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Card Wars: Adventure Time Cheats & Strategy Guide – 5 Essential Tips to Battle Your Way to Victory

Card Wars: Adventure Time is an exciting mobile game from Cartoon Network that is indeed based on the popular cartoon series and developed by the network that shows it. In here, you can summon creatures and cast spells as you fight your way to victory, lead a team of warriors against the enemy, and use towers and spells to unleash ultimo attacks. Basically, this is a deck building game for mobile devices, but this time, you’ll have a choice to play as one of several Adventure Time characters.

Regardless of whether you watch the show or not, you may want to take a look at our compilation of Card Wars: Adventure Time cheats, tips and strategies to ease you in as you try to learn the game.

1. Have Multiple Land Types For Your Deck’s Orientation

There may be a good number of cards that correspond to skills that can be improved based on their land type lanes. With that in mind, you want your team members’ attributes focused across two or more types of land. This will allow you to have several opportunities to fill up a land type lane. But before you do that, be sure you’re aware of each land type’s weaknesses.

2. Make Sure You’ve Got Some Spell And Building Cards

It’s not a very wise idea to exclusively have warrior and monster cards in your deck. Instead, you want to have some spell and building cards thrown into the mix; these could allow you to swing the momentum in your favor thanks to a powerful magic spell or impressive building. Examples include the Teleport, Wizard Migraine, and Volcano spells for spell cards, and Astral Fortress and Sand Castle for building cards.

3. Aim For A Three-Star Rating At All Times

Quite fittingly, this is our third tip, and it’s all about earning three-star ratings in Card Wars: Adventure Time. Why should you consistently aim for three-star ratings? Simply put, this gives you a better chance to earn more gold and better cards, as well as more experience points. You’ll also get a free gem (the game’s premium currency) for scoring three stars in a level. In order to achieve a three-star rating, you need to fulfill all of the objectives given you at the start of a level.

4. Use Hero Ability The Very Moment You’re Able To Do So

Hero abilities can be used every three turns – that’s a fair enough cooldown period that’s also very easy to remember. And when it comes to using these abilities, we suggest using them at the first opportunity; making use of hero abilities could be a real game-changer and a great source of momentum for your side.

5. Destroy All Your Opponent’s Monster Cards For More Loot

It’s merely optional to destroy all the monster cards in your opponent’s deck, but if you do decide to go this route, your loot may contain rare cards that you can use to your advantage. In specific, it’s good practice to try this strategy when your opponent has some rare cards.