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School Days Tips & Hints: 5 Advanced Tricks You Never Heard Before

Developer MDickie (Mat Dickie) is known for his wrestling-based mobile titles, as well as the prison simulator Hard Time. His new game School Days is now available for iOS and Android devices alike. The game, as we told you before, kicks off where Hard Time left off, and the prison of the former game is now a school in the latter. It’s a school that’s got the worst types of students, not to mention the worst types of teachers, who, like the students, aren’t afraid to mix it up physically. And if you pay close attention to the characters, you’ll notice that Dickie isn’t shy about dropping pop culture references – you’ve got students who look like (and are named similarly to) Miley Cyrus, WWE Superstar John Cena, and even Jimmy Hopkins, protagonist of Rockstar’s controversial video game Bully.

Now, that we’re done preparing you for the game, let’s move on to our list of School Days tips and tricks that we believe we may have missed the first time around – this time, though, we’re going to get a bit more advanced.

1. Play The Game Online

Sure, you’re probably used to us telling you to play with your Wi-Fi or data on, so as to help the developers catch a break. But there’s another benefit to playing School Days online. Since not all of us can remember what we learned in school, it’s a good idea to be online while playing, so you can Google search the answers to the tests and avoid having your sanity meter go down for answering teacher’s questions incorrectly and getting a ding on your report card.

2. Have The Right Equipment For Certain Classes

Music class will require you to have a musical instrument, Sports class will require some sort of athletic equipment, while you’ll need to have some food or drinks with you for Cookery class. With that in mind, make sure you’ve got said equipment about 1-3 periods before these classes – you can find musical instruments in the Theatre, sports equipment in the Gym, and food/drinks in the Cafeteria. Not bringing equipment automatically decreases your grade, and, as mentioned above, your sanity as well.

3. Make Sure You Don’t Have These Requisite Items Too Early

In relation to the above tip, you also wouldn’t want to have these items ready much earlier than you should. For example, if you’ve got a dumbbell for your Sports class scheduled for 3 p.m. as early as the first period, you leave yourself more vulnerable to the item getting stolen by another student…or teacher. And when that happens, your sanity meter will take a good beating.

4. Don’t Dump Potential Partners

Occasionally, a student will come up to you and tell you someone they know has a thing for you. If you agree to get to know this guy or girl, you’ll get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend, which could be good for your sanity. But if you think this person isn’t your type, said guy or girl instantly becomes your enemy, and is likely to pick a fight on you the moment he/she sees you!

5. Spend Your Free Time Usefully

If you don’t have any Music or Sports class scheduled, you might want to pick up a musical instrument or dumbbell if you see them lying around. Playing that instrument or flexing that dumbbell will cause your sanity meter to go up, while also increasing your popularity.


Thursday 20th of April 2023

Can my character bear kids in school days?


Monday 26th of July 2021

How to report someone to the headmaster/principle


Friday 30th of September 2022

You won't be able to because you can't talk to people


Tuesday 21st of January 2020

Is there a way to get someone to like you???? I wanna go with girls but keep my female character but it's like none are asking me out! Someone help?

Gamer pro

Thursday 6th of April 2023

@Mia, just play it Everytime a guy's asks you out say no your popularity and sanity make get the bejesus beating out of them but when just like hardtime the game notices you turn down guys it'll bring girls to you it happened to me when using Kurt insane I didn't want a spouse yet so I turned down all girls request and guys started asking me out let me know if it worked

Some person on the internet

Sunday 7th of June 2020

If you don’t have private school days, just start the game with a man that has a girly face and change the appearance to make him look like a woman without him actually being one. If you do have private school days, customize your female character, but change the gender to male, This is the only way for there to be a lesbian or gay couple in the game. Hope I helped you!

Jordan Slick

Tuesday 7th of January 2020

Why are u with xxx..... It means they saw u kiss someone in front of them even though that's u boyfriend\girl also. Or maybe it's I thought I was only friend you needed. In that case, just say u need to c other plp. It boosts u popularity.


Sunday 16th of June 2019

How to avoid people questions like they would say like why are u with xxx


Tuesday 17th of August 2021

@Julian, ok so you might want to restart the app then go back on then when ur on again you leave the current room and enter again it might stop a situation from happening