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Deadwalk: The Last War Cheats – 5 Tips & Strategy Guide to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Deadwalk: The Last War by QJ Games is one of those zombie apocalypse games that pits you against the undead. However, this game differs as you are able to harness the powers of the Ancient Gods to survive the zombies. Now, this should be interesting – the game promises that you can access more than one hundred gods and heroes “ranging from Zeus to Hades” and that’s something you don’t get too often, if at all, in zombie-themed games. You can even use nuclear weapons to take out the zombies and other enemies. With all that said, it’s time to move on to some useful Deadwalk: The Last War cheats and tips that will help you survive this particular zombie apocalypse.

1. Follow The Quest Progression

Following the quests is probably the most basic thing you should do in Deadwalk – they’ll point you to the right direction if you don’t know where to start. By doing this, you will also be ensuring yourself of more gold, more experience, a solid army, as well as a good home base. You’ll also end up learning the game more, as you’ll be talked through both basic and advanced steps.

2. Attack The Resource Tiles

If your production buildings aren’t producing like they should, you should attack resource tiles, which you’ll find scattered on the map. Send a bunch of troops so that you can gather more resources – fortunately, you won’t have to manually go to that point in the map with the resource tile, though you may have to wait a bit.

3. Explore All Red Exclamation Marks

The so-called “fog of war” element is present in Deadwalk, which means you really have to do a lot of exploring in order to know your surroundings. That would also mean visiting all areas that have a red exclamation point. On the positive side, this could be a sign you’ve got some loot, but on the negative side, this could also designate an enemy. Basically, this is a hit-or-miss situation where you could either find treasure or zombies, but if you consider that killing more zombies will give you more experience points, we’d suggest that you explore all those exclamation points despite the risk involved.

4. Don’t Hesitate To Return To Base

Regrouping can be done anytime during a mission. Simply tap on the Go Back button, and you’ll return to the base camp. This would allow you to train new soldiers while healing the ones you currently have. Be sure you’ve got all bases covered, no pun intended, before you return to battle. You’ll return to the exact same place where you had left off previously, so if you feel that you have to regroup and get your team together, there’s nothing wrong with doing that, as long as it’s necessary.

5. Collect The Secret Bonus For Yourself

Your secret bonus is hidden in the silver box with a red star on it, and you can find this box on the left side of the main menu. Tap on that box and you can get new resources at random. As for this box’s cooldown period, it will all depend on the type of reward you received, and how big the reward is. Bigger rewards, of course, would mean a longer cooldown.