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School Days Cheats & Tips: 5 Tricks to Help You Survive in Your New School

School Days is a new game by MDickie, which is available for iOS and Android platforms, that simulates school life, as the title suggests. What’s interesting is that the title kicks off where earlier MDickie game Hard Time left off. According to the developer, the prison from Hard Time has closed down and re-opened as a school, and once again, the goal is to survive in school, get good grades, and become the most popular guy or girl in campus, competing with more than 100 other students for top dog status. It’s a sandbox-style mobile game that could take you back to those wild and crazy high school days, but if you need help surviving as a new student, we have some School Days cheats, tips and tricks for you right after the jump.

1. Know Your Controls

There are different controls listed on the game’s description, but we’ll break them down once again for you. A allows you to attack, and hitting this button quickly will allow you to string a combo together. G is for grapple, and this is a great way to set up another student for an offensive move…or a friendly hug. R allows you to run, P allows you to pick up an item, and lastly, T will let you talk to other characters in the game.

2. Check The Sanity Meter

Check the yellow gauge underneath the health meter – that’s your sanity meter, which will decrease each time you get into a fight, get a poor grade, or see your stats decline. In fact, this meter will diminish whenever bad stuff goes down, and fill up again when good things happen. Make sure the sanity meter doesn’t empty completely, because if it does, your character will literally lose it, either having a public nervous breakdown or temper tantrum!

3. Have A Bite To Restore Your Health Meter

The health meter is, of course, also very important. It will go down as you get into fights, but if you want to restore it, all you need to do is buy some food (emphasis on buy) from the cafeteria. Sure, you can pick food up off the ground and consume it, which could be a feasible, if unsanitary in real life, alternative to buying food from the cafeteria or from stores.

4. Get Some Sleep To Restore Your Meters

At the end of the day, a good night’s sleep is the best way to restore both your health and sanity. Sleeping on a bed at home is most preferable, though you can also restore both meters by sitting on a chair.

5. Attend Class

If you want to get good grades in School Days, you have to attend class. Fortunately for you, though, the school has a rather lenient attendance policy – you won’t be marked late as long as you show up no more than 30 minutes before the start of a class.

6. Don’t Get Into Fights

The school in School Days, like a lot of real-life educational institutions, is rife with jerks who seemingly go to class for one reason – to fight. Worse, the teachers love picking on fights as well, so you can expect trouble from kids and adults alike! It would be in your best interests to avoid these fights, though if you really need to duke it out with someone, you may want to fight with random objects lying around.

Now, if you’re looking for some premium tips and tricks for the game, we suggest you to check out our School Days strategy guide, which contains some advanced tips on how to deal with school life.

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Thanks for the useful advice. Looking forward to graduating!