many a random encounter with other wrestlers, and these would typically be those inviting you to form an alliance or a new tag team or those offering their services as your manager. The benefits of having a tag partner or manager are obvious — their outside interference, while technically illegal, can come in handy during many a match.

wrestling empire random encounter

However, the drawback, specifically if you choose to hire a manager, is that you will need to pay them out of your weekly expenses. Also be warned that if you turn down these offers, you will, in most cases, become enemies with the people who approached you.

Aside from the run-of-the-mill tag partnership or managerial encounters, there are also those where you may be paid some extra money to attack someone’s enemy, or offered performance-enhancing substances at a cost in order to improve your stats. The latter can be quite risky, as you run the risk of getting busted, suspended, or banned for consuming illegal substances! On a more innocent note, some wrestlers may simply ask you to stand at ringside and act as their cornerman for their next match— also with financial compensation for you if you agree to help them out.

14. Organic Changes – Heel / Face Turns, Aging, And Random Injuries

While you will often be asked by your promoter whether you’re willing to turn face or heel in order to keep your character fresh, there are times when you may become a good or a bad guy in a more organic manner — these things happen in real-life wrestling promotions, as fan reaction can influence whether a bad guy becomes good or vice versa.

That too happens in Wrestling Empire — for example, your character may be booked as a heel, but his performance and resiliency may impress the fans so much that your promoter will have no choice but to turn you babyface thanks to that positive crowd reaction. You may see this during the weekly news updates, so keep your eyes open so you’re aware of your character’s new alignment.

wrestling empire organic change

In-game aging could also result in organic changes, and while these are mainly in terms of your physical attributes decreasing with each passing week or month, there are times when wrestlers — not necessarily your character, but NPCs too — may lose or gain a few pounds or lose an inch of height or two as a result of aging. The former is quite common in the real world, while the latter, while far more uncommon, does happen, and it’s not just in the world of sports entertainment where people may grow shorter over time!

Lastly, injuries are another type of random, organic event that may happen during a match, and you’ll know you just got injured if you see your entire Health bar turn red, with your remaining health quickly dwindling as each second passes. Injuries won’t just take you out of action for at least a few weeks — they may also result in a significant statistical decline if the injury is especially serious!

15. The Benefits Of Paid Membership

If you’re willing to pay $4 USD or its equivalent in real money, you can sign up for membership in Wrestling Empire — take note that this is no longer the onetime fee that MDickie used to charge, but rather an annual charge.

That said, four bucks a year is still a pretty good deal for those who don’t mind paying real money, and with that, you can get rid of in-game ads and will be able to edit most of your in-game universe in any way you wish — you can customize every wrestler stat and relationship, as well as their appearance and attires. However, you will not be able to edit the hidden wrestlers, which can only be unlocked by accomplishing certain milestones in Career Mode!wrestling empire paid membership

Sadly, you’ll still have to start in Wrestling School even if you’re a paid user, though the obvious benefit is being able to edit everybody before starting a new game — in the interest of fairness, you still wouldn’t be able to edit other wrestlers once you’re already in a new Career. You will also gain access to Exhibition mode, which allows you to choose an arena, match type, rules, and participants for your own “dream matches.”

You can also choose from a variety of presets in the Script section, allowing you to play the role of the average creative team member and “write” each wrestler’s pre-match promos! Just hit Play whenever you’re ready to let the dream match play out.

16. Here’s What Happens When You Retire In Career Mode

As for retirement, this is the option you’ll need to choose if you’ve reached the age where your skills have substantially eroded or if you just want to start a new career from scratch. On the main Career screen, tap and hold on the red arrow on the upper left for a few seconds until you’re sent to your promoter’s office.

Once there, he or she will ask you whether you are sure you really want to retire or not — if you say you’re really not retiring, your career will go on as usual, but if you confirm your intent to quit, you will be given an overview of how your character performed over their career, including how much they earned, their winning percentage, and how they rank in various categories.

wrestling empire retirement

Your old character will also be deleted from the current database once you start a new career, though if you want to start with the same wrestler, you can go to Options, tap the Universe tab, then tap on Restore Default in order to reload the game’s default roster.

And that’s all you need to know to have a successful career in Wrestling Empire! If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for MDickie’s wrestling game, feel free to share them with us in the comments!


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Thursday 9th of June 2022

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Saturday 6th of August 2022

@Valentine, just accept or agree with your boss/promoter what ever he asks . Also the more positive response you give to everyone with other wrestlers n boss, it will increase your attitude. Also dont accept wrong deeds when asked by fellow wrestlers like taking drugs. It keeps ur morale up and help to increase attitude


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